Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Video: Piggie City Dwellers

We were pleasantly surprised when we found this video. We remember Pigjes from our forum days where she often shared the most creative ideas and we were happy to see that she's still doing that

Have a Creative Wheekend!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the USA piggies Agents Butterloaf, Agent Yougie, and Agent-in-training Apollo!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online Viking Victory

This is the last Guinea Pigs Online book that we have and we have to say it is our favourite book of the series.

The copse at the end of the garden is threatened by a smelly builder who wants to bulldoze it down and build houses so its up to Coco, Fuzzy and Eduardo to start an internet campaign and save the copse.

Getting hits on Twitter

In this book the guinea pigs make a new friend Olaf the Viking Guinea Pig (or is he?)

We are pleased to say in this book we couldn't find any bad suggestions about guinea pig care although we are not sure about black soggy bananas are they bad? We know bananas are ok and can be useful for piggies with tummy problems but we weren't sure about the black bit. Mummy says yuck she likes her bananas slightly green and with the stick to your tongue texture, we are not sure about that either wol.

Bannoffee still has 14 mini pigs but we are pleased to say they have not increased in number, they all live with her and there is no mention of pet shops hurray.

If you take the books at face value as just fun fiction involving guinea pigs then this is a fun series to read.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Video: Elsie gets a Chin Rub

Beautiful Elsie gets a chin rub. Don't forget to turn on your speakers because the soundtrack is just perfect!

Have a chin-rubbery Wheekend!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holidays for Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2014

I compiled a list of holidays to be added to the undercover guinea pigs calendar 2014.
I have received my sample of the calendar this weekend and it looks good, so if you want to order let me know by filling out the form at the 'Order calendar 2014' tab at the top of this page.
After you checking this list below, and maybe adding some dates, I am ready to order the calendar!

Please let me know if I got any dates wrong, you want your country added, or if you are missing a holiday.
This year I added all public holidays of the countries we usually get orders from. These are USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

1-1-2014New Year's Day
20-1-2014Martin Luther King Day (USA)
27-1-2014Australia Day (AU)
14-2-2014Valentine's day
17-2-2014Presidents' Day (USA)
17-3-2014St. Patrick's Day
18-4-2014Good Friday
21-4-2014Easter Monday
25-4-2014Anzac Day (AU)
26-4-2014King's Day (NL)
1-5-2014Labour Day (BE, GE)
5-5-2014Liberation Day (NL)
5-5-2014Early May Bank Holiday (UK)
26-5-2014Memorial Day (USA)
26-5-2014Spring Bank Holiday (UK)
29-5-2014Ascension Day
9-6-2014Pentecost Monday
9-6-2014Queen's Birthday (AU)
19-6-2014Corpus Christi (GE)
1-7-2014Canada Day (CA)
4-7-2014Independance day (USA)
11-7-2014Day of the Flemish Community (BE)
21-7-2014National Holiday (BE)
15-8-2014Assumption of Mary (BE, GE)
25-8-2014Summer Bank Holiday (UK)
1-9-2014Labor day (USA, CA)
27-9-2014Day of the French Community (BE)
3-10-2014German Unity Day (GE)
4-10-2014Animals' Day (NL)
13-10-2014Columbus Day (USA)
13-10-2014Thanksgiving (CA)
31-10-2014Reformation Day (GE)
1-11-2014All Saints (BE, GE)
2-11-2014All Soul's (BE)
6-11-2014Saint Nicholas (BE)
11-11-2014Veterans Day (USA)
11-11-2014Armistice Day 1918 (BE)
15-11-2014King's Day (BE)
27-11-2014Thanksgiving Day (USA)
5-12-2014Sinterklaas (NL)
26-12-2014Boxing Day
31-12-2014New Year's Eve

Please leave a comment below if anything is wrong, you want a date or your country added to this list!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Agent Zeppelin Mystery

Agent Zeppelin has sent us another one of his infamous pigtures. Even his own human wasn't sure which side of agent Zeppelin should be offered veggies. So get guessing, which side is he facing?

