Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day.

In the UK, we celebrate Mother's Day in March and I do not know when it is celebrated elsewhere but I know that today is Mother's Day in the US. I do not have any mama piggies at Piggyfriends at the moment, in fact the majority of our current residents are boars but Junior Slave, who emigrated to the US, has emailed me to tell me about adopting a family of piggies, thus carrying on the Piggyfriends tradition.

Here they are........
........enjoying some dandelion leaves from the garden. The mama piggy has been named Rin, and her daughters are Maki and Nico after Japanese Anime characters. When they were watching them the other day, I am told that Rin actually squeezed through the little window in the Kaytee house. She is obviously more fluff than pig and must have been very young when she had her litter.

Here is their new home.

I wish that I could meet them in person but the Piggyfriends now have three "pigpen pals".

Rin will enjoy a Happy Mother's Day in her new home and I hope that any mamas in the US do too.

From Penny, Slave to the Piggyfriend.


  1. Pat and the Prairie Pigs15 May, 2017 19:47

    Oh my goodness, those little fluffballs are so cute!!!

    Welcome to the new Piggyfriends USA franchise, and kudos to Junior Slave for carrying on the family tradition.

  2. Love there black and white markings you can definetely see a family resemblance

  3. How nice, that your son also adopts piggies and carries on the tradition.
    My first piggies (as an adult, had one(!) as a kid) stayed with my sister Janneke when I did my internship abroad. After that she got her own pigs and so far hasn't been without piggies

    1. Realise now that I also had one male boar named Winky as a student. The girls I got after him stayed at my sister Janneke.