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Monday, November 21, 2016

Piggyfriends review a book.

Look what Slave received for her birthday. "A Guinea Pig Oliver Twist".

We don't know if it is OK for us to reproduce photos of this book but they are not very good pictures and, as we are advertising this book to possible purchasers, we hope that the lovely people who made the book will not mind.

Slave already has the Guinea Pig Nativity and Pride and Prejudice in this series so she was delighted when our pigsitter gave her this book for her birthday.

This is the story of Oliver Twist with all the characters played by guinea pigs. It has a shiny cover and nice shiny pages so we apologise for the fact that our photos reflect the flash but it is such a lovely book that we wanted to share it with you all.

Here are the characters all dressed up with wonderful clothes made especially for the book.
Slave read the book to us and she did laugh when she saw the little vignette of the ball and chain with 4 little chains for piggy feet.
Can you see it?

In detective stories on the television, we see police tape on the floor where the victim was found. Here, there is the shape of a fat guinea pig drawn with chalk. Don't worry readers - this is only a story and nopig gets hurt. Sorry about the reflection. We had several goes at taking this photo and this was the best ( or the least worst ).

Finally, here is a scene from the book. We love the little Victorian outfits.

Everyone who loves piggies should get a friend to buy them this book for their birthday or, with Christmas coming up, what a wonderful gift to place under the tree.

We can't wait for Bloomsbury Publishing to create another Guinea Pig book.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Piggyfriends review a puzzle

We do not have a book to review so we thought that we would write about Slave's jigsaw puzzle. Every Christmas, she buys a puzzle for the family to complete during the festivities. Last year, she had a HUGE four foot long puzzle with an underwater scene, which took up most of our floor space for weeks on end but this year she had a smaller one with pigtures of Guinea Pigs and veggies.

Here is a pigture of the box.
 Slave did not expect the puzzle to be as difficult as it turned out to be.
Here it is nearing completion.

Some of these piggies looked familiar to us and we were so pleased
when Slave completed the puzzle. Here it is at last.

This one...                                                         looks a lot like our Agent Mouse aka Angelina

Agent Big Red aka Garnet thinks he looks a lot like this piggy...      but Garnet wants to know
                                                                                             where his dandelion is.

But we think that Toffee is nearer to his colour.

Slave's family enjoyed completing this puzzle and give it 5 stars for both difficulty and the lovely pigture and we give it 5 stars too as we loved seeing the piggies being put together and love the different yummy veggies in the design. Slave is glueing it together and will hang it up for us to enjoy all year round. One more coat of glue and it should be ready. Hooray!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Review Guinea Piglopaedia

This book can be purchased here

Guinea Piglopaedia by Margaret Elward and Mette Ruelokke

Unlike the books we have reviewed recently this is not a story book instead as the name implies this is like an encyclopaedia dedicated to the care of Guinea Pigs.

The book is divided into 3 sections;

The Principles of Keeping Guinea Pigs
History of the guinea pig
Pet guinea pigs
Choosing a guinea pig

Health Care and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology
A-Z of illnesses

Varieties Breeding and Showing

Bibliography and Websites

As you can see from these sections this is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about guinea pigs.

What we like about this book... Everything!!

With one small exception the recommended cage size for 2 guinea pigs is way too small the reason for this according to the book we have bad eyesight and don't like large spaces huh!!

The space issue aside this is an excellent book it features an anatomical drawing of the piggy body so your humans can see where everything is located under all your fur, it also has a large list (very scary) of guinea pig problems and illnesses and ways to treat them very useful, being published in 2003 some of this information may well have been updated but the section about Bloat is exactly how Mummy treated me and it worked.

It also has cute pigtures which no human can resist.

We would highly recommend this for anyone keeping or planning to keep piggies

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Review: Guinea Pig Pictures and Facts Steve Challis

We were lucky enough to download this book free for the kindle however it is now £1.91 here

This is actually a very short book however it does have lots of lovely pigtures which are the best thing about it.

There were a couple of things we found misleading in a book that states it contains "facts"

1) The best place to get a pet guinea pig is a breeder no mention of rescues although the author is in Australia so perhaps rescues are not such a big thing down under I think some of our Aussie friends have mentioned this before.

2) He says 2 males cannot live together unless related and raised together well could someone tell that to Mummy and Daddy because as you know we are 3 boys living together none of us the same age or related (although F1 is a bit psycho)

3) The best diet is fresh grass mmm this may be true for some piggies but others with sensitive stomachs may have gas problems from too much grass and grass should be introduced into the diet slowly to allow the tummy to get used to it.

