Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Improvement

Today I'm gonna show you how to build your own wooden house (we had to throw away the previous one because something white and fluffy was growing inside)

The wooden panels
Hurray! First wall is up!
The door goes over here..
Checking the inside before the roof goes up
When you're finished you an use this house for shelter or as a lookout.

Agent Chanel

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PLAY: Hammocks

In Memory of Agent I, we'd like to repeat all the PLAYs (Piggies Like Activities and Yummies) Professor Igor wrote before he became an undercover agent. Unfortunately all of the piggies in this PLAY have crossed the rainbow bridge by now.. But as former owner of these piggies I love looking at their pigtures.

PLAY 1: Hammocks

This wheek I evaluated hammocks for you guys. I must admit, hammocks turned out to be an extraordinary versatile and interesting study object.

Agent I inspecting the hammock
I asked my slave to put up the hammock in my cage and have been studying it thoroughly. There was also a lot of photo material in the archives, I did not want to deprive you guys of that..

What is it?
Concept: Hammocks are little mats in which you can hang around. It is a square cloth, raised a little above the ground and you can lie comfortably in it.

Material: My hammock is made of fleece. Hmm..nice and soft. But it is also possible to find or make hammocks made out of other materials. Small towels..... pieces of fabric. Nowadays my slave usually makes a hammock with a bottom made out of fabric to which no sawdust will stick, and the top made of a softer fabric like fleece. Attached to the mat are cords which can be attached to the cage bars. These can be made of fabric, but there are also mats available that have little chains.

Application: Your slave should first set up your hammock. There are several ways of doing this. First of all, your slave can attach the hammock to the ceiling of the cage. My slave usually ties the hammock cords to the side cage bars or she ties them around the bottom part (knot underneath the cage, against the floor) and then puts the cage bars on top. Choose whatever you and your slave finds convenient and pending on the possibilities of your cage. The knot-around-the-cage-method is ideal for cages with a plastic top. But this will not work when the cords are too short. When the mat has been installed, us guineas can get to work. Climb on the hammock (that can be quite a challenge! :-D) and relax.. lie down like a true pig.. ehm did I just say that? I meant start studying for you masters degree in piggin' out.. But be careful of cage mates that will try to bounce you out of your hammock.
Top left: Suus, Top right: Yaya and Jan, Bottom left: Lotje,
Yaya and Guiny, Bottom right: Suus and Yaya
Other applications of a hammock include; a nice place to study under, or as food storage. Every guinea will appreciate an extra roof above his or her head. And eating from it, is quite a challenge. Imagine balancing while everyone in your cage is pushing and pulling, trying to nibble from the veggies or hay. Ah well.. a little cavy exercise, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Do it Yourself factor?
Top left: Lotje, all other pigtures: Suus
It is very convenient when your slave knows how to handle a sewing machine. Because if she can, it is just a matter of sewing a square rag and attach the cords to it. For the less gifted slaves, guest towels are ideal (tie shoelaces or something else to the corners and there you go). Slaves can also buy hammocks in a store. There is loads to be found on the internet and some pet stores sell hammocks. If you cannot find any, try looking for ferret toys, the ferret section usually contains some nice hammocks!

There are also hammocks with pockets in them. These are very comfurrtable. There's the oven mitt model, with an opening in the side But there is also a model with an opening in the middle. The one Lotje is showing on the pigture has boning in it, in order to keep it open. I really thought that was a useful addition, because balancing on the mat while you try to stick your head in an opening is hard enough already. Suus is a big fan of the bunk hammock (see pigture). But I have the impression that Suus is a rat inside a guinea pig body. In my opinion, the bunk hammock can be dangerous. Suus is a very good climber so she can manage, but this concept is not suitable for everypig and your slaves should consider this.

The hammock is a tool that is suitable for both the climbing guinea pig and the relaxing guinea pig. Your can pull the funniest pranks in a hammock (Suus: popcorning in a fleece hammock will launch you to greater heights, Squeeeaaaak!!). But above all, it is very suitable to study for a master's degree in imitating a fireplace rug. In other words, it's really perfect for guinea pigs who like to relax. When your slave puts some food in the hammock, it is also good for the munching guinea pig.

Top: Suus, Lotje and Jan the Boar, Bottom pigture,
from top left to bottom right: Jan, Lotje, Yaya, Guiny, Suus
Well, getting into a hammock requires some practise. I actually find it quite scary. Although I have to admit it's not really dangerous in our cage because I won't fall very far. Yaya used to eat the hammock cords. In the past this has lead to diarrhoea, so now our slave uses materials that are simply not edible (like metal chains) or aren't harmful (like sisal rope).

User experiences?
Suus: I am very pleased with our hammocks. I find it an ideal way to explore the surroundings, while bouncing in it. It keeps me fit, and I like to practice my climbing skills. But relaxing is also very nice. Though it could use a defense mechanism, that would enable me to not get pushed out of it by Yaya.. or accompanying earplugs.. because if I do not make space for Yaya she will start to whine really loudly..

Yaya: I think the hammocks should be made of a more edible material. The fleece is so heavy on my stomach. The material of which my lil' Bahama shack is made would do perfectly... hmmm... SLAVE!!!

Igor: Well this was my first PLAY report, if you have any user experiences, photo's or remarks, let me know!!

Wheeks and lots of Play-sure!
Professor Igor

Monday, September 26, 2011

Guess the Heaviest Piggy Agents Avatar and Firenze.

Here are two of the Piggyfriends. From left to right you can see Agents Firenze and Avatar.

Here is another pigture of them - a risque shot of them in the bath just for the boars. In this pigture Agent Avatar is on the left. This is really just an excuse to plug the best ever shampoo for piggies, Vet Sect Repel, as well as to give the readers another clue. This time Agent Firenze is on the right.

