Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everypig

We were going to take some pigtures but our camera has decided it has a formatting error grrrrrr

We hope you all have great day and dont get too scared by things the weird humans do.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Pigture Report

Agent Butterloaf here - I was carefully watching from my pigloo of a setup that I overheard was for "a Halloween photo shoot." I remember from last year that meant I got to eat lots of parsley so I was excited. After a lot of setup outside of my house, I was picked up (I always squeak a lot so people know to be careful with my chubby self) and placed on a blanket with lots of parsley! My piggy buddy Flashbang Fatbottom got to join me too, he hung out in a cool box. We both ate a lot of parsley and when we were done we went back to our pigloos. I got to wear a fancy chapeau, too!

Agent Cannonball - Me was put into a box and couldn't find a treat at first. Me sat quietly but still no treat. So me ran around and bulldozed the entire set to find it, but me still couldn't find the treat! Then me was put back into my pigloo. Then me received treats! Finally!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Pigtures

Agent Momma with her babies Ariel on the left and Agatha in the Pumpkin

Haven't the babies got big, we wonder how much they weigh now?

Agent Bumblebee in the Pumpkin and Agent Dinosaur in Front

They look like they enjoy halloween but do they like pumpkin?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Memories

As a tribute to Agent F we wanted to show his beetroot vampire fangs again...

Agent F's vampire disguise

We also wanted to share again how Agent F would pretend to be a ghost and not just for Halloween.

Before I arrived Mummy had a washing airer that sat in the living room she would hang Daddy's hankies on the bottom bar to dry, Agent F loved getting under the dryer getting a hankie on his head and then running making it look like a little ghost.

Thanks for sharing the memory Mummy


Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Report

Agent Big Red reporting.
Here is a Halloween pigture from the Piggyfriends. This piggy's name is Halloween as that was the day, in 2006, upon which our Slave went to collect him and his friend Hope. He is a Harlequin piggy.
You may notice that this is not a real pumpkin ( it would be hard NOT to notice ). Slave made this pumpkin in her pottery class many years ago. They were supposed to be making plain coiled pots but Slave improvised. She left it to dry, intending to glaze it the next week but the class was cancelled due to severe weather. When classes resumed, she found that the pottery teacher had "helped" by glazing everybody's work but she had used brown glaze instead of orange.
Slave didn't really mind as it meant that her pumpkin was ready to be lit and placed on our garden wall on October 31st. and the colour doesn't notice in the dark.
Slave first tasted pumpkin on a visit to the US and never wanted to repeat the experience ( no offence intended to you pumpkin lovers out there ) so we don't have pumpkin to eat.
When Slave was little, her granny always made a Halloween lantern out of a swede or turnip from the garden and Slave carries on this tradition. She celebrates this day as Samhain ( pronounced sowain ) which is the Celtic festival to mark the end of summer. Samhain means "summer's end" in Gaelic. It represents the death of the summer sun god, Lugh. Slave gets miserable at this time of year as she hates the cold and dark English winter. We don't like it either as there is less grass for us to eat and our favourite tasty weeds are killed off by the frost but we don't think that pumpkin will be on the menu any time soon.
Pumpkins do appear in the shops in the UK these days but some people grow them to enter "heaviest pumpkin" competitions, for which there are prizes. The world record for a pumpkin is held by a grower in the US but, considering our short growing season, some very large ones have been grown here.
On behalf of the Piggyfriends, Happy Halloween everyone!!

Veggie of the Week Pumpkin

Mummy is being very mean she told us we cant try pumpkin until after Halloween as the shops charge more before Halloween.

We asked why and were shocked by what she told us.

Apparently humans buy a perfectly good pumpkin they then cut the top off scoop the seeds and flesh out of the middle and then cut scary faces into the skin WHAT!!!

The tradition is that this scary pumpkin face will scare off the evil spirits that are free to roam the earth on Halloween, I have said it before I will say it again humans are just soooo weird.

Now the useful information about pumpkin.....

