Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleeping Method: the Igor Special

I always sleep with my eyes closed. Why? Because my pesky human insists on making pigtures. *Hem*.. dear J.. it is not my fault that I am so incredibly handsome.. let me sleep!!!

And no, I do NOT have a morning temper!!! *mumblemumblemumble*

Agent I

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stolen Piggy

Evelyn on the digest has raised our awareness about this, a little piggy called Woo Woo has been stolen from Ipswich in the UK along with his cage and toys, here are some pigtures of Woo Woo

Piggy people everywhere if you have a spare moment check the freeads/ preloved in your area lets see if we can help find this piggy.

We can only imagine how devestated his poor human must be.

Here is link to Woo Woos facebook page

Could someone let the human know that we have made this post as we are not members of facebook

Thank you

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mademoiselle Chanel


It is time to reveal my real identity *drumroll*

My real name is Coco
I live with Agent I and I'm almost 8 months old. My hobbies are popcorning, chasing Agent I and getting a massage from J.
I'm not actually French (good guess, piggyfriends!) but as a secret agent I like to practice with different identities.

I got my name in the shelter, and J decided to keep it because apparently, Igor and Coco are a famous couple (librarians.. *sigh*). She thinks we were meant to be (I think agent I is a grumpy old man and enjoy teasing him ;-))

Veggie of the Week Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers or capsicum, they come in a variety of colours red, orange, yellow and green we have even seen blue/purple ones which Mummy had to buy for the novelty value.

We prefer the sweeter ones like the reds and oranges but greens are ok as well.

Above you can see me hiding under my mezzanine floor to eat my strip of pepper.

Here is what Guinealynx say about Bell Peppers

GUINEA LYNX' Veg & Fruit Chart 10 Calorie Quantities

Vegetable g/10 cal Sugar mg Ca mg Ca:P P mg Mg mg K mg Na mg Vit_A RAE Vit_C mg

37 Unkn 4.07 0.5:1 8.89 4.4 78.52 0.74 3.7 67.96

50 1.2 5 0.5:1 10 5 87.5 1.5 9 40.2

32 1.36 2.26 0.3:1 8.39 3.9 68.07 1.29 50.65 41.19

Phosphorus = P
Magnesium = Mg
Potassium = K
Sodium = Na

Bell peppers are very good for pregnant piggies as they have high levels of vitamin C a quarter of a pepper is a good amount for a pregnant piggy.

My research also shows that;

1) High Vitamin C
2) Low Calcium
3) Can be fed daily

Warnings remove the green stems and seeds as these can be choking hazards
Red pepper can discolour urine so warn the humans as they tend to panic when they see funny coloured urine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hay Review 11

OK this isn't really a hay but its more like hay than a veggie so its going in this section.

Excel Mountain Meadow herbs comes in a small pack and is a mixture of dandelion,milk thistle, coltsfoot, chamomile, parsley, sage, hibiscus, fennel, rose and sunflower petals.

It cost Mummy £1.84

We both loved this especially all the pretty flowers they were very yummy.

We would give this 8 out of 10

One little complaint though the leaves tend to get crushed into little tiny pieces are we are fussy about picking little tiny pieces up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Agents in training weigh-in

Hello piggy agents and devoted slaves. Boomer and Starbuck are settling in very well, they already have become used to cuddles. Weighing them to see how far off Agent weight they are was easy. Judging by their current rate of food intake I'd guess they will reach 1kg by, ooooooo, Easter!

Boomer: 549 grams
Starbuck: 539 grams

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Well sort of... here in our corner of the UK Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm, in fact they were sunny and warm enough for me and Iron Hamster to go out and begin our lawn mowing duties hurray.

