Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Piggy A-Z. Casper and Cosmo with Carrots

Here are the Dangermice, Cosmo and Casper again. They both love Carrots.

The above pigture is of Casper, who is the Alpha pig - at least he is the one who rushes out and shouts for food when anyone passes their pen. He is not a cuddle pig and made a lot of fuss about posing for his pigture but, luckily, our pigsitter was on hand to keep him still for a moment.
And this is little Casper, who is shy and reserved but co-operated nicely for his pigture so he was rewarded with the carrot.

Do you have a piggy whose name begins with a C? If so, we'd love to see him/her. Find the Contribute button at the top of our page and follow the instructions. It is very easy.


  1. Pat and the Prairie Pigs01 March, 2016 19:31

    I love those Dangermice! I think you could add "c" for "cute" along to Casper, Cosmo and carrots for any post about the Dangermice!

  2. Agents Dangermice09 March, 2016 16:31

    Thank you Auntie Pat! You'll make our heads too big to fit through our tunnels.