Saturday, July 31, 2010

Introducing New Agents

Greetings fellow supa sekrit agent peegz!
My name is Irene, a character in the hoomins fav Handel oratorio. Sistys name is Dido, she is named after an opera character too! We iz veh cultured peegz.
My sekrit agent name is Thumper cause I am a bit naughty sometimes and thump my sisty. My sisters is Lettuce cause she likes to nom lettuce.
We live in Northumbria with our hoomin, her flatmate and a number of gerbils. The hoomin and the flatmate are both scientists. We used to live in Scotland and have a Scottish tint to our wheeks.
Our fav dry food is Gertie and our fav greens are parsley, spinach and lettuce. Carrot iz teh sux.
My fav hobby is projectile peeing at my sisty but our hoomin gets cross with me. Dido likes to go for runs. We also enjoy chewing everything and going to visit our aunties what live with our hoomins twin.
Our fav toy is our Chewube, though when we were little we ran in from opposite ends at the same time and got stuck once.



Us with our baby sisters who live with a little hoomin next to our house.

Welcome Thumper and Lettuce to the world of secret agent piggies we look forward to more reports from you


Friday, July 30, 2010

Poop Progress Report

Well as we are (nearly) all guinea pigs and we all love pooping I thought I would give you an update.

As you know Mummy foolishly lowered the amount of food she was syringing me and I stopped pooping, well she upped the syringe food again and straight away I started making small poops.

Then she came up with my favourite idea so far, lawn mowing time!!!

Grass can be gassy for piggies who are not used to it and the Hamster is not allowed to mow the lawn yet for 2 reasons;
1) When I was a baby Mummy let me mow the lawn before getting me used to grass and I had a severe bout of diarrhoea, she is giving Hamster little handfuls in his food bowl to get his tummy used to it.
2) Mummy thinks Hamster is small enough to squeeze through the bars of the run, imagine the chaos if a Hamster got loose in the garden eeeeeeeeeek.

Well Mummy took me outside and straight away I started munching I munched for almost a whole hour and then I had to go back to bed, Mummy was very pleased as I made a pile of poop.

Now in the morning I get a big handful of grass in my food bowl as well as my syringe feed, lunchtime I get a syringe feed and then in the evening if its nice I go out for more lawn mowing and then a bit later another syringe feed.

I am making more poop but at the moment they are still not full sized yet, I must need more grass!!!

Mummy found a half a dried poop in my bedding and she noticed a gas bubble inside it, she said this was good and bad, bad I still have gas bubbles in my tummy but good that I am pooping them out.

Then she came up with a strange idea she said that instead of being a Pirate Piggy I could be a smuggler I have to smuggle all the gas out of my tummy in poops before it realises what is happening.

I think Mummy needs help!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Importance of Quarantine

We have learnt the hard way how important a period of quarantine is before introducing Hamsters to Guinea Pigs.

When the hamster arrived Mummy divided my cage in 2 to keep us seperate. The hamster had other ideas he crawled under the divider and as he looked healthy and we got on straight away Mummy decided to let us stay together.

A couple of days later Mummy noticed that the hamster had gunky eyes, they made him a vet appointment and planned to seperate us again that night.

When they got home from work they discovered that I to had a gunky eye, they washed both our eyes with cooled boiled water and gave us some oprex infected eye drops with chloramphenicol.

We went to the vet who gave us a new eye drop clinagel with gentamicin and we went home.

Mummy cleaned our eyes and gave us our drops and then noticed that Hector had started sneezing and had a runny nose and guess what a few hours later I started sneezing.

We went back to the vets who gave us baytril, we came home again.

Mummy gave us the baytril our eyes got better but after 2 days I stopped eating they stopped the baytril but I then stopped pooping.

Mummy took me back to the vet who kept me in overnight they gave me syringe food and injections of metoclopramide to get my tummy working but it didnt really help, they took an x-ray and saw my tummy was full of gas, they told Mummy they couldnt do anymore I had developed bloat. Mummy blames the baytril as Hamster also stopped pooping but the metoclopramide sorted him.

Mummy took me home syringed me food and water gave me some infacol and kept massaging my tummy, hugging me and making me walk around I managed a few poops.

Next day Mummy took me to a different vet and had to leave me overnight again (by this point my conjuctivitis had come back) the new vet said there was less gas than on the x-ray but I still needed help.

They fed me, gave me more injections of metoclopramide, massaged my tummy and made me move and I started pooping again.

Mummy bought me home again and kept up the TLC we had one more trip to the vets where they said nearly all my gas had gone but to keep up the good work.

I am home now but causing Mummy no end of anxiety yesterday I was eating and pooping fine so she dared to cut down my syringe feeding, overnight I didnt poop at all, she started my syringe feeding again and I have managed some small poops.

My conjuctivitis doesnt seem to be getting any better but me and Mummy are scared of giving an antibiotic while my tummy is still delicate.

Now you can see how something simple and non life threating like conjuctivitis can turn into a deadly problem.

While it may be nice to have a new friend straight away for me its not worth the risk.

I will keep you updated on my progress.


