Monday, August 31, 2015

Crested Piggies

We have had a few Crested Piggies here at Piggyfriends down the years and here are a selection.  Slave calls Crested Piggies " pigs with hats ".

First of all is our dear Gulliver, who grew to be a LAPS member ( Large and Ample Piggy Society ) as you can see in the pigture below. All the good views of him show him looking up at the photographer and this is the only one that we could find showing his crest.

Next you can see Halloween, named because he arrived here on October 31st. and here he is celebrating his special day. He was with us for 8 years, our oldest ever Piggyfriend.

Now you can see Sam enjoying his lunch.

And finally here is Amethyst, who loved to sleep on top of her box.

If any readers have pigtures of their Crested Piggies, please send them in, especially if you have an American Crested. Unlike our Piggyfriends, the American Crested has the crest in a different colour to the rest of the coats. We believe that these piggies have a white crest. The American Crested looks even more like they are wearing hats as the crest shows up so well against the rest of the coat.

If we get enough pigtures of both ordinary cresteds plus American cresteds we might be able to make up a set of both.

Watch out for our next set coming soon..............

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Update from Piggypals HQ #1

The problem with building works;

1) No washing machine so we are back on woodchip

2) We are moved out of the house ever day due to dust and noise so we are in smaller cage the humans were worried we would fight but as you can see we are all friends (the humans also put us back in cage on days when there are no builders)

So what has happened since last time?

The holes in the wall have been bricked up but a new hole has appeared in ceiling.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Video: Making the Piggy House

We are not actually sure what the title of this video is as it may be in German however we love the end result, enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Piggy Snap Teddy: Hector aka Iron Hamster

Here is our Iron Hamster the only teddy to join the Piggypals.
As you can see from the pigtures he was a very technically minded piggy always on hand to sort IT issues.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Review; Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice

Last week we were contacted by Bloomsbury publishing to see if we would like to receive a copy of Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice a new book they are launching we asked Mummy and she got all excited and said yes.

On Saturday the book arrived in the post as you can see from the pigtures below it was beautifully wrapped just like a present (we think it would make a great gift for piggy loving humans)

At bedtime mummy read the story to us its about piggies falling in love despite not liking each other at first.

Mummy loved the cute pigtures especially the cast list and we really liked the smart costumes (you can see some of our favourite shots below)

What we also liked was the message at the back of the book about supporting local shelters well that has our full backing and we are glad to see them get a mention as lots of humans have no idea the piggy rescues exist.

Now enjoy the pigtures and start planning which of your humans has been good enough to get a copy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What is happening at the Piggypals HQ?

Regular readers may have noticed we have not been about as much lately and that is because the humans have been destroying I mean renovating our home and the bad news is there are still weeks left to go.

I ventured out to see what was going on. ..

Why are there now two doorways here?

Why is there a hole in the kitchen and where have all the units gone phew the fridge is still there.

This is new a secret passage at the back of a cupboard leading to read kitchen this must be the piggy version of Narnia I like this.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

abscesses v. sebaceous cysts

Hello everyone, Otto Piggyfriend here.

First of all a warning. Mieke has added a photo of her late piggy, Toby, to this post. Poor little piggy had a nasty abscess and you can see him after it had been lanced. It looks nasty but it might be useful to see how it looks.

You'll remember recently reading the post about Agent F1 aka Jim's sebaceous cyst. It was on August 3rd. Well, at the very same time I had one too. Mine was on my back and Slave might not have noticed it under all my long hair ( in this pigture I have had a haircut but I usually look like a mop ) but the cyst appeared right in the middle of my parting. Like Jim, I had it attended to by an expert - in my case our Rodentologist.

Slave didn't take any photos of this as she forgot to take her camera along but if you look back at Jim's post, you'll see what it looked like. Our Rodentologist shaved off my coat around the cyst, made an incision in it and then squeezed out all the nasty looking contents. He says that piggy skin is like leather! Our Slave can do this herself but what she cannot do is remove the gland underneath. Without this, there is a chance that the cyst will come back. She watched very carefully as he cleaned the area up and then picked out the gland with a pair of tweezers. I was busy watching the squirrels racing up and down the tree outside our Rodentologist's home so I missed it all and never squealed once. After he had removed the gland, he packed the hole where the cyst had been with Dermisol cream ( this is antiseptic ) and I was given lots of parsley to eat, after which we came home. Slave kept an eye on it but it healed up very quickly and now there is nothing to be seen.

These cysts can appear in different places. Our Petunia once had one underneath near her leg.

An abscess is a much more serious matter. This contains a lot of nasty pus, which is toxic, smells horrible and needs careful removal. Rather than just a small lump, which gets bigger slowly, an abscess can come up overnight and can be huge. They are often around the neck area and, because of their position can cause a piggy trouble when trying to eat. Our Rodentologist lances them when they are ready, being very careful of the contents and usually keeps the piggy patient in the hospital until they are better as, although the pus has been removed, more keeps being produced and it fills up again. Constant draining is needed. Some vets will remove the encapsulated abscess under anaesthetic but our Rodentologist does not want to subject a piggy to anaesthesia unless absolutely necessary as it is so dangerous for us. Sometimes a drain is inserted to keep the hole open so more pus can come out or else the abscess can be lanced again as often as is necessary. It can take a long time for an abscess to clear up completely and sometimes there can be a second one behind the first and maybe a third in a chain.

We may need a lot of syringe feeding during this time until we can eat by ourselves again.

Sometimes piggies can get tooth root abscesses and these are very dangerous and hard to treat.

Toby (one of Mieke's late piggies) had an abscess in his cheek,
it might have been in this tooth root, it was very close at least.