So how is the weather where you are?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Introducing new agents in training


After the sad passing of Agent Lettuce we decided to get some new pigs- the house was so empty without the squawkings and huffings of our furry little tyrant. So (drumroll please), I am delighted to intoduce our new pigs. They are still very skittish so have not been weighed yet, I can report though that they are tucking into apple, parsley and a limited amount of fresh grass from the garden. Both pigs are named for characters from my favourite television programme, Battlestar Galactica, named for female characters (they are little sows) who fly a viper and a raptor. The black and white pig has many copies and they have a plan, while the crested pig has a complicated relationship with her commanding officers and is also the name of a well-known seattle based coffee company. Launch all Vipers, set condition one throughout the fleet and start your guessing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleeping Method: the Sphinx


C'est moi, (Agent) Mademoiselle Chanel! I reached agent weight earlier this week and my first act as an agent will be showing you my research in the field of advanced sleeping methods.
The Sphinx
This is what you do:

- find a comfortable spot
- place your paws underneath you, with the front paws right next to eachother, straight underneath your nose
- put on a mystic smile
- keep your eyes open!
- meditate in that exact position untill you fall asleep


Mademoiselle Chanel

Piggysnap Terrific Texels

Agent I

Mystery Agent Peruke In His Sofa

Agent Peruke is thrilled to be invited to be a secret agent! His favorite food is parsley, favorite toy is a piece of cardboard made into an A-frame that he can rest under, he chose the code name is Agent Peruke, since his texel hair looks like a wild wig! In fact, he believes that one of his strengths as a secret agent will be that he is able to hide many things (such as hay!) in his hair. His eyes really are pink its not just poor human camera skills.

Agent Perukes real name is the same as Tom Cruises character in mission impossible, he lives in America with his big brother who is also an agent piggy.

Mystery Agent Storm

I have chosen the Agent name of Storm because I was taken to the rescue, where Slave's son works, during a blizzard three years ago. My coat was completely matted and he had to take the electric hair clippers to the mess. You can see the result in this pigture. The matted pile of hair and hay that he removed is on the left. After I was tidied up I came home with him and live here with many other piggies.

I am a Texel and when my coat grows it curls into ringlets just like Agent I. Slave keeps my coat short so that I never get into this state again. Slave does not have a pigture of my fully grown coat and it will be quite a while before I look like a proper Texel again so here is a pigture of me with my best friend, Roscoe, in the garden. Here my coat has started to grow after a haircut but has not yet started to curl.

My favourite food is grass and I love the tasty leaves that Slave picks for us. In the pigture we have chickweed and dandelions. Yummy!

My real name is somethng that you always take with you when you go out in the sun.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Agent Butterloaf wishes everypig a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Slainte!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dido, Agent Lettuce

Sad news, Dido, Agent Lettuce has died. She passed away peacefully on Saturday night, she was staying with my next-door neighbour while I was away in Berlin. She was her usual self right up till the afternoon before she died. Although it is horrible not to have been there, she had been curled up in my arms, clucking happily, the night before I left.

She will be missed by me, my family and friends. She was such a funny little pig with a big personality. Right now it hurts more than I can say to think of her, how she would recognise my voice and listen when she heard me coming. The poot pooting noises when she wanted food or attention and her little chubby face with her frilly ears.

Hay Review 10

Our 10th hay is Burgess Birch Bark Herbage this is another treat hay a mixture of timothy hay and birch bark in a 500g bag.

Like the chamomile hay this was £2.49 a bag.

This hay was a yellowy brown colour with bits of bark in it, ok the name gave it away but we prefer our hay to be well hay really.

We would give this hay 4 out of 10

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Have Another Gorgeous Golden

Agent Beaver

Greetings Agent Ghost and Agent Acorn! I would like to become Agent Beaver. The rescue where I lived before joining the Collective said that I am a Satin Cinnamon Agouti, but I think that I look a lot like Agent Acorn. I also think that she is very cute!

I've had a rough few weeks. I got a brand new chew log and devoured it in a week. I must have eaten too much because I became very ill. The primates who live with me talk about fluid in my chest, lymphoma, and all sorts of other things I don't understand. All I know is that they took me to a place that they call the spa. I stayed there two days next to a cat and on top of a bird who said a lot of random words and made no more sense than the primates.

They gave me some nebulizer treatments and some sort of gas called isoflurone and when I woke up, I could breath again. I woke up the next morning, and still couldn't breath, so they gave me more isoflurone and when I woke up I could breath again. I've been back to the spa a couple more times and all they do is put me in a box and take my picture with a really big camera. It's not a very good camera. All the pigtures are boring. They're in black and white and you can't even see my fur or pretty eyes. The primates and all the nice people at the spa were all very excited with the last pigture because they said that all the fluid was gone. I'm glad to hear that. The last two times they saw the fluid, they shaved my sides. I have very nice fur, I don't like to have my sides shaved. I think it looks very silly. I can't wait for it to grow back.

