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Saturday, July 29, 2017

(Friday) Video: New boar also running

Is it still Friday somewhere in the world? It isn't here in the Netherlands, but we didn't want to deprive you of this video.

I guess we mentioned it before that sadly our boar Bérke had to leave us... 😭😢
Last weekend we got to date with a new boar, so have a look at the handsome boar, named Binky (for now), that we took home with us!
He also enjoys running around the cage (do turn on the sound as you watch, he's a bit heavier thus louder). It's best when we run around the cage with the three of us, but so far we didn't allow slave to catch that on camera...

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday video: Guinygirlz running together

Since Bérke had to leave the guinygirlz behind, Raani and Cookie have taken up a new hobby of zooming through the cage together.
Whee hope this is a nice start for your weekend!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Video: We Have a New Toy

Mummy got us a new toy for no reason at all which is rather confusing but nice, here is a little video of me and Dave investigating it. Hugo was too busy being naughty to appear in the video.

The boys playing with their new toy

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday video: Cookie having a run

I don't think we have introduced her yet, about a week after we had to say goodbye to our dear Tijger (this was in January), daddy came home with this cream coloured Cookie monster.
She seems to enjoy herself here, and loves running around and wheek loudly.
Very belated welcome to agent-in-training Cookie!

The guinygirlz Raani, Cookie and boar Bérke

Friday, February 17, 2017

Popcorning Rodney

Mummy had just put us back into our home after cleaning it and Rodney was popcorning like mad, taking a quick break from emptying the rubbish and getting our food Mummy got the camera out to film him and...he stopped. Mummy sat there waiting for ages and after a little while he did popcorn a little bit but not as much as before here is what Mummy actually managed to video.

VID_20170128_165726119 from M Fug on Vimeo.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday video: Guinygirlz feeding frenzy

 Do turn the sound on to hear them running up against the window, and to hear Erwin telling Tijger to do a spin. (notice that the first spin was done without the command, Tijger will get impatient and start spinning herself...)

Have a great wheekend!
Guinygirlz: Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday video: Piggy baby eating a carrot...

On of the piggies we follow on instagram ( has been posting baby videos of the little ones her piggy Jennifuzz has gotten about 3 weeks ago. They are so adorable... Do check out her account for more cute baby piggies and the adorable mum and auntie. Have a great Wheekend! The guinygirlz: Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, October 21, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday Video ClearScore Summer 2016 TV ad: Pineapple

Whee are a bit late posting this Friday video, but better late than never right?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Video Deezer - Mating Season (2016 UK Ad 30sec)

Even if Egg adverts have decided to abandon guinea pigs we are pleased to say that other advertisers have not been so short sighted....

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday video: Tijgers' progress

After quite some weeks of really slow eating and pulling faces by Tijger when eating, I was surprised to see this...

This was last wheekend, our vet just checked her teeth on the friday before and said the teeth looked pretty good. It was then almost 3 weeks since her last dental correction. The previous 3 weeks after her dental correction looked a lot worse, her teeth had overgrown already causing her a lot of trouble eating food. This was also about 9 days after her first chiropractic treatment... at first I thought that the treatment hadn't helped her that much, but after hearing from our vet her teeth looked pretty good and then seeing this... Tijger eating at almost normal speed... I think the treatment might be working after all! *Fingers crossed*

Okay, so we have good news! Last wednesday we went to the vet again that does chiropractic treatments. He said her molars looked normal, and her jaw muscles were hardly causing any problems anymore. He is one of the 3 vets in the Netherlands to do these chiropractic treatments on guinea pigs. What he does is loosening her jaw muscles by manipulating them, because they were somehow locked and caused her to not be able to move her jaw from left to right. On our second visit he was really happy to find Tijger had much improved. He gave her another chiropractic treatment to loosen the jaw muscles again, then he said he did not think she needed another treatment, as she was doing so well!