Our Rodentologist does not give antibiotics as an abscess is separate from the rest of the body. The word comes from the Latin meaning that it is walled off.

If any of our readers have had experiences regarding cysts or abscesses, they might like to post about it. It is useful to share information and various treatments.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rex piggies at Piggyfriends

We have been trawling the archives for pigtures of our Rex piggies past and present and would like to present a selection. Our Slave takes hundreds of pigtures and it has been a mammoth task to pick just a few of our friends.

Here are brothers Raffles and Rolo. When he got older Raffles' hair grew a bit longer so there may have been some Texel in their ancestry.
Next is our Daisy, who was a typical Rex and grew to be a large lady and was President of the LAPS club on the GPDD ( Large Ample Piggies Society ). She weighed over 3lbs in her prime. She also had a crest so qualifies in both sections.

Then we have Mayflower, one of four sisters born to rescued Ginger but the only one to have a Rex coat.

Here are sisters Crystal and Toffee.

And Polo ( Agent Minty ) demonstrating his allegiance to Slave's flag on St. Patrick's Day.
We can't leave out our dear Roscoe, Daisy's brother. Here he is sharing his 5th. birthday feast on the lawn with his best friend, Shadow.
And lastly, our two fat ladies, Agents 88, Sally and Susie, who are sisters.

These are not the only Rexes who have found their way to Piggyfriends but we don't want to monopolise the blog. Now, dear readers, please send us your pigtures of your Rex or US Teddy piggies. We want to see them all.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another smooth coated piggy

Agent Confetti here.  I'm late to the party, but if I count as a smooth-haired gp (I am also a crested), here is my photo.  As always, I am at your service.

I am 6!

Hello everypig and every Slave. Dorian Piggyfriend here ( aka Agent Silver Streak retired ).

It is my birthday and I am 6!

Instead of birthday candles, I have 6 cucumbers! Don't worry, I am not going to eat them all myself. I will share them with the rest of the Piggyfriends, two of whom you can just see behind me in the photo. Susie is watching me from the front of her pen and Rafferty is asleep in the corner of his. I expect that Susie wants my lettuce as this is her favourite veggie.

Observant readers will notice that my cucumbers still have their wrappers and if I were to nibble the plastic film it would be dangerous so I suspect that is why Slave gave me this lettuce to keep me away from it whilst she took my photo. She didn't want to unwrap all the cucumbers at once as they will keep better when wrapped up. Not that they need to keep long with all these hungry piggies.

I have been a Piggyfriend since I was a tiny piglet and I don't remember any other life. Now I have piglets living next door as the Dangermice ( Casper and Cosmo ) are in the next pen and they are growing fast. They will soon be as big as me as I am not a large piggy. I have a touch of arthritis in my back legs but Slave gives me Potter's Tabritis and this helps a lot. For any Slaves trying to buy this for their piggies, the name has changed to Potter's Joint Pain Relief. My Slave had trouble buying this recently but Mr. Slave found some in a tiny herbal shop in a nearby town. I don't know why it should be hard to find as it is so good. Half a tablet a day keeps me going and it is yummy too.

You might like to see an out-take. Here it is. Slave didn't need to take 10 photos when she chose the first one anyway! I got bored and wandered off to talk to Rafferty.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

US Teddies and Rexes

Our next type of piggie coats, will actually be two types of hair that are very similar. I was lucky enough to own both of this type, so I can show you.
I had and have both Rexes and US Teddies, at first hand it seems there is not a big difference between the two types, but there are some distinct differences.
Rexes have a curly belly, their whiskers are not straight but curly and their fur is usually a lot more coarse then that of a US teddy.
US teddies in comparison have no curly hair on their bellies, their whiskers are straight and their fur is really soft.
Both types have hair that stands out and is slightly curly, if it would grow longer (as is the case with Tessels) they would have nice curls. Both seem to have pretty dense coats, and in my experience they are more prone to having dry skin and fur problems like a fungal infection.
Usually both can get pretty big compared to piggies with other hair types, our current US Teddy Roos for example is at least 2 cm longer then the rest and in general she is just big (without seeming fat). Of course there are always exceptions our Woopy (first pigture below) was always very petite and never weighed at lot more than 1 kilo.
Woopy, a Rex piggy
Daisy, a US Teddy
Woopy's nose,
here you can see her slightly curled whiskers
Chico, in this pigture you can see fairly well that his whiskers
are straight, which makes him a US teddy
Lotje, our first Rex sow, she had the cutest curly belly
I will find a pigture of our US teddies Lily and Roos, I haven't been able to either upload a pigture of them (at the moment) or I just can't find a pigture that does them justice. I will post them soon, when I do manage to upload and find proper pigtures!

Btw, if you still have smooth-haired piggies to enter, go ahead and send them in! 
Also if you want to suggest another type, do so in the comments.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Agent F1 and his Sebaceous Cyst

A few months ago Mummy and Daddy noticed a lump on Agent F1's hip it was small and roundish and felt just like my Sebaceous Cyst so like my cyst they decided to leave it alone.

While my cyst has stayed the same size for years Agent F1's decided to grow and keep growing until he had a big large lump.

While the humans were confident it was a large cyst they decided to take F1 to the vets just to make sure.

The vet shaved F1's hair and then put a needle into the lump suddenly all this horrible thick white stuff started oozing out, the vet got as much as they could out and sent F1 home again.

Over the next few days Daddy kept emptying the cyst and flushing it out with water F1 was very good and put up with all of this without biting anyone we were amazed.

After a few days Daddy managed to get all the yucky stuff out F1's skin returned to its normal flat self and his hair began to regrow.

It has now been a few weeks and while his hair has not fully grown back his skin has healed and he is looking a lot better.

Below I have included photos of my cyst (the black one) and F1's before and after picture.