I have to drink nasty medicines twice a day now. I hope that won't last long. I really don't like them at all. But, I do feel better.

My secret agent powers are devouring logs at rapid speed and jumping on top of things. I'm not quite up to jumping on top of things yet, but if they were to put me next to the girls' pen, I bet I could jump over the wall to get to them. Unfortunately, the primates don't give me that chance.

I'm named after the male primate's favorite peanut butter cup. My tummy is golden red and my fur is chocolate brown with golden red tips. My little ears have been chewed up, so they even have the little ridges like a peanut butter cup. I'm a happy little guy and I love to meet new people. I hope you will let me be a Secret Agent.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Piggysnap; Radiant Red and Whites

Mystery Agents Yum Yum and Bouquet......

First of all is Agent Yum Yum.I have chosen this pseudonym as my real name is that of something that piggies love to eat.

I came to live here when my previous owner called our Slave to ask if she could give me a home as I was fighting with her piggies.
As you can see from below pigture, I love my fellow piggies and never, ever fight.

I happily munch away at all the food that Slave provides but a pile of fresh grass is probably the very best.

In this pigture I am with Agent Big Red ( you can guess which one he is ), Agent Flower ( the cream and white girl ) and the other new mystery agent, on the right who is...............

Agent Bouquet. I have a lighter red coat than Agent Yum Yum. I came here with Agent Flower as part of a big rescue by the RSPCA. We were in a very poor condition when we were rescued, with hardly any coat left but with a lot of care by our Rodentologists and Slave, we are now plump, healthy piggies. Agent Flower and I both have a small damaged patch on our backs where our coats will never completely regrow.

Like Agent Yum Yum, I eat everything but have to agree that nothing compares with freshly cut grass. Thank you Slave for going out in the bad weather to ensure that we have our grass every day, except when it is covered with snow.

Agent Yum Yums real name is a yummy food stuff that grows in the garden and that humans consider weeds despite the pretty yellow flower head which is very tasty.

Agent Bouquets real name is a kind of flower originally from South America whose name is French for tobacco.

Two more Mystery Agents.......

Agent The Saint and his "special" friend!

The Saint weighs in at 1315 grams. He is a pig that really doesn't liked to be taken out of his cage. He will come out only when he wants to come out! He came to live here with the misfits on March 12, 2008. His fave food is carrots. His favorite toy of course is his "special" friend. He has always been a mommas boy. As he refuses anyone to take him out of his cage except his momma.

The Saints real name is the same as a saint who is famous for being bought to life by Jesus 4 days after he had died and been buried.

Agent Bette

Agent Bette weighs in at 1196 grams. She came to live with the misfits with her cage mate Annibelle on May 20, 2008. We were told they were born in 06. She loves to eat her hay most of all. She will sit by her hay holder and wait till its filled if it even gets halfway empty. She loves to play "turtle" with her plastic hut. She is a sweet girl with very large eyes!

Her agent name comes from a line in a song 'shes got Bette Davis eyes' very appropriate for a big eyed piggy!!

Her real name is hebrew in origin meaning joy of the father.

Another Mystery Agent....

Mystery Agent Potato

Hello everyone! I hope I'm in time for the red and white piggy snap. I've only just arrived at my new home, but I've been briefed about what you have to do to become an Undercover Secret Agent. It looks exciting. Nobody knows my likes and dislikes yet, but the clue to my real name is that I would like to be Agent Potato. I am looking forward to being an Agent. There was nothing like this in my previous homes. 

Agent Daddy's girl
Agent Daddy's girl
Sadly this Lovely agent is no longer among us, but her slave is excited she can still join this piggy snap. Agent Daddy's girl was given to her female slave by her mom's boyfriend, a day after the slaves only piggy died. She was a very happy and vocal pig, who totally looooved her daddy slave! She decided not long after meeting him (slaves were only dating back then), that she would be his pig. She was a rex piggy with healthy appetite.

