Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Piggysnap; Adorable Alpacas

Agent at the Rainbow Bridge Aerial

Mystery Agent Curly


My pseudonym is Agent Curly and I am an Alpaca cavy. Alpacas are curly haired Peruvians and come in many colours. Our hair should fall forward over our faces but Slave trims mine so that I can see out. My coat would be much longer but it is cut short to prevent tangles.

Our Slave saw an ad in the local petshop saying "Guinea Pigs free to a good home". She did not waste any time in phoning the number on the ad and my friend and I both came here to live with many other piggies. You have met my friend, Agent Wizard, in another Piggy Snap.

Our previous owner could not manage our long coats, which were dirty and matted with hay when we arrived. She thought that we were not cuddly enough for her children and that piggies may not have been a good choice of pet for them. We both love a cuddle!

Slave named me after a favourite character from a series of books called "Little Grey Rabbit" that she loved as a child. She calls all fluffy piggies by the nickname of -------- but decided to use this as my real name. This character is actually a hedgehog but the name suits fluffy pigs. I can't think of another clue but you should be able to find my name via Google.

Are there any other Alpacas out there? I'd love you to join me in playing Piggy Snap.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleeping Method Guard the Food Bowl

and the hay tubes as well.

It is essential that if anyone comes near either you immediately wake up and prevent them getting the food.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Story of Chico and his house.. err.. girls

Once upon a time, there was a boar named Chico. 
Chico lived with 3 beautiful sows, but he wasn't a very active boar.
Thats why the housekeeper made sure everything he needed, like hay, pellets and water was available in his part of the cage.
One morning Chico woke up and found that the girls moved to the other part of the cage, a part he couldn't reach...

Ow my poor house.. err.. girls.. are you okay? wheeked Chico.

So our poor hero toiled and twaddled around the cage. And then a thought occured to him.. 

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and jumped!!!

Aaaaahh my lovely house ..  girls. Finally we are reunited again.

And needless to say, Chico and his girls lived happily ever after. Chico took a nap & the girls jumped to the other side because it was kinda crowded.

(Chico) Yeeeeehaaah!! ... POPCORN.. *runrun*.. purrrrrrr .. POPCORN .. *jumps fence between cages* .. Woooohoooooh!!
(Woopy, Lily and Daisy) Don't look at us, we don't know what has gotten into Chico either.

(Story written and photo's taken by my sister Janneke, whilst we were on holiday, and my pigs got pampered by my sister..)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hungry Piggy

First thing every morning our Slave gives each Piggyfriend a chunk of carrot to eat while she makes her coffee and they all rush off to eat it up. All except me, Agent Minty, as I don't like carrots. So I have to remind Slave that I want something else.
So first I have to look as though I am starving and then I chew the bars to attract her attention and then I get a chunk of something more palatable.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hungry piggies!

This is us begging for food at our auntie Janneke's, slave to Agents I, Chanel and agent in training Bo Peep
How do you look when you are begging for veggies or other yummies?

From right to left Left to right: Agents Lily'Explorer, Wheeker and Lil'Woop

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Piggysnap; Super Shelties

Agent Carrot

Agent at the Rainbow Bridge Anastacia

Mystery Agent Mole

Agent Mole is nearly 2 1/2 years young, weighs 1200g and has long flowing lilac/grey locks, she has blue eyes (cause of the cataracts, they used to be deep black) and black finger and toe nails.

Her special likes are red capsicum, snow peas, cucumber and green beans........as a very very special treat she gets a tiny bit of corn and carrot on her birthday.

She is a loving piggie, never annoys her sister and is such a darling, loves to have chinnie rubs and doesn't mind a few head strokes either.
Loves to lounge around in her sisters special cuddle cup. She has a VERY loud voice and let's her slave know when she's hungry or not impressed during bathing or manicure time! She is excellent at slurping out of syringes!!

She has a huspig whom she adores

Mystery Agent Mole gets her secret agent name from the main character in a novel by Sue Townsend she has chosen this name because like Sue Townsend she has developed diabetes and is now blind.

Her real name is a soft material that has had 2 songs written about it in blue and in black.

Mystery Agent

Mystery Agent Cookie lives with a largely female herd in the UK she has chosen the name Cookie as her real name is a type of dutch biscuit that her slave loves.

Good luck guessing this one.......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Footsies are Better

The Gorgeous Guineas lotion had nearly cleared the problem and then my Perfect Paws ointment arrived my feet are almost back to normal just small red patch on the skin Mummy says I have to have the ointment for another week though just to be sure.

We are all wondering now what caused the problem it started on one back foot the next day I had small split skin on the other back foot and then the next day peeling skin on one of my front paws.

Mummy is treating all my feet just to be safe.

I wonder about Mopsy's suggestion that as I am a teddy I am more prone to dry skin, the other factor is the weather it has been very humid here lately.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Piggysnap; Cute Coronets

Agent Chanel after a Haircut

Mystery Agent Wizard

Lets meet Agent Wizard

I am a Piggyfriend and I came here with my best friend Fuzzypeg, when our previous owner decided that she did not want us anymore as we were not cuddly enough for her children.

We were both horribly dirty and matted when we arrived and needed haircuts and baths but now we are very happy piggies. We both like to eat almost anything except broccoli. I am still a bit shy and like to stay close to my friend but we both love a cuddle.

I am sending two pigtures, one of which shows why I am a Coronet not a Sheltie.

Wizards real name is the same as that of a wizard in a famous story by J R R Tolkien.