1)In America canned pumpkin is used as a syringe feed for piggies who are unwell this is because it has lots of good fibre in it to help digestion and help with weight gain. Mummy has not managed to find anywhere here in the UK that sells canned pumpkin so if anyone knows of anywhere let us know.

2) it's nutritional values:
100 gram portions
Acid (C)
Pumpkin 91.60261.009.021440.5:1

3)Low in vitamin C
4)Low in calcium
5)We have a conflict between our sources one says you can have pumpkin everyday and the other says 2-3 times a week I guess it depends how much you like it, you can make your own choice.
6)Dont eat the seeds

As we have not tried pumpkin we cannot tell you if we like it, we will have to report back after Halloween when Mummy lets us have some in the meantime anypig who has tried pumpkin please tell us what you think of it and send us in any pumpkin pigtures.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Piggy Snap Lemon Agouti

Hurray we have another Lemon Agouti piggy snap lets meet agent DJ.........

Agent DJ

Greetings Agent Ghost! I would like to become Agent DJ. I just found out today that I'm a Lemon Agouti after seeing all the pretty pictures of the lovely sows on your web site. The humans who we share our home with did not know what I was, besides adorable, until today. They named me after another beloved piggie, who was also a Lemon Agouti.

I enjoy eating hay and carrots and fighting with my roommate Chakalaka. Sometimes the humans separate us when we fight, but we get very upset when we are apart. Chakalaka would make a good agent too, but he's not an agouti. I think he is a dust mop.

The human has attached a recent photo of me. Maybe if I can be an Agent, they will stop calling me Baby DJ, and I can be Agent DJ instead. That would be great. I am not a baby. I am eight months old now and weigh 2.86 pounds. I am trying to gain more weight so I can weigh more than Chakalaka some day. He's more than three pounds, but I think that most of that is fur.

Please let me know if I can join your group. Even though I had a heart problem when I was younger, I'm sure that I can be a great agent.

Best Wishes,

Agent? DJ

Welcome Agent DJ we are glad to have you on board maybe you could write and tell us about your heart problem we love sharing medical advice here to help other piggies.

Now everypig else your clues to DJ's real name.... its a welsh name meaning from the ocean and is also the surname of a very famous american singer song writer whose first name was Bob.

Get Guessing


Friday, October 22, 2010

Piggy snap: Lemon agouti's

Lets meet the lemon agoutis......

Agent Not So Lil Woop

Agent A for Agouti

Mystery Agent Avatar

Lets meet the new mystery agent......

I am going to pick the agent name of Avatar.

I picked this because Slave enjoyed the film of that name ( and there is a link between it and my real name ). They wouldn't let guinea pigs into the cinema so we will have to wait until it comes on the television.

My favourite food is fresh grass with cucumber a close second.

I love playing with the girls in my group.

I am a nurse piggy when we have virtual adventures

Agent Avatar is a female piggy living in a mixed herd in the UK her real name is the same as a very famous box in Greek mythology and also the planet in a recent 3D film she has given you that clue already in her choice of agent name.

So get guessing

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Challenge

Well as you will all probably know next week is Halloween, so we want to hear your scary stories and see your scary pigtures and dont forget your pigtures and reviews of veggie of the week for Halloween the........................ Pumpkin!!

Get busy working and researching what Halloween means to you and your humans.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Funny Website

Further proof if it was needed that humans are mad......


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kidney Stones

It has taken a while but I am now feeling brave enough to share what happened to Agent F

As you will know Agent F was diagnosed with kidney stones, they had caused liver and kidney damage and despite Mummy's bests effforts to try and treat him, by the time we knew what was making Agent F ill it was too late and he needed helping over the rainbow bridge not long after.

We know Agent F would want us to share his symptoms and the treatments that may have helped if the problem was detected earlier so here goes....

Start date 8th November 2009

The first thing Mummy noticed was that Agent F had been losing a small amount of weight each week, after 5 weeks in which he lost 117g (4oz) in total she took him to the vet who could find nothing wrong but gave him a shot of metacam (painkiller) and a tube of fibreplex probiotic for Mummy to give him for a week.

