Monday, January 31, 2011

Piggy Snap; Even More Crested Piggies

Its an invasion LOL

Mystery Agents Addytude and Tiny

Addytude's favorite food is any food that her cage mate Amanda has first! LOL her favorite toy in the double hut in their cage as she likes to drive it around the cage. she weighs in at 1064 grams. She is a sweet heart and has a tude!! so her nick name we call her is Addytude!!

Tny's favorite food is carrot. His favorite passtime is taking the hay out of his bin and making a lovely bed out of it. He was the smallest pig when he first arrived here. I gave him the nick name "Tiny". He now weighs in at a hefty 1500 grams!! He is a very very gentle pig.

Addytude and Tiny are part of a mixed herd living in Illinois, Addytude's real name starts with an A and the first part sounds very similar to Addy the name is English in origin and means noble.

Tiny's real name is the same as the first part of a type of quilt made from little squares, you may remember I mixed him up with another agent a while ago ooooops.

Get guessing

Sunday, January 30, 2011


> Greetings my fellow secret Agents, Agent Lettuce here reporting on my crib. This is a smaller version of the pod I used to live in with my sister (R.I.P Agent Thumper). The most notable features are my beloved hut which I like to disguise with hay and my food bowls, 1 for dry food and 1 for wet food. Aunty Loosy puts lots of things in my pod, don't know why she bothers as I just ignore them. I get floortime every day and scamper about the bedroom, there are lots of things to explore and I like to gallop around as it annoys my Daddy.
> My pod is in Aunty Loosy's room, we have always lived in her room because we went to live with her when she was a student and our Uncle Ned was very nice but did tend to come home late at weekends and pick wah up. Boys are often silly, methinks.
> I also have a duvet (goose down from somewhere called Peter Jones) to cover my pod and keep me extra snug in winter!
> Agent Lettuce out

Agent Porkchop here, as you can see I am a stunning crested Guinea Pig, so I thought I would include my lovely self in the crested piggy snap!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Piggy snap: More Crested pigs

The black and white pig is Zoe.  She was adopted from the Medfield Animal
Shelter in Medfield, MA.
Tucked inside her was June to be born to much excitement at our house.
They are both crested piggies.

Piggy Snap; Crested Crackers

Well Agent F and his friends have been keeping an eye on the blog from the rainbow bridge and when Kip submitted his pigture he decided it was time for a crested piggy snap and there was no way he was letting us do it without him so here are the crested piggies.....

The One and Only Agent F

Agent F's Friend at the Rainbow Bridge

Anyone who has been a member of the digest for a while will recognise the Piggyfriends old Spokespig, who is now at the rainbow bridge with Agent F.

For those of you who dont recognise him he is very famous having a book written and a film made all about his travels, he is pleased Jack Black is playing him as he thinks Jack Black is a good piggy shape for a human.


We are still waiting for Kip to tell us his secret agent name (wink)

Mystery Agent Godiva

Greetings, I am known as Agent Godiva. My real name is something edible that Godiva is known for making. I am a crested piggy, with patches of red, golden agouti, and white. Personally, I think my most special feature is my white crest, because it looks as if I am wearing a crown, like royalty. Which I am, of course. If I could pick one food to have unlimited quantities of, it would most definitely be blueberries. Although I am shy, I can be very friendly once you get to know me. My favorite activity is grazing grass outdoors with my boss, Agent Java.

Godiva is taking being a secret agent very seriously and even I dont know her real name

Agent Ice Cream

And a special mention for Agent Ice Cream who is part of our black and white girls piggy snap but is very proud of her crest......

Hello. My name is Cornetto, aka Agent Ice Cream. I was called Cornetto because of my crest. I look like I've had an ice cream cone placed on my forehead and it's left a cone-shaped dent in my hair! I have the honour of being the only crested Surrey Squeaker ever.

Any other crested piggies we would love to hear from you so send us your pigtures

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Veggie of the Week; Cucumber


Cucumber Slices

For some reason Mummy always makes sure we have an even number of veggie pieces, does she think we are going to share exactly???

