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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Piggy A - Z. F is for Friend

We have not been able to take any pigtures for the blog until today as Slave has been out and about and she took her camera with her but today she is at work again so we have pigtures to share.

Us piggies are social animals and, much as we appreciate the love of a kind Slave, nothing beats the friendship of another piggy.

Someone with whom to share a pile of grass.

Fernando and Martin on the left.

And after eating, a post prandial nap with our best friend.

Here, on the right, are Otto and Niamh fast asleep.

As always, we would love to see your pigtures. Follow the instructions on our Contribute button at the top of our page. It is very easy.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Fans

We hate the winter, when the grass struggles to grow and we have to be indoors all the time because it is too wet and cold so we are reminiscing today.

It does not get hot very often in England but we do have a few days when it is too warm for us ( and for Slave ) so we have lots of fans around the house to keep us all cool.

In the pig room ( Slave calls it her conservatory but there are nearly as many piggies in it as plants ) we have a ceiling fan as the roof is glass and it lets in too much heat. Here it is.

It is nice and quiet and is also our light at night.

We also have several floor fans and you can see one of them below.
The towels stop us being in a draught but the cool air can circulate. That is me, Louis Piggyfriend, eating from my bowl. Otto and Niamh live next door to me but they are behind the towel and you cannot see them.

Slave tells us that, on milder days, the grass is beginning to grow but that it is very muddy in the garden after the snow has melted and we have had a lot rain today but we all look forward to going out to pick our own grass in the summer.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Frozen!

"Come and look out of the window," calls Niamh Piggyfriend. "Everything is frozen!"

"Where has our grass gone?" ask the rest of the Piggyfriends. " We cannot see it at all."

"Don't worry," replies Otto.  "That white stuff is called snow. It is just frozen rain. It does not happen very often here but I can remember seeing it when I was a piglet."

" When it gets warmer, it will all melt and we will be able to see our garden again. In the meantime, Slave has bought us bags of veggies to eat."

We expect that lots of readers are used to snow in winter but it is a novelty to us in SE England. We know that Aunty Pat's Prairie Piggies have loads of snow in winter.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Freaking out in the bath.

Slave decided that it was time for me, Carter Piggyfriend and my friends, Saoirse and Aoife to have a shampoo. Some of us enjoy this and some do not as you will see from the following photos.

This is me ( above ). I love a shampoo and you can see me relaxing in the bath whilst the lather from the shampoo does its stuff.
On the other hand, some pigs "F for Freak out" when it is bath time and above you can see my friends who, after several laps of the bath that Slave calls the "Wall of Death" have tried to hide in a rolled up rubber bath mat. You might think that sows would take a pride in their appearance and appreciate a spa treatment but not these two.

Afterwards we were all bundled up in soft towels to dry off. You can only just see me but my girls have buried themselves in the towels and you will have to take my word for it that they are there. Instead of them, here is a plug for our F for Favourite shampoo. Wonderful for piggies and all pets.

And here I am, back in my pen, nice and clean and F for Fluffy. I think that I will tear a bit more from my box. I do enjoy some F for Fun.
Here is Saoirse recovering from the shock of that bath.
And here is Aoife. They enjoy tearing up the boxes too as you can see.Luckily there seems to be an infinite supply of new ones. I wonder where they come from?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

F is for Fugly

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while may remember many years ago when Fugly AKA Agent F started the original blog on Wordpress. Following his untimely crossing of the rainbow bridge the blog under supervision of Spooky AKA Agent Ghost was moved to Blogger and the Guinygirlz joined the blogging team, most recently the Piggypals have joined us and together we provide regularish blog posts.

Anyway after the history lesson back to the main event we thought we would share some pigtures of Fugly just to remind everyone what he looked like.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

F is for don't FORGET to FEED us

Just in case the humans forget to feed us we have grouped together and are wheeking full volume at them.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Video F is for Fun

We are not sure if our link has worked as it has been a while since we lasted posted a video however you should be able to see Hugo and Rodney playing.

Playing with the edible ball.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Friends and Family

Everyone reading our blog will know that guinea pigs love company and we should always be kept in pairs or more.We have several pairs of brothers and sisters here at Piggyfriends but today we received some photos from our Pigpenpals in Connecticut so we thought that we would share one with you.

