Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleeping Method - Trust your friend

Leave your best friend to guard the veggies, safe in the knowledge that he will have saved some for you to eat when you wake up again........won't he?

Sleeping Method: Curled Up Like A Croissant

Agent PorkChop and Agent Lettuce are the masters of this method. Agent Porkchop goes for the flop down wherever you are, curl round slightly while shoving yourself over onto your side then stick out one of your little back paws and wait for cooing noises and squeals of delight from the humans.
Agent Lettuce favours finding a fold in her towel or duvet to lean her little head against, then she curls round and onto her chunky little side, sticking out one or both back paws and sometimes front paws too.

Both pigs then fall into a deep sleep with eyes unfocused, mouth and ears twitching. When woken up make sure you look around grumpy at being disturbed.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dido Update

Update on Dido, Agent Lettuce.

First Off, thank you everyone for the advice on how to help my little angel, she is an awful lot better. I have been dissolving part of a vitamin C tablet in water and adding it to her Critical Care, she loves it and hops all over her cage, my bed, the sofa, or however she is sitting on when she decides it is time for more food. She is nibbling on her hay and pellets and we have another appointment with the vet tomorrow to check on her progress. I wish she would chew on some of her chew toys to help wear down her teeth but she is such a brat! 

Sleeping Method Flat Out

Step one find a comfy spot

Step two lay out as flat as you can making sure your bum is facing the humans

Step three sweet dreams......

Agent Tiny

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Needed!

Hi Secret Agent Guinea Pigs and human slaves of guinea pigs,

Followers of our Twitter feeds probably know that Dido has been having severe dental problems, today the vet put her on Critical Care Fine Grind. I've been doing my research on this and it does not seem to have a vitamin C supplement. Can anyone recommend a good Vit C supplement to add to the Critical Care? I would rather avoid giving her pureed veg as I don't want to over-load her fluids as the Critical Care is diluted in water, so any recommendations would be much appreciated.



Piggysnap; Late Comer Blonde and White Piggy

Meet Mystery Agent Mango

Agent Mango

Hi all, I am Agent Mango. I am a blond and white girl who loves to eat. Although I am one of the youngest in my collective, I am quickly making my way to becoming the heaviest of the group at 1000 grams. Not bad for a pig who is only eight months old! My favorite activity in the world is eating. And my favorite foods include romaine lettuce, red lettuce, green lettuce, corn husks, parsley, watermelon, carrots, celery, and just about anything else I can get my paws on! Sometimes, my life is just so confusing because I simply don’t know where to begin eating… My real name is not mango, but another fruit that is similarly colored to the inside of a mango.

Here is a link to the other blonde and white piggies in the piggysnap

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hay Review 9

The 9th hay we have been sampling is Burgess Chamomile Hay this is a treat hay its timothy hay and chamomile mixed together in a 500g bag.

This cost Mummy about £2.49 but that was before VAT went up (what is VAT and what does it have to do with hay??)

Me and the Hamster, ok ok, Iron Hamster loved this hay its fresh and greeny yellow and it smells nice and yummy too.

Mummy says its funny coz chamomile is meant to be relaxing for humans and after we have had our chamomile hay we are really chilled out.

We rate this hay 8 out of 10

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guinea pig Phone case

Well, mom made a case for her new phone, she's so proud of it cause it's got guinea pigs on it...
These humans have the weirdest hobbies...
Lily'explorer, Agent Wheeker, Lil'Woop and Agent Valentino

Friday, February 18, 2011

Veggie of the Week; Cantaloupe Melon

Ok so technically this is a fruit but so are tomatoes so we are including it.

Cantaloupe Melon

Slice of Cantaloupe Melon

We have only been allowed Cantaloupe Melon as it was on special offer at Tesco and Mummy likes a bit of melon herself.

We were given the slice in the pigture above, this was cut in half for us, Mummy gives it to us with the rind on but then takes the rind away when we have eaten the orange bit sometimes she is not quick enough and we eat the rind as well, so any of you know if we are allowed to eat the rind? I can report we were fine but it would be good to know.

Next I show you how to eat Cantaloupe Melon...

Step 1 Grab It From The Food Bowl

Step 2 Hide Under The Mezzanine Floor And Eat It

Here is what Guinealynx say about Cantaloupe Melon

GUINEA LYNX' Veg & Fruit Chart 10 Calorie Quantities

Vegetable g/10 cal Sugar mg Ca mg Ca:P P mg Mg mg K mg Na mg Vit_A RAE Vit_C mg
29 2.31 2.65 0.6:1 4.41 3.5 78.53 4.71 49.71 10.79

Phosphorus = P
Magnesium = Mg
Potassium = K
Sodium = Na

Here is what we have found out about Cantaloupe Melon;
1)High in vitamin C
2)Low Calcium so ok for stone piggies
3)Can be fed 2-3 times a week
4)High in sugar so only feed in small amounts