GUINEA LYNX' Veg & Fruit Chart 10 Calorie Quantities

Vegetableg/10 calSugar mg Ca mgCa:P P mgMg mg K mg Na mg Vit_A RAE Vit_C mg
Cucumber, with peel 67 1.1110.67 0.7:1 16 8.7 98 1.333.33 1.87

Phosphorus = P
Magnesium = Mg
Potassium = K
Sodium = Na

Here is what we have learned about cucumber....

1)Contains lots of water so good for piggies who dont like drinking
2)Low in Vitamin C
3)Low in Calcium
4)Can be fed daily

To keep cucumber fresher for longer Mummy wraps it in kitchen foil (not clingfilm) and she keeps it on bottom shelf of fridge (not the salad crisper) she swears it lasts much longer this way.

Cucumber is probably my second favourite veggie after baby sweetcorn, the Hamster loves it as well.

The most important question when it comes to cucumber is how do you eat yours?

Mummy cuts our cucumber into little circular slices and we all eat them differently...

Agent F would start on the outside and eat his way round in a circle eating all the skin and then the middle.

The Hamster choses his starting point and then eats as far in towards the middle as he can without his chin getting in the way when his chin gets in the way he moves onto the next point and does it all again.

I chose my start point and the eat across left to right when I run out of cucumber I start again and eat right to left.

So how do you eat yours?

Monday, January 24, 2011

call for piggie pigtures!

I've been waiting to contribute and when I saw the call for pictures,
I knew it was the right time :) I've attached some pigtures of my
boys, here is some info:

Names: Kip (white one with brown on his face & crested hair) and
Baxter (tricolor)
Age: About 1.5 years
Favorite pastimes: Besides eating hay, Baxter likes to hang out in
his igloo and Kip is very curious, so he likes to keep a watch out for
anything exciting going on!
Favorite snacks: We try to limit the sweets (they love oranges &
apples!), so besides that the boys scarf up red & green bell pepper,
kiwi, and their greens.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know!


Abbie Mood
Freelance Writer & Editor
Twitter: @AbbieMood

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Piggie snap: call for more pigtures!

Hi all,

As you probably know we have done some piggy snaps before, and would love to share more piggie colours and types with you.
So far we have done:
Black and white boys
Black and white girls
Tort and white tricolour piggies
Lemon agouti piggies
Silver agouti piggies and
Blond and white piggies...

We are looking for more colours,for example:
red-brownish and white (for the people who remember Lotje, that rusty red colour!)
tricolours (white, brown and black or white, ginger and chocolate, or any other mix of 3 colours)
Maybe even piggies that have four colours?
Also piggies in one (smooth) gorgeous colour known as self colours, like black, white, brown, buff, cream, chocolate and so on...

We'd also like different hair types, for example:
sheltie, coronet, rexes, US teddies, Texels, alpaca, abbysinian
and any other special types of hair... Maybe satin, or no hair skinny or baldwin?

Maybe other types of guinea pigs would be nice too, like baby piggies, or LAPS or SCAMPS piggies?

So if you would like to add to the piggy snap game send an email with your pigtures, name and some info, like weight, favorite food, pasttime, toy... any thing you want to share. (details under the heading contribute on home page)

We hope to be able to show you lots more beautiful piggy colours that match (snap) with you and your friends.

The Guinygirlz, Agents Valentino and Ghost

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Car Troubles

Well the humans have managed to break their car, or the piggy ambulance as it is also known.

We just hope we dont get ill and that we dont run out of food before it gets fixed.

We dont use the car much ourselves but we like having it coz it means the humans can go out and leave us to get up to mischief.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Memorial: Interviewing Caplin Rous (part two)

Most of you have heard by now that our Special friend Caplin Rous, a famous Capybara, died unexpectedly...
Caplin's owner has written a memorial for him on his blog

His owner Melanie still sells Capycoppys (stuffed capabaras) and Caplin calendars. With that she hopes to pay for the medical expenses she had for Caplin. So If you want one of these capycoppys or a calendar, get one here.
When all medical expenses are covered she intends to set up a charity fund, all profit made will go to this charity fund.

