Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Piggy A-Z. D for Daktarin

After the excitement of voting for our favourite shelter, it is back to the Piggy A-Z.

Today it is D for Daktarin. When piggies have had dental work, sometimes their mouths are sore and this is where Daktarin comes in.

I am Louis Piggyfriend and I came here with overgrown molars so I need occasional trips to the Rodentologist who trims them.
I have put on weight since my arrival now that I can eat properly. Here is a tube of Daktarin. Slave squeezes a blob onto a cotton bud ( shown here ) and swabs it around my mouth. It stops my mouth feeling sore and it tastes good too.

I don't know if it available in other countries ( we live in England ) but I do hope so. Slave buys it at the pharmacy as it is made for humans.


  1. It is available in the netherlands as well, same name, but you need a prescription for it... So it is not easy to get by here :( But I guess our vet could help us get it, if needed? They trust our slaves judgement, slaves are quite content with that ;)

  2. Good to know that you have helpful vets. Our Slave can just buy Daktarin gel over the counter.