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Monday, December 15, 2014

Calendar Piggies December 2014

Well we have had to wait all year for our turn but at last it is finally here hooray, our team which we have decided will be called the Piggypals are the December calendar piggies

As you can see from the pigture we were busy learning our Christmas carols when our pigture was taken

2014 has been a year of changes for us here some of them good and some of them bad and very sad

At the start of the year Iron Hamster crossed the bridge following problems with a bladder stone, here he is in his favourite roll as Daddy's wingman

Daddy was soo upset by Iron Hamster crossing the bridge he went on a mission to find another piggy just like him (in looks at least) and he came home with Agent Barbie who could be Iron Hamsters younger hippy brother

We moved home twice!!

Once to a temporary flat with no garden boo and now to our new forever home which has a garden, watch out for pigtures coming soon

Agent F1 recently celebrated his 2nd adoption day

and finally I am now only 4 months away from being the big 6 can you believe it??

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Piggies of the month: Revy and Abby roo

Just in time before the end of the month November: 
our calendar piggies are Revy and Abby-Roo of the CaliCavyCollective.

Be sure to visit their website:


Ahoy! Revy here along with my sidekick Abby-Roo. I was quite excited to be chosen as this month's calendar piggy - even if I do have to share it with my cage mate. Now, onto the story of how we got our names and Undercover Agent aliases...

I received my name from my foster mom at Orange County Cavy Haven guinea pig rescue. My feisty, domineering personality and rocking awesome eye patch reminded her of a pirate. While casting about for names of female pirates she came up with Revy. The name stuck. My forever home humans had some thoughts of renaming me but realized Revy was the perfect name once the new home shyness wore off and my charming true self emerged. Good thing too, because I certainly didn't fancy being stuck as yet another "Oreo". Naturally, it followed that my undercover alias became Agent Pirate. 

My first mate Abby-Roo (yes, she is currently my only shipmate.. my plans for crew expansion and naval domination shall commence as soon as I finish devouring this lettuce leaf.. and that one... and what's left of hers... oh, and take a nap...) landed at a local shelter with the unfortunate name of Sonic. Our humans met her at Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue and recruited her to be my ship - er, cage mate. Both agreed that her name had to go as she did not in any way resemble a blue male hedgehog. A flurry of increasingly absurd potential names followed: Lily, Jasmine, Brie, Frosting, Popcorn, Barley, and even Tofu were considered before they finally went to have lunch. Needless to say, I was snickering in my pigloo.

After a good meal (and the return of common sense), they finally settled on Abby-Roo, short for Abyssinian Peruvian. They thought Roo also suited her because her rooster tail-like butt fluff kept smacking me in the face. I may or may not have tried to bite it a few times but that is another story. They gave her the undercover alias of Agent Kermodei because her ivory coat reminded them of the white spirit bears that live in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.

And there you have it! Agent Pirate, reporting out.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chaos at the Piggyfriends: Episode 8. Piggy of the Month

Florence Piggyfriend here.

I was so pleased to be piggy of the month in the Calendar. I can't believe that it is nearly Halloween again as so much has been happening here at Piggyfriends. If you have been following our Chaos story, you will know that our pigroom, which is also Slave's conservatory, had to be rebuilt as it was subsiding. We could not post an episode whilst Slave was away on her holiday as she took her camera with her. Then she brought it back and her computer died. Luckily the repair guys were able to resuscitate it and here we are again.

Slave has been painting our new wall green.
This colour is called Angel's Palace.
I think that it should be called Piggies' Palace.

One of our homes has been moved into the new room.
Who lives here?
"We do. This is our home and it is back where it should be!"
say Bosworth and Rafferty.

" This is my home. Please lift me in
so that I can eat that grass." says Susie
" Our home is ready for us to move back in.
Come on Otto!." say Lotte and Lola.

" Here I am." says Otto. " There is grass to share."
" My friend Angelina is being taken to our home by our pigsitter,
who is helping put our room back in order.
She is not scared now." says Florence.

"And here is Slave carrying her plants back in from the garage!
I'll show you more of our new room soon.
We don't all live in here as some of us stay in the dining room."

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September piggies of the month: Anya, Boomer & Dargo

Hi all,

Sorry this is so late, but unfortunately I could not get into contact with Jan who owns these gorgeous piggies, but she did give me this info when sending me their pigtures.