We didn't want to deprive you of the below questions and answers as part of our twitter interview with Caplin.
We have asked Caplin some more questions, which we haven't shared with you yet:

' I've seen Caplin Rous' blog and pigtures and he is adorable!
Wish I could have a cappy of my own.? :-(? But I think the condo association would not allow it.
So, Caplin, Shakira has only one question (of course - eye roll).? What is your favorite FOOD???

PS - How nice to have the GPDD back!


Rayna and Shakira
Taffy, Sundae, Tosca and Carmen in our hearts'
We @guinygirlz asked Caplin on behalf of Shakira what his favorite food was.

@Guinygirlz My favorite food is grass. After that it's either yogurt or popsicles, depending on my mood.

- Hello pineapple (HP) is the guinea pig who lived with Caplin. -

@caplinrous We were wondering, do you and HP get along well? What are the pro and cons of living with a guinea pig?

@Guinygirlz Guinea pigs and capybaras speak the same language, that is nice. We "get" each other. But gpigs don't swim.

@Guinygirlz I don't get to spend time alone with Hello Pineapple because I might accidentally step on her. That's sad.

@Guinygirlz I'm a little jealous of gpigs because of how cute and soft they are and people can pick them up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Veggie of the Week; Parsley

Curly Leaf Parsley

Nom Nom

Here in the UK we have 2 kinds of Parsley the curly leaf type pigtured above and flat leaf Parsley that looks very much like Coriander.

Mummy grows the flat leaf kind in the garden but it is dead for winter at the moment so we cant show you a pigture.

Here is what Guinealynx says about Parsley.......

GUINEA LYNX' Veg & Fruit Chart 10 Calorie Quantities

Vegetableg/10 calSugar mg Ca mgCa:P P mgMg mg K mg Na mg Vit_A RAE Vit_C mg
PARSLEY 28 0.24 38.33 2.4:1 16.11 13.9 153.89 15.56 116.94 36.94

Phosphorus = P
Magnesium = Mg
Potassium = K
Sodium = Na

Guinea Lynx'

100 gram portions
Acid (C)
Parsley 87.71362.97133.0138582.4:1

Our research has found that Parsley is;
1) High in Vitamin C good for all piggies
2) High in Calcium not good for stone piggies
3) Can be fed daily but only 5g per piggy

Me and the Hamster did like the Parsley but if offered in with our daily salad there are other bits we would prefer to grab, run off and hide and eat first.

Let us know how you feel about Parsley

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Crib; Ghosts Floor Time

This is the little play area we are allowed in when Mummy is on her own supervising floortime.

The colourful fence barrier to keep us in is actually a hamster playring cunningly positioned between sofa and chair and held in place using weights so we dont knock it over and escape.

As you can see Mummy uses little pink rugs in case of any accidents, if there is an accident the rugs are machine washable so no tears.

You can also see our little ramp handmade by Daddy, this is a simple melamine shelf cut into 2, Daddy then put lots of duck tape round the 2 pieces with a gap in between them to make a flexible join (we didnt see any ducks!)then because melamine is slippery and not good to use as a ramp Daddy cut green carpet tiles to size and glued them on so we have a surface we can grip.

You can see our current toys the stripy chube and the log bridge, the ramp also makes a good hidey place underneath.

We love running round through the chube and log bridge then we jump onto the mezzanine floor of cage, do a lap round cage and run out using the ramp.

When Mummy and Daddy are both supervising us they open the fence up and we can run round the living room, Daddy lays on the floor across the room to stop us getting to the TV end where all the wires are.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing 2 new Agents: 'little' Guinygirlz reached agent weight!

We were weighed last friday and are happy to announce we have reached Agent weight in less than 8 months!
We will be eight months old on the 12 and 13 of January, and now weigh 1060 grammes (about 2.33 lbs)

Cause slaves loves to share baby pigtures with you here are some pigtures of us, one of baby size, one of current size of both of us...

Lily a few weeks old
Lily now, next to Lil'Woop

Daisy a few weeks old
Daisy now with agent Valentino

New Agents Lily'Explorer

and Agent Wheeker

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Crib; Surrey Squeakers Winter Home

Stella would like to show you the Winter quarters of the Surrey Squeakers.

