Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Agent Curly does the Fugly

This is me under all that grass, Agent Curly aka Fuzzypeg Piggyfriend.
Grass does not make a very good hat but it is my very favourite food and I did get to eat it afterwards so I don't care if I look silly.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aphrodite does the Fugly

Agent Venus (Aphrodite from the Misfits) wanted to get in to the fun too! Here she is in her favorite food.... Strawberry!


a Princess wearing her crown

Come on other Agents lets see you do the Fugly too!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Agent Zeppelin in a hat

This is certainly no mystery like the other agent Zeppelin blogposts. He is wearing a hat in the colors of his favorite Dutch soccer club (Roda JC). Way to go agent Zeppelin!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY: Guinea pig tunnel

It's winter time, and it started snowing again today, so we thought to do a topic about keeping warm! Roos is modelling the Do it yourself tunnel.
What do you need:
- small squares of fabric, preferably cotton and fleece
- sewing machine
- thread
- a sew-in piece of boning, called rigilene
1. Have your slave cut a rectangular piece of cotton or other outer fabric. We used a 30 by 50 cm size, that works fine for us. What your slave might want to do, is to make it a bit shorter (on the shorter 30 cm side), that way our butts don't fit in and we won't poop in it as much... Cut a same size of fleece for the lining, this is very soft for our paws.
2. Put the 2 pieces with the good sides on each other and sew 3 edges together, leave the side (one of the longer sides) where we get in open! Turn it inside out, now the good sides are visible.
3. Fold what you have now in two, short sides on each other, fleece side out. Stitch along the longest side, so that you end up with a tunnel. Turn the tunnel inside out again, the fleece should now be inside, cotton outside.
4. About two times the width of your boning from the edge sew the layers together on the unfinished end. Put the boning in, maybe candle/smelt the ends, and fold the edges to the inside, sew it to close.
5. Your tunnel is now finished! Put it in the cage and let the guineas enjoy it!
Btw, the great thing about the rigilene and other materials used is that you can wash it!

Do the Fugly

Here I am, Angelina Piggyfriend, doing the Fugly with my cucumber beret.
I have chosen the Agent name of Mouse, as that was the name I was given by the ladies at Palace Piggies as I was so tiny. As you can see, I have grown a bit and am now nearly as big as Agent Avatar, whom I resemble in every way apart from her wide orange stripe across her back. When we are both snuggled in the hay, Slave has trouble telling us apart and Slave's son calls me Mini Pandora ( that's Agent Avatar's real name ). 
Slave renamed me as she has several pet fancy mice and, because I was always dashing around and doing pirouettes, she named me after Angelina Ballerina, a mouse from a set of children's books.
I love all veggies but cucumbers are my favourite. I think that same could be said for most of the piggies here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Video: Morning Cuddle

We have just one thing to say.. we are sooo jealous!!!

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thank you!

On behalf of all the Piggyfriends, especially those who have benefited from their loving care, I would like to thank everyone who voted for Palace Piggies in the Calendar competition.

I am Angelina Piggyfriend. I have chosen an Agent name but am waiting to hear from the blog bosses as to whether this name has been taken yet. When I know, I have a pigture to send in for the "Do the Fugly" series.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Results are in!

Hi all,

As you have probably already seen, the results are in!!
The rescue that had the most votes will be receiving our donation, that was gathered by selling the Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2013.
Here are the results:

Thanks to everyone who voted!
Our donation will be sent to the Palace Piggies rescue in England, who had a whopping 311 votes!
Second in place was t Kuufke with 180 votes, followed by the Critter Connection with 102 votes and Thistle Cavies rescue with 4 votes.

I will of course let you all know about what we are donating, but we still have one calendar order running, before we can make up our final balance! But to give you an indication we now have about 145 euros (about 193 USD or 122 GBP)  to donate!

Congratulations to the winner: Palace piggies rescue!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Misfits do the Fugly

We are sending in two pics for the Fugly look!

