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Friday, January 26, 2018

Introducing Agent Jekyll

We have a new Agent to introduce today he has actually been Agent weight for a little while but we have been busy looking after Mummy so have not had time to post his update.

See if you can guess why Agent Jekyll has chosen that as his Agent name.

And now see if you can guess his real name here are your clues;

His name is the same as a famous brand of perfume
His name is the same as the surname as the writer of Les Miserables
His name is the same as an award for science fiction

Get guessing...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tall, Dark and Handsome

Dear readers of the undercover guinea pigs blog,

My name is Ties (pronounced as Tees. But you can also call me Mister T) and I am the new boar of the Winky team! Allow me to introduce myself. The ladies love me, and I love them even more. I am very cool an nothing much bothers me. Scissors, nails clippers.. No worries. The length of my hair or nails is of no consequence to my attractiveness.

My hobbies are eating, sleeping and wooing girls, and I have to admit, I have Coco, Bo and the waitress firmly wrapped around my cute paws. Mind you, my paws are rather big. The girls have informed me that I qualify as a LAPS pig. I currently weigh 1380 grams, and I fully intend to get larger.

Scissors don't bother me
I checked out this blog, and saw that there is already another very handsome boar who contributes to this blog. But I am sure that Agent Zeppelin (aka Jimmy) and me can peacefully coexist. Maybe we should go out for carrot beers and join forces (ladies beware.. WOL).

Yours truly,

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from the Misfits!

Happy Easter season to you all from the Misfits

Our two girls would love to be secret agents. They are big enough now.

Meet Agent Moonflower She was born on aug 1st 2012 her real name in English means Child of the moon or in Hebrew Promised of God it is also very similar to the name of a flower.

Meet Agent Sassoon she was born on july 1,2012 her agent name was chosen because she hopes to be a famous hairdresser one day as well. Her real name means Adams Son (but she is a girl, humans are weird) it is also the name given to several cities throughout the United States.

These agents are cage mates and live next to Rileys cage and Riley is soo in love with Agent Moonflower it is so cute to watch them two talk! as their cages are budded up next to each other

Both are good girls. Sassoon seems to be the bossy pig and Moonflower just goes with the flow of things. If you notice both are long hairs but Moonflower's hair is not long due to Sassoon loves to "trim" it!!!! Moonflower loves hay the best and Sassoon loves green peppers. We drove to Peoria, IL to get these girls. We thought we were just getting one but Andy couldnt leave Moonflower when he found out she needed a home too. So that is how this duo came to be Misfits.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Agent: Mister Pig

Our gentlepig Sjeuf has finally chosen his agent name: Mister Pig. It was about time too, because he has been living with us since December 10, 2011 (so over 2 years!)

Agent Profile

Agent name: Mister Pig. We actually wanted to use 'Mr. Darcy' first, because both are kinda hard to approach (Sjeuf runs way..), yet a real gentleman once you get to know him. But after a play on words using the 'Sex in the City'-series as inspiration, we went for 'Mr Pig'.

Real name: Sjeuf. His name is a typical name (in dialect) for men from the south of the Netherlands. He got the name at his shelter and it stuck. We also like it when our friends from Amsterdam try to pronounce the name (more often than not; quite unsuccesfully, since the southern Dutch requires a more fluent pronounciation of the 'eu', like French (e.g. jeu))

Showing off his cute nose

Agent Facts: Born in September 2010, wheighs 1180 grams, Sheltie (or Silky), has lilac fur (which is posh for grey) and ruby eyes. 

Agent History: when we went to the shelter to find a new boar, we asked for the sweetest boar they had, and they introduced us to him. Sjeuf is always sweet, polite and nice to the ladies. He is also kinda shy, but he prefers to call that mysterious or he'll claim that he is in undercover guinea pig training. Whatever. Many of our human visitors think we're a herd of 2, not 3. In spite of his initial shyness, he loves cuddling with the human (and us too)

Mysterious.. ?