Here are two pictures of our shed. One shows the left hand side and the other shows the right. Slave wanted to stand further back and get it all in one photo, but there's a big tree in the way. It is an 8 foot by 6 foot wooden shed, with a window. You can see that there is some wire mesh in the doorway to stop us escaping when Slave opens the door. Hanging from the ceiling is our luxury heater. It has a fan which is on all the time, circulating the air nicely, and a heating element which comes on when necessary, to keep the shed at the chosen temperature. Slave usually chooses to set the thermostat at about 12 or 13 degrees, which we find very comfortable, and it's not too great a shock if we are suddenly brought out and placed in the outdoor pens! On the floor we have layers of newspaper, then a layer of towels, then lots of lovely hay. We also get extra hay in all our little houses and also in our new hay rack. (Thank you Secret Santas - Woopy, Chico, Lily and Daisy!). The shed is big enough for us to get up some speed when we are feeling energetic and we love being in it when it's cold, snowy or wet outside. As you can see in the pictures, breakfast veggies had just arrived, but Slave standing at the door with a camera was putting us off!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Crib; Where Ghost Lives

Door closed

Doors open
Can you spot me in the above photo? I promise I am there.

See the Hamster that is where I was hiding

My crib is a store bought cage Mummy had to do absolutely nothing except put our bedding in it.

We have a rabbit 120 cage this is 120cm x 60cm or 4 foot by 2 foot, the whole of the front opens up for easy cleaning and so that our ramp (made by Daddy) can be put in to allow us to get in and out at playtime.

This also has a little shelf all the way across one end of the cage, we sleep under this and if we are feeling adventurous or want a better perspective for spying we jump up and sit on it.

ahhhhhh sleeping piggies

Ready to escape as soon as Mummy moves out the way

Our bedding is fleece and towel and now we also have a human incontinence bed pad under the fleece and towel as well, Mummy says we wee a heck of a lot.

In our crib we have a water bottle(we did have 2 but we only ever used 1)we have a food bowl with excel oregano and blackcurrant pellets, we have toilet roll inners stuffed with 3 kinds of hay and at the moment we also have a parsley bell and a carrot basket (we ate all the carrots already)

Mummy did try putting tunnels and hideys in for us but as our favourite game is to run round the cage at top speed these got in the way, they are now available in our floor time pen.

Our view.... well we can see the sofa and the armchair and mummy when she sits in the chair and we can see the TV if we want to fry our brains watching human rubbish.

Mummy loves the cage because its so simple no work for her to build anything, the only downside is its not flexible you cant add to it or change its shape.

The other thing is as we no longer have a quarantine cage (it went to house Algernon Rat temporarily and never came back) Mummy can put a divider down the middle of the cage if we need to be seperated.

When Agent F was ill she would put the barrier down the middle at bedtime and tie it in place with cable ties so he could have a good nights sleep and so she could make sure he was eating his hay and veg and not letting me have it all.

This is only a short term measure as it doesnt leave us much space in each half, dont worry even when the cage was divided we stil had hours of floor time everyday.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My crib: Where the Misfits live

We got an email from Jean, slave to the Misfits, this will be a photo report!
The cribs are mostly built by Andy, we hope to get a report later about how to build these misfits Cribs...
The nine  4 by 2 cages that Andy built.

Ned is in his condo cage

The middle section of the big condo cages that andy built is the top cage of adeline and amanda.

Lazarus lives in the bottom of the middle section of the big condo cages

Biff who lives next to Charles.

Charles in his cage.

A closer look at the middle section of the condo cages.

Notice that the middle cage has a red ribbon that Ringer won for the second biggest eyes at the Chicago piggie open house that He shows off on his water bottle! That is his cage!

This will give you an idea of their housing. They have soft fleece that is changed every two days. (yes a lot of laundry) they get oxbow food and lots of Timothy hay. Each has a hut and clean water daily :) and they get a vitamin c tablet daily, as well as a veg plate in morning and a snack at nite at 9pm!

Yes, they are spoiled. we have a kids plastic swimming pool for floor time as well. easy to clean out and they love it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Crib; Where the Piggyfriends Live

My Crib: Agent Minty gives a tour of Piggyfriends.

