Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Piggies of the month: Revy and Abby roo

Just in time before the end of the month November: 
our calendar piggies are Revy and Abby-Roo of the CaliCavyCollective.

Be sure to visit their website:


Ahoy! Revy here along with my sidekick Abby-Roo. I was quite excited to be chosen as this month's calendar piggy - even if I do have to share it with my cage mate. Now, onto the story of how we got our names and Undercover Agent aliases...

I received my name from my foster mom at Orange County Cavy Haven guinea pig rescue. My feisty, domineering personality and rocking awesome eye patch reminded her of a pirate. While casting about for names of female pirates she came up with Revy. The name stuck. My forever home humans had some thoughts of renaming me but realized Revy was the perfect name once the new home shyness wore off and my charming true self emerged. Good thing too, because I certainly didn't fancy being stuck as yet another "Oreo". Naturally, it followed that my undercover alias became Agent Pirate. 

My first mate Abby-Roo (yes, she is currently my only shipmate.. my plans for crew expansion and naval domination shall commence as soon as I finish devouring this lettuce leaf.. and that one... and what's left of hers... oh, and take a nap...) landed at a local shelter with the unfortunate name of Sonic. Our humans met her at Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue and recruited her to be my ship - er, cage mate. Both agreed that her name had to go as she did not in any way resemble a blue male hedgehog. A flurry of increasingly absurd potential names followed: Lily, Jasmine, Brie, Frosting, Popcorn, Barley, and even Tofu were considered before they finally went to have lunch. Needless to say, I was snickering in my pigloo.

After a good meal (and the return of common sense), they finally settled on Abby-Roo, short for Abyssinian Peruvian. They thought Roo also suited her because her rooster tail-like butt fluff kept smacking me in the face. I may or may not have tried to bite it a few times but that is another story. They gave her the undercover alias of Agent Kermodei because her ivory coat reminded them of the white spirit bears that live in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.

And there you have it! Agent Pirate, reporting out.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Video... We Takeover :)

Well it seems the Winky team have been too busy to post a Friday video today which suits us just fine as we want to share this one

Yes its an advert for coffee but at around 17 seconds the guinea pig singer kicks in, whenever we hear this advert on the TV we all stop what we are doing and sing along

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Video: Kitten Therapy

We have just one question? Why hasn't anyone filmed guinea pigs making their owners happy and relaxed? Our J relaxes when she hears us munching hay or when we snuggle up to her.

Have a stress-free Wheekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Are Back!!!

Finally at long last we have internet connection again and will be back with you regularly hurray.

The bad news is we have yet to find the camera so we cant show you any pigtures of our new green area

Even worse news since we have moved in it has done nothing but rain, Mummy says this means we will have even better grass to munch when it does stop but we really want to be exploring outside...

Daddy says its freezing outside, maybe we don't want to go out just yet...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends. The Epilogue

Hi all,

Sorry this post is so late, mum is ill and totally forgot to post this for auntie Penny.

The Guinygirlz: Woopy, Roos and Berke
and the new girl...


The builders have finished today just in time for Slave's birthday. Here is a picture of the outside of our room. If you enlarge it you can just see some of our pens on the right hand side.

And here is another one of the back of our room.

We are all very pleased that everything is back to normal again. It has taken a very long time, much longer than it should have but we hope that you have enjoyed our little story.

Cast list is as follows....... 
Bosworth was played by Agent Plantagenet
Florence was played by Agent Firenze
Angelina was played by Agent Mouse.
Lotte and Lola were played by Agents 88
Susie was played by Agent Gemini
Otto was played by Agent Mystery
Garnet was played by Agent Big Red
Petunia was played by Agent Flower
Polo was played by Agent Minty
Dorian was played by Agent Silver Streak
Gandalf was played by Agent Wizard.
Max, Tyrion and Rafferty were played by themselves.

Director and Chief Photographer was Agent Firenze.
Catering by our Slave.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Video: Dear Kitten

First of all, our apologies that we didn't post a video last wheek. But we were really busy and Agent Yougie and Popcorn's pigtures were just sooo cute, that we thought it wouldn't be that bad to give them the spotlight on our blog for a bit longer (thank you, agents! You really saved our furry behinds there)

Have a nice Wheekend!

P.s. Indeed Woopy, Roos and Berke, there is something stirring in the Winky team haystack
P.p.s. two somethings actually ;-)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

This and that

Hi all,

There are two things our slaves asked us to share.

First, Mieke will not make an Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar for 2015.
We haven't recieved much replies yet, thank you to the ones who did send in pigtures.
And if our slave is honest, it really is quite some work, and she decided to not do it this year, maybe next year...

Secondly, we had word from M and the boys. They have succesfully moved house!

The boys now have a great patch of grass for summer! Unfortunately they don't have a good internet connection yet, that will take a few more weeks.
They are all doing well.

Wheeks and piggy kisses,
Woopy, Roos and Berke

p.s. There seems to be a piggy around that looks a bit like our beloved agent F....

p.s. 2 Auntie J, of Bo and Ties, keeps sending pigtures to mom as well, she keeps ooh-ing and aah-ing... What would that be about?