Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve Cage

Since J will not be staying with us tonight, so she made us a New Years Eve Cage to distract us from the loud bangs and flashes;

New Years Eve Cage, phase I
Remove all hard and sharp objects from the cage and replace them with softer things (In our case; a cardboardbox to feel safe, a snugglesafe to feel warm and a basket to lie in something soft).

MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Sprinkle veggies around the cage! (parsley and chicory)

New Years Eve Cage, phase II
Put in lots and lots and lots of HAY!!!

New Years Eve Cage, phase III
Insert Piggies!  
That is what we call festive decoration!

Happy New Year!
Agent I and Agent Piggy Galore

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Crib: Where do I live?

Hi there,

We think it is time for a new series, as we have shown you lots of available veggies around here now
in the 'Veggie of the Wheek' series. Of course if you have any suggestions or entries in that category you are very welcome to send in your posts or emails...

Our new series will be My crib, and for this we will need your pigticipation!
Some of your slaves might know the My crib tv programme which we think is on MTV, with celebrities who show your slaves their homes.
Of course, we can do the same and show you our cage!
So you are all invited to send us pigtures and some info about your cages, like what's your bedding, interior of your cage, favorite toy in it, maybe your view...
If you have a Do-It-Yourself cage, we are very interested how it was made. Then we can also do a series about C&C and other DIY cages.

Well, for the kick off we will show you our cage made by mommy and daddy.

Well, this is our crib! We have a cage with drybed (like vetbed) on the floor, which is nice and soft. We usually have an assortment of houses, soft baskets, tunnels and/or cuddle cups in it. At the moment we have two hammocks, which are nice to hang in!
Things that are always in our cage are the wooden hayrack (we sent one to our friends the Surrey Squeakers, us being their secret santas), and a hanging hayrack, which actually comes from the kitchen department at Ikea (thanks, auntie Janneke for that idea ;), water bottles (three actually!) and of course our selections of pellets (three kinds as well). Are we spoiled or what!?
Latest addition to our cage is the extra floor, with a very cool brick staircase our mom built

All of the girlz know how to use this, but Chico would rather stay safely on the ground level...

Our cage was made by our mom and dad, and is made out of hobby glass (in holland also known as Plexiglass), glued together with white plastic corner strips. The front glass can easily be lifted out of it for cleaning. It measures 150x50x50 cm (approx. 59x19.7x19.7 inch). Mom and dad are planning on making a bigger one, but they been talking about that since getting Lily and Daisy, and they've been here for half a year now, so that could take some time... We will ask mom to devote a post to the construction of our cage in a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) section.

the Guinygirlz and Agent Valentino

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pigmas Presents

So what did everybody get for Pigmas?

We got 2 parsley bells, 2 apple chew sticks and a carrot basket.

Werent we lucky


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Puppy the Guinea pig wins the Christmas mouse crown!

Our beloved twitterfriend @puppyaguineapig, has won this years Christmas mouse competition!
It was a head to head race featuring Puppy, Dobbie Jones and Cedric this year...
Congratulations, Puppy!!!

Look here for the results

Merry Pigmas from the Puffs

Agent Ghost, the Puffs asked me to send this to you to wish everyone a very Merry Pigmas. Hope that you and the hamster have a great day!

Agent DJ

Merry pigmas from the Guinygirlz and Agent Valentino

And a special thanks to our secret santas Amelia Biscuit. Weasel and their slave Elizabeth! We love the noms, and the piggy size post card (on bottom right) and slave likes the guinea pig towel and purse a lot. Snow bites are almost finished...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Pigmas from the Piggyfriends

We can't all be in the Pigmas Pigture so Agent Thorntons was chosen as he will sit still and not eat the tinsel.
As her friend, Agent Butterloaf is in a Pigmas pigture, Agent Flower had to be as well so here she is too. 
Merry Pigmas everyone and everypig from the Piggyfriends.

Merry Pigmas from the Surrey Squeakers

Stella Squeaker the newest addition

Merry Pigmas from Agents Cannonball, Butterloaf, and RudderRump!

