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Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY: Guinea pig tunnel

It's winter time, and it started snowing again today, so we thought to do a topic about keeping warm! Roos is modelling the Do it yourself tunnel.
What do you need:
- small squares of fabric, preferably cotton and fleece
- sewing machine
- thread
- a sew-in piece of boning, called rigilene
1. Have your slave cut a rectangular piece of cotton or other outer fabric. We used a 30 by 50 cm size, that works fine for us. What your slave might want to do, is to make it a bit shorter (on the shorter 30 cm side), that way our butts don't fit in and we won't poop in it as much... Cut a same size of fleece for the lining, this is very soft for our paws.
2. Put the 2 pieces with the good sides on each other and sew 3 edges together, leave the side (one of the longer sides) where we get in open! Turn it inside out, now the good sides are visible.
3. Fold what you have now in two, short sides on each other, fleece side out. Stitch along the longest side, so that you end up with a tunnel. Turn the tunnel inside out again, the fleece should now be inside, cotton outside.
4. About two times the width of your boning from the edge sew the layers together on the unfinished end. Put the boning in, maybe candle/smelt the ends, and fold the edges to the inside, sew it to close.
5. Your tunnel is now finished! Put it in the cage and let the guineas enjoy it!
Btw, the great thing about the rigilene and other materials used is that you can wash it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

We Have a Space Station

ok it might only look like a cardboard box and chube joined together but we like playing space stations.

Monday, April 30, 2012


As you can see from the video we love floor time especially Roos.

To make play time interesting for piggies we highly recommend toys our favourite toys are simple and cheap to make, empty boxes!!

You can make tunnels or hideys out of empty boxes, you can stuff them with hay or hide nibbles in them or just use them to make a chicane to run around.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Igor's PLAY - FoodBall the forward line we see Igor.. front right is Suus doing a give and go with midfield player Yaya and skillfully passes the ball to Igor the terrible.. Igor accepts the ball perfectly .. oooh.. he makes an overhead kick and.. WHEEEEEEEK!!!! IGOR SCORES A CARROTPELLET!!

What is it?

Concept:Playing Foodball is playing with a special ball with yummies inside.
Material: You need a foodball. This is a ball made of plastic with a little sliding window in it. With this little window you can determine the size of the hole. You also need something Yummie that will fit inside. We prefer to use pellets from a different brand than our daily pellets. They are tasty and healthy. There is also special candy for guinea pigs for sale that you can use. Allthough this is a possiblity, these snacks tend to be too salty and unhealthy. Usually you are allowed to have two of them (a day), but this is not very practical when you are foodballing with a whole team. Unfortunately veggies are also not suitable; they stick and can leave bits behind in the foodball that go bad.

Application: Your slave should put something tasty in the ball and then lay it on the floor. Then the game is on!! You push the ball with your nose which will make it start rolling. If you do this right, the pellets ought to fall out of the ball every now and then. I have to say, this is not easy! If there's no pig around to show you how, it can take a while before you understand how to play this game. Luckily, I learned from Suus and Yaya, who in their turn, learned from Auntie Guiny (who else ;-) ).

Do-it-yourself-factor?: Not that high; the ball has to be bought in a pet shop. But it is possible to make one yourself. Your slave has to buy a little plastic bottle in the supermarket and empty it. Then she can cut some holes in it with scissors. Add pellets and there you go! (your slave does have to make sure that we cannot hurt ourselves)
Variations: You can do this as a team or solo. Your slave can also put boxes on the floor so you can manoeuver the ball through.

Target audience?

This is certainly something for the intellectuel cavy. Auntie Guiny was always very good at getting the ball out of small corners when it got stuck. Because there are yummies inside, it is also very suitable for the food oriented guinea pigs. And because you also get some excerise it is also a challenge for the sporty cavies among you.


No, not really. Although I must insist that supervision of your slave is neccesary, you'll never know what we'll come up with. And besides, it is also very entertaining to watch, especially for daddy slaves.

User experiences?

Suus: Really cool game! Although it helps if slaves make sure we do not run out of pellets. It is very challenging to get the pellets out of the ball before your team mates. By the way, I always play for the Netherlands.. I'm already wearing orange socks..
Yaya: When slave introduced the ball again I was the only one who could remember how to play Foodball! Hahhah.. Good huh? ;-)

(Igor): Well guinea pigs that's it for this wheek. I will go grab a carrot beer for the third half. *snigger*.. *stagger*.. Laaalala Blaaaaack pants, Ooorange shirt, thaaaaat is the Winky herd. Holahee dee holala...hooolahee dee hoo laalaalaa...*

Professor Igor

*This is actually the song (in adapted form) that the fans of a soccer club from a small dutch village sing to encourage their team. Our slaves were born in this village and accidentely, Igors furcolors match their gear

Friday, October 14, 2011


Bo has a new hobby, she likes foodball! She likes it so much, she doesn't even eat the treats that fall out..
(the black things on the floor are treats, not poop)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Treat Tower

Having seen the fun out Dutch friends were having we demanded Mummy make us a new toy.