PS the Hamster is doing fine

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Honourary Agent

Fugly the chinchill was named after our beloved Agent F and so it is only right that he join us as an honourary member of the Undercover Guinea Pig Society.

He Even Likes His Greens Like Agent F

Looks Like Time For A Nap

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Agent's of the Month

Well as there are only a few days left of July we have decided that those who guessed the number of babies right can be Agents of the Month for August.

So Not So Lil Woop, Chico, Lil Wheeker, Lil Explorer and The Surrey Squeakers are Augusts Agents of the month.

Whoever can guess the sex of the babies and which is which can be Agents of the Month for September.

We are guessing they are both girls

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Momma Has Multiplied

Yes the babies have arrived yay!!!!

There are 2 babies so we were wrong with our guess.

We dont know yet if they are boys or girls we are sure Momma will update us as soon as she knows

Friday, July 16, 2010

Marvellous Momma

Agent Momma, has agreed to take part in a little friendly competition, the Agent who can guess correctly the number of mini pigs and the sex of the mini pigs in Momma's tummy will win the honour of being Agent of the month.

Here are some pigtures to give you a clue.

How Many Mini Pigs?

How Many Boys and How Many Girls?

We think Agent Momma is gorgeous we love her little stripes

We are guessing 3 mini's 2 girls and a boy

Dont worry you can use the same guess as us, we will just have multiple agents of the month if more than one of us is right ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guest Number 22

Agent Momma

Agent Momma is the latest addition to a mixed herd in Illinois, she arrived recently bringing extra surprises for her new family.

Her real name comes from the Greek for pure/chaste

Her agent name is a real give away

Get guessing...................................

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Did They Get Me A Hamster????

Ghost here, Mummy and Daddy decided that I would be lonely in my big cage on my own so they decided to get me a friend, that was fine by me but why did they have to get me a hamster??

I mean look at it.....................

Me Ghost and The Hamster

It even has a hamster name, Hector, if thats not a hamster name I dont know what is!!!

What am I supposed to do with a hamster, I have tried humping it but it got fed up and chased me so we are not playing that game any more.

The worst thing is it keeps insisting it is a guinea pig, does this look like a guinea pig to you??

Guinea Pig or Hamster??

Well I guess I am stuck with it now

Agent F wouldnt let me become an Agent until I made 1kg in weight so I guess its only fair to make the Hamster wait heeheehee it will never make it, it only weighs 309g

Guess Hector will just have to remain an Agent in training

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Agent Minty's report.

Last month there was an Open Day at Raystede, the rescue from which some of the Piggyfriends came. Agent F asked if we could write a report about the day. We had delayed sending in our report as Agent F was ill but now we think that we should contribute to the new blog. We all love the background with the grass and dandelions and we think that Agent F would have enjoyed it too.
It was an extremely hot day, the hottest of the year so far, so Slave decided that all the Piggyfriends should stay at home in the cool, except for one secret agent and I,  Agent Minty, was selected as the newest recruit. Readers please note that piggies should not be outdoors in the heat but as a secret agent I have special powers that enable me to keep cool.
I went along with Slave who had plants to sell for the cause and we were, unexpectedly, able to park near to the entrance. Slave said that she usually has to park several fields away and walk the rest but, sadly, the very hot weather had an effect on the number of visitors.....that and the fact that England were playing in the football World Cup that afternoon. Not a good choice of days but arrangements have to be made a long time in advance and no-one envisaged the footie being on the same day. Slave's son suggested that they stream the footie match in one of the marquees and offered to set it up using the big screen that he takes to the village hall film shows but the manager declined, thinking ( in error ) that the footie would not make any difference to the attendance. We heard lots of people saying that they were going home to watch the footie and a lot more probably never set out in the first place.
There was a wonderful display by a local Dog Agility team but we felt sorry for those doggies out in the heat. The manager delayed the rest of the dog show in the hope that it might be cooler but it just got hotter and hotter and many people wisely took their doggies home.
The cakes on the cake stalls were beginning to melt and I think that most of the visitors felt that they were too.
Slave's son was working out in the fields with the horses but, in his break, he joined Slave for an ice lolly, which they ate in the shade of the big trees in the picnic area while I snacked on the grass. Slave said that there have been Open Days in the past when they have run out of ice cream ( shock horror - Slave loves her ices ) so maybe it was not too bad a thing that numbers were down.
There was a band playing, which Slave and I both enjoyed and we visited the various stalls but had to keep retreating into the Sanctuary, the wildfowl area where there are lakes and tall shade trees.
All the animal cages have secure locks but the Cavy House has pens for the piggies so the whole house was locked up for the day so that the piggies were not disturbed ( or even stolen ) by so many visitors. A set of wooden steps was set up so that visitors could look in the window and Slave spent an inordinate amount of time watching the piggies inside. I was sure that she was going to reserve a little agouti in the pen nearest the window but her willpower was amazing. We really are full at Piggyfriends although she will always find room for a desperate piggy.
There was a lot of food over at the end of the day, to which the staff could help themselves rather than have it go to waste and Slave's son brought home a huge bag of veggieburgers for the freezer, which should keep him and Slave going for some time.
Despite the setbacks, they raised 8,056 English pounds for the cause ( excuse the typing but Slave's new laptop has a US keyboard and there is no pound sign - grrrrr  - she says that she never uses it anyway but I need it now). With the sale of raffle tickets, which has been going on for the last three months, the total came to 13,391 pounds, which will go a long way to helping animals in need. It costs a lot to run a centre as big as this one.
They hope to organise another event in the Autumn when it should not be so hot. Otherwise the next event is the Christmas get together, when they sing carols, eat mince pies and drink mulled wine. Some of the staff dress up and they do a little nativity scene using the donkeys and sheep that live at the centre. No place for piggies there!
Agent Minty signing out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Undercover Guinea Pigs..........