Weeee all wish everyone and everypig a happy holiday! We will be celebrating Pigmas by eating a lot and loafying around. It is a grand holiday. Here Agent Butterloaf is eating and thinking about all his presents!
Best wishes to all,
Agent Cannonball, Butterloaf, Rudderrump

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Pigmas from the Winky Team's Archives

We didn't make Pigmas pigtures this year, but we sure have a lovely archive with pigtures from the past.

1. Auntie Lotje in the 'snow'
2. Snowflake Susie (when she was really young) in the 'snow'
3. Suus dreaming of a white Christmas with chicory (which is Witlof in Dutch; literally white-leafage)
4. Aunties Guiny and Lotje on a Christmas/move house-card
5. Yaya wishes you a Pawsome Christmas
6. Igor sends his love and kisses as Santa Paws

Merry Pigmas!

Igor and Yaya

Merry Pigmas

Look how big the Hamster is!!

We would just like to explain so we dont offend anyone, that Pigmas is not a religious celebration and has nothing to do with the human traditions.

Pigmas is a day to celebrate all things piggy, we celebrate fresh food and grass, hay and nibbles, cuddles and playtime, eating, wheeking and pooping.

So Merry Pigmas everypig

Please send in your Pigmas pigtures

Ghost and Hamster

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bobtails Win £1000

Thank you to everyone who voted, Bobtails did not win the £3000 first prize but they did win £1000 runners up prize and thats not to be wheeked at.

Well done Bobtails

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Weather

Well yesterday we were hit with another snow storm this time it lasted a couple of hours and dumped 15cm of snow on us, luckily Mummy can still get to the garage for our supplies.

It does mean once again the world is white, no yummy green grass in sight.

If you think thats bad check out the frozen lighthouse Now that is amazing.

So agents around the world please send in your weather reports.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Piggy Snap Black and White the Girls

Charlies Angels

Mystery Agent Venezia

I was rescued with three other piggies, one of whom is already an agent. She chose the name Firenze for her secret name so I have decided to pick the name Agent Venezia. There is a reason for this and will leave it to you to figure it out.

My favourite food is fresh grass too. I think that most of the piggies that live here would pick that as their favourite. I eat everything that is on offer but am particularly partial to cucumbers. When we first came here, we did not know about veggies and it took us a while to realise that they are edible and tasty but we saw all the other piggies munching away and decided to join in.

My hobby is running through pipes and I also anjoy tearing up cardboard boxes.

Agent Venezia's real name is the same as the heroine in Shakespeares the Merchant of Venice, get guessing ............

Mystery Agent Mouse

The next agent is Agent "Mouse"
She gets her name as she is the most quiet piggie we have. She never speaks.. or squeaks...
She came from a horrible breeder that was going to use her for snake food.. she was thrown in a cage with the other piggies he thought were unworthy to sell... She had her ears chewed off and she was so tiny and small like a mouse... We didnt know it at the time when we brought her home but she was pg as well. She is the mom of Agent Chaplin!
Her favorite food is broccoli.
She really doesn't have a favorite toy or item she likes to play with.

Agent Mouses real name is latin and means to strive, excel or rival, she shares her name with a very famous female aviator

Get guessing.......

Mystery Agents Ice Cream and Pizza

Hi Agent Ghost

We would like to play Piggy Snap for the Black-and-White team please!

I am the one who is more white than black, and I would like to become Agent Ice Cream. Another clue to my real name is that there is "Just One..." of me.

I am the one who is more black than white. I got my real name BECAUSE I am black and white, but another clue to my real name is that I would like to become Agent Pizza.

Do you know who we are?

We dont think you need another clue to Agent Ice Creams real name but Agent Pizza's real name is also a game involving rectangles with spots or rectangles that are lined up and then knocked down.

Get Guessing.............

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toys: Willow Ball

Willow balls are a toy that is designed to cater to a piggies basic needs, the needs to gnaw and the need to eat.

Willow balls are edible we can eat them to our hearts content and to make them even more fun the humans can put extra treats in middle.

Dutch Willow Ball with Corn Silks

Ghost and Hamster Play Ball

As you can see in the video me and the Hamster enjoy eating the ball, we also drag it around to make sure the other pig cant get it as well as rolling it at each other when we want it out the way.