The orange piggie is Agent Prince (Charles)

The patch work piggie is Agent Ada-tudy (Adaline)
She wanted to do the Fugly with her fav veggie on her head! So that is why she has broccoli

The Misfits

P.s. from the Winky team: The results of the Calendar poll will be announced when it is January 23 in all the timezones. So we just have to wait a tiny bit more..

Monday, January 21, 2013

Do the Fugly

In honor of our great leader, we decided to wear our favorite veggie on our head

Sjeuf does it with dignity

Agent Bo Peep

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Posting Policy

Some of you might have noticed that sometimes your comment goes online directly, and sometimes you have to wait for a bit. So what's happening?

Knock knock

Well, if you comment within 2 days of the blogpost publication date, you get published directly. After that you need our approval. We still get loads of spam but usually not the first few days, so to make the blog a bit more user-friendly for you (and a bit less work for us) we're trying out this option.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Calendar piggies: January 2013

We have a new calendar and this month's Calendar piggies are Jimmy & Pepper from Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands. We'd like you to know a bit more about our calendar piggies, so in this post Jimmy and Pepper will introduce themselves. The pigtures in this post are also in the wall and desktop calendars.

Pepper: I am a tri-colored Sheltie sow and was born in March 2010. Almost a year later I found myself in the Guinea pig shelter, where I immediately became a well-known piggy, because I refused to be in a pigture. I have been on their website with a pigture in which you could not see my front. Despite that pigture I was matched with Jimmy and moved to Heerlen. Slave D thinks I am a wild little guinea pig. who is not easily tamed. But I also love to relax and excel in executing the Banana (crescent) shaped posture. I was named after the daughter of mister Graham Coxon (that is D's favorite guitar player) and my name suits me well apparently.

Pepper on the left

Jimmy: I am a black haired peruvian boar with a very sweet and docile character. That might be because I ended up in a shelter almost right after my birth in July 2009. There they took really good care of me, but I was even happier when I could move to Heerlen in December 2009. Since February 2011 I live together with Pepper and I sometimes still need to get used to that, she can be so wild. I am very much in love with Daisy of the Guinygirlz and luckily that is mutual. I am also named after someone from the musical world, namely Jimmy Page, the guitar player of Led Zeppelin. And that also explains my 'secret agent' name, Zeppelin. My activities as a 'secret agent' are mostly restricted to sending in pigtures, of which readers are supposed to guess where my front and back side are :-)

Jimmy on the left
Together, we mostly occupy ourselves with the important things in a Guinea pig's life like eating, having a nice nap, poop a bit, nap again, pee and eat again. You know how it is. But that is not all, we are also active on the Internet. We have our own Facebook page and a Twitter account (Search for Gekke Flappies) and in that way we keep in contact with Guinea pigs all around the world. Oh yes, D and mister B, who will move in together soon, they take very good care of us. We are really excited about that, as that will mean we will always have company!

Love from Jimmy and Pepper x

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Video Shelters

This week a collection of all the Friday Video's from this blog that featured the importance of having a forever home. You can still vote for shelter donations of the calendar here

''Mouse for sale'' - animated short film from Wouter Bongaerts on Vimeo.

Ow and we (still) love the message that these videos are sending:
"A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet
Be that person!"
Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vote for a piggy shelter!

It is time to vote!
We have 4 nominees, 3 of them have a post about them telling us why you should vote for them.
Until the vote ends  you can still order your calendar, if you want one(!), after closing of the vote we would like to make the donation.
You can vote for a week, and you can only vote once, so think carefully who to vote for!! Voting ends on 22 January, the results will be announce on the 23rd.

