Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone.

All of the Piggyfriends would like to wish you a very Happy Hallowe'en. We are off to a party courtesy of our friend Avalanche but we posed for some photos before we left.

Niamh will always sit nicely for a photo. Here she is.

" Do you think that I might get some of that apple?" she asks. " Of course you will sweetie," replies Slave.

Slave did not expect Mimi to stay still but she obliged with the following photos.

Then it was the turn of our new boys, Kiwi and Machu Picchu. Kiwi is rather nervous and declined to take part but his brother decided that this looked interesting and investigated the scenery.

No. Don't eat the leaves, Picchu!
No, you cannot eat the pumpkin either. It is just a toy one.
But you can have some of that apple. Slave will cut the apples up and share them around in a minute.

Happy Hallowe'en readers!

Monday, October 29, 2018

G is for Grapes. A Piggy A-Z.

Many of the Piggyfriends enjoy a grape or two. Slave always cuts them in half lengthways as otherwise they roll away.

Here is Cosmo Dangermouse taking his grape. He has a green one but we all like the red ones too.

" I like grapes too," says Martin.

Do any of our readers like grapes? Our Slave loves them so we all have to share.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Video:More rooftop adventures

After getting a cue from Binky chewing the willow twig tunnel... Cookie has gotten into an ardent attempt to eat the tunnel and she does it very vigorously! (Turn sound on!)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Our Pigsitter took some photos.

Our Slave has been away on holiday so her son came to house and pigsit. He took some photos on his phone so they are not as good as those from Slave's camera.

"Look!" says Kiwi," Our newspaper says that we are messy!" " That is odd. I thought that he had just cleaned out our pen." replies Machu Picchu in between mouthfuls of fresh grass.

" Don't worry." calls Fernando from next door. " That is not an indictment of the state of your pen. You have been given the sports pages and the article is about Lionel Messi, who is a famous footballer. The pigsitter has brought us some really good grass today."