Her real name is a short one and it's not an english name...
its the diminuitive of a lottery ticket in Dutch..... the nearest translation in English would be a shortened version of the name Charlotte.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peter Gurney Candle Lighting

Just to let everyone know that tonight at 8pm local time for the 6th year in a row members of the GPDD and other guinea pig lovers everywhere will be lighting memorial candles to honour the memory of Peter Gurney and our friends human and pig who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

We hope you can all join in.

This year we will be lighting our candle in memorial of Fugly aka our beloved Agent F who crossed the rainbow bridge last July.

We would like to say a special well done to Gordon the GP and his slaves who send out regular reminders on the digest and who made the map to show us how the light travelled around the world last year.

Anyone who is not on the digest can let us know where you lit your candle and we will pass on the information, lets make this year the biggest participation so far!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sleeping Position Leg in the Air

For this position you will need somewhere comfy to sleep I have chosen Mummy's lap, you then need to curl yourself round so your head is resting comfortably and then you raise your top leg in the air revealing your cute belly.

Remember to keep your eye open so you can spot the silly human when they sneak up on you with a camera and this is really important if any human should take advantage and tickle your cute tummy, you must immediately get stroppy and demand to go back to bed.

Daddy calls this the downhill skier position

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Agent of the Month; March

Drumroll please.........

Agent of the month March is our very own Iron Hamster for managing to reach agent weight 1kg

Well done Hamster... ok Iron Hamster

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleeping Method the Pregnant Sprawl

Here Zoe demonstrates how to sprawl out and sleep when you have a baby in your belly.

Pregnant Zoe

For this method you need to be;
1) A Girl
2) Pregnant
3) Find a comfy position for you and the bump sprawl out and dream of food

Here baby June shows the sound asleep with my eyes open technique

Baby June

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New pigs

Agent Custard Cream
Amelia Biscuit when I first got her, she is a lot bigger now!
Amelia Biscuit and the late great Edna in the garden
Agent Stoat
Weasel being Weasely
Maisey - all these pics were taken while they were in quarentine
Maisey and Mirabella

Hello there,

Following the loss of Edna I was hoping I could put some new pigs on!

Here is the post I have sent to the GPDD:

Following the loss of the great Edna in December, we decided to have a quiet Christmas with just Weasel and Amelia Biscuit. However, it was noted that Weasel was becoming more nervy, not eating as much and being more fussy with food. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her (she bit the poor vet) and thought she was missing Edna (as Edna was a great lover of mealtimes). Amelia was also getting very upset if she couldn't see Weasel so I was starting to get very worried about them.

So, off to my local sanctuary to find some more companions and we cam back with Maisey and Mirabella. They are 18 month old mixed Dutch/Agoutis, who like to be in the same pen but do not sleep together. I bought a second hand cage for quarentine and then gently introduced them. They are all together now and seem to be getting on okay (lots of noise and bottom wiggling at first), all (including Weasel)  are eating plently, with mealtimes such noisy fun so I am hopeful they will all become friends!

None of them are agents so maybe they could join (Weasel would like to be agent Stoat, Amelia agent custard cream). Maisey and Mirabella may need feeding up.



Sleeping Methods - A Study by Agent Butterloaf

Agent Butterloaf has been thoroughly researching sleeping positions for months, the study is currently being recorded in picture detail here: . The study was on hiatus but was recently started again!

Gorgeous Golden Hoping for a Piggysnap

Well try as we might we couldnt think of any other golden agoutis that we know so this is an appeal on behalf of Agent Acorn would any other golden agoutis please send us your details so we can find her a piggysnap.

Agent Acorn

I’m Agent Acorn, the fastest pig in the West. I am a golden agouti with red patches on my neck and tummy. In my collective, I’m the most athletic – even though they are fast, I can still run circles around them all! My favorite activities are running laps, popcorning, and jumping up onto ledges of various heights. I also love to eat, especially timothy pellets. Sometimes I eat so much, the other piggies complain that they don’t get enough! My agent name is Acorn because my owners think I look like an animal that likes to eat acorns.

PS just to make this really hard her real name is Russian for the animal that likes acorns get guessing.