Friday, January 12, 2018

A Piggy A-Z. F is for Fresh grass. The Finest Food for Piggies.

After a day when our grass was frozen, we were very pleased to have some lovely fresh grass for breakfast this morning. Fresh grass is the very best food for piggies and we all love it.

Above you can see Ivan Piggyfriend tucking in. " Eeek, Slave is going to take my pigture!"

" I am F for Full," says Magnus.


  1. Pat and the Prairie Pigs13 January, 2018 19:09

    The Prairie Pigs are so envious to see other piggies who get fresh grass in January! I have discovered a grocery store that sells little pots of wheatgrass (probably for human smoothies) so the piggies can get a few mouthfuls of grass in the long snowy winter, but it's not the same as a luxurious pile of fresh green grass...

    Count your blessings, Piggyfriends!