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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleeping Method...use a Friend

As you can see we have finally had a day nice enough to go out and mow the lawn.

After all that hard work mowing, we all piled into our tent and went to sleep.

Iron Hamster appears to make a comfy pillow wol

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Woopy turned 5 today!

Today, 16 April our girl Agent lil'Woop turned 5 years old!

In an attempt to actually film a sleeping Daisy (the one with grey and white head), Woopy shows us how agile she still is, putting her backleg up in the air.
Lily is munching hay and pellets on the right, Roos is mostly out of view...

Slave also did an earlier attempt to film the sleeping Daisy, but Roos barges in...

Happy birthday Agent Lil'Woop!
Even with her age, she is still the boss over the other girls Lily, Daisy and Roos.

Carrot beers or juice all around...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Trend?

We found Agent Lily'explorer sleeping on top of a house...

...head on the hayrack. 

An hour later we saw some ears flapping from Agent Wheeker...
...head on hayrack.

It's starting to become a new trend here at the Guinygirlz Crib!

Do you have nice spots to sleep on or in?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifty Yard Nap: Sherlock

We enjoy the entries for the #Olympigs fifty yard nap so much! Thank you all! One can never have too few pigtures of sleeping pigs (new entries are still welcome)

Did you know that Iron Hamster got the idea for the fifty yard nap from Gandalf? (@im_still_hungry on twitter) He tweeted that he was going to do the fifty yard nap during the #Olympigs, after which the guiny girls asked him to explain himself. Hamster read that and made the beautiful video that was the first yard on this blog

"@im_still_hungry: @Guinygirlz Well, first you find a yard, sleep in it, and repeat for 49 more"

Our Bo happens to have THE biggest crush on Gandalf's roommate; Sherlock (@chewing_my_foot on twitter). So she asked him if he could send her a pigture of him doing the 50 yard nap. This is what he replied:

"@chewing_my_foot: @winkyteam Here's a pigture of me dreaming about Bo during my quilt nap next to Lady. :)"

Needless to say, Bo has been beaming for the last 2 days.. ah well.. piggy love.. ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fifty Yard Nap: Agents Acorn, Magician, Godiva and Pirate

Agent Acorn joins Agents Magician and Godiva in the synchronized pigloo napping event. 

 She then passed the baton to Pirate, who is participating flat on her tummy with her feet kicked out.

Who's next?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Video: Agent Prince #Olympigs

You guessed correctly! Ladies and gentleboars, for your viewing pleasure, Charles is getting ready to nap. Beautiful exercise, Agent Prince, well done!!

Charles became a Misfit on Nov 6, 2010. He is estimated to be born around June of 2009. He came to be a Misfit because his "owner" a young child dropped him, which hurt Charles's back so that is why he wobbles when he walks and because of that they didn't want him anymore! Well, he was actually put up for use for snake food at the misfits local seed and feed. Lucky for him Jean and Andy said 'Heck no, he is not going in any snakes belly!' when they saw him that day. So that is how he came to be a misfit.

The video was taken by Jean, she wanted to show us how Chuck finds that comfy spot before he falls asleep. We also got some extra pigtues of this handsome (agent) Prince doing his magic.

Enjoy and have a nice Wheekend!

Okay gold medal, here I come!
Almost there..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Igor's PLAY - Baskets

*Yawn* .. a very relaxed PLAY-project this time.. gotta love my job..

What is it?
Concept: A nice and cuddly object to lounge in.

Material: Fabric and stuffing. Preferably with a thick edge to put your head on.

Application: Climb in your basket and start relaxing.. Drape your neckflabs (if present) over the edge, eyes in sleeping position…dream away about carrots and Mavis..

Do-it-yourself-factor?: This is actually something you buy in a pet shop. But my favourite basket has been handmade by auntie Guiny's slave. I don’t know how she was able to get it so comfortable. Sowing a basket like that is something for the more advanced sewing slave.

Variations: Yes of course you can lounge extremely well in a basket, but they have more uses. I myself use it as a toilet. I happen to think this is very hygienic of me, since my slave only has to scoop out the poos and the cage stays nice and clean (if only the ladies would understand this.. *sigh*). It is also makes a nice hayrack, this way you can have a snack while studying for a master's degree in Piggin' out..

Target audience?:

First and foremost, it is intended for the lazy cavies among us. Yes okay, you can eat from it (as suggested above).. but I have a feeling our slave hides the hay just about everywhere nowadays. Not that I mind, by the way ;-)


No, not really. Even our wrecker Yaya hasn't done anything dangerous with this. It has no sharp edges and we don't eat it. Our slave can leave the basket in the cage without supervision.