Agent Name:  Agent Demon Girl
Favorite Food:  Carrots
Hobbies:  Trying to take over the pen from Boomer

Agent Name:  Agent Athena
Favorite Food:  Green Beans
Hobbies:  playing in tunnels and trying to put down insurrections by Anya

Agent Name: Agent Gentleman D
Favorite Food:  Anything
Hobbies:  Staying out of the way of Anya and Boomer

Friday, August 29, 2014

Piggies of the month: Winky Team

Hurray! We are Piggies of the Month! You probably know who we are, but we're going to introduce ourselves anyway. We are a herd of three and we live in the Netherlands. It's a small country just between the UK and Germany. People think we eat lots of cheese and tulips, but we've never seen any of those. We live in a really big cage and we have many hobbies, including eating chicory, eating parlsey, and eating dandelions. When we're not eating, we sleep, deconstruct cardboard boxes or try to coax more food from our staff. Ow. And we're the pigs behind the Friday Video blogposts.

In the calendar you see Bo (the abby), Coco (the coronet) and Sjeuf (the sheltie). Unfortunately, Sjeuf is no longer with us. He passed away on Christmas morning, leaving us in quite a shock.

RIP Sjeuf
Coco and Bo always had a sister-like relationship. They quarreled quite a bit when Sjeuf was still alive (but when the J was not looking Bo would lovingly wash Coco's ears). But when Sjeuf passed away the quarreling got worse, so we decided that it was time to find a new boar to blame for everything.

So, after a mourning period, we went on a speed date with Ties in the Kuufke shelter. We quite fancied him and we took this tall dark and handsome man home with us. We actually dated Berke first. But WE didn't fancy him *cough* (and we're sticking to that story!). Ties is a very gentle man, and a gentleman and he tolerates almost everything. Barbering, cutting nails, baths, and all the other horrors J has in store for us. He is also extremely tall (27cm nose to tailbone) and heavy (1400 grams) which is very convenient when the girls are having a bit of a tiff. He just plunks his big body in between the girls and then they will forget what the fight was about. What is also very cool about Ties, is his resemblance with the illustrous agent Zeppelin. That hair is just awesome; our staff frequently tries to feed him veggies on the wrong end, which gives us more time to snag it away.

Bo. Always hungry.
Bo is not to be trifled with either. She came in a tiny hairy ball of energy, and nowadays she is a 1360 gr ball of energy (mainly in the butt area). Not to mention; still hairy. Regardless of her weight, she still is the fastest pig in the cage and she hold the record when it comes to eating veggies. She practically inhales the stuff. She is also very inquisitive. It may or may not be related to her love of food. But to be fair; Bo is a very adventurous girl and not afraid of anything.

Sleepy Coco
Coco had us worried this summer. It started with teeth problems, and a week after visiting the vet-dentist where she had the hooks on her molars removed, she was so weak that J had to syringe feed her. She lost a lot of weight (it went down to 750 grams) so off she went to the vet and became the most expensive pig in the Winky team history (lots of tests). The vet suspected artrosis and maybe dehydration. She actually advised us to put her down, but since miss feisty was still stealing chicory off Bo in the morning, our J wanted to give her a chance. So after an IV with fluids, a vitamin shot and armed with critical care, something to improve bowel movement and a painkiller, Coco and J came home. We're happy to report that after a week or so miss Diva was back to her old self. She still has to take the painkiller twice a day, but otherwise she is happy in between her diva tantrums, lunches and beauty sleep.

Pretty Coco

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Piggies of the Month: the Gekke Flappies

Hi all,

We are so excited that we’ve been chosen for this calender. Our slave takes pigtures of us all the time and sometimes it’s very annoying but hey, don’t we look gorgeous this month?

Agent Zeppelin on a mission (or not..)
Synchronous sleeping
And what a great timing, Jimmy celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday, we had a big party at home. You’re are all invited as the party still continues, there will be plenty of carrot beer and chicory pie!
The birthday boy
The beautiful miss Pepper
Such a cutie
Before we take a nap again we wanted to thank you for voting for guineapig shelter ‘t Kuufke. As you may know, Jimmy spent the first 5 months of his life there before our slave fell in love with him. Pepper only spent a week there before slave matched her with Jimmy. And 3,5 years later, we still have a great time together!

Beer houses!

Eating from the shelter of her beer house

Lots of love,

Jimmy and Pepper

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Piggie(s) of the Month: Roos

This month calendar piggy of the month is my own Roos!

Agent Tortoise having a nap,
Agent Wheeker can just be seen below

I think it was this pigture of unknown piggies to me,
that made us enthusiastic about the gorgeous red color
(golden agouti) the pig on the right has.

Roos came to us when she was a few months old.
When Chico died Mieke got her as a
birthday present for dad... they get along great

Roos is very sweet, and when she knows
you she looves a chin rub!