Do you like Cantaloupe Melon?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing Agents PorkChop and Smudge

Hello fellow pigs, we have been told about this website by our cousin, Agent Lettuce. We are a pair of 4 year old sows who live with our Mummy (the twin of Mopsy, slave of Dido). We don't like doing very much apart from being cuddled, destroying toys and screaming for spinach. You may call us Agent Porkchop (sister is chunky and Aunty Mopsy threatens to cook her) and Agent Smudge (I have a little black smudge over one nostril).
Onto guessing our names, my real name is inspired by one of my gorgeous features (let's face it, I am a stunning pig), namely my ears and is a colour.
Sister has a two word name, the first word is a rank in the armed forces (mummy was thinking of joining the army when we came to live with her). The second part of her name is a barnyard animal and part of the name of our species name English, Latin, French and German.

Thinking up clues is hard work so I'm going for a nap as demonstrated below by Porkchop.

Another Awesome Abby

Agent Speedy

Secret Agent Name : Speedy
Favorite Foods: all fruits and veggies; I love them all!
I run very fast! I love to run in and out of tunnels and
jump into my corner hanging hut. I'm not great at hiding
as I don't stay in one place for very long. If you see a
pig running at the speed of light, it's me.

Agent Speedy is the latest addition to a mixed herd in New York, her real name rhymes with that of a famous elephant.

Get guessing

Monday, February 14, 2011

Piggy Snap; Awesome Abby's

Agent Incognito

Agent Gingerbread

Back in November Agent Gingerbread promised an introduction to follow the photo, we havent had one yet, so Agent Gingerbread please add your introduction and clues to real name in the comments section (wink)

Mystery Agent Java

I am Agent Java, a tricolored Abyssinian with patches of white, red, and golden agouti fur. My favorite foods include green bean, watermelon, grapes, dried corn husks, and carrot tops. I particularly love alfalfa hay and beet leaves (along with other pig foods that I am not allowed to eat very often because my slaves/”owners” are very strict with my diet)! My favorite pastimes include enjoying grass under the warm California sun, snoozing in my cuddle cup, using other piggies as my personal pillows, and finding ways to outsmart my slaves. This is because I am nearing six years old, and am very smart and mischievous. See example below, when I startled them by stealing a slice of delicious watermelon off their fork!

Mystery Agent Magician

I am Agent Magician, the newest addition to the Californian Collective. I am also a tricolored Abyssinian who has patches of white, cream, and lemon agouti. My absolute favorite foods ever are dandelion greens and corn husks. In my spare time, I love to munch on grass outdoors and jump in tubs of fresh hay. I also enjoy getting my chin petted. My agent name is Magician because it is a clue to my real name and because I like to disappear in my cage (by hiding underneath the layers of fleece, but shh don’t tell anyone).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hamster Has Reached Agent Weight

Well Mummy weighed us both this morning and the Hamster weighs 1001g so he can officially become an agent like the Lil girls he is under a year old about 8.5 months.

He had some funny ideas about choosing his own agent name, we saw a film recently about a human who put on an iron suit to become Iron Man and save the world, well silly Hamster thought he could be Iron Pig.

After several heated discussions we have comprised on the agent name Iron Hamster.

Baby Hamster

Agent Iron Hamster

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guinygirlz DIY cage: Hobbyglass cage

Building a Hobby glass cage, owned by Agents Lily'explorer, Lil'woop, Agent Wheeker and Agent Valentino
- 5 hobby glass sheets (for example: 2 50x50cm sheets for the sides, 3 150x150cm sheets for back, bottom and front. In the Netherlands Hobby glass is also know as plexi glass, it is not real glass, but hard plastic.
- 2 sizes (small and bigger) of corner strips (we used plastic)
- hard plastic glue

The following pictures show you what is in our cages. from bottom to top.
By the way we also have a top floor that is not really in the pictures, we'll ask slaves to write a post about that as well. The stairs in the pictures is used for getting to the top floor.
Our cage empty

A corner, picture taken so you can see the construction of smaller and bigger strips

Papers to soak up the fluids

Covered with drybed (shrank a bit in the washing machine)

Our improvisation brick staircase

the corner House

Willow 'twig' tunnel

Hanging Ikea 'hay' rack

Our Wooden hayrack

Our webcam (yes it's upside down ;)

Our netbook used for broadcasting us!

How to make:

- First: saw the corner strips to the right lengths. The biggest corner strips go on the outside of the cage. The smaller corner strips go on the inside of the cage. (see the picture on how we sawn our strips for the corners).

- Second :decide where to put which glass panel. Set them up in a way they are supported.

- third: start glueing the strips to the panels, first do the outsides, measure the space for the front panel, a small piece of glass panel will work for that, or use a smaller side panel. DO NOT leave the front panel in while waiting for the glue to dry when you want to be able to get the front panel out! Let the strips dry.

- fourth: glue the smaller strips on the inside of the cage. Again measure the space needed for the front panel and get the panel out before the glue dries!

