Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday video: Piggy baby eating a carrot...

On of the piggies we follow on instagram ( has been posting baby videos of the little ones her piggy Jennifuzz has gotten about 3 weeks ago. They are so adorable... Do check out her account for more cute baby piggies and the adorable mum and auntie. Have a great Wheekend! The guinygirlz: Tijger, Raani and boar Berke

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Piggyfriends share a Piggy Jigsaw!

First thing every morning, Slave feeds us and cleans our cages. Only then does she have her own breakfast and, whilst she is eating it, she does the Magic Jigsaw on her iPad. The daily puzzle is a mystery as she does not know what the picture is going to be until she has done enough of it to recognise the image.

Imagine her delight when, as she was assembling Monday's puzzle, a little guinea pig was smiling back at her.

We are sure that Magic Puzzles will not mind her sharing this image with you all........

.......especially as they have overprinted the image with their own logo. We wonder who this piggy belongs to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dee's girls


We are Josie and Callie.  Dee just adopted us.  We are not agents but would like to be.  Callie is very good at escaping when we have floor time.

Slave Dee

Monday, November 21, 2016

Piggyfriends review a book.

Look what Slave received for her birthday. "A Guinea Pig Oliver Twist".

We don't know if it is OK for us to reproduce photos of this book but they are not very good pictures and, as we are advertising this book to possible purchasers, we hope that the lovely people who made the book will not mind.

Slave already has the Guinea Pig Nativity and Pride and Prejudice in this series so she was delighted when our pigsitter gave her this book for her birthday.

This is the story of Oliver Twist with all the characters played by guinea pigs. It has a shiny cover and nice shiny pages so we apologise for the fact that our photos reflect the flash but it is such a lovely book that we wanted to share it with you all.

Here are the characters all dressed up with wonderful clothes made especially for the book.
Slave read the book to us and she did laugh when she saw the little vignette of the ball and chain with 4 little chains for piggy feet.
Can you see it?

In detective stories on the television, we see police tape on the floor where the victim was found. Here, there is the shape of a fat guinea pig drawn with chalk. Don't worry readers - this is only a story and nopig gets hurt. Sorry about the reflection. We had several goes at taking this photo and this was the best ( or the least worst ).

Finally, here is a scene from the book. We love the little Victorian outfits.

Everyone who loves piggies should get a friend to buy them this book for their birthday or, with Christmas coming up, what a wonderful gift to place under the tree.

We can't wait for Bloomsbury Publishing to create another Guinea Pig book.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Great new app to help piggies in need

Our human likes walking (we are not sure why)she tries to do at least 10,000 steps a day and often does a 2.5 mile walk at lunchtime, well now she has found extra motivation to get out pounding the pavements...

There is an app available from google play which allows you to choose an animal charity and when you walk using the app the miles you cover are converted into money for that charity

At the moment mummy is walking for the 2 guinea pig charities that have the least miles - Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue and Wheekers Guinea Pig Rescue.

As usual the charities are all in the US (why is the UK so behind with things like this) so if any of our American friends want to suggest a charity for Mummy to walk for she will add it to her rota.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bonfire Night. Mimi and Lulu aka the Diva Girls reporting.

In England, the 5th. November is Bonfire Night although the celebrations seem to go on forever, especially when, as is the case this year, the 5th. falls on the weekend.

People light noisy fireworks and burn huge bonfires and the family who live across the road from Piggyfriends are having a Firework Party right now.

That is why we are wearing two pairs of Slave's earmuffs as we do not like the noise.
We live in the country and have very few neighbours but we feel sorry for piggies who are having lots of fireworks let off all around them, especially those piggies who have to live outdoors. Our double glazed windows keep out a lot of the noise and Slave is playing some CDs so it is not too bad.

We did not live here last year at this time but some of the Piggyfriends remember this "Celebration" from previous years and they say that it will soon be over. Phew!

Slave is giving out tomato slices to make up for the disturbance. Yum yum!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Piggie calendars for 2017?

Dear readers,

In the past years we've done a yearly calendar and a card game with pigtures of piggies from this blog. This year I decided to not do a calendar, because it is a lot of work and it as also pretty late to get started now. But I always enjoyed supporting the shelters with the small profit we made from selling the calendars or card games.
So I would like to provide you with some other options. These are either small businesses enthusiastic about guinea pigs or shelters that make yearly calendars.
Found this pigture on Google, as far as
I know it is in none of the calendars below

We ordered this calendar of Mieps the guinea pig, she is a Dutch piggie, but her owner ships her calendar worldwide, please check their site for shipping costs. If you are in the Netherlands shopping will be at the end of November, for the rest of the world's it will at least be before the end of the year. There are two front cover designs to choose from, but if you want to order you have to be fairly quick, you can order until the 5th of November! Order here:
Mieps can be found on instagram, her owner was going to see a possible friend for Mieps on monday, so exciting times !

Every year Tammy of Cavy madness assembles a nice small desktop calendar with pigtures sent to her of piggies from around the world. These are fairly inexpensive little calendars, Tammy is in the USA so shipping is also good if you are in the US. As they are small I imagine shipping to other countries is also not too bad.
Our reader Jocelyn's piggies Apollo and Dante wigglebottom are featured in the Cavy madness calendar of 2017!

In our quest for calendars we found an old post by Happy Cavy about calendars, it even mentioned our 2014 calendar. As it was old most calendars are no longer available but we were glad to see the Real Men Love Guinea Pigs calendar can still be ordered! This features Orange County Cavy Haven shelter male volunteers with guinea pigs, and you can decide when the start date of your calendar should be!
Order it here:

A couple of years ago we got a calendar from the UK- based Bobtails Guinea pig & rabbits rescue from one of our readers the Surrey squeakers, looks like they are making another desktop calendar this year:
They have a rabbit and a guinea pig version for sale via eBay.

So do you know of any other small businesses or shelters selling calendars? we would love to hear about them, if you send us a link (or put it in the comments below) we will add them to this list!

Mieke of undercover guinea pigs blog, slave to the guinygirlz and Bérke

We found another calendar made by the owners of the late Fuzzberta:
She was supercute, her owner now has a new fuzzy piggy named Jennifuzz. Turned Jennifuzz was pregnant and she had 3 adorable fuzzbabies, if you are on instagram give her a follow (or simply have a look following the link below) , the babies are so cute!