I asked him if I could take a pigture of him and Tijger for the blog. This is the result.

Doesn't she look happy? When I had first visited this vet, my boyfriend asked if Tijger screamed, and she didn't. It seems like this is not an annoying or painful treatment. She would just make some mild noises, while the vet worked. I am glad this has improved her teeth problem, as this definitely beats going to the vet for dental work every month! (Also proves to be a lot cheaper than having dental work done). Since last week she has kept her weight (she was down to 780 grammes), and even gained a bit! She is now over 800 grammes again, which is still not very big, but with the rate she keeps eating and gobbling stuff up I think she will get (much) heavier!

Have a great wheekend,
Mieke and the Guinygirlz: Peaches, Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday video: Problems with eating and Therapy for piggies?

Hi all,

This will have a video, but I am mostly writing because I am curious if you ever heard of this or possibly even have experience with it....

So in the last month, we have visited our vet twice with Tijger. She is a feisty little girl, but she was getting even littler...
Turns out she had her molars forming a bridge over her tongue, making it very hard for her to eat. This was corrected 3 weeks ago, and again on yesterday. If we continue at this rate, it will mean monthly dental work session for Tijger (and very empty wallets for our slaves, but that is not the most important thing).
So our vet wants to find out what is causing this quick recurrence of overgrowing molars. Because she feels, like us, that monthly dental work is not a preferred treatment. She took x rays of Tijger's jaw and corrected her teeth yesterday. It seems to her there are no big problems in her jaw, and she did not see any infections or other irritations in Tijger's mouth. Her theory is that this problem could be caused by Tijger's jaw muscles, which could be locked or something, not enabling her to make all the necessary jaw movements. A possible treatment for this could be to get her to an osteopath for guinea pigs... Unfortunately here in the Netherlands, there are only 3 vets knowledgable and certified to do this. Fortunately the Netherlands is not a very big country and 2 of the 3 vets are within an hours drive from us...

So I am really curious, have any of you, our readers, ever heard of Osteopathy of chiropractic threatments for Guinea pigs? Or do you even have experience with this? We would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Our vet thinks there are 3 options: Do dental corrections probably every month,
See an osteopath to see if we can correct her problems by giving her chiropractic treatments,
or give up (and basically have her put to sleep, or let her suffer).

Tijger is about one and a half year old, and when she is not having teeth problems, she is feisty, smart and loves to eat. She really wants to eat as well, and keeps trying. Yesterday after the aneastethic seemed to have worn of, she was even rumbling at the others...She seems to be doing far too well to say goodbye to her already, in our opinion.

We found 2 videos of a guinea pig having trouble eating (it's kind of eerie how much alike the wear on that guinea pig's teeth(Zenna) look compared to Tijger's front teeth):
One of her eating very slowly, basically Tijger eating parsley looks pretty much the same

And a video of how she could eat again after two chiropractic treatments:

Love to hear your thoughts on this topic!
Have a good wheekend,
Slave Mikey and our Guinygirlz: Peaches, Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, August 12, 2016

Piggy A-Z: D for Dunya and Daisy

We used to have piggies with names starting with a D, so for our Piggy A-Z we got Dunya and Daisy!
Dunya was a lovely himalayan, and Daisy was a gorgeous round silver agouti US teddy.
We never had them together, but they were (more or less coincidentally) named after the main characters of a Dutch TV show named Dunya and Daisy. Only we liked the spelling for Daisy better, in the tv series it is Desi, read a bit more about the series here
As with many popular youth series they also had their own movie. Dunya and Desi is about two friends, Dunya is from Moroccan decent and Desi is a very dutch girl, the series shows differences in how they were raised and how that influences their friendship.

Here are some videos of Dunya and Daisy from a few years ago...

This a video of Dunya and her old cage mates Lotje and Guiny (my first group of piggies).
Look closely to see why Lotje seems so mean to Dunya...