She came up with the treat tower.

This is a tall box with 3 holes cut in it on 3 different sides and at different heights Mummy then stuffed it with 3 types of hay, fresh grass, dandelions, mint and basil.

Here are some clips shot at different times and then merged together to show us enjoying out new toy.

Just after Mummy had finished filming I tried climbing all the way into the top window heeheehee

Thursday, October 6, 2011

World Animals' day: present Winkyteam style

Our mom was inspired by auntie Janneke's post with Coco and Bo in it,
and decided to make us a box of veggies, hay and pellets (in our case).
She used mainly the same concept as Auntie Janneke, cut the holes in the box,
filled the box with hay, chicory in small strips, freshly grown herbs (did we mention slave is starting our (ehm her?) own veggie garden?) and also added some of our appreciated pellets.
That is the kind we don't have in our cage at the moment, as mom says those pellets are not very good for us, but we love them anyway!

Here you can see a video of us investigating the box:

(if this doesn't work, you should be able to watch the video here:
Be sure to watch the highlighted part where Daisy really gets into our present!

Here are some pigtures of us investigating as well....

What is this box?!?

Yum yum
Daisy getting into the box..
Daisy in the box, first picxk at the veggies.
The rest now eating from side bottom, as hay was sticking out there now...
Content wheeks,
The Guinygirlz: Agents wheeker, lily'explorer and lil'woop and Agent Valentino

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

World Animal Day; the Presents

Hi all!
We got a veggie surprise box for World Animal day! Below you can see how the box was made by our J.

First, cut a hole in a cardboard box
Next, fill up the box with hay and veggies.
J did this lasagna-style;
hay with layers of parsley and shredded carrot
Close the box (don't use tape or staples!)
Happy World Animal Day!
Go away! Guinea pig @ work

Coco and Bo, the shredding, chewing and nomming piggies

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PLAY: Hammocks

In Memory of Agent I, we'd like to repeat all the PLAYs (Piggies Like Activities and Yummies) Professor Igor wrote before he became an undercover agent. Unfortunately all of the piggies in this PLAY have crossed the rainbow bridge by now.. But as former owner of these piggies I love looking at their pigtures.

PLAY 1: Hammocks

This wheek I evaluated hammocks for you guys. I must admit, hammocks turned out to be an extraordinary versatile and interesting study object.

Agent I inspecting the hammock
I asked my slave to put up the hammock in my cage and have been studying it thoroughly. There was also a lot of photo material in the archives, I did not want to deprive you guys of that..

What is it?
Concept: Hammocks are little mats in which you can hang around. It is a square cloth, raised a little above the ground and you can lie comfortably in it.

Material: My hammock is made of fleece. Hmm..nice and soft. But it is also possible to find or make hammocks made out of other materials. Small towels..... pieces of fabric. Nowadays my slave usually makes a hammock with a bottom made out of fabric to which no sawdust will stick, and the top made of a softer fabric like fleece. Attached to the mat are cords which can be attached to the cage bars. These can be made of fabric, but there are also mats available that have little chains.

Application: Your slave should first set up your hammock. There are several ways of doing this. First of all, your slave can attach the hammock to the ceiling of the cage. My slave usually ties the hammock cords to the side cage bars or she ties them around the bottom part (knot underneath the cage, against the floor) and then puts the cage bars on top. Choose whatever you and your slave finds convenient and pending on the possibilities of your cage. The knot-around-the-cage-method is ideal for cages with a plastic top. But this will not work when the cords are too short. When the mat has been installed, us guineas can get to work. Climb on the hammock (that can be quite a challenge! :-D) and relax.. lie down like a true pig.. ehm did I just say that? I meant start studying for you masters degree in piggin' out.. But be careful of cage mates that will try to bounce you out of your hammock.
Top left: Suus, Top right: Yaya and Jan, Bottom left: Lotje,
Yaya and Guiny, Bottom right: Suus and Yaya
Other applications of a hammock include; a nice place to study under, or as food storage. Every guinea will appreciate an extra roof above his or her head. And eating from it, is quite a challenge. Imagine balancing while everyone in your cage is pushing and pulling, trying to nibble from the veggies or hay. Ah well.. a little cavy exercise, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Do it Yourself factor?
Top left: Lotje, all other pigtures: Suus
It is very convenient when your slave knows how to handle a sewing machine. Because if she can, it is just a matter of sewing a square rag and attach the cords to it. For the less gifted slaves, guest towels are ideal (tie shoelaces or something else to the corners and there you go). Slaves can also buy hammocks in a store. There is loads to be found on the internet and some pet stores sell hammocks. If you cannot find any, try looking for ferret toys, the ferret section usually contains some nice hammocks!