Mummy also treated him with Panacur in case the problem was worms or internal parasites, he was already being treated every 3 months with ivermectin to prevent mites.

While he had the fibreplex his weight stayed stable and he even gained a bit of the weight he had lost, as soon as the fibreplex ran out he lost weight again.

After another 2 weeks of weight loss Mummy started giving him Acidophilus again his weight stabilised and he gained a bit of the lost weight.

For 17 weeks his weight was ok he had some weeks he lost weight and some he gained but he always weighed around 1150g.

April 10th 2010 Agent F had a fungal infection of his testicle went to the vet and was given baytril for a week, we are not sure if this was related in any way to the kidney stones but thought we would mention it.

Within 3 weeks of the fungal infection he was down to 970g a loss of 180g (6oz) he also had days where he refused to eat and would sit hunched over and fluffed up not moving. Mummy took him to the vet and would you believe he ate whatever they offered and they sent him away again.

Mummy gave him some Metatone 0.5ml for a week and then 0.3ml for another week he gained weight again back up to 1158g she also gave him 0.4ml childrens liquid nurofen for a few days as he seemed to be in pain.

At the end of May Agent F began to lose weight again in 4 weeks he was down to 1044g and on the 14th June Mummy noticed blood on the bedding for the first time, it was big patches of blood that looked more like an injury than blood in the urine but of course he had no injuries.

Mummy took him to a different vet on the 22nd June and they x-rayed him and did blood tests, the news was bad, Agent F had a stone in each Ureter sitting just outside his bladder and another 2 stones forming one in each kidney, his blood tests also showed that he had liver and kidney damage.

The vet told Mummy they could not operate on these stones and that really he was coming home to wait until he needed to cross the rainbow bridge she suggested we could try giving him hydrangea root extract tincture and Mummy found chanca plus powder mentioned so she bought both and started treating.

At this point there was blood on the bedding everyday, Mummy was trying to syringe feed him but Agent F kept fighting it, however he would happily drink syringe water, Agent F also started to refuse fresh veggies. His weight went down to 930g.

In the end Agent F got really skinny he would sit hunched up in pain even though Mummy was giving him the childrens liquid nurofen, he wouldnt eat by himself and we all knew we had to say goodbye. It was only a week after his diagnosis.

Sorry for the long post here is a quick recap of the symptoms;
1) Unexplained weight loss this was the only symptom for months
2) Refusal to eat
3) Sitting hunched over and puffed up classic signs of pain
4) Blood on the bedding this was only in the last few weeks
5) Although we didnt know it at the time itching is a sign of kidney damage and Agent F would scratch his side a lot not enough to bleed etc but a lot of scratching

Symptoms we would have expected to see with urinary problems but didnt;
1) Excessive drinking
2) More peeing (although the stones were stopping the pee getting to bladder)
3) Pain when handling, even when the vet felt him all over Agent F gave no indication of pain
4) Pain when peeing

The only sure way to diagnose kidney stones is with an x-ray Mummy wishes she had taken Agent F when she first noticed the weight loss but Daddy thinks that the stones wouldnt have shown up then anyway.

The treatment suggested by the vet was hydrangea root extract 1ml twice a day for 1 week then 1ml once a day until stone passed (not sure how you would tell this) then 0.2ml for the rest of the piggy's life as a preventative, they also suggested changing diet to a low calcium diet.

Mummy also found that you can give Chanca plus powder from Galens Garden a large pinch mixed in the water and syringe or sprinkled over food to break down stones and sludge this would be given daily to start with and then cut back to every other day etc until the balance that controlled problem was found.

Rowantinex capsules were also mentioned but before we got a reply from the CCT as to the dose and how to use it was too late.

Thank you for reading all this, we hope it may help other piggies in the future, if anyone has anything else to add or links to other websites with advice please feel free to add them.

Now we would like to share with you our favourite pigtures of Agent F enjoy...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hay Review Part 8

Our 8th hay is Bunny Nature Alpine Hay this comes in a 750g bag and costs £4.65.