Here I am, Agent Minty, in my pen. This is typical of the pens at Piggyfriends, which have been made by our Slave. You can see that it is made out of wire panels and this is how it is set up. First of all, Slave puts a double piece of heavy gauge plastic on the floor to protect her carpets. She buys this from a garden centre and uses a lot of it in her work. It comes on a big roll and can be cut to shape with scissors.

On top of the plastic, she places rows of thick newspapers. These extend beyond the space that the pen will occupy so that we piggies cannot nibble the plastic. On top of this goes our pen. The pens are made from galvanised wire panels, one yard square, that she bought from the garden centre years ago. These last forever and can be cut to size with secateurs to fit the available space. The one that I share with my friend Copper is half the height of the original panel and this way Slave made two pens out of four wire panels.

When she has placed the pen on top of the newspapers, she puts another set of paper on top. This is for us to mess up and is changed daily but the underneath paper lasts a long time before the whole set up needs to be cleaned. The pen can then be folded and taken outside for a good brush.

You can see in the pigture how the panels are "sewn" together at the corners. Slave uses soft garden wire, which she threads through the corner squares from bottom to top. The wire ends are folded over and tucked in so that they are not sharp. It is easy for her to undo if she needs to extend a pen or change its shape.

Slave puts cardboard boxes in the pens. She gets these big ones from her farmer friend and, lined with more paper and hay, they last quite a long time before we tear them up too much. Then Slave finishes the tearing and they go in the garden compost bins with our considerable piles of poos to make new compost for growing even more veggies. Us piggies enjoy recycling boxes for such a good cause.

Here you can see Copper and me in our sleeping box. Slave asked us not to mess up our cage while she went to get new batteries for her camera but she was too slow.

You can see another pen next door. There are pens all around two rooms and we all have neighbours with whom to chat. You might notice the extra high panel between our pen and the right hand one. This is because sows live in that one and Slave thinks that we might jump over. Chance would be a fine thing. Have you seen the size of us? Jumping is the last thing on our minds.

Here is another view of the Piggyfriends' pens. The one next to us ( you can just see us in our box ) is really a poultry crate. Slave used to put it on her table when she did the RSPCA Pet Days as it has a secure lid and kept prying hands from grabbing piggies but it makes a lovely crib too. The lid is folded back and is set up just like our other pens.

We all love our cardboard boxes and here is another demonstration of their use from Agent Thorntons and Agent Venezia. They will soon need a new one.

Now we are in the second piggy room, which is really Slave's dining room but, as it is a big L shaped room, piggies have taken over half the space. Two of the pens in here are made with wooden frames to the wire panels. These are bigger pens with hinged sides and can be folded flat for taking outside in the summer as exercise pens. They have folding lids but these are only used outside to keep the sun off. They are set up in exactly the same way. Slave has just cleaned them out and the black pipes are still on the carpet waiting to put back for piggies to run through. We also enjoy tearing up the cardboard middles of kitchen rolls. Slave puts hay in these just like we have seen chez Ghost and the Hamster.

You can see our carriers stacked up in the background.

This pigture shows a freshly cleaned out pen. That's Agent Big Red having a nap in a box. Slave collects wine and spirit boxes from the supermarket and these make excellent places for sleeping, jumping on and tearing up. She follows the person putting out wine bottles on the shelves and begs for the empty boxes. They know that she is eccentric. This pen also has one of our plastic stools for hiding in. We like these as they have four holes to run through.

And here is the same pen full of hungry piggies.

Some of us have pigloos. Here is Elliott in his.

We also have a smaller home. This cage is too small as a piggy home. It was given to Slave by a client and she keeps it as a quarantine cage for a newcomer or if one of us is ill and needs to be kept in another room. Dorian is demonstrating it and has a little stool as a hidey.

What views do we have? We can all see the piggies on either side of us and those across the rooms. My room has a view of the garden where we can see the Piggyfriends' flag and the greenhouses where Copper's and my favourite tomatoes grow. We can also see the kitchen where the veggies are washed. The piggies in the dining room get the first view of Slave in the morning so can start the wheeking before us. Their windows face the road so they can see Slave's car pulling up.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tour of Piggyfrends. From Agent Minty on behalf of the Piggyfriends herd.