- Fifth: After all the glue has completely dried, this does take quite a long time, look in the desciption of the glue how long it needs. You can put the panel in, and put the cage in place.

Some points of attention:

When glueing make sure you put something beneath the glued pieces, so you do not get glue on your floor, table or whatever you have the cage on while assembling.

This cage is fairly stable, but not good to keep it in the middle of a room. A wall or two for support are very welcome. Our cage is in a corner with the back and one side supported!

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions let us know!

Our cage was made by mom and dad.

They want to make a step by step photo instruction for the next bigger cage they are planning to make for us...


Woopy, Lily, Daisy and Chico

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Veggie of the Week; Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce is also known as Cos Lettuce

A Whole Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce Leafs

Romaine lettuce is our favourite leafy vegetable I think.......

Mummy says its very useful because the leafs are soo big. When she cuts our nails Mummy uses a romaine leaf to distract us, while we are busy nibbling the leaf she can cut our nails no problem.... well that is the theory.

I am a good boy and nibble my romaine while my nails are cut only occasionaly kicking Mummy when she touches my back legs, The Hamster is very naughty he ignores the romaine and runs around scratching Mummy, she has to be really patient and sometimes Daddy has to help as well.

Next the Hamster shows you how to eat romaine lettuce

Step 1 Grab It Quick

Step 2 Stand On It So It Doesnt Escape

Here what Guinealynx says about Romaine Lettuce

GUINEA LYNX' Veg & Fruit Chart 10 Calorie Quantities

Vegetableg/10 calSugar mg Ca mgCa:P P mgMg mg K mg Na mg Vit_A RAE Vit_C mg
Lettuce, cos or romaine 59 0.7 19.41 1.1:1 17.65 8.2 145.29 4.71 256.47 14.12

Phosphorus = P
Magnesium = Mg
Potassium = K
Sodium = Na

My research has found that Romaine Lettuce is;
1) Low in vitamin C so feed with veggies that are high vitamin C
2) Low in calcium so ok for stone piggies
3) Can be fed daily hurray!!

No report about Romaine Lettuce would be complete without the legendary pigture of Agent F and his Romaine hat so here it is

So what do you think about Romaine Lettuce?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Girl in Town

Igor and Coco
It is I, Agent I, and I would like you all to meet my new cagemate Coco. She looks like chicory on legs (yum) and is only 6 months old. I selected her personally from a group of 4 lovely ladies at the shelter in Haarlem (if you click here you can maybe still see her pigture together with her sisters Yaya and Bibi.. yes, you read that correctly; sister of a Yaya..)


Her hobbies are popcorning and chasing me around the cage. When she sits on J's lap (the human) she really enjoys being petted and she stretches out sooo much that she looks like an enourmously hairy piggy puddle. She has red eyes and is a white and lilac coloured coronet guinea pig (a coronet is a longhaired pig with a single rosette on the top of her head).

 Without further ado, I give you mademoiselle Coco!! *drumroll*

Photo Coco:
Photo Igor and Coco: 

Agent Piggy Galore

Agent Piggy Galore (aka Yaya) went to the bridge on friday the 28th of Januari 2011.

Photo: Yaya a week before she went to the bridge, 
still very lively and vocal (edited with instagram)

During her life, Yaya was both a LAPS and a SCAMPS pig, and she was very proud of that. As she became older, she became more vocal and she never hesitated to put a young boar in his place during one of the GPDD virtual events (her cane was feared by all boars, especially Igor).

Her agent name was Piggy Galore.

This little lady was a very charming pig, and especially in her later years she became very good at putting her spell on innocent male humans (which included the vet).

Yaya, we miss you very much!

Igor and J

We Saw the Sun.............

for about 5 minutes and then it vanished again grrrrr

We liked the sun peeping through our window, we know that sun means playtime outside and fresh grass, so we were most upset when it went again.

Mummy said it was too cold and windy to go out anyway, so now we are sulking under our mezzanine floor.

Has anyone else seen the sun recently?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleeping Methods

We have decided on a new topic we can all join in with, your favourite sleeping methods.

We have a few so I am going to start with the squash the Hamster in the corner method;

Step 1 get the Hamster in the corner

Step 2 make sure he doesnt move

Step 3 lay down and sleep making use of the rest of the cage for your legs

Step 4 dream of food

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Undercover Guinea Pigs Question

What is Agent Weight and why is there a need for one?
I have several agent prospects who want to know!
Wheek! Thanks!


At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.    Lao Tzu

Yoga is learning to tolerate the consequences of being yourself.     Bhagavad Gita

Live a Love Beyond Imagining.    Lola Jones

Agents of the Month; February

Drum roll......................

The Agents of the Month are Lily Explorer and Agent Wheeker for reaching agent weight in less that 8 months.

Well done girls, keep up the good work.

PS the Hamster has nearly reached agent weight he was 980g on Saturday.