And here is a shot from the rear. This time Agent Firenze is on the left.

Which is the heavier of these two girls?

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Big Adventure

Daddy let us out of our play area yesterday so that we could run around the lounge, being the curious boy that I am I ran straight behind the sofa and out the other end.

When I came out Mummy and Daddy laughed at me, I didnt know why until Daddy said let him go round again he might get rid of some more cobwebs.

Apparently I had cobwebs over my head and hanging off my whiskers, but I dont care I had fun.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainbow bridge: Agent I

Our Igor took his one-way trip to the rainbow bridge last wednesday. He's had a tumor for quite a while now, but he was in pain since monday so we decided to let him go.

Igor was not just my pig, many people loved him, his cute nose and his antics so I'd like to write a post about all his adventures.

Igor @ Home
Igor came to live with us in september 2007 when he was only nine months old and he stayed with us for four years. In the beginning he was really scared, he sat bug-eyed in his cage for almost 2 weeks and fought with Suus (aka the crazy hedgehog) until they agreed the real evil one was me (I made them take a bath together). I named him Igor because as a mad scientist I needed an assistent. With his crazy hair, he was perfect for the job.

Igor, Bo and Coco
After he got used to me, Igor was very gentle and very much a momma's boy. He taught Bo and Coco not to be scared of me and enjoyed his daily nose-rub. He comforted me when I was sad and almost every morning he would popcorn when I gave him his hay.

Igor @ Dagboek van een Caviabende (Dutch: Guinea Pig Gang Diary)
One of the first websites where Igor started contributing, was the Guinea Pig Diary.

He met his first love Lonneke here and started doing research for his PLAY project (Piggies Like Activities and Yummies). To honor Igors memory, we'll post translations of Igor's PLAY's on the undercover guinea pigs blog.

Igor @ GPDD
At the guinea pig daily digest Igor had many virtual adventures with his GPDD friends. He met another pretty lady, the lovely Mavis, and most of all, he met Fugly.
Undercover Fugly
Way back when the both of them were young boars, their email conversations on the digest usually would start with 'Hey Fugly/Igor buddy!' and then typically another plan full of mischief would start to reveal itself. They teased (and got punished by) the Lady Bug, went to Oz and danced to the legendary Rumblestrut Blues and they forged plans to take over the world with their guinea pig cuteness (hence the undercover guinea pig idea was born; Agent F started this blog)

Igor @ twitter
Twitter is where Igor met the beautiful Mickey. They flirted, sent pigtures and they even went on a date. He'd complain about the poor room service and just had fun with the other pigs on twitter. Here he also joined forces with the Gekke Flappies (Mickey's herd) and some mice and started the C-team ('If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the C-Team' .. *TATADADAA.. TAATAATAA.. TATADADAA.. DADADADAA* .. sounds familiar..?). They had their own cavycopter in which Igor would fly to come to the rescue (or party).

Yaya, Suus and Igor taking a nap
So, to sum it all up, this was our Igor. He was a good little boar and was loved very much by his girls Suus, Bo, Coco, especially Yaya.. and me.

Bye sweetie, we'll miss you, Say hello to all the other rainbow pigs from us and stay out of trouble.

Janneke aka J

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess the Heaviest Piggy Agents Pirate and Acorn

Left to Right Agents Pirate and Acorn

You may have spotted that Agent Pirate is a totally new Agent so here are the clues for her real name, this is a tough one we have been told she is named after a female pirate but when we googled the name for more details she appears to be a computer character whose full name is Two Hands Rebecca Pirates real name is the characters nickname.

Good luck

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hungry piggies!

Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that we are very hungry piggies too! (starving really..)

We have a nice little routine worked out to get the most out of our slave J;

- in the morning we wheek her out of bed, especially Bo is very good at this (we suspect that she'll become an opera singer when she grows up). As soon as we hear the alarm clock we'll start wheeking. After we've had our fill, J's toilet breaks and trips to the kitchen are a good cue to start wheeking again.

- when J comes home from work, Coco will sit on the wooden shelf in the left hand corner of the cage for a good view and she'll hit J with her most adorable smile when she comes up the stairs. Then Bo starts squeaking up a storm and tadaaa... veggies!

Ow and don't forget to show off paws, noses, and or cute lips ;-)

How do you guys beg for food?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sleep Research: Pepper in the corner

My friend Pepper is showing of some of her sleep research. Not only is it a very nice version of the banana position, it's also clever because with her head in the corner it's harder for cagemate Jimmy to bother her (ghegheghe.. well done Pepper!)

Agent Chanel
p.s. extra point for the cute paw!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spider dog

I know he's not a guinea pig, but this dog has got some serious skills..
Maybe we should invite him for a guest lecture in the agent training program?

Agent I

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Game

This game is inspired by a conversation Mummy had with Agents Sheep and Incognitos Mummy so we thought it was only fair that they kick started us.

The game is called guess the heaviest piggy.

you will have a chance to look at pigture/s of the piggies together then you have to guess who is the heaviest so here is your first photo....

Get Guessing and remember we want you to join in as well

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Capybara's

After Garibaldi Rous mentioned on his blog that Howletts Wild Animal Park had baby capybara's born in August Mummy decided she must visit just to see them.

As you can see Mummy was very lucky and the Capybara's were sleeping right by the fence.

Mummy said they had a big area and if they hadnt been by the fence you might never have seen them, however she was concerned as she couldnt see a big pond for them to swim in just a small one, perhaps the big one was out of sight??

This sort of thing makes her worry and while she loved seeing the babies she has mized feelings about zoos.