Mystery Agent Ginger Cake

Mystery Agent Ginger Cake lives as part of a largely female herd in the UK, her real name is the same as a country famous for its rum and chilled out attitude...

>Mystery Agent Pick Me Up

Mystery Agent Pick me Up comes from the same herd as Ginger Cake her real name is a dessert the literal translation of which is pick me up, its one of the few desserts Mummy doesnt like as its coffee flavoured..............

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iron Hamster has Sore Feet

When he had a bath yesterday Mummy noticed that Iron Hamster had a sore area on his back foot right on the raised paddy bit by his toes.

It does not appear to hurt him and he is walking fine, Mummy treated it with Gorgeous Guineas lotion (she has now ordered some more perfect paws as she had run out) and it seems better today.

However he has another slight sore that has appeared on his other back foot, Mummy says it looks like cracked skin more than anything.

Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this we are on fleece bedding not woodchip but could he still have dry skin problems??

We will keep you updated with his progress

Friday, August 12, 2011

Piggysnap Appeal Alpacas

We are now looking for a very rare type of piggy the alpaca we are hoping we manage to find 4 but suspect that we wont.

If you are an alpaca piggy and would like to join the undercover agents send us your details.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Shelter has entered a Competition.

Agent Firenze reporting.

The shelter where our Slave's son works and from where many of the Piggyfriends, including myself, have come over the years has entered into a competition for a cash prize.

They have made a little video and the charity whose video receives the most hits wins the prize.

You do not have to do anything except watch the video and your view will automatically be counted. You do not have to donate or text anyone. Just watch. It is very short and is about hens but this shelter cares for any animal in need from a mouse to a horse and also has a wildlife hospital.

Here is the link.


They are hoping to build a new cavy house soon and the prize of 500 pounds would go into the pot for improvements.

Thank you on behalf of all the Piggyfriends.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainbow Bridge Punky Peruvian Piggysnap

Agent F has insisted that Diamond join in the Peruvian Piggysnaps to keep our secret project on track.

Diamond is at the rainbow bridge with her fellow peruvian piggysnap Agent Master of Disguise see 1st post.

"Diamond was a participant in many GPDD virtual adventures, latterly escorted by Alge's Jolly Rodent, Chester."

Monday, August 8, 2011


Darn puter has been playing up again, we hope we can post now so we are testing.

We hope to be back blogging normally soon

Friday, August 5, 2011

Small warning (Trojan horse virus thingy) when using Google Chrome

Hi there,

Just a small warning from me, Mieke,
at the moment when I try to open  undercoverguineapigs.blogspot.com (ie this site),
my virus detector goes wild! This ONLY happens when I use Google chrome as a browser.
I do not get linked to this website, but to some kind of video website (looks like youtube, but isn't)
and a voice and text on screen says I've been selected for a 30 second survey...
According to my anti-virus software this contains a trojan house, and it's blocked by the software.
I'm really hoping i'm the only one who has this problem, and no one else gets this.
If you use google chrome, be sure to run your virus software to see if you didn't get the trojan horse virus thingy! If you don't use chrome, I would be to concerned, you can always run your anti virus, just to be sure...

Stay safe on the web,
and hugs to all agent (in training) piggies,

Piggysnap; Punky Peruvians

Agent Master of Disguise at the Rainbow Bridge

Mystery Agent Mystery

Slave tells me that you are looking for Peruvians for a Piggy Snap.

I am a pure bred Peruvian, my father being a champion show pig, but I was unwanted by my owner as I have a slight head tilt and a black patch around my right eye. She wanted a pure white piggy so I came here to be a Piggyfriend, where I am loved instead of being placed on a board for a show.

A Peruvian's coat parts down the centre and should be brushed straight forward over the eyes but Slave trims my fringe so that I can see out. For showing, I would have had my coat spread out all around me but Slave cuts it to floor length so I can run around and play with my friends.

In these pigtures you can see me from either side so you choose which one to use. Clue. When you can only see white that is my left side. There is also one of me with my fringe cut. Slave isn't much use with a camera but I really do have ruby eyes.

I have chosen the Agent name of Mystery as you cannot tell which end of me is which.

Agent Mystery's real name is spelt the same backwards and forwards is that over the top? He also shares the first name of a man refered to as "the most dangerous man in Europe"

Mystery Agent Campfire

Hello, I am Agent Campfire, a white and red long-haired Peruvian boar. My favorite food ever is carrots! I love carrots, and will often continue wheeking loudly at my slaves if they do not give me my favorite snack. But I also like to eat grass, corn husks, carrot tops, celery leaves and timothy pellets. My slaves always think its funny because I enjoy napping with my face in my pellet bowl. When I’m not napping with my pellets, I like spending time with my best friend Agent Java. Even though whee can’t be in the same cage because she’s a sow, I nap next to the divider so whee can be closer to each other. My secret agent name is Campfire because my real name is a snack humans traditionally make over a campfire – can you guess it?

Get guessing.............

PS we would really like another Peruvian so anyone out there send us your pigtures!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Try Chinese Leaf

As you can see from the video we like the green leaft bit at the edge of the chinese leaf we werent so keen on the white middle bit, but once we had run out of other veggies to eat we came back and finished it off.

We are glad to report we had no ill effects from eating Chinese Leaf.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Can We Eat Chinese Leaf?

When Mummy was at Tesco she found Chinese Leaf on offer for a pound thinking we might enjoy this as it looked like a cross between lettuce and cabbage she bought it.

Before giving it to us Mummy checked her safe foods lists and now we have a problem Chinese Leaf is not on any of them!!

Does anyone know if this is safe for piggies or will the humans have to eat it themselves??