These are the nominees, with a link to their post behind it:

  • Palace Piggies Rescue, near crawley, south-east England, United Kingdom (link to post)
  • t Kuufke, Limbricht, the Netherlands (link to post)
  • The Critter Connection/Durham, CT/USA (Link to post)
  • Thistle Cavies Rescue in Argyll, Scotland, United Kingdom (website)

Request to use Pigtures

Hi Everypig, sorry we have not been about much lately but we have lots going on, Daddy has made us a new C&C cage (pigtures coming soon) Mummy then had to make us new bedding and on top of that we have a new puter as the old one broke down.

We think we are now up and running again, paws crossed!

Anyway we have received this email;

Hi, my name is Glenys Forrester and I am the secretary of several cavy clubs here in Australia None of our members are good photographers and I am wondering if I can have your permission to use some of the photos on your Undercover Cavy Site.

Photos would acknowledge that they came from your site with a thank you.

Cheers Glenys

So as the pigtures dont belong to us but to you guys we are asking if you would be happy to allow them to be used and acknowledged to this blog.

Please put yes or no in the comments section as we dont know what pigtures they are interested in we cant specifically ask you so if anyone of us says no thats a no from the whole blog let us know.

We are happy for our pigtures to be used although we suspect Mummy is not that great at taking them wol

Monday, January 14, 2013

Vote for The Critter Connection!

I would like to nominate The Critter Connection/Durham, CT/USA.

Both Joanne and I got our piggies from Cindy, who is head honcho at the rescue. Actually, I only have one piggy left now who was my friend's, as my five from The Critter Connection have passed on. Cindy does a wonderful job caring for the needs of the piggies, many of whom require veterinary attention when they come to her, and some of whom stay for their entire lives as sanctuary piggies. I believe at this point she has mainly senior/special needs piggies staying with her as sanctuary pigs. Her roof caved in two years ago when we had a winter of unusually heavy snow (I believe it was that winter), and she has not been able to take in as many piggies since.

Lately, because of a lack of funding, she has been using her site to advertise for people who are looking for a new home for their piggy/piggies, but the pigs stay with their owners until adopted. Cindy is very conscientious about placing piggies into good homes. I am including a link to their website, and from there you can visit their blog as well.


I sincerely hope that folks would consider giving The Critter Connection your vote. Cindy's rescue is small and has struggled to survive in tough economic times. She and her vice president, Whitney, remain very dedicated to the animals in their charge and their "mission," despite discouragement at times. I give them my highest recommendation.

Ann Sadoian in CT
with Purdy Pig

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Video: Massage Tutorial

Dear human staff, are you paying attention? THIS is how you scratch a chin ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from agents Butterloaf and Cannonball! *carrot wine cheers*

Vote for the Kuufke Shelter!

On behalf of the Dutchies we would like to nominate 't Kuufke for the proceedings of the calendar. Guinea pig shelter 't Kuufke in Limbricht is the only guinea pig shelter in the south of the Netherlands. Kuufke totally depends on donations and the hard work of it's lovely volunteers. Over the last few years Kuufke has suffered a lot of bad luck. All of their computer equipment was stolen and the roof was blown off the shelter. We really think they deserve to have a bit of good luck.

They have a lovely website. They really do a good job showing us pigs at our best to help us find our forever home. Even if you don't speak Dutch, check out their sows, boars and neutered boars. They also have a blog where they post mail from the pigs that have found their forever home and a Facebook page with lots of pigtures.

There are 3 other reasons why you should vote for Kuufke.

1. Igor
Need we say more?

2. Sjeuf
Just like Igor, Sjeuf also found us through Kuufke. Even though we moved to the other side of the country, we still wanted a pig in our herd from Kuufke, just like uncle Igor. We like their southern swagger and we enjoy going to Kuufke. So with the help from Pepper and Jimmy, we went to Kuufke and asked for the sweetest beaux they had and they sent us on a speed date with Sjeuf. He came home with us and has been a gentlepig ever since.

3. Jimmy
Jimmy is maybe better known as agent Zeppelin, from the agent Zeppelin Mysteries. Jimmy has a very sweet and docile character. That might be because he ended up in t Kuufke almost right after his birth in July 2009 and they took really good care of him. Jimmy is currently very happy, living with (a rather lively) Pepper, who also happens to come from Kuufke.