Relationship: Sjeuf is dating the lovely Pepper. They like going on extreme dates like sky diving and cross country racing

Super powers: Sjeuf is very good at stealth, and is also very fast. As long as the opponents are guinea pigs he can be quite charming too. He also is an extremely clean boar. He claims that doing Yoguinea exercizes help him to achieve this. He rarely wheeks, but when he does, he is very loud (and low)

Favorite food: hay, pellets and chicory. Not too big on other veggies actually..

Hobbies: building nests, cuddling and popcorning

Always happy to see the waitress

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Calendar piggies: February 2013

This months calendar piggies are Jocelyn's Benito and Edgeworth
Benito, part of this pigture is in the wall calendar

Agent Butterloaf (aka Edgeworth) 
I was adopted in January 2009. I will turn up my pink snoot at greens that I am not in the mood for, but I'm always in the mood for a good carrot. When dining I like to puff out my coat - makes me look even bigger!
Edgeworth as shown in the wall calendar
My name comes from a video game lawyer. He is quite dapper and smart (like me.)
Loafing is my favorite thing to do and I am quite good at it. I look very plump when I do so! It's truly amazing. Sometimes I hear talk of how I come from a regal line because I am so picky and easily become quite fussy. Elizabeth I had guinea pigs carried from room to room on silk cushions, a fine way of travel. Whenever I have something done that is displeasing - late veggie service, nail clipping, etc. - I will chatter my teeth and act huffy. Because I get fussy I have my own palace, but it is right next to my friends so we can still chat.
My favorite game is draining the water bottle. I have had a variety of water bottles and they all are fun to drain!
Edgeworth enjoying hay
Agent Cannonball (Benito)
I joined my piggy friends on June 2009. I am a very shy piggy and like to follow my friends around. But I can be brave! Whenever I want to do something I bowl right through - thence my secret agent name.
Benito as shown in the calendar
I live with my piggy friend, Gruden von Squeekycheeks. We used to not get along, so we had a gate placed between us so we could still see and talk to each other. Then we had to move to a new city with new living places, and then I realized I might lose my friend forever!  I got really upset and managed to break through the wall - I am a big and strong piggy! - and made it over to my friend's side. Everyone was surprised that I did it but now we are inseparable.
I love all kinds of foods. I am a good eater!
Benito in stealth mode, can you spot him?
My friend showed me the ramp to our penthouse. Sometimes there are treats up there! He is a good friend. I don't go exploring very much but it's okay if I have a buddy to follow.
My favorite thing to do is sit on plushy cushions. A nap on a nice cushion is the best.

Benito and his friend Gruden von Squeekycheeks

Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet New Agent F1...

the pigture is a dead giveaway, its our new Little (not so little) Brother Jim.

When we had our wheekend weigh in we found that Jim had reached Agent weight in fact he is just over at 1012g

Jim has decided on the Agent name F1 because he thinks his white stripe looks like a racing chevron.

We could not get a good pigture of Jim awake so you will just have to put up with this one of him sleeping.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Agent Tortoise

Hi There,

I am new agent Tortoise!
I got this name because I like to sit under our hammock and push it up. This hammock can be moved around (because it's hanging over the side of our cage by a sturdy wire), and with me under it I look just like a tortoise... at least that is what the slaves say!

Hints for my real name, I live in a small country in Europe, where most of the land is actually below sealevel. Like my 'sisters' (2 out of 3 at least) I have a flower name, mine is in our country's native language.

I am almost 11 months old, and since I was about 9 months I already weighed a 1000grammes (1 kilo), this week the scales showed I already weigh 1050grammes!
So slave is very late sending this is, as I reached agent weight a few months ago...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Announcement New Agents

Secret agent name: jaws
Why?: cause with my dark fur on the top of my head i look like a famous great white shark.
Where do i live: with my sisty (agent snowflake) in Reading, berks.
who do i live with?: with our owner, twin of mopsy bates.
Favourite food: spinach
Favourite hobby: trying to squeeze into the smallest spaces possible & hide.
Favourite toy: cardboard tubes.