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online Furry Towers

Fuzzy and Coco are back again this time their humans are going on holiday and have decided to the pigs can have a holiday to at Furry Towers the deluxe guinea pig hotel however not everything is what it seems.

What we liked;
1) Pat and her tank
2) The General taking over hotel and understanding guinea pigs
3) The recipe at the back of each book

Moral of the story?
1) Don't believe everything you read on the internet
2) Humans when you go on holiday check before you go where your pets will be staying and if you are not happy don't make a booking there

Bad Points;
1) Bad diet advice - Avocado and Cabbage!! Not Good
2) Bad Bedding advice - Straw!!

While the basic story in these books have so far been entertaining it appears the humans who wrote them really need to do some more research into the proper care of guinea pigs

A guinea pig being pampered at the hotel

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday Video: Mouse versus Cookie

We got this video from our favorite librarian. This Russian(?) mouse takes on a cookie. Does he win? Well.. check out the video ;-)

Have a Bold Wheekend!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Order the Undercover Guinea pigs calendar 2014!

Hi all,

I have ordered a sample of our new 2014 calendar, to see if all lovely pigtures we received are looking great in the calendar.  Thanks to everyone who sent in pigtures!

After seeing the samples and adding the holidays I can start ordering and sending out the calendars.
So if you already know you want a calendar, you can already let me know you want one by filling out the form on the 'Order calendar 2014' tab (at top of this page).
Like previous years there is a wall and a desk calendar, which cost 15 and 12,50 euros respectively, plus additional shipping costs.

Also like last years I am ordering through the Dutch version of vistaprint, which means the month and weekday names are in Dutch and the weeks start on Monday!

I will add the holidays in English, if you want any of your country's holidays added let me know and I will add them.

As usual you can nominate a shelter near the end of this year, and after all orders are sent we will vote for which shelter will get our donation.

I wanted to try ordering early this year as I noticed the prices going up near the end of the year.

Thanks all for pigticipating!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online

While shopping for A Guinea Pig Nativity we also found a set of 3 books about Guinea Pigs online we tried to resist but just couldn't so here comes the first in the series;

Guinea Pigs Online

The main characters are 2 guinea pigs called Coco and Fuzzy, Fuzzy loves the internet while Coco is an old fashioned Princess pig.

They end up facing the guinea pig equivalent of Cruella de Ville, celebrity Chef Scarlet Cleaver.

Eduardo the wild guinea pig from Peru arrives to help

This book contains lots of scenes of Guinea Pigs in peril however we can assure you it all ends up ok in the end.

Some of our favourite bits;

The idea that piggies like to live in pairs so they can operate the jump a seesaw used to get them up to higher levels.

Fuzzy cooking up food for his humans which they fail to appreciate

Coco's addiction to classical music

Coco and Fuzzy are rescue pigs so a big thumbs up there

What we didn't like;

Banoffee the pig next is used to breed piggies for petshops that is a big thumbs down

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Free Kindle Book

Thanks to ME of the GPDD, who posted about it, Slave has just downloaded a FREE Kindle Book about us guinea pigs. We haven't had the chance to see it yet as Slave has gone out for dinner and taken her Kindle with her. We'll send a review when we get the chance to read it.
Here's the link for US cavy lovers.
Also available from
Thanks again to ME from the Piggyfriend Agents.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Video: The Smartest Guinea Pig in the World

This week the suggestion from Caviabende Almere. Another clever escape artist. Thank you guys!

Have a daring Wheekend!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Calendar Piggies November: Jaina, Fergie & Wendy

These are our November Calendar piggies



Hello from Agents Schilling & Peanut! 

Hello, I am Agent Schilling but my slaves call me Fergie, and Agent Peanut is my buddy, but slaves call her Jaina (pronounced jay-nuh). Whee are sad to say that Agent Kelly (aka Wendy) must say hello from across the Rainbow Bridge. She passed away in August 2013 and whee miss her greatly! Agent Peanut can give some more details below. 