The new home of the Secret Agent Piggies.

As you are now reading this, I know you have sucessfully followed the links and found your way here, you are all such clever piggies.

My beloved Not So Lil Woop with the help of Valentino has imported the whole of Agent F's blog so it is all here for you in one place.

Now Agent F has gone it is up to us to make this blog as sucessful as the original because he will be watching us to make sure we do.

So shed your final tears remember the good times and look to the future.

Get reporting Secret Agents everywhere

Agent Ghost

Monday, July 5, 2010

Agent Valentino reporting for duty!

Just a quick report.

I am agent Valentino,
a ginger, chocolate and white US Teddy boar,
reporting for duty.

Real Name? Chico (or actually I used to be Toby, but slave confused me with Toby (or previously Chico))
Secret Agent Name? Valentino
Why did you chose your Secret Agent Name? My slave was allowed to adopt me and my mate Mr. T as a valentine's present on valentine's day of course.
Where do you live? The Netherlands
Who do you live with? Woopy, Lily and Daisy
You can see us during the (european) day, on our own TV channel: Guinygirlz
Favourite Food? Super Trio pellets, brand is Hope farms
Favourite Hobby? Rumbling at the girls
Favourite Toy? My House

Agent Valentino

Rainbow Bridge Agent F

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you all that Agent F has gone to the rainbow bridge, in the end even though our hearts were breaking Mummy and Daddy had to help him cross so he can be painfree and fat again.

Before he went we had a long chat and he told me to tell you all he loved sharing the last year of his life with you.

He is going to find Agents Master of Disguise, Thunderbear, Frothy and Patchwork and they are all going to be watching to make sure that the good work of the undercover guinea pigs continues.

He says a big sorry to Agent 7 who he never got to introduce but dont worry I Ghost will personally introduce you when I am ready.

I dont want to carry on with his blog alone so the Dutchies are helping to set up a new blog we can all add to as and when we like, I will let you know the details soon.

In the meantime dont be sad that Agent F has gone be happy that he is healthy again.


Friday, July 2, 2010

4th July Report from Agent Cannonball

Agent Cannonball reporting in! Last night me heard some loud pops. Me wasn't scared and me squeaked around to investigate. Me heard that the neighbors are warming up fireworks for the weekend. Me was told I could sit on a cushion and watch the fireworks soon. Me doesn't know what they are, but me hopes that wheee can eat them. Me will widdle on the cushion if wheeee don't get yummies! Actually me may do that anyway!

Here me and piggy buddy with my fancy hat! Me is the fuzzy black piggy. Doesn't me look daper? I let the chubby golden wear me hat too, me is on good behavior for the holiday. Me is ready to celebrate with fireworks!

Agent Cannonball

Happy 4th of July

Me is still having puter problems so me is posting this special report from Agents Bumblebee and Dinosaur early.

Me is still waiting for reports from other US piggies get working.....

In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States. We little secret agent piggies will help mommie set off some fireworks, and have pignic!!
Agent Dinosaur and Agent Bumble Bee

[caption id="attachment_842" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Our Piggy Patriots"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_843" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dont Eat That Agent Bumblebee ;)"][/caption]

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Agent Incognito

Agent Incognito has the colouring to be a tortoiseshell or a brindle he has red and black hair.

To be a tortoiseshell he would need to have smooth hair and distinct patches of red and black with no mixing of colours.

To be a brindle he would also need to be smooth haired but this time the red and black hairs would intermingle evenly.

Lets meet Agent Incognito

Hi AgentF, Thank you for your condolences on Agent Master of Disguise's passing. I know that in his short time as an agent, he helped make the world a better place, and I can only hope that I will be able to do half as good a job.

 I am honored that you need a tortoiseshell gp and have invited me to become a secret agent. I am still feeling sad, but my mom said I would feel better if I helped others, so I stand at the ready. Included are my answers to your questionnaire, and a photo.

 Thank you again.

Your friend,Friday

 Secret Agent Name? Agent Incognito

 Why did you chose the Name? I always wear a mask. :)

 Favourite food? Cucumber -- yum!

Favourite hobby? Jumping on my (low) shelf in the kitchen to ask for  food.

 Favourite toy? My bell, which I love to ring.

 Any other comments? I hope to carry on in the tradition of all brave piggies who've worked to make the world a better place.

[caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Agent Incognito with his Black Secret Agent Mask ;)"][/caption]