Above you can see Mama Rin with her daughters, Nico and Maki. There are more photos of this family that we will show you in future A-Z posts and we are promised a video too.

We are sorry that we have been remiss in posting since we did the Taste Tests but Slave has been sick and Niamh has needed a lot of attention with an abscess ( clearing up now - all paws crossed ) and we could not reach the drawer in Slave's desk where her camera lives.

If you have any photos of your piggies with their friends or family, we would love to see them. Use the Contribute tab at the top of our page and use the title A Piggy A-Z etc. the same as we have typed at the top of this post.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. E is for Edvard Munch

Hi!  I'm Edvard Munch, and I live with the Prairie Pigs in Western Canada.  I'm named after a famous Norwegian painter. I'm not very artistic, but I am excellent at munching, so I think that might be why Slave thought that was a good name for a piggy.

Here I am, admiring the most famous painting by that other Edvard Munch, the human one.  It's called The Scream: that's how I feel when the snacks are late!

Speaking of snacks and munching, here I am enjoying my favourite treat: yellow pepper.  Yum!

And here I am with my pal Guinness.  We live next door to each other and share a hay rack.  Guinness is a very calm and thoughtful older piggy who is happy to share his boarly wisdom with me while we are munching away on either side of the hay rack.  His eyes really are that colour!

Now that you've heard from one Prairie Pig, stay tuned for some of my friends who will be reporting in soon when the piggy alphabet project gets to their letter of the alphabet.  Faith and Guinness are already working on their own stories!

In the meantime, are there any other "E" piggies out there?  Esmeralda or Ezekiel possibly?  Check the "Contribute" button at the top of this page --- it's easy and fun to post your own story.  Every piggy deserves their moment in the sun, and who doesn't love looking at pigtures of other people's piggies???

Monday, May 29, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. E is for Escaping!

When we go on missions for Undercover Piggies, we need a strategy so that our Slave does not realise that we have gone out. Here are two examples of how we escape.......

 "Tyrion has asked me to go out on a mission when we have finished our grass, Niamh." says Otto. "Can you cover for me whilst I am gone? When people were on lookout, they used to say that they were "keeping cave" and it was pronounced cavy. I think that it might have been Latin." " That's alright Otto, " says Niamh. " I can keep on being a cavy whilst you go out. What disguise do we have?" " I will get Slave's beret. It is hot outside so she will not be wanting it." says Otto.

" No one will notice that this is not Agent Mystery sitting beside me," says Niamh," and I have eaten all the grass. I can keep on being a cavy for as long as he needs. I am not sure that I understood that but Otto is much cleverer than me. That is why I am not an Agent."

" Isn't it exciting, Lulu?" says Mimi. " Tyrion is allowing us to go out on a mission on our own. I am not sure that he really trusts us to behave but we will show him that we are not always Divas."
" Speak for yourself  Mimi," says Lulu. " We will need to find stand ins when we have eaten our grass."

" I think that these two fit the bill nicely," says Mimi. " Do you think that Slave will be fooled?" " She may be surprised that they do not eat that grass, " replies Lulu, " but Slaves cannot be that bright or they would not spend all that time looking after us when they could be eating."

So Agents Mystery and Diva 1 and Diva 2 escape from Piggyfriends to bring back reports from the outside world.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Video: E is for Eating

Here is a quick video of us eating some freshly picked grass and dandelions, Mummy has promised if the good weather lasts we will be allowed into the garden to pick/eat our own. Watch out for Hugo throwing the grass over himself.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Piggy A-Z. E is for Endive

We have to confess that we, the Piggyfriends, have never been given this vegetable but it was suggested by our fellow bloggers so here is a photo of it courtesy of the Guinygirlz and Berke ( whose name should have an accent but we haven't got one on our laptop ).

Who's that little one?

We thought that it looked a bit like frisee lettuce, which we sometimes have so the Guinygirlz have tried  to describe what the difference is. They say that frisee is a lot more crunchy (like lettuce should be) and Endive leaves are bigger (about 20 cm long) getting smaller in the middle of the Endive. Frisee is frilly all over, Endive is just frilly at the end (green part) of the leaves.
We Googled Endive and some of the images shown were of chicory ( which we love ) so we were confused.