As for me, I am 2.5 years old and was adopted about 18 months ago from North Star Rescue in Napa, California, USA. Let's see what do you need to know about me... My slaves always laugh and tell me what a bad "hunter" I am. When they put food in the cage or on the ground during floor time, I seem to never be able to find it! Even when they set it right in front of me - I just end up standing on it and wheeking very loudly in protest that I haven't been fed yet. It makes the slaves laugh but I don't see what's so funny! When I finally do find the food they "hid" from me, I burwaggle and loudly complain about the poor service. 

My favorite activities are cuddling, sleeping, eating, cuddling and eating. In fact if the slaves don't read scriptures with me and tuck me in at night, I get very cranky and I take it out on everyone - my poor sister Jaina (I might make a habit out of dominating her...) and the slaves (with loud rumblings and stomping around the cage making a terrible racket). I love watching TV with my daddy, and helping him work. My dad is definitely my favorite - he has facial hair I can nibble on if I get hungry, and he knows just the right way to scratch behind my ears. He also doesn't make fun of my excess chubs the way mom does, she's so mean! 

Hello, this is Agent Peanut, but as Agent Schilling said I go by Jaina in my day-to-day life when I'm not out saving the world as an Undercover Agent. My primary powers are being adorable, and being scared. My nick-name here at home is Scaredy-pig and it's quite suitable, I am sad to say! I was adopted from Cavy House guinea pig rescue in La Honda, California, USA! 

As you know by now, my best buddy in the whole world, Agent Kelly, passed away a few months ago. Whee were planning a big fancy party for our 6th birthday which was the first weekend in September, but Wendy got very sick and after being rushed to the vet, there was nothing the slaves or the vet could do for her. Mom says she got bloat - something very scary that neither us nor our slaves ever want to encounter again! Mommy and daddy cried for days, and I did my best to comfort them. Slaves were worried that I would be so sad - you see, Wendy and I were adopted together and have been friends since we were about 2 months old. We were very bonded, and I got sad if I was separated from my dear Wendy for more than 30 minutes! But slaves were very surprised to find that I was OK after only a few hours, whereas Agent Schilling had a hard time - she kept sniffing around the cage trying to find Wendy. After a few days, she felt better and we are now on the market to find a new friend. With Agent Schilling's "strong personality" (she's a bit of a brute!) it has taken us some time to find someone we can get along with, but we have several play dates in the next few weeks to find someone! Hopefully Agent Schilling will be nicer to them than she is to evidenced by this picture: 

As for me, my favorite activity is eating food - especially the fresh peppers dad grows for me in the garden. YUM! I also love to sleep in very odd positions which makes the slaves laugh. I'm not big on snuggles but sometimes I give in and let the slaves hold me for a few minutes, but when it gets too scary I ask to be put back in my comfy cave. 

So we'll leave you now with a picture of Agent Kelly participating in her favorite past time - hiding out in a brown paper bag full of scrumptious hay! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Review: A Guinea Pig Nativity

With Pigmas fast approaching what can you get the human in your life? How about the Pigmas story in a hardback book full of pigtures of piggies, perfect!

We know our friends the Surrey Squeakers already have this as they beat us to posting about it wol

So lets get down to the review;

Firstly the cover... they say never judge a book by its cover but looking at this the book is going to be great

Some scenes from inside the book;

Mary and Joseph on their long journey

Our favourite pigture Angry King Herod who looks just like me (but I am never angry)

The cast list

And finally what we really liked was the message about guinea pig rescues and considering them over the festive period a great book with a responsible message

We got our copy here for the bargain price of £2.99 (we had offer for free postage)

So is this a book you could see in your collection?

Have you any piggy based book reviews to share? We love it when you join in!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Video: Time to go Home

After last weeks Friday Video, we received more video tips (so thank you Pat, for inspiring our other readers) The first one we received, was from the Guinygirlz. They referred us to a post from the blog 'Hutch a Good Life' with this lovely video.

We will post the other suggestions in the upcoming wheeks. So if you've sent us a suggestion, don't worry, we'll post it (quite happily).If you're reading this and just came up with a suggestion, feel free to share it. We love it when our readers contribute.

Have a (not too) scary Wheekend!