Monday, May 29, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. E is for Escaping!

When we go on missions for Undercover Piggies, we need a strategy so that our Slave does not realise that we have gone out. Here are two examples of how we escape.......

 "Tyrion has asked me to go out on a mission when we have finished our grass, Niamh." says Otto. "Can you cover for me whilst I am gone? When people were on lookout, they used to say that they were "keeping cave" and it was pronounced cavy. I think that it might have been Latin." " That's alright Otto, " says Niamh. " I can keep on being a cavy whilst you go out. What disguise do we have?" " I will get Slave's beret. It is hot outside so she will not be wanting it." says Otto.

" No one will notice that this is not Agent Mystery sitting beside me," says Niamh," and I have eaten all the grass. I can keep on being a cavy for as long as he needs. I am not sure that I understood that but Otto is much cleverer than me. That is why I am not an Agent."

" Isn't it exciting, Lulu?" says Mimi. " Tyrion is allowing us to go out on a mission on our own. I am not sure that he really trusts us to behave but we will show him that we are not always Divas."
" Speak for yourself  Mimi," says Lulu. " We will need to find stand ins when we have eaten our grass."

" I think that these two fit the bill nicely," says Mimi. " Do you think that Slave will be fooled?" " She may be surprised that they do not eat that grass, " replies Lulu, " but Slaves cannot be that bright or they would not spend all that time looking after us when they could be eating."

So Agents Mystery and Diva 1 and Diva 2 escape from Piggyfriends to bring back reports from the outside world.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Video: E is for Eating

Here is a quick video of us eating some freshly picked grass and dandelions, Mummy has promised if the good weather lasts we will be allowed into the garden to pick/eat our own. Watch out for Hugo throwing the grass over himself.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day.

In the UK, we celebrate Mother's Day in March and I do not know when it is celebrated elsewhere but I know that today is Mother's Day in the US. I do not have any mama piggies at Piggyfriends at the moment, in fact the majority of our current residents are boars but Junior Slave, who emigrated to the US, has emailed me to tell me about adopting a family of piggies, thus carrying on the Piggyfriends tradition.

Here they are........
........enjoying some dandelion leaves from the garden. The mama piggy has been named Rin, and her daughters are Maki and Nico after Japanese Anime characters. When they were watching them the other day, I am told that Rin actually squeezed through the little window in the Kaytee house. She is obviously more fluff than pig and must have been very young when she had her litter.

Here is their new home.

I wish that I could meet them in person but the Piggyfriends now have three "pigpen pals".

Rin will enjoy a Happy Mother's Day in her new home and I hope that any mamas in the US do too.

From Penny, Slave to the Piggyfriend.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rodney has Reached Agent Weight

Well it seems like only yesterday that Rodney was a little fuzz ball now Daddy describes him as the fluffy monsters from Bugs Bunny can you tell which is which?

Rodney would like you to guess at his Agent name, this will be easier for those who live in the UK or who have seen the Sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Rodney's agent name will be the same name as one character calls Rodney in Only Fools and Horses as another clue it is also the name of a Freeview channel in the UK... guess away

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hugo's New Sleeping Arrangement

Hugo has come up with a new place to sleep

Can you spot Rodney he is in the pigture

Sunday, May 7, 2017

We Meet Hugo

After 2 weeks quarantine we were allowed to meet Hugo, unfortunately this meant we all had to have a bath, me being the big strong pig that I am had no problem with bathing but the other 2 covered Mummy with scratches and water. She is hoping they will get better over time. We were also all given doses of Ivermectin and Panacur before we met just in case, handily this tied in with my 3 month cycle just like when Rodney arrived.

So we were all bathed, food was supplied, we were put together in the big run attached to our cage and what happened??

Me and Rodney went for the food while Hugo ran off to explore the cage WOL.

Eventually we all met up and shared some food.

Me sharing my salad nicely

Rodney sharing his hay nicely

So far all is going well and you will quite often find me and Hugo snuggled up under a box.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Saga of the Water Bottle Part 2

We did mention at the end of the last post that when Mummy went to a different pet shop to find our new water bottle she also bought something else home for us and that was...Hugo!!

Yep there is another new addition to the Piggypals, so why did she bring Hugo home?

When she was at the pet shop Mummy couldn't help but have a look at the pigs they had for sale and in a big cage all by himself was this little mite

As Mummy and Daddy couldn't stand seeing a little piggy all alone they asked the pet shop if it was a boy or a girl, turns out he was a boy so he came home with them.

The pet shop told Mummy he was 12 weeks old but he was so tiny Mummy didn't believe them, when she weighed him he was only 363g so she has guesstimated his age at 7-8 weeks and not 12.

Hugo had to be kept in quarantine for 2 weeks in case he had any nasty germs that he could give to us.

His 2 week quarantine has now passed and if you want to know how introductions went then you will have to wait for the next post, in the meantime here are some more pigtures of Hugo. Note he looks different depending which side of him you look at and he was small enough to fit in the palm of Mummy's hand.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Saga of the Water Bottle

Some years ago Mummy switched our drinking water bottle from the standard plastic type with a twist of wire to hold them on the cage to a glass water bottle held in place by a spring.

Mummy switched for a couple of reasons 1) the glass water bottle is supposed to be more hygienic than plastic and 2) the twist of wire was a pain in the butt the spring is much easier.

For years we have had no problem with the glass bottles we used them quite happily until we wore the ball bearing down and they started to drip at which point Mummy would get us a new one.

This time when Mummy replaced our old bottle there was a problem, I normally drink a lot and Mummy will need to fill the water everyday this time however when she got up in the morning hardly any water had gone, Mummy flicked the ball bearing nothing happened so she kept flicking it for a while and eventually the water started coming, thinking we had just needed some help to get it started Mummy went off to work. When Mummy came home in the evening the water bottle was still too full so she tested it again, again nothing for a while until she got it going again. Mummy monitored it all evening and it became clear that there was an issue with the bottle getting blocked.

Mummy swapped the new bottle for our old leaky one (she figured it was better for us to have a leaky bottle than one that wouldn't let us drink) until she could get back to the pet shop to swap the bottle.

Mummy swapped the bottle for a new one came home attached it to the cage and...the same problem occurred. In our experience it is very rare for 2 bottles not to work so Mummy went off and read the packaging...apparently to make the bottles extra drip proof the makers have added another ball bearing into the tube, Mummy can only assume that this new 2 ball bearing design was working far too efficiently for us and that she would now be forced to find another make of bottle so back came the old dripping bottle.

Mummy had to go to another pet shop to find us a new bottle and this time she found one that actually works its called a Sippy bottle and we have no idea how it doesn't drip but it doesn't. The cage fixing is a bit awkward to use unless you attach the bottle the wrong way round. The lid is also not very secure so if the bottle falls off for some reason expect water to go everywhere. That said so far we are happy with this and Mummy actually likes it the only real problem it is plastic and not glass.

We now have 2 Sippy bottles the large one is fixed to the cage the "correct" way while the smaller one is fixed to the cage in what Mummy calls the sensible easy to use way also known officially as the wrong way. The correct way means you have to jam the bottle into to the bracket and pull it out when you want to refill it which Mummy thinks will weaken the bracket over time. Mummy's way means you just slide the bottle in and out along the groove in the bottle making life and hanging it anywhere in the cage much easier.

The water bottle was not the only new thing we got from the pet shop but you will have to wait for our next post to find out what else we got...