The Guinygirlz and Berke like Endive, though it can be a bit bitter, so there definitely is a link with chicory somewhere. They get their humans to rinse the sand off the leaves, the sand being mostly in between the outer leaves.

Their humans eat it too, mostly in summer, in a mash (of potatoes) with raw Endive because if you cook it it becomes really bitter. In their quest to find the difference, the Guinygirlz found on a dutch website that Frisee is just curly Endive, making us all more confused...

If any of you readers like Endive do post in our comments section and let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Monday, September 12, 2016

D is for Dynamic Duo..

You have heard of Batman and Robin now meet...F1 and Barbie

Any other Dynamic Duos out there? We would love to hear from you!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Piggy A-Z. D is for Dermisol and Diva Pigs

Hello readers! We are Lulu and Mimi Piggyfriend. Agent leader Tyrion has finally allowed us, with misgivings, to be Agents. He calls us his Divas so that is what we are going to be known as - the Diva Agents 1 and 2. We are not sure which of us is 1 and which is 2. We are sisters and are easily confused.

He won't let us go out on a mission as he says that we are too noisy so we have been allowed to get as far as the sofa and we are going to tell you about Dermisol.

Slave does not have the box anymore so you cannot see the name but this is a tube of Dermisol. It is an antiseptic cream for use on wounds. She says that it is especially good for use on an abscess ( ooh nasty! ) and that it comes in a liquid form too. The liquid can be drawn up into a syringe, which can be inserted into a cavity. Sounds like useful stuff to have in our first aid kit.

"Hey Mimi, where do you think that you are going? If you can't sit still for a photoshoot then you are going to be Agent Diva 2 and I will be No.1" says Lulu.

"If being an Agent means that we get paid in chicory, then I am all for it," says Lulu. "Maybe we can even learn to be quiet and sneak up on humans."

"Slave is going on holiday next week so we have time to practice," says Lulu. " We might be able to take a picture of our pigsitter."

" How was that, Tyrion?" "Not bad for the first time," he replies, " but Mimi could do better at sitting still!"

"It is alright for you, Tyrion. You are a Peruvian and they always sit still".

Friday, July 22, 2016

Piggy A-Z: D for donation made to the Excellent Adventure Sanctuary in Northampton!

As mom was a bit to early with the friday video yesterday (Maybe it was friday already in Australia?), we have some other news to share with you today!

A donation of 46.66 USD was made today to the excellent adventure sanctuary in Northampton, UK!

Thank you to everyone who bought a game and/or supplied a pigture, for making another donation possible!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Piggy A-Z. D for Daktarin

After the excitement of voting for our favourite shelter, it is back to the Piggy A-Z.

Today it is D for Daktarin. When piggies have had dental work, sometimes their mouths are sore and this is where Daktarin comes in.

I am Louis Piggyfriend and I came here with overgrown molars so I need occasional trips to the Rodentologist who trims them.
I have put on weight since my arrival now that I can eat properly. Here is a tube of Daktarin. Slave squeezes a blob onto a cotton bud ( shown here ) and swabs it around my mouth. It stops my mouth feeling sore and it tastes good too.

I don't know if it available in other countries ( we live in England ) but I do hope so. Slave buys it at the pharmacy as it is made for humans.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Piggy A-Z C is for Charity: Vote for TEAS

What is TEAS?
The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary (TEAS) was established in 2011, to provide permanent care for guinea pigs with additional needs, chiefly dental. We are lucky to have two exceptional vets nearby, who are both knowledgeable and skilled in guinea pig dentistry, with many success stories to their names. It is for this reason that we exist, as the only dental sanctuary in the country.

We are currently HMRC registered, in the process of applying for registered charity status. It has always been important to us to be registered as we wanted everything we do to be official and transparent, rather than just be a ‘back yard’ operation.

Where are we located?
Contrary to popular belief, TEAS is not a large, multi-staffed centre.
The charity is run predominantly by Debbie from her modest, semi detached house in East Hunsbury, Northampton, which is where all the hard work happens. Additional permanent places and supportive care are provided from another modest, semi detached house in West Hunsbury, Northampton.