We had a problem when we had nearly eaten the whole ball, because the willow had been rolled tightly it ended up in coils, I would put my foot on it to eat it and then the coil would flip over my head and I would get stuck, the Hamster did this too, we then panic and run around until it falls off.

To stop us doing this Mummy cut the coils in half for us, not as much fun but we could eat them without getting stuck.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Veggie of the Week Coriander

Coriander/ Cilantro plant before Mummy killed itBlink and you miss itAll gone Well as you can see from the pigtures above our first taste of Coriander was a success we love it!! In the US Coriander is known as Cilantro. According to our lists 1) Coriander is high in vitamin C 2) It can be fed daily 3) It is high in calcium 
100 gram portions
Percent Water Energy
Acid (C)

Ca:P Ratio
Cilantro 92.21232.1327.067481.4:1
Source: Guinealynx

The humans use this delicious food stuff in cooking and decorating food what a waste.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Silly Christmas Song

Mummy nearly wet herself laughing at this, shame the piggy is only featured for about 10 seconds right near the end, but we promise there is a piggy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Agent of the Month December

The Agent of the month is ........................ Patches Misfit for the detailed write up explaining thanksgiving.

Well done Patches


Friday, December 3, 2010

Snowy Weather

Well as you are probably aware, nearly the whole of the UK has been hit with snow, we got ours yesterday.

It was the Hamsters first snow, Mummy held us up and let us to look at it out the window and then told us to be greatful we didnt have to get to work in it.

Well all our lovely green grass was covered with this white snow stuff, we were not very impressed at all.

Mummy hopes it clears by Sunday so that people can get to the Raystede Christmas Fair.

We understand the snow is worse in that part of the world.

Whats the weather like where you are??

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Piggy Snap Black and White the Boys

Agent Badger

Mystery Agent Brock

My dad is already an agent and is known to you as Agent Badger so I was delighted to be asked to join up too.

I have chosen the agent name of Brock to follow in the family tradition.

My favourite food is fresh grass but dad and I enjoy eveything that is on the menu.

We are not the youngest of agents and do not play very much but we enjoy eating and sleeping whilst keeping a watchful eye for any food that may be approaching.

We are part of a family of five that was rescued from a horrible hutch 5 years ago and have enjoyed living here with many other piggies.

Agent Brocks real name is the same as a town in East Sussex and a grain used to make flour, beer, some whiskies and some vodkas, get guessing .......

Mystery Agent Rudder Rump

I am going to pick the Agent name “Rudder Rump” because I have a tuft of fur on my big bottom. I live with Agent Butterloaf and Agent Cannonball.

I love green pepper, it is my favorite snack.

My specialty in human watching is moving pigloos around so they can’t see me. Most of the time I put the pigloos in a corner next to Agent Butterloaf, but sometimes I move one over the foodbowl.

Agent Cannonball is like my little brother. One time Agent Cannonball poked me in the bottom and ran away, so I had to get him back. I saw him eating in the hay pile so I got in my pigloo, starting driving and tried to get him. He moved before I got him, so once I hit the wall I ran out, saw where he was, turned the pigloo around, and started going for him. This time I bopped him in the bottom with the pigloo! That showed him.

Agent Rudder Rump

Agent Rudder Rump's real name is a tough one to think of clues for so we have broken it into 2 words like the human game charades, so first word clue is lightning does this its also the name of a cleaning product in the UK, second word clue guns make this noise. Now put the 2 words together and you have his name.

Put your thinking caps on ...........

Mystery Agents Nervous *** and Chaplin

Agent "Nervous ***"
His name is chosen because he is the most nervous piggie ever! He had belonged to a family that had kids that would take him out and put him in moving toy cars! he was used as their "live" toy... so needless to say he has earned his name due to his past.

His favorite toy is his wooden house.. he loves to hide in it and peak out the windows at the world.

Favorite food is Apples

Agent Nervous *** (cant give him his full name until you have had a guess at it) your clues his name is the same as a famous Australian outlaw with the surname Kelly.

Get guessing............

Agent Chaplin

He got his name due to the only two colors on him are black and white!Like the old time movies.
His favorite food is strawberries.
His favorite toy is his chewy tube.

Agent Chaplins real name is almost the same as a famous type of quilt minus the work part.

Get thinking..............