This hay is nice green colour with medium strands and is soft for sleeping on.

While we did enjoy this hay, we think the Pure Pastures is just as good and much cheaper.

For a "normal" hay we would give this 7 out of 10 but as its priced as a treat hay only 4 out 10


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tribute to the Apple

Hi All!

Miss Yaya here, aka the Guinean Queen, aka Agent Piggy Galore. Apples are absolutely AWSOME!! I love Apples soooo much! No other veggie tastes as great as an Apple; that perfect balance between sweet and sour.. ow and don't get me started om the crunchyness or the different textures while you chew through an Apple *swoon*. I do not know what I like more, the skin with it's sour aftertaste, the flesh or the crunchy bits of the core. But anyhew... I LOOOOVEE APPLES!!!


Apple dearest...
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade*,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st;
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
*that is.. until I devourst thy

Slave tends to forget I like apples, she buys them far too little and when she does, she often forgets to feed them to me. She sits on the couch and chews happily away. Whenever that happens I wheek up a storm and make her feel VERY guilty (well, she should anyway... The ladybug-Apple in the pigture is  Slave+Apple+Guilttrip ;-) )

Lots of Wheeks! And may ye have bountiful of apples (or something like that anyways.. ;-) )

Miss Yaya

Vote for the christmas mouse

Sorry, It's no longer possible to vote
Hi all,

On twitter we follow Puppy the Guinea pig.
He is a special pig who is the CEO of Puppy love jewelry, and also has a webcam channel like us... He also has his own harem of sows as he's an international superstar... the PIHAS: Puppy's International Harem of Attractive Sows.
Every year his slave, who makes the jewelry, will hold the Christmas Mouse competition. As our slaves always called us Mice, inspired on how our aunts Guiny and Lotje looked when they were still pups, we like this christmas mouse competition! Slave says the pigtures are adorable.
See them and vote for your favorite here

The Guinygirlz,
Pihas Members...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Veggie of the week - Apple

Agent Silver Streak reporting in.
Slave took some pigtures at the weekend of those of us who had grown since the last photoshoot. She said that these were the last days of summer and she wanted to take outdoor pigtures so that our eyes did not look red with the camera flash.
Silly Slave. Elliot has red eyes anyway.
She used pieces of apple and cucumber to bribe the subjects to sit still on a garden chair and had her son nearby in case any of us made a bid for freedom.
Here is my best friend Elliot with his apple. He cleared it up as soon as the pigtures had been taken.

Veggie of the Week; Apples

An Apple

OK I know I know apples are a fruit but veggie of the week is much catchier than Fruit of the week.

I wanted to tell you about apples now as here in the UK October is apple month, its the month when the apples are at their best ready for picking and eating (silly humans also use them to make an alcoholic drink called cider)

Middle farm in Lewes even has an appple festival

The humans also have a strange tradition know as wassailing this is when the farmer and a group of other humans go into the orchard and make a lot of racket hitting the trees with sticks and sometimes even shooting into the canopy, apparently this scares any bad spirits out of the orchard, wake the trees up from winter sleep and ensures a good harvest for the year. (Humans are weird)

There are hundreds of varieties of apples, there are red ones, green ones, yellow ones and pink ones, there are sharp ones and sweets ones, big ones and small ones and each variety has its own flavour.

Me and the Hamster like a little nibble of apple but not too much a couple of slices suit us and we can eat that amount before it turns brown.

Slices of Apple

Here is the nutritional value of an apple, taken from the fruit chart on guinealynx:
Guinea Lynx'
FRUIT CHART       Percent Energy Protein Ascorbic Calcium Phosph. Ca:P
100 gram portions Water    (Kcal)      (g)     Acid (C)     (mg)      (mg)    Ratio
Apple (with Skin)    83.93    59         0.19      5.7           7            7           1:1

The research on Apples;
1)They are low vitamin C but still contain it so good as a treat
2)High in calcium
3)High in sugar
4)According to our lists they can be feed twice a week but not more due to the sugar and the acidic content which can cause lip sores in susceptible piggies (ouch)
5)Avoid the pips, these can be a choking hazard and don't taste very nice, they also contain cyanide which is poisonous to humans but they would have to eat a lot for it to make them ill.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Caplin rous chillin out

Dear all,

We have a friend on twitter it's the biggest rodent we know!
He is a capybara, and he agreed to answer some of our questions.
So what do you want to know about Capabara's?
Post your questions here, we will ask him on twitter, so please make you messages no longer than 140 characters... So we can easily tweet your questions to him.

