Friday, October 8, 2010

Fatty Eye

Agent Silver Streak reporting on a Guinea Pig Health Issue.

If you look at my pigture, you will see that the lower part of my eyelid looks strange. This is a condition called Fatty Eye and I believe that in the US they call it Pea Eye as well. It is not caused by me being a fat piggy as I am one of the smallest of the boars at Piggyfriends. I run around a lot and am definitely not fat.

It is just a bulge in the lower eye muscle and is nothing for Slaves to worry themselves about. It doesn't bother me one bit but our Rodentologists have said that surgery is possible if it affects the vision.

I have read that this may be hereditary but my mother and siblings do not have it so that may not be true.

For those of you waiting to find out Agent Silver Streak is also known as Dorian Piggyfriend

Thanks for your report Silver Streak



  1. Whee think Woopy might have it, she has it in her eye corners, but you don't see it, only when you pull eyelid down a bit. On guinealynx it looks red, Woopy's isn't red... Does not seem to bother her at all, luckily!

  2. Agent Silver Streak says that his fatty eye is white, not pink. Our late spokespig, Gulliver, had this condition and it was more noticeable ( and pinker ) but it never bothered him either.

  3. Our Biff has that in one eye.. he got it after a very nasty ear infection. It doesnt bother him one bit either. Such a sweet boy our Biff is:)