Thursday, April 28, 2016

Piggy A-Z: C for Charity

Some time ago we sold guinea pig card games, featuring our agents on this blog. By selling these games we made a little profit that we would like to donate to a guinea pig shelter somewhere in the world, like we did before with the money we made from selling our guinea pig calendars.

We do still have 5 games left in stock, so if you are interested order you game by filling out the form here. The is based on the dutch 'Kwartet'(quartets) game, similar to the Go Fish! game. The goal is to collect as many sets of 4 card as you can. A set of 4 cards, a kwartet/quartet, always has a theme. In our guinea pig game it can be the type of breed (smoothhaired), the color (white piggies) or something else (like piggies with Flower names). See our previous posts (with some pigtures and a video explaining the rules) about the game here.

So you can still order a game, but we want to start the nominations for possible guinea pig shelters (anywhere in the world)! So please send in your nomination! If you can, send in a little accompanying text about the shelter and why you think they deserve a nomination, that would help in getting votes.

Next step would be to all vote on your favorite shelter. The shelter with the most votes will recieve our donation.

So please, add your nominations to the comments below, or make a post with your nomination. Read how to add a post to the blog yourself, on the 'Contribute' tab below Agent F's pigture.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Nugget!

Hello, I am Nugget. My parents adopted me about two and a half months
ago, and I will be one tomorrow. I am showing off a cozy that some
friends sent to me and to Eddie (Agent Confetti), although I am going to
pretend that it is my birthday present. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Piggy A to Z: C is for Celery

Celery is a vegetable that the humans can eat raw in salads or cooked in meals, however we have heard it is bad for humans and should really only be given to piggies (we are hoping this rumour will spread and we will get more celery)

Celery is high in vitamin C and can be given to us 3-4 times a week

This is what it looks like whole, we really like the leafy bit in the middle.

Mummy chops it into small pieces before feeding it to us.

Here I am looking particularly adorable as I collect my piece.

Barbie ran away and hid to eat his piece.

Out take pigtures wol.

Do you like celery?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Piggy A-Z: C for Cucumber

Mom found us some cute little cucumbers at work...
Cucumber tug of war!

Tijger enjoying a snack cucumber


Berke and Peaches reaching for the cucumber



Do you like cucumbers?

The guinygirlz Peaches and Tijger, Boar Berke... and the new girl...

New Agent sign up form

This is  Agent King.  I will  soon be  turning  four years old.  I  enjoy cucumbers and  my  real name is Comet.
I  prefer King because my  middle name is King, also because i am the king of sleeping. My  favorite hobby is sleeping.
My favorite toy is a  tunnel and I  love floor time. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Introducing Dante Wigglebottom

Please welcome a new piggy to our small herd, Dante Wigglebottom! We chose him because Dmitri and Apollo do not get along together, and Apollo needed a piggy friend after Gruden von Squeakcheeks' passing.

We picked Dante because he had bites on his ears, so he was being picked on and we thought he could use a good home. He is a very shy piggy, but loves following Apollo around! He and Apollo are getting along very well. Dante tries to copy what big piggy Apollo is doing. Apollo will be standing on his hind legs watching Dmitri, and Dante will try the same thing.

Please welcome Dante Wigglebottom!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Piggyfriends

All the Piggyfriend Agents thought that we should introduce some new piggies that have been rehomed here at Piggyfriends.

Louis and Henri came here last month. They are older piggies, thought to be around four and a half years old and were left at Palace Piggies Rescue in West Sussex by their owner, who could not take her pets to her new home.

Here they are in their new pen. Louis is at the front.

Here is another pigture of the brothers. Slave nearly always calls them Henry and Lewis but they don't care as long as the veggies arrive on time.  Louis is on the right. He has more white in his coat.
Louis was having trouble eating so our Slave took him back to Palace Piggies to see Lyn, who is a rodentologist so can do dental work without an anaesthetic. She clipped a little piece from his molars and now he is eating up really well and making up for lost time.

When Slave was there, she looked at the piggies for rehoming and brought home two more, Mimi and Lulu. They are little girls about 6 months old and are part Abyssinian part who knows what! They were taken to the rescue because they belonged to a girl who left home and her mother did not want to care for them.

This is Mimi.
And here she is again. She has a black and brown face.

We can tell them apart because, Lulu, in the next pigture has a black face. They are sisters.

They are not used to posing for photos yet and Lulu was more interested in climbing up the back of the sofa. They will soon learn as Slave is always after us with her camera.

Welcome home Henri, Louis, Mimi and Lulu. We love you all.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Piggy A to Z: C is for Chinese Leaf

Chinese leaf is a type of oriental cabbage that can be enjoyed by guinea pigs. As it is a kind of cabbage we would not recommend it for piggies who suffer with gas but for us healthy pigs it is fine.

This is what it looks like whole.

And here we are enjoying it.

Despite the fact Mummy gave us a leaf each Barbie still wanted MY leaf.

Friday, April 1, 2016

A Piggy A -Z. C is for Chicory

Do your piggies like chicory? Most of the Piggyfriends do but, for some reason, Roisin and Niamh refuse to eat it leaving more for the others.

Here is Agent Wizard aka Gandalf enjoying a leaf or two.

 " I don't think that I can eat a whole chicon," says Gandalf. " I'll share it with the other Piggyfriends."

" Thank you, Gandalf. " says Cosmo Dangermouse. " I am rather partial to a bit of chicory. "