Real name clues: a type of food popular in the UK and USA, in the UK its a bread based breakast food and in the USA its a sweet treat often featuring blueberries.

Secret agent name: snowflake
Why?: cause I'm beautifully snow white aaaaallllllll over
Where do you live: Reading berks with my sisty agent jaws and owner.
Favourite food: spinach
Favourite hobby: hopping around squeaking and jumping cause I'm mad as a box of frogs (so my owner says)
Favourite toy: my owners feet & legs. I like to nibble them and use them to stand on and watch telly. I LOVE telly!!!!!

Real name clues: her name is the same as a popular herb found in hay mixes from excel, there is even a famous novel and TV program where instead of grass the lawn is made from this herb.

Agents jaws and snowflake out!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fifty Yard Nap: Agent Cowgirl

This is also a new agent. We named her Agent Cowgirl as she has the same first name as a famous female sharpshooter whose surname is a tree.

Agent Cowgirl has been a misfit for a long long time.. We guess she just never realized she wasn't a Agent :) so it's about time! She is sleeping in her hut and wants to join in the dash.

She came to be a misfit on 5-12-08. She is actually born in 06. She is a old sassy gal. She has the crazy hair. She loves her chin scratched. She will lift her head way up so you keep scratch-in her chin! She is a sweet gal that lives with 4 other misfits. She originally came here with her cage mate Abigail (agent Bette Davis) who has passed on to the bridge. She loves her hay and loves to hang out in her hut:) she is not a boss pig at all. She is a sweet gal.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#Olympigs 50 Yard Nap: Prince

New Agent Prince takes the baton for the 22nd leg of the 50 yard nap

Agent Prince is a boy living as part of a mixed herd in Illinois he came to his new home when he was dropped by his previous owner causing him spinal damage he nearly ended up as snake food before his new daddy said hell no he's not needless to say he is now treated like a Prince!!

His real name is also the name of the current heir to the English throne.

Get guessing

Now who is napping the next yard??

Monday, August 20, 2012

#Olympigs New Agent Eating Green Spaghetti

Hello! I am Agent Oriole's second-in-command, and my agent name is Agent Funky-fresh because of my sweet hairdo. This is a picture of me trapping two of my sisters in a house while eating green spaghetti. They can have all the spaghetti inside the house and I get all the spaghetti outside the house! Wol!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

#Olympigs Bar Biting Challenge

Agent The Saint

Misfit Alice, sadly little Alice crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after this pigture was taken, so in honour of her short life we think Alice deserves Gold in the Bar Biting Challenge

Agent Tiny

New Agent Gazer, Agent Gazer is part of a mixed herd living in Illinois his real name is the same as a famous British comedian with the surname Hill.

New Agent The Thinker, The Thinker is boy piggy living as part of a mixed herd in Illinois, his real name is the same as that of a famous philosopher hence his agent name.

Now over to you, guess who the new agents are, and send us your bar biting pigtures!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Agents Oriole and Mockingbird

Hello! I am Agent Oriole, the leader pig in my herd of 4. I am agent Oriole because I am the same colors as the Orioles baseball team.

My sister Agent Mockingbird and I live with our 2 other sisters in a big cage that our slave built just for us! After reading your blog, we have decided to report our findings to everypig *popcorn*

A hint for my true identity is I am named for a Norse god who is a shapeshifter. Agent Mockingbird is named after a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, or at least that is what I have heard our slaves say.

That's all for now! Slave is heading for the fridge!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Agent Shyness

Hi.I am Agent Shyness.Can you guess my real name?I have a report that something happened to all of our veggies!

Agent Pellets

Hi.I am Agent Pellets. Can you guess my real name? My report is that there is something going on mysterious with my home.

     Agent Pellets

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing New Agent Tan Glove

Meet Agent Tan Glove she has decided to become an undercover guinea pig agent to carry on the fantastic work of her beloved huspig Agent Incognito who is now carrying on his secret assignments at the rainbow bridge with Agent F.