We really like this pigture as she looks so sweet,
and her color looks pretty much as it actually is.
Often it does not look so pretty in pigtures

Roos and Berke are almost the same age, and they love
 to do zoomies around the cage when fresh hay
is coming their way

When you pet her, or rub her nose she does the cutest thing. Once you stop rubbing she will lift her head as if to say ' Hey, don't stop!'...
Grtz, Mieke

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Calendar piggies of the Month: Kimba and Teddy

Some of you (probably the ones who read the GPDD) will know that this months Piggies' of the Month owner is really busy trying to keep her piggie Kimba alive. As we don't want to disturb her too much, I asked her permission to tell you a bit about what I know of the piggies of the month Teddy and Kimba, who is having health problems.
"I did have a piggy called Teddy, who died in 2005 from a twisted gut, on Boxing Day, and I was away for Christmas and my mother had to rush him to emergency, etc. The lady who is the Australian Sales representative for Oxbow Products knows me, from way back when I had Teddy, and she's seen Teddy's photo and has never forgotten him, or me. Teddy was a pure breed Coronet, and I have some of the most stunning photos of a piggy I've ever seen.

I would like to boast to my GPDD forever friends over my gorgeous boy. I loved him so much, I had him cremated, and he is with me and my best friend dog called Tess, who I had for 15 years. Tess was also cremated, and strange as it might seem, having their ashes with me gives me some comfort. When I die, Teddy and Tess will be joining me in the casket so we all cross the Rainbow Bridge together and meet with all my other piggies at the other side."
"I am enclosing a photo of Kimba, and it's a very special photo because it shows him as he is getting over his ill health and just starting to eat again. As he is over 5 years old now, I would love to honour him so much for his love, his determination not to give in, for his cuddles, and for dealing with his grief at losing Snowdrop and transferring all his love and cuddles to me, his mummy"

Kimba developed dental problems at the beginning of this May month, despite visits to the vet no good cure has been found for him yet. Almost a month later Kimba is still with Julie (as far as I know), she is doing her very best to keep him alive. I hope you will all join in sending healing wheeks to Kimba and all our support to Julie!
"I’m still struggling to keep Kimba with me. He is the most adorable, loving, cheeky, determined, adventuresome, snuggly, cuddly, adorable, joyous piggy I’ve known. He loves me to bits, I love him to bits, so between us there is a huge lot of love.

I’ve been fighting God for Kimba’s life now for 27 days, and I’m starting to feel that God is going to win this one. I’m dead on my feet and have no brain anymore, and certainly sleep is very very elusive to me. I had a one-track mind, it’s all Kimba, Kimba, Kimba, yet I forget to check on Sooty & Treacle at times."

Keep up the good work, Julie and Kimba!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Calendar piggies of April: Amaris & Addison

The piggies of this month are Amaris and Addison Misfit. On our calendar they have a nice Easter pigture!

The misfits would like to share some pigtures of what the girls like to do.
They love to sit on Andy (their daddy) when he comes home from work.
All the misfits get turns. They love the extra cuddles.

Their misfit best-est friends are Riley, who lives  in the cage on the right.
And Charles in the cage on the left side.

  Amaris I think is in love with Riley and Addison is in love with Charles. They love to have long  brrrr brrrrr conversations about hay, fresh water, and carrots!
These two girls are such sweet little ladies. They both came to live with the misfits on Sept 1, 2012. When  the girls first came here to live, they would trim each others hair all the time. Now they are letting their hair grow out a bit. Its very pretty and so so soft.

Happy Easter to everyone from all the misfits.

Monday, April 14, 2014

PiggieDating: Our visit to t Kuufke

When we arrived we were put in this big cage and
a black, brown and white boar came in...
The first attempt at matching us was succesful: So this is our new friend Bérke,
which means 'little bear' in southern dutch dialect
Alright mom, stop taking pigtures... (Of course she took loads more)
One of the volunteers at t Kuufke had a soft spot for rexes and US teddies, so she also took pigtures of our girls with Bérke... They are now on t Kuufke's facebookpage! The text above the photo says 2 boars were rehomed (our Bérke and a new friend for our cousins Bo and Coco ;), a bit about what was done that day in the shelter and about the calender and thanking everyone who voted for them and the people who made the calendar possible.

So as you probably remember t Kuufke was the shelter who won our donation for this years' Undercover guinea pigs Calendar proceeds. We donated a total of 150 euros to them, they were really happy with it, and let us know that 6 boars can be neutered with our donation (Sorry guys!). This will help those guys find a new home with one or more nice sows.
Thanks everyone for making the calendar possible again by sending in lovely pigture, and buying the calendar. I want to send a special thank you to the people who donated extra, you know who you are ;) Of course we couldn't not show you a bit of the shelter, so here is a short impression

Some of the cages at t Kuufke....
The big pen with elderly piggies and other piggies that will not be rehomed
Spencer, he reminded us very much of our late Chico
Farouk, Piaras in the back
One of the piggies in the elderly group
The shelter also takes care of gerbils, hamsters, mice, rabbits...
And these two Chinchilla's...
and Degus, this is the ladies group: a big pile of degus...