And Daisy sleeping... Daisy is sleeping in the middle (see her ears flap?) other silver agouti is Lily. Woopy is lounging under the hay rack...

And Roos disturbs Daisy's slumber...

Have a great wheekend,
The guinygirlz Peaches, Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday video: Grooming

We found this supercute video of our friends the Cali Cavy Collective doing some post bath grooming... Humans get ready the ooh and ahh at all the cuteness ;)

Have great wheekend! The Guinygirlz and boar Berke

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friday video: Pig stampede (Snapple commercial)

We had never seen this ' Pigs of Pamploma'  video before @happycavy shared this on twitter...

Have great Wheekend! The Guinygirlz: Peaches, Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday video: Another shelter to vote for: Knaaghof, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Our Peaches came from de Knaaghof, in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, which is not very far from our home. We would like to give the keyboard to Peaches as the spokespig who lived there.

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(Peaches) Hi all, Peaches here. I was found in a patch of nature with some of my friends. We were living in the wild there and I can tell you this can be tough with all the rain, wind, cold and other animals. Luckily we were captured and taken to the Knaaghof before the winter really kicked in (Note from slave, I was adopted from the Knaaghof in November 2014). There they took good care of us and healed us if needed.
The Knaaghof, in dutch it translates to something like the 'gnaw court', is mostly populated with bunnies. Unfortunately there are way more bunnies needing a home, then guinea pigs are other rodents... But when our Roos had to leave us (my cuddle buddy), slaves contacted the Knaaghof to find us a new friend, but they only had 4 guinea pigs and all boars at that time. As we already have Berke slave looked further and eventually found Raani. So I guess the point I am trying to make is that this place has mostly rabbits and if this cause wins, the money will probably be going to rabbits mostly (which is not perse a bad thing, just want you to know this)!
We were taken good care of, the place is clean and seems organised, volunteers that work there are nice and seem knowledgeable. The bunnies have a great setup you can see that below in the video. There is a big play area in between the cages at the edges of the area. Every so much time one or more of the bunnies hatches are opened to let the bunnies in the big play area. It looked great. Us guinea pigs have sort of a big cabinet which can be divided in smaller areas. When there are not to many piggies in the shelter they will get as big a set up as possible. I had a rather big patch to myself with a house that I loved... I still love houses I have to say.
The Knaaghof is part of the Dutch Animal protection, I guess it is like the RSPCA, so they do loads of good work for animals, not just for bunnies and rodents.
The Knaaghof itself is located near a school where kids can learn about animal care, and part of their activities can involve helping out at the Knaaghof.
I hope I have given you a bit of insight into the Knaaghof, unfortunately their website is all in Dutch, so probably not very understandable for most of our readers, that I why I choose to add the video below to give you an idea of the shelter. The video has the purpose of getting more sponsors for the animals there, so it has a bit of a sad music, but it gives a rather good impression of the place!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday video: Vote for Sharna's cavy sanctuary

Hi there,

Some time ago we asked for your nominations, and one of my nominations was Sharna's Cavy Sanctuary. The sanctuary is in Australia (Brisbane, I believe), and I do not know her in person. But she has been very active on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, making me feel like I have an idea what she does for guinea pigs. She seems a nice lady who cares a lot about her rescues, but sometimes other people will not be so nice about what she is doing... I am not sure why though, as I have seen her try to get piggies back that went to someone who then did not want it anymore because they were not babies... I hope we can donate to her as she (as all shelters) can need a little help in feeding all those piggy mouths.