User experiences?:

(Yaya): Yes lovely! The only thing missing are MORE baskets. That way Suus or Igor would not need to kick me out when I am lounging comfortably. The baskets are also very comfy for my painful paws (because of my OD ); it's even better with a snuggle safe or a flat hot water bag below it, to keep me and my bones nice and warm.

(Suus): Yes, the basket is also a lot of fun for under the hammock (I call that setup the bunk bed). It feels just a bit safer with a roof over your head and it sure is funny bouncing your cagemates out of the hammock from underneath *evil grin*.

Well dear pigs, that’s it for now. I’m going back to my basket, and continue to study comfortably.

Professor Igor

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PLAY: Hammocks

In Memory of Agent I, we'd like to repeat all the PLAYs (Piggies Like Activities and Yummies) Professor Igor wrote before he became an undercover agent. Unfortunately all of the piggies in this PLAY have crossed the rainbow bridge by now.. But as former owner of these piggies I love looking at their pigtures.

PLAY 1: Hammocks

This wheek I evaluated hammocks for you guys. I must admit, hammocks turned out to be an extraordinary versatile and interesting study object.

Agent I inspecting the hammock
I asked my slave to put up the hammock in my cage and have been studying it thoroughly. There was also a lot of photo material in the archives, I did not want to deprive you guys of that..

What is it?
Concept: Hammocks are little mats in which you can hang around. It is a square cloth, raised a little above the ground and you can lie comfortably in it.

Material: My hammock is made of fleece. Hmm..nice and soft. But it is also possible to find or make hammocks made out of other materials. Small towels..... pieces of fabric. Nowadays my slave usually makes a hammock with a bottom made out of fabric to which no sawdust will stick, and the top made of a softer fabric like fleece. Attached to the mat are cords which can be attached to the cage bars. These can be made of fabric, but there are also mats available that have little chains.

Application: Your slave should first set up your hammock. There are several ways of doing this. First of all, your slave can attach the hammock to the ceiling of the cage. My slave usually ties the hammock cords to the side cage bars or she ties them around the bottom part (knot underneath the cage, against the floor) and then puts the cage bars on top. Choose whatever you and your slave finds convenient and pending on the possibilities of your cage. The knot-around-the-cage-method is ideal for cages with a plastic top. But this will not work when the cords are too short. When the mat has been installed, us guineas can get to work. Climb on the hammock (that can be quite a challenge! :-D) and relax.. lie down like a true pig.. ehm did I just say that? I meant start studying for you masters degree in piggin' out.. But be careful of cage mates that will try to bounce you out of your hammock.
Top left: Suus, Top right: Yaya and Jan, Bottom left: Lotje,
Yaya and Guiny, Bottom right: Suus and Yaya
Other applications of a hammock include; a nice place to study under, or as food storage. Every guinea will appreciate an extra roof above his or her head. And eating from it, is quite a challenge. Imagine balancing while everyone in your cage is pushing and pulling, trying to nibble from the veggies or hay. Ah well.. a little cavy exercise, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Do it Yourself factor?
Top left: Lotje, all other pigtures: Suus
It is very convenient when your slave knows how to handle a sewing machine. Because if she can, it is just a matter of sewing a square rag and attach the cords to it. For the less gifted slaves, guest towels are ideal (tie shoelaces or something else to the corners and there you go). Slaves can also buy hammocks in a store. There is loads to be found on the internet and some pet stores sell hammocks. If you cannot find any, try looking for ferret toys, the ferret section usually contains some nice hammocks!

There are also hammocks with pockets in them. These are very comfurrtable. There's the oven mitt model, with an opening in the side But there is also a model with an opening in the middle. The one Lotje is showing on the pigture has boning in it, in order to keep it open. I really thought that was a useful addition, because balancing on the mat while you try to stick your head in an opening is hard enough already. Suus is a big fan of the bunk hammock (see pigture). But I have the impression that Suus is a rat inside a guinea pig body. In my opinion, the bunk hammock can be dangerous. Suus is a very good climber so she can manage, but this concept is not suitable for everypig and your slaves should consider this.

The hammock is a tool that is suitable for both the climbing guinea pig and the relaxing guinea pig. Your can pull the funniest pranks in a hammock (Suus: popcorning in a fleece hammock will launch you to greater heights, Squeeeaaaak!!). But above all, it is very suitable to study for a master's degree in imitating a fireplace rug. In other words, it's really perfect for guinea pigs who like to relax. When your slave puts some food in the hammock, it is also good for the munching guinea pig.

