Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We've overheard a conversation on television where a human explained to another human that he didn't like social media because people were talking about silly things and posted photo's of their lunch. We couldn't agree more!! Guinea Pigs talking over lunch and posting pigtures is way more interesting ;-)

So, what did you have for lunch? We had a lovely selection of chicory leaves served in our hammock, and we complemented it with some real Dutch tap water straight out of the water bottle


Waitress, another leaf of chicory please

Monday, February 25, 2013

Undercover guinea pigs Maisey and Mr Kiss Kiss

Here are Maisey and Mr Kiss Kiss practicing their undercover skills on a lazy Sunday. Its a hard life being a piggy!

Mr. Kiss Kiss


Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Video: Kittens on the Beat

These cat agents are so cool. Who knew there were little guys stealing people socks (an for that matter, who'd want to?)? We must investigate this..

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My guinea pigs!

Little Whistle (right) and Winston (left)

Apples (left) and Peaches(right)

Little Whistle

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Usual Suspects Outakes

Now if you believed we would sit that nicely for a pigture you were kidding yourselves here are the out take shots wol.

Mummy has been very mean and said in the middle pigture all I need is a hat and I can be Cartman Pig.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Agents Butterloaf, Cannonball, and a to-be-named Agent currently known Gruden von Squeakycheeks!

Valentine's Video: if I had a million dollars

Especially for Valentine's day, a song from the Bare Naked (Piggie) Ladies

Have a lovely Valentine's day

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Usual Suspects

Check out the first photo shoot of all 3 of us;

Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to feed baby guinea pigs

In our last friday video you could see baby guinea pigs being fed. We've copied the comment from the Piggyfriends' caretaker (who is very wise and knowledgeable) because it deserves a wider audience. 

"I've hand reared guinea babes, born to mothers who came here pregnant and in such poor condition that they did not have milk for their little ones. Baby guineas cannot co-ordinate suckling and breathing so using a syringe is potentially fatal as they can inhale the milk into their lungs. An eye dropper gives you a little more control but as babes are capable of picking up food from day one, I have soaked some wholemeal bread with their milk and they have taken it from a flat dish. I used evaporated milk diluted 1 part to 3 with water.

You can also use a tiny spoon, angled towards the piggies' mouth, being prepared to move it up if too much is near the mouth. This is OK for one piggy, maybe a runt, but for a litter, I like the bread and milk approach as they can all get stuck in together. Mum can join in too to help with bonding process."

Guinea Pig and her newborn babies

We also tracked down more information:
- Guinea Lynx: the medical reference site for guinea pigs. Note that they don't recommend milk for baby pigs.
- Peter Gurney (guinea pig lover extraordinaire) provides excellent advise in his online book 'the A to Z of Guinea Pigs' under the R from Runts. He also adresses the milk controversy.

As always, we are not vets and if you are worried please consult with a cavy-savy vet.

P.s. Thank you Penny ;-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday video: how to feed baby guinea pigs

We found a video that shows you how to feed baby guinea pigs. We really don't know if this is the best way to do it (leave tips in the comments if you do) but those tiny little monsters are just too adorable.

As an extra, we're adding this cute video of a actual pig who gets fed milk (thank you @librarianbe for alerting us)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Calendar piggies: February 2013

This months calendar piggies are Jocelyn's Benito and Edgeworth
Benito, part of this pigture is in the wall calendar

Agent Butterloaf (aka Edgeworth) 
I was adopted in January 2009. I will turn up my pink snoot at greens that I am not in the mood for, but I'm always in the mood for a good carrot. When dining I like to puff out my coat - makes me look even bigger!
Edgeworth as shown in the wall calendar
My name comes from a video game lawyer. He is quite dapper and smart (like me.)
Loafing is my favorite thing to do and I am quite good at it. I look very plump when I do so! It's truly amazing. Sometimes I hear talk of how I come from a regal line because I am so picky and easily become quite fussy. Elizabeth I had guinea pigs carried from room to room on silk cushions, a fine way of travel. Whenever I have something done that is displeasing - late veggie service, nail clipping, etc. - I will chatter my teeth and act huffy. Because I get fussy I have my own palace, but it is right next to my friends so we can still chat.
My favorite game is draining the water bottle. I have had a variety of water bottles and they all are fun to drain!
Edgeworth enjoying hay
Agent Cannonball (Benito)
I joined my piggy friends on June 2009. I am a very shy piggy and like to follow my friends around. But I can be brave! Whenever I want to do something I bowl right through - thence my secret agent name.
Benito as shown in the calendar
I live with my piggy friend, Gruden von Squeekycheeks. We used to not get along, so we had a gate placed between us so we could still see and talk to each other. Then we had to move to a new city with new living places, and then I realized I might lose my friend forever!  I got really upset and managed to break through the wall - I am a big and strong piggy! - and made it over to my friend's side. Everyone was surprised that I did it but now we are inseparable.
I love all kinds of foods. I am a good eater!
Benito in stealth mode, can you spot him?
My friend showed me the ramp to our penthouse. Sometimes there are treats up there! He is a good friend. I don't go exploring very much but it's okay if I have a buddy to follow.
My favorite thing to do is sit on plushy cushions. A nap on a nice cushion is the best.

Benito and his friend Gruden von Squeekycheeks

Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet New Agent F1...

the pigture is a dead giveaway, its our new Little (not so little) Brother Jim.

When we had our wheekend weigh in we found that Jim had reached Agent weight in fact he is just over at 1012g

Jim has decided on the Agent name F1 because he thinks his white stripe looks like a racing chevron.

We could not get a good pigture of Jim awake so you will just have to put up with this one of him sleeping.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winkyteam in Black and White

Since we were getting a lot of praise on twitter for our black and white pigtures, we've decided to publish our black and white pictures here too

The Pigfather

Mademoiselle Coco


Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Video: when Guinea Pigs meet Egg Box

We like playing this game, but it usually takes us a few hours to open an egg box. Therefore we were very impressed when we came across this little video

Have a nice Wheekend!