Who runs TEAS?
There are currently four individuals who form the board and are involved in the decision making at TEAS, two of whom work directly with the pigs. The day to day running of the charity and care is carried out primarily by Debbie Postles, who
accommodates the majority of the residents at her home. Emma and Andrew Hartley currently have nine permanent residents at their home. Steve Turner is the TEAS Sanctuary Treasurer.

What do we do?
As well as providing care for poorly piggies, the board members of TEAS also have to make time for full time, paid employment

No mention of TEAS would be complete without mentioning the Lethals.
A Lethal is usually the product of breeding where both parents have the Roan gene. The result in 25% of offspring is a Lethal which usually suffers blindness, deafness and often has dental issues. There can also be other physicsl issues.
TEAS was founded on looking after Lethals and currenly has 10 Lethals as permanent Residents.
With loving care they can enjoy as long as any normal Guinea Pig.

Stanley came to the Sanctuary from The Littlest Rescue in Bristol, who had rescued several
lethal pigs. Stanley was sent to TEAS because of the specialist veterinary treatment he is likely to need.
Stanley lives with Albert and Basil.

Permanent Residents
Archie - Archie came to the Sanctuary from Cavy Corner. The vet in Doncaster had said he had lost the swallow reflex and he was booked in to be pts. He was brought to see Simon as a last ditch attempt to get help for him, and he began to make progress. Archie lived a wonderful life, but needed ongoing dental care. He survived two abscesses, but his health began to fail over Easter and he was pts. This was almost two years to the day he had been booked in for euthanasia in Doncaster.

Kevin - Kevin was brought to the Sanctuary after being found with his brother Perry in a back garden and taken to BARC. He was in a dreadful state and weighed just 365g. After just three dental treatments from Simon he was fully recovered and is now a strong, healthy piggie, weighing 1.1 kg.

Temporary Residents
Skye - Skye travelled from Wrexham to the Sanctuary to enable her to receive treatment from Simon and the supportive care the Sanctuary offers. She made steady progress and returned home within three weeks.

Cornflake - Cornflake travelled from Exeter. He was a very poorly boy when he arrived but after the first dental treatment he began to eat for himself, and after two more treatments he was ready to return home.

Rose - Rose travelled from Cardiff. She had just started to develop a head tilt in addition to her dental issues and by the time she arrived at the Sanctuary her eye was also starting to bulge. She was immediately seen by Simon who diagnosed a retrobulbar abscess and he feared she may lose her eye. He added lubrication and stitched the affected eye closed and treated her dental issues. Rose needed three further dental treatments and the swift action to close the eye meant her eye was saved. She returned home after spending 6 weeks at the Sanctuary.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Piggy A - Z. D is for Dandelion.

We expect that you are all familiar with dandelions. Our Slave grows them for us in her garden. Here is a photo of some growing in her herb garden.
Most gardeners would consider them weeds but our Slave scatters the seed heads around to ensure that there are always plenty for us to eat. She also brings them home from clients' gardens.

Here is a bunch that she has picked.

They wilt very quickly but when there are guinea pigs around, this is not a problem.

Here is Roisin Piggyfriend enjoying a flower.
And then a leaf.
Gandalf ( Agent Wizard ) loves dandelions.
And so does his best friend, Tyrion.
Our dandelions are very safe to eat as our Slave never uses any chemicals in her garden but if your Slave picks them make sure that they have not been sprayed with anything nasty.

We wish that we could have them all year round but, in England, they are only available from Spring to Autumn so we make the most of them whilst we can.

Do you like Dandelions? Do you have a piggy whose name begins with D for our A - Z? If so, we'd love to see a pigture and a story. Click on Contribute at the top of our page and follow the very easy instructions.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Piggy A-Z: C is for Cranberry

Regular readers may have noticed that whenever our water bottle appears in a pigture our water is red in colour, this is because Mummy adds cranberry to the water for us.

Mummy uses Ocean Spray Light cranberry juice as this has less sugar. So why does Mummy add cranberry to our water? Well first of it is a good source of vitamin C and secondly it can help prevent urinary infections which piggies can be prone to. Sadly it does nothing for stones. Mummy fills about a 1/4 of the bottle with Cranberry juice and the rest with water.

So do we like our water? Mummy noticed we actually drink more cranberry flavoured water than normal plain water.

Here is what our water looks like

Here is what we were doing while Mummy took the pigture