Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Piggy A-Z C is for Card Game.

Look what our Slave has made using the Card Game.

She hobbled around the local Hobbycraft shop and bought a frame, some backing paper and two packs of stickers with stars and hearts. Then she assembled all the cards in their sets with Spooky in the middle, glued them to the green paper and fastened the acrylic sheet over the top to hold everything in place. This will keep all the cards nice and clean for us to admire forever. For those of you who have not yet bought a pack, Spooky is on the back of each card.

Our pigture is hanging above Cosmo and Casper's pen. The pegs in the pigture attach cards to the top of the pen.

Here is the centre showing Spooky's pigture.

The camera flash kept reflecting on the acrylic sheet so here is a sideways pigture without no reflection so that you can see it better.

Maybe one of our readers would like to make one of these. What do you think of Slave's pigture?


  1. Pat and the Prairie Pigs09 February, 2016 19:58

    Wow --- you definitely can't keep a good woman down, especially once she gets an inspiration like this!
    Great work, Slave Penny and what an excellent idea; I love the notion of being able to see all the pigtures at once and also of displaying them in the pig room right next to some of the real-life "models".

    1. Our Slave is delighted that you like her collage and we like looking at all of those lovely piggies, including ourselves! We are nothing if not modest.

      If anyone else makes a pigture with their pack or has any other ideas, we'd love to see or hear about them.

  2. Wonderfully creative! Avalanche and I give you 4 paws up!