Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Video: Pets 101

This week Animal Planet's 101 on Guinea Pigs

Allthough we like this video for it's high quality and cute actors, we'd like to mention that we don't agree with the advice to spay or neuter the pig. We only recommend that when you intend to house a male with a female(s) in one cage. And even then, we'd only recommend neutering the male, since operating on him is far less invasive compared to a female. Guinea pigs aren't like cats and dogs who can escape out of the house and meet a nice stray companion for the night.

So.. with that all said, have a nice Wheekend!!!

p.s. If there are other things that they didn't get quite right or you would like to elaborate on. Please write them down below in the comment section (because we do think are some other little things..).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wheee Got Rained On

Whee dont know about you guys but we had never seen rain until Sunday, we know it makes a noise on the windows when its heavy but we didnt know it was wet.

Sunday was lovely and sunny so Mummy let us go out to mow the lawn we had been out for about an hour when suddenly all this wet stuff fell on us from the sky.

Me being the brave boy that I am, ran and hid in our tent while Hector stood there looking up with a bemused expression on his face.

Mummy looked at the sky and told us it was rain and would pass soon and that we could stay out until it passed WHAT!!

Anyway we hid out in the tent for about 10 minutes and it did stop, how did Mummy know it would? and then the sun was back out and we could get back to munching.

So what did you guys do at the weekend?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suus and Dunya's citytrip : The Hague - part 4

Hey Mister, can I sit on your lap?

Wow... the Queen sure has a big.. eh.. Palace... Look how tiny we are, standing in front of it. We should show this pigture to Princess Snowflake and Prince Teddy. Maybe their slaves can build something similar.

 In front of the palace, next to the statue of william the silent, the girls found some more plants.. 'This isn't tasty at all!! And I'm hungry again!!'

Hello Queen Wilhelmina, do you happen to know a place nearby where we can get some lunch? The nice queen directed them to a hofje (which is a Dutch word for a courtyard with almshouses around it)

 Mjwhwmmm... excellent salad bar!
And ow.. the scenery is nice too

 And then it was time to go home because the two little pigs were very tired.
While they sat in the tram on their way back home, they had big smiles on their faces.
'That sure was a great day, Suus!'
'Yes it was, Dunya'

The End
Want to see what went on behind the scenes?
Click on the Pigture below

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Video: The Guinea Pig Song

We love this cute little song! We'll probably end up singing it for the entire wheekend.

Have a nice wheekend!!

p.s. If it doesn't work displayed within our blog, here's the link

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mystery Agent G

Meet out latest Undercover Agent, he has chosen the name Agent G as in G force and because his real name starts with a G.

Agent G is the latest member (that we know of lol) of a mixed herd in Illinois, he is already a SCAMP (Senior Citizen Aging Miracle Pig) being 5 years old, he has recently found his new home where he will live out his days in peace and quiet, well apart from when he is busy doing his undercover work.

Clues to his real name - Its a German name meaning rule of the spear
It is very similar to the name of a famous French actor with a distinctive nose

Get Guessing.......

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Suus and Dunya's citytrip : The Hague - part 3

'That sure was a nice snack' sighed Dunya. Lets take a rest at the Prison gate.

They walked further along the Court Pound.
The guy you see in the back is Johan van Oldenbarneveld.
'Who is he?'.. 'Jee, I don't know..'
Well okay, let's go to the Lange Voorhout square. It says in the tourist guide that there are a lot of trees on it.

Hmmmmm!! This silvery thing looks like it's edible!!!!

The silvery thing turned out to be an art piece and not that edible at all.
Here you can see Dunya posing in front of art that was a pile of grass (with a statue)
This cleary is an artist who appreciates the important things in life.

'Dunya! I'm getting tired! Aren't we finished yet?'
'No Suus, we haven't seen Queen's Beatrix's hutch yet. I've heard she lives here.'

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Video: I Geek Guinea Pigs

The Geek the Library campaign was made to let people know how important libraries are. In the campaign they have different humans telling about their (geeky?) hobbies and the role libraries play in it. This cute video features Butterscotch, a library pig, and one of her humans. The very cute girl Maddie.

Sigh.. did we mention our J is a librarian and that she went abroad for a week?  When she is away, she always manages to find guinea pigs.. I guess that we're doing the same ;-)

Have a nice wheekend!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Guinygirlz Photoshoot

We had our picture taken some weeks ago, slaves always do that around Woopy's birthday, this time it was already her 4th birthday! The others are now 2 years old (Lily and Daisy) and 0 years old (Roos is now 6 months old).
Slave would love to share our pigtures as she adores us...

Lily a la Bing
Lily lying down
Lily looking up (typical 'lily-pose')
She always sticks her nose up like this after being petted.
It's like she is asking for more petting :)
Roos, I think she was never officially introduced (!)
This is our Agent in training, she is now as heavy as Woopy,
So it won't be long before she reaches a whole Kilo (1000 grammes)
Group pigture: Lily, Roos, Daisy and Woopy

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

More LOLpigz

The Cali Cavy Collective gathered more LOLpigz pigtures. There were so many we decided to make a new post out of it. Thank you Cali Cavies!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suus and Dunya's citytrip : The Hague - part 2

Where to go next? According to Suus' little touristguide there used to be a veggie garden on Plein ('the square'). Of course the girls had to check it out.

Unfortunately, there are only a lot of big buildings like the Department of Justice on Plein and a lot of bars. And it's too early to get a carrot beer. 
Lets go and see if we can get something to eat somewhere else.

Now they wander into the Binnenhof ('Inner Court'). This is where the Dutch Governement works. Maybe they have some leftovers for us?

Hello Mr. Balkenende ((former) Dutch Prime Minister), 
do you have some veggies for us?
Hmmm.. no answer...

Hey Suus, there is a fountain. Lets get something to drink.
Heehee.. it's a good thing we didn't bring Igor ;-)

Yum! These flowers look kinda tasty..

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Video: Pet Interviews

This wheek a tip from auntie Mieke. It's an interview with a guinea pig.
We love the message in this video:

Pets need a Pal to talk to
Yeah we do! And sniff butts, steal each other's vegetables, make a pile of pigs in a tiny tiny house.. human butts just aren't the same ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

British designer makes guinea pig silver rings

Hi there!

My name is Holly and, i thought this guinea pig ring i made might interest your blog readers?
I have recently begun creating silver jewellery and this is my first piece: An original design by A Little Stranger, handmade in .999 fine silver. Two tiny guinea pigs on-top a plain band. Each guinea pig is a teeny 11mm long.

I am a full time artist / designer working from my studio in London, UK. I am also the creator of super cute plush line (based on my pet guinea pigs!) Cavey. I mostly work with plush, with a bit of sculpting/model making thrown in, and, more recently, fine silver jewellery making.

Thanks :)