Top: Suus, Lotje and Jan the Boar, Bottom pigture,
from top left to bottom right: Jan, Lotje, Yaya, Guiny, Suus
Well, getting into a hammock requires some practise. I actually find it quite scary. Although I have to admit it's not really dangerous in our cage because I won't fall very far. Yaya used to eat the hammock cords. In the past this has lead to diarrhoea, so now our slave uses materials that are simply not edible (like metal chains) or aren't harmful (like sisal rope).

User experiences?
Suus: I am very pleased with our hammocks. I find it an ideal way to explore the surroundings, while bouncing in it. It keeps me fit, and I like to practice my climbing skills. But relaxing is also very nice. Though it could use a defense mechanism, that would enable me to not get pushed out of it by Yaya.. or accompanying earplugs.. because if I do not make space for Yaya she will start to whine really loudly..

Yaya: I think the hammocks should be made of a more edible material. The fleece is so heavy on my stomach. The material of which my lil' Bahama shack is made would do perfectly... hmmm... SLAVE!!!

Igor: Well this was my first PLAY report, if you have any user experiences, photo's or remarks, let me know!!

Wheeks and lots of Play-sure!
Professor Igor

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sleep Research: Pepper in the corner

My friend Pepper is showing of some of her sleep research. Not only is it a very nice version of the banana position, it's also clever because with her head in the corner it's harder for cagemate Jimmy to bother her (ghegheghe.. well done Pepper!)

Agent Chanel
p.s. extra point for the cute paw!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleeping Method Guard the Food Bowl

and the hay tubes as well.

It is essential that if anyone comes near either you immediately wake up and prevent them getting the food.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sleeping Method King of the Castle

It is me Iron Hamster and I won the contest to sleep on the shelf making me the king of the castle.

Wheek Wheek Wheek

PS did you recognise me with my hay mustache disguise??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sleeping method in the hay rack

Agent Wheeker in the Hayrack, in the front the top of
lil'woop, and in the back Agent Valentino
Our cousins agent Chanel, Bo Peep and uncle agent I came to visit as auntie Janneke was on holiday.
We both liked the hay rack, they had in their sleep-over cage, as the pictures all show...

Agent Chanel in the hayrack, on the right Agent I
on the left Bo Peep
Agent Wheeker in rack, Valentino and Lily'explorer
Agent Wheeker in the hay rack again...

Agent lil'Woop in the hay rack

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping Method Make a Pillow

As you can see Iron Hamster has been resourceful and is using our toilet roll hay tube as a pillow, but only until I grab the hay and drag it away heeheehee.

This is very similar to the sleep on a sock method.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sleeping Method in the Hammock

"Agents Acorn, Godiva and Mango like to sleep in a hammock from time to time. The hammock is typically Agent Mango's favorite place to sleep, but Agents Acorn and Godiva occasionally manage to sneak in a quick snooze!
Step one - Jump or climb into hammock
Step two - curl up on your side
Step three - try not to be woken up by another piggy shoving the hammock around from underneath you!"

Agent Acorn

Agent Mango

Agent Godiva

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sleeping Method on a Sock

Agent Java

"Agent Java would like to share her research regarding the On-A-Sock sleeping method, which she is demonstrating here
Step one - settle into a cozy corner of your cage
Step two - lean on your side
Step three - rest your head and chin using a stuffed sock as a pillow (may also substitute with stuffed animal plushies, other piggy, etc)
Step four - keep one eye open so slaves can't sneak over to take pictures while you are asleep!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleeping Method. Find a Cozy Friend.

Agent Storm reporting.

We want to celebrate what we hope is the return of our Internet connection by sharing a photo.

This is called "Find a cozy friend and snuggle up to him on a cold day.

I am the fuzzy piggy and that is my friend Elliot using me as a duvet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sleep Research: Igor's Nose

My specialty is sleeping with my nose up in the air. Going through the archives I noticed there are many pigtures of me sleeping with my nose placed higher than the rest of my body.
Ah well..   did it, done it, will be doing it a lot more I guess.

Just did it ;-) (yesterday)
Sleeping together with Suus and Yaya, back in 2008
Love this house *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
On J's lap in 2009
I was wondering, are there other piggies out there who do this? And do you think it is a texel thing, because our build is so stubby?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleeping Method No Legs

For this method you need a comfy space where you can curl up with your body supported, once you have got comfy hide all your legs and feet.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeping method: the Ear Wiggle

Out of the 2009 archives: Agent Thunderbear curled up like a croissant with(!) wiggly ears.

The method itself was excellently covered by Agent PorkChop and Agent Lettuce but we thought the video makes a good addition to their report.