Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Staying warm in winter

Hello, this is Stuart Little, and I am a little shy because I have never
posted on a blog. I am the one who looks like a snowman, or, well,
snowpig. My mom says I am luminous, but I am not sure what that means.
While I try to learn new words, I love to sit next to my brother,
Nugget. Even when he is in a cozy, I try to be close. Although our eyes
are open, I think we are sleeping in this pigture.


  1. Pat and the Prairie Pigs30 January, 2019 04:14

    You boys look so cozy. That's the secret to staying warm in the winter --- find a friend to snuggle with!

  2. hi Cindy, Nugget & Stuart Little!
    My husband used to say GP's are just simple creatures who love to be cozy. Isn't that the truth?!
    Love, Ann & Buddy Boston Terrier in CT, USA

  3. oh my you two are adorable!!!!!!!!!!! such sweet boys. so glad I got to see what you two look like:) hope you are keeping warm. Its very cold here where the misfits are. brrrrrr in little Moline IL

  4. Hi cindy lovely to see Stuart little and nugget.stuart little very like my Tina xx