Agent Tan Glove lives in sunny? Australia with her sister who she looks after (well when they are not fighting over the green spaghetti) her real name is that of a precious stone as she is a precious girl.

Can you guess who she is?

Agent Tan Glove is very mysterious and we are waiting for a pigture of all of her not just the Tan Glove.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mystery Agent G

Meet out latest Undercover Agent, he has chosen the name Agent G as in G force and because his real name starts with a G.

Agent G is the latest member (that we know of lol) of a mixed herd in Illinois, he is already a SCAMP (Senior Citizen Aging Miracle Pig) being 5 years old, he has recently found his new home where he will live out his days in peace and quiet, well apart from when he is busy doing his undercover work.

Clues to his real name - Its a German name meaning rule of the spear
It is very similar to the name of a famous French actor with a distinctive nose

Get Guessing.......

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caption Contest

Whats in the Mail?

A Piggy Special Delivery!!

OK had Enough I'm Coming Out

Meet mystery Agent Blaze so called due to her Blaze of white. Agent Blaze lives in Illinois as part of a mixed herd and her real name in Hebrew means favourite of God and is a variation of the name Anne. For those in the UK who recall Eastenders from years ago her real name is the same as that of the actress who played Dirty Dens wife.

Get Guessing..............

Monday, April 23, 2012

Caption Contest

Only One of us is the Real Deal but Which One?

Meet new Agent Triangle we will leave you to guess which pig is Triangle and why

Triangle lives in Illinois as part of a mixed herd her real name means Oak Tree in Hebrew and Halo of Light Around the Moon in Turkish. It is also the name of a medieval city on the Red Sea.

This is a tough one so get guessing.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Agents: Peggy, Daisy, Mabel & Betty!

Hello fellow-agents! We’re 4 little piggies in the UK who would like to introduce ourselves to all the other agents on this page!



I am agent Peggy. I am the boss here and get all the best food for myself – which I why I’m currently a curvy 1.3kg . I had a rubbish year last year and got cysts on my ovaries. They made me very grumpy so my human slaves sent me for an operation.  I was so cross about this that I didn’t eat for ages and lost all my lovely curves. My slaves gave me lots of sloppy food in a syringe for weeks and weeks. In the end, I got totally fed up of it and decided it was just going to be easier all round if I started eating on my own again. Here’s a picture of me trying to catch up on my sleep while the other idiots I share a cage with generally mess around and disturb my beauty sleep.



This is my sister, Agent Daisy. She’s not too bad I suppose. She’s less stupid that the other two but she does eat a lot which gets on my nerves.



This hairy little monster turned up last year, her name is Agent Mabel. As soon as she saw me, she thought I was her mum and followed me everywhere. Daisy didn’t help at all with babysitting even though I offered to give her extra cucumber. However, Agent Betty turned up a few months later and since then, Agent Mabel is generally preoccupied playing stupid baby games with her so I get a bit more peace.



Here is Agent Betty. I do try and be nice to her because her old owners didn’t want her anymore and I felt really sorry for her. The human slaves picked her up from her old owners one dark, snowy evening with a rabbit friend! Both of them were very cold because they had been outside and didn’t have a proper roof. Well, I wasn’t going to share my house with a rabbit so he carried on his journey to a nice rescue centre to find a new rabbit friend. Betty couldn’t join us for a while because she was very scared and had lice! Everyone thought she was a baby because she was very small but after a few weeks, she came to live with us and put on weight so quickly, she’s now nearly as heavy as Agent Daisy and she’s 1.5 years old! She really got on my nerves at first because as soon as I went to say ‘hi’, she’s run a mile and sit there shaking. The human slaves thought I was being nasty to her but I wasn’t! I think she was scared after living with that big, old rabbit! Anyway, we were very nice to her and shared all our stuff and now she always gets the best spots to sleep, which isn’t fair really and we were here first. Oh well...



I’ll sign off for now. Thanks for listening to our stories. Much love, Agent Peggy xxxx