There are also hammocks with pockets in them. These are very comfurrtable. There's the oven mitt model, with an opening in the side But there is also a model with an opening in the middle. The one Lotje is showing on the pigture has boning in it, in order to keep it open. I really thought that was a useful addition, because balancing on the mat while you try to stick your head in an opening is hard enough already. Suus is a big fan of the bunk hammock (see pigture). But I have the impression that Suus is a rat inside a guinea pig body. In my opinion, the bunk hammock can be dangerous. Suus is a very good climber so she can manage, but this concept is not suitable for everypig and your slaves should consider this.

The hammock is a tool that is suitable for both the climbing guinea pig and the relaxing guinea pig. Your can pull the funniest pranks in a hammock (Suus: popcorning in a fleece hammock will launch you to greater heights, Squeeeaaaak!!). But above all, it is very suitable to study for a master's degree in imitating a fireplace rug. In other words, it's really perfect for guinea pigs who like to relax. When your slave puts some food in the hammock, it is also good for the munching guinea pig.

Top: Suus, Lotje and Jan the Boar, Bottom pigture,
from top left to bottom right: Jan, Lotje, Yaya, Guiny, Suus
Well, getting into a hammock requires some practise. I actually find it quite scary. Although I have to admit it's not really dangerous in our cage because I won't fall very far. Yaya used to eat the hammock cords. In the past this has lead to diarrhoea, so now our slave uses materials that are simply not edible (like metal chains) or aren't harmful (like sisal rope).

User experiences?
Suus: I am very pleased with our hammocks. I find it an ideal way to explore the surroundings, while bouncing in it. It keeps me fit, and I like to practice my climbing skills. But relaxing is also very nice. Though it could use a defense mechanism, that would enable me to not get pushed out of it by Yaya.. or accompanying earplugs.. because if I do not make space for Yaya she will start to whine really loudly..

Yaya: I think the hammocks should be made of a more edible material. The fleece is so heavy on my stomach. The material of which my lil' Bahama shack is made would do perfectly... hmmm... SLAVE!!!

Igor: Well this was my first PLAY report, if you have any user experiences, photo's or remarks, let me know!!

Wheeks and lots of Play-sure!
Professor Igor

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Playing Food ball....

Totally forgot to add our Uncle Professor Igor wrote a PLAY (Piggies like Activities and Yummies) article about playing food ball...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toys: Willow Ball

Willow balls are a toy that is designed to cater to a piggies basic needs, the needs to gnaw and the need to eat.

Willow balls are edible we can eat them to our hearts content and to make them even more fun the humans can put extra treats in middle.

Dutch Willow Ball with Corn Silks

Ghost and Hamster Play Ball

As you can see in the video me and the Hamster enjoy eating the ball, we also drag it around to make sure the other pig cant get it as well as rolling it at each other when we want it out the way.

We had a problem when we had nearly eaten the whole ball, because the willow had been rolled tightly it ended up in coils, I would put my foot on it to eat it and then the coil would flip over my head and I would get stuck, the Hamster did this too, we then panic and run around until it falls off.

To stop us doing this Mummy cut the coils in half for us, not as much fun but we could eat them without getting stuck.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Introduction to Toys

This may come as a surprise to the humans but piggies like toys, we really do, we like to play!!

In fact Agent I likes toys so much he has made a website dedicated to them.

Now Daddy is very silly he thought we would like to play with a tennis ball!!

What happened........ he rolled the tennis ball at me, I saw it coming, I ran away, I pooped myself, I slowly ventured back, I discovered I could not eat it, I lost interest and ignored it.

So what did we learn, we learnt that piggies do not like human toys, we like toys we can eat or chew or throw around and generally destroy.

Piggies do not play like humans or dogs, the way to tell if a toy is a success is by how much interest we show in it, eating, biting and dragging it around are signs the toy is a success, we may also just want to lie with it next to us this is a success, the more we sniff or bite it the more we like it.

I will post more about specific toys soon

Please feel free to send in posts about your favourite toys as well