We know Kuufke is not very well known amoung our readers since most of you are not from the Netherlands. But without Kuufke, our Igor, Sjeuf and Jimmy wouldn't have found their forever homes and their voice on this blog. So from the bottom of their big hearts, these boars ask you to give Kuufke your vote.

Nominate a 2013 Calender Guinea Pig Shelter

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vote for Palace Piggies!

I am Bosworth Piggyfriend and I would like everyone to vote for Palace Piggies in the election for the Undercover Piggies Calendar prize money.
Palace Piggies is in SE England and is run by two lovely ladies called Lynn and Liz. Our Slave first met them when they were all at our Rodentologists. They work very hard rescuing piggies in need and Lynn has learned a lot about Rodentology so that she can help even more piggies and a donation like this would help them enormously.
Here is their website: http://www.palacepiggierescue.org/

Our Tiggywinkle, Angelina, Agents Gemini ( who were our 2012 Christmas piggies ) and myself have all come here from Palace Piggies.

Now a bit about me. Slave says I need to be an Agent to post so I have chosen the name Agent Plantagenet. Slave says that it would be hard for people to guess my real name unless, like her, they are into medieval history. 
Bosworth is a battlefield in the English Wars of the Roses. The emblem of King Richard Plantagenet was a silver boar ( a real pig type wild boar ) and on her favourite jacket, Slave has a copy of that emblem made into a brooch. It is of a silver, ridgebacked boar with a ruby eye and I am a ridgeback cavy with a silver coat and red eyes too so my name is appropriate. 
I live with my best friend, Rafferty, and my favourite foods are grass and cucumbers - and anything else that Slave gives us. We are both very energetic and we ran several times around our big pen before Slave cornered me for this pigture but I did sit still, much to Slave's surprise.

So please, vote, vote, vote for Palace Piggies.

Thank you one and all.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nominate a 2013 Calendar Guinea Pig Shelter!

You all made it possible again to do another Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar for this year!
Special Agent F in romaine hat disguise

And thanks to your photo contributions and buying the calendar we made a small profit to donate to a guinea pig shelter. Right now we have around 140 euros that can be donated, but there are still some orders going on, which will make our donation a bit higher...
If you still want to order one, you can until the 12th of January, after that we would like to send our donation to the chosen shelter.

Some of you have already suggested shelters to donate to.
Below is a list:
Please let us know before the 10th of January of you want to nominate a shelter, we will then set up a poll where you can vote for your favorite shelter.

In upcoming posts we will tell you a bit about the nominated shelters so far and why you should vote for them.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Video: Guinea Pig Speaks Out

We didn't know a guinea pig did the voice of human Ricky Gervais..

Have a nice Wheekend!

Meet Hazelnut Our Contest Winner

Oh my, how exciting! Peanut Butter is sooooo jealous he squealed the whole time I was having my photo shoot! By the way my name is spelt Hazelnut So, here is a pigture of me when I heard the happy news right after this morning's brekkie.

BTW I thought I might include a photo of me as the intrepid space explorer in case it is useful for the sci fi book

Whee think we have managed to spell your name right this time WOL whee is sorry for doing it wrong

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Sassy in New York sent us this lovely New Year pigture and we felt that it should be appreciated by a wider audience. We told her that it might be one to consider for next year's wonderful calendar.
From the Piggyfriends Agents.

The Winner is......


The winner of our first ever competition is Hazlenut from The Guinea Pig Forum

Hazelnut is a boy piggy living in Australia he is black with one white foot and half white chin he is lazy but cuddly

Congratulations Hazlenut we will send your email details to Jayne and when your prize is ready sometime in August (we think) she will contact you.

Thank you to everyone who took part we managed to raise £28 for the Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue and as Tesco say every little helps!!

PS we would love to see a pigture of our winner hint hint :)