Monday, December 6, 2021

A Piggy A-Z continued

 Hello readers,

It is a long time since we published a story in our A-Z so it is about we picked up where we left off. 

"Where was that then?" asks Bella Piggyfriend through a mouthful of grass.

"I think we had reached M," replies Mama Bonbon. " Oh that is M for me!"

"M for me too," says Miss Marple ( right of our photo).

"I can think of a good word for N," announces Mama Bonbon ( left of our photo ). "We should start with N for Nutrition. We have talked a lot about different veggies since we started this marathon alphabet and we probably did G for Grass but this is the finest food for piggies and we cannot rate it highly enough." (munch munch munch )

"Aunty Pat has an idea for N as well," says Mama Bonbon so we will see that one soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Sugar’s Halloween Pigture

This is Sugar. She lives in Towson Maryland USA. Sugar was instrumental in helping her mom and dad get everything ready for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters. 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Hallowe'en!

First of all we must apologise to our dear readers for the long delay in getting back to posting. Like our friends, the Surrey Squeakers, we depend on our Slave to help us write the blog and both of our Slaves have been very busy but now we are back to wish everyone a Happy Hallowe'en.

Ambrose: "What is that fat round orange thing next to you Oscar?"

Oscar: " Why, that is you Ambrose!"

Ambrose: " Very funny! No. The other side."

Oscar: " I don't know but there is another one beside you. You can't see it because the sun is in your eyes and don't look now but there is a big spider above your head."

Oscar and Ambrose: " We do not understand what this is all about but Slave says that we must both say 'Happy Hallowe'en!' to our readers."

So we are. " Happy Hallowe'en!" 

Oscar: "What was that all about Ambrose?"

Ambrose: " I am sure that I don't know. Let's go and ask Mr. Google. He will know."

Thursday, October 28, 2021

I am a Cowboy!!

Hello from Baby Oliver!  I am a cowboy for Halloween because I am WILD!!  I do like being petted, but I like to be wild, too!  Don't you like my cowboy costume? I like it a lot!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Carrot time!

 We have some photos from Piggyfriends#2 or, as Auntie Pat calls it, Piggyfriends West.

They have a lovely vegetable garden and here is a picture of their first carrot crop, all ready for the piggies ( and the human Slaves too.)

Like us, they all love the carrot tops even more than the carrots themselves. Here is new girl, Danu, tucking in.

Mama Rin and her daughter, Maki, are enjoying their carrots.

And here are Zelda and Ripley speeding towards their share. Trinity always snatches her food and takes it into her pigloo so we have no photo of her. She even takes her food bowl into her pigloo. Funny pig.

They are lucky in that they do not have rabbits in their garden stealing their carrots.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Oliver Makes His Debut

Ever since we saw Audrey's message about Rickie's new piggy Oliver on the Guinea Pig Daily Digest, we have been hoping to see some pigtures of the little fellow.  Well, here they are (thanks to Audrey for the story and pigtures)!

Please welcome baby Oliver to his new home!  His momma Rickie missed having a guinea pig to love  so much after the passing of her beloved Ralphy, that she waited for little Oliver to become available and welcomed him into her life.

He has had his wellness check from our wonderful vet, has a great appetite, and is learning how to be a social guinea pig.  He is still a baby and won't eat any veggie that is not green; there are even a few green veggies that he's not sure about yet!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Please welcome Danu. New piggy at Piggyfriends #2.

The Connecticut branch of Piggyfriends, that we call Piggyfriends #2. has a new addition! This little lady was handed in at the animal shelter where our one time Junior Slave works.


This is her at the shelter. She was called Penny, which some readers may know is the name of our very own Slave! Having recently lost a much loved piggy, Noodle, it was inevitable that this little girl was destined to go home with Junior Slave to fill an empty space in everyone's hearts.

Here she is at home. She was rather nervous at first but has now blossomed. She needed a new name and, after a lot of consideration, her new owners decided on Danu. This little piggy had, at some time, had a litter, whereabouts unknown, and Danu is the Mother Goddess in Celtic mythology rather like Gaia in other mythologies.

Here she is again. As you can see, she is a very fluffy Abby and will be well loved in her new home with other sows to keep her company and piles of fresh veggies and grass from their garden.

So please welcome Danu. We will be able to watch her and her friends on Skype when we have family get togethers.