From their website:
"We are a small family run, home based, guinea pig sanctuary .
​We believe education is the key to changing the future for guinea pigs everywhere.
​Our aim is to educate people wherever we can, whilst rescuing, rehabilitating and re homing happy, healthy and bonded guinea pigs.
We offer a sanctuary to guinea pigs that are not able to be rehomed, whether due to old age or re occurring illnesses.
We offer boarding and grooming services as well as food, hay and other piggy products including cages .
​We want to support you and your piggies .
​We are self funded and every single cent goes straight back into the sanctuary and the daily running costs for the guinea pigs in our care including vet bills.​"
"We have been helping guinea pigs for 2 years now and have learnt so much in the process and continue to learn more and more .
I kind of just fell into it, you could say i was a little lost at the time with the recent passing of my mum.
Once i saw the huge need for help in the area of re homing and rescuing guinea pigs, i couldn't turn my back .
Once my eyes were opened to the huge problem Australia wide (worldwide too), i couldn't be blissfully ignorant anymore.
Now i just have a burning passion inside for the little fluff balls.
They're amazing pets if you can get off on the right foot with them.
​With lots of contradicting products and information floating around, we like to make ourselves available to anyone with questions or help regarding their guinea pigs."

Here's video of (part of) her setup

I enjoyed this video of a piggy jumping:

Happy friday!

Mikey and the Guinygirlz Peaches, Tijger and Raani and boar Berke.

p.s. If you still wish to nominate a shelter.... be fast in doing so by commenting here or in the original nomination post who you nominate and why.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Roos in pigtures (with some (friday) videos)

This message has been long overdue. Maybe a week before Easter, our gorgeous Roos was squeaking in pain. We gave her some pain meds, and she seemed to approve a bit, same thing the next day, as it was almost weekend (and vets would be closed) we took her to the vet. She had diarrhea so we got some Cisaral to keep the gut moving and some painkiller (Carprofen) - Both fall in the Piggy a-z for C? but I am not too sure how dutch these names are.. 

She seemed to be okay and the diarrhea cleared up, but something seemed not right to me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she kept getting very bloated, but it did not sound like gas, and felt more spongy. I got a message from my boyfriend who was home earlier then I was, that she was bloated again. This was just before the long Easter weekend. I called the vet hoping to get an appointment that evening. They had a spot, so Erwin (boyfriend) took her to the vet and I traveled to the vet as well... News was not good, she had a bladder stone and it was lodged in her urethra.

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Diagnosis was not so good, and the vet was hesitant to operate, as this would very likely damage the nerves there and make her unable to hold up her pee... So we were left with the choice to either find a vet willing to operate (it was almost eight in the evening then) or have her put to sleep. It was a hard decision to make as up until recently she did not seem ill at all... But mostly because of the small chance of her healing up well (if surviving surgery at all, piggies are just so fragile), we decided to have her put to sleep. She went to sleep very fast, and we were sad, but also hoping we made the right choice in stopping her suffering.

Roos was a gift from me to Erwin for his birthday 4 years ago. We had her for exactly 4 years, she was 4,5 years old, as she was put down the evening before Erwin's birthday. She was one of the sweetest piggies we have ever had. I remember the lady we got her from telling us, she was very tame. I wondered why she said that, because she seemed very afraid of us at first, not tame at all. However when she got used to us she was really a sweet thing. We could pet her in the cage, and she did the cutest thing. If you stopped petting her, usually she had lain down already enjoying the massage, she would lift up her head as if to say 'Don't stop!'. Towards the other piggies she could be quite strict, after Woopy left us, she was the new ruler, with a bit of an iron paw. But she could also be really sweet snuggling with Peaches (a lot!). This surprised me as well, because when we just got Peaches, Roos would chase her around endlessly...

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Here's some more pigtures and video's of Roos... we miss ya!

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A photo posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

A video posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

An old line up: Lily, Roos (a few months old there), Daisy and Woopy

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday video: Guinygirlz morning feeding ritual

Mom filmed us getting our morning piece of veggie today...

We were pretty well behaved, sometimes we fall over each other, and lean on the others back to be higher up and run against the window to get to the veggies first. Tijger will start doing spins when she gets impatient.. but today we behaved for the video.

How does your morning ritual look? We would love to see little videos of it.

Have great Wheekend,
the Guinygirlz and boar Berke