You can follow him on twitter, read his website Giant Hamster
and there even is a Capybara soft cuddly toy and a book for sale!
He's also on Facebook as Caplin Rous and his FB fan page is Caplin Rous, the World's Most Famous Capybara!

The pigture above is Caplin Rous (=rodent of unusual size) relaxing,
see how he puts his paws in front of himself too!
so it's not just a guinea pig thing, maybe all rodents do it?

Report by @guinygirlz : Lily'explorer, lil'wheeker, lil'woop (compared to Caplin!) and Agent Valentino

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fatty Eye

Agent Silver Streak reporting on a Guinea Pig Health Issue.

If you look at my pigture, you will see that the lower part of my eyelid looks strange. This is a condition called Fatty Eye and I believe that in the US they call it Pea Eye as well. It is not caused by me being a fat piggy as I am one of the smallest of the boars at Piggyfriends. I run around a lot and am definitely not fat.

It is just a bulge in the lower eye muscle and is nothing for Slaves to worry themselves about. It doesn't bother me one bit but our Rodentologists have said that surgery is possible if it affects the vision.

I have read that this may be hereditary but my mother and siblings do not have it so that may not be true.

For those of you waiting to find out Agent Silver Streak is also known as Dorian Piggyfriend

Thanks for your report Silver Streak


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Piggy Snap: Silver Agouti

Well I think the most famous silver agouti coloured piggy must be me, Agent Ghost, so who are my piggy snaps?


Piggy Snap Agent in Training Lil'Wheeker

Piggy Snap Agent in Training Lily' Explorer

Piggy Snap Mystery Agent............

Thank you for inviting me to become one of the Piggy Agents.

I have chosen the Agent name Silver Streak. Slave says that I am hyperactive as I tear around most of the time when I am not napping or eating.

I am one of the Piggyfriends and I live with my best friend, Elliot.

My favourite food is parsley, parsley and more parsley.

My favourite toy is my plastic pipe. When I do laps of the pen, I run through it and clang it against the side, much to Elliot and Slave's annoyance. She is going to get me a cardboard one so that it is not so noisy.

A friend of our Rodentologist adopted a piggy from a rescue and found out later that she was pregnant ( the piggy that is, not the friend ). She had four piglets. Two baby girls stayed with their mum and my sister, Pandora, and I came to live here. Pandora is quiet and sensible just like Elliot. Slave wishes that she could harness all of my energy by fitting a wheel in my pen, like our fancy mice have, and I would make enough electricity to run the house. Elliot thinks that this is a good idea as I would be running in one place instead of disturbing his nap by jumping over him.

Your clues are his real name is the same as the title of a famous Oscar Wilde novel and a 2009 film, the name comes from Greek and means from the sea.

Maybe he is a merpiggy??

Silver Streak

Get guessing


Monday, October 4, 2010

Agent of the Month October

The Agent of the month for October is ..........................

Agent Big Red!!

Agent Big Red has won this honour by being the BIGGEST pig in our weigh in.

Congratulations Big Red, perhaps you could tell us how you managed to get so big so we can follow your example.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Chillin Out

Mummy thinks the way I chill out is funny, I lay down with my front paws stretched out in front of me.

Well I asked around and Agent Valentino and Incognito do this as well, so now I wonder is this a boy thing?

Me Chillin

Agent Incognito Chillin

Agent Valentino Chillin with one front leg out

Even the Hamster does it

How do other agents chill out boys and girls we want to see the pigtures.