4) Feeding piggies rabbit food?? Not something Mummy says she would do she would always get specific piggy food due to the added Vitamin C and because rabbits have different dietary needs

5) Keeping piggies loose in a garden secure from predators?? Mummy wants to know how you would keep a garden safe from predators and how would you know if something was wrong with a piggy if you cant even find them, secure runs we can understand whole gardens we cant.

6) Hutch size 75cm x 45cm minimum but no mention of how many piggies in that size hutch personally we wouldn't want anything that small.

All that said we liked the different breeds section, the good food and bad food notes and the health information.

Overall though we could not recommend this book to someone just starting out with piggies as it would point them in the wrong direction for experienced piggy owners its always great to see more pigtures.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online Viking Victory

This is the last Guinea Pigs Online book that we have and we have to say it is our favourite book of the series.

The copse at the end of the garden is threatened by a smelly builder who wants to bulldoze it down and build houses so its up to Coco, Fuzzy and Eduardo to start an internet campaign and save the copse.

Getting hits on Twitter

In this book the guinea pigs make a new friend Olaf the Viking Guinea Pig (or is he?)

We are pleased to say in this book we couldn't find any bad suggestions about guinea pig care although we are not sure about black soggy bananas are they bad? We know bananas are ok and can be useful for piggies with tummy problems but we weren't sure about the black bit. Mummy says yuck she likes her bananas slightly green and with the stick to your tongue texture, we are not sure about that either wol.

Bannoffee still has 14 mini pigs but we are pleased to say they have not increased in number, they all live with her and there is no mention of pet shops hurray.

If you take the books at face value as just fun fiction involving guinea pigs then this is a fun series to read.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online Furry Towers

Fuzzy and Coco are back again this time their humans are going on holiday and have decided to the pigs can have a holiday to at Furry Towers the deluxe guinea pig hotel however not everything is what it seems.

What we liked;
1) Pat and her tank
2) The General taking over hotel and understanding guinea pigs
3) The recipe at the back of each book

Moral of the story?
1) Don't believe everything you read on the internet
2) Humans when you go on holiday check before you go where your pets will be staying and if you are not happy don't make a booking there

Bad Points;
1) Bad diet advice - Avocado and Cabbage!! Not Good
2) Bad Bedding advice - Straw!!

While the basic story in these books have so far been entertaining it appears the humans who wrote them really need to do some more research into the proper care of guinea pigs

A guinea pig being pampered at the hotel

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Book Review Guinea Pigs Online

While shopping for A Guinea Pig Nativity we also found a set of 3 books about Guinea Pigs online we tried to resist but just couldn't so here comes the first in the series;

Guinea Pigs Online

The main characters are 2 guinea pigs called Coco and Fuzzy, Fuzzy loves the internet while Coco is an old fashioned Princess pig.

They end up facing the guinea pig equivalent of Cruella de Ville, celebrity Chef Scarlet Cleaver.

Eduardo the wild guinea pig from Peru arrives to help

This book contains lots of scenes of Guinea Pigs in peril however we can assure you it all ends up ok in the end.

Some of our favourite bits;

The idea that piggies like to live in pairs so they can operate the jump a seesaw used to get them up to higher levels.

Fuzzy cooking up food for his humans which they fail to appreciate

Coco's addiction to classical music

Coco and Fuzzy are rescue pigs so a big thumbs up there

What we didn't like;

Banoffee the pig next is used to breed piggies for petshops that is a big thumbs down

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Review: A Guinea Pig Nativity

With Pigmas fast approaching what can you get the human in your life? How about the Pigmas story in a hardback book full of pigtures of piggies, perfect!

We know our friends the Surrey Squeakers already have this as they beat us to posting about it wol

So lets get down to the review;

Firstly the cover... they say never judge a book by its cover but looking at this the book is going to be great

Some scenes from inside the book;

Mary and Joseph on their long journey

Our favourite pigture Angry King Herod who looks just like me (but I am never angry)

The cast list

And finally what we really liked was the message about guinea pig rescues and considering them over the festive period a great book with a responsible message

We got our copy here for the bargain price of £2.99 (we had offer for free postage)

So is this a book you could see in your collection?

Have you any piggy based book reviews to share? We love it when you join in!