Sunday, June 28, 2015

Piggie snap: Smooth-haired piggies

Hi all,

We would like to revive an old topic here on the blog: Piggie snap.
The goal is to collect as much pigtures of gorgeous piggies all over the world, so they can be shown off here. And there is also an idea to do something with all this pigtures which I (Mieke) will tell you about later, when I think this is feasible... ;)

So I would like to start of with smooth-haired piggies, at the moment I own two beautiful smooth-haired piggies, and I have owned some more in the past.
So here I will be sharing my all my smoothhaired piggies.

We would love to meet your smooth-haired piggies as well, you can share both your current and late piggies, and if you are allowed to share pigtures of piggies owned by friends or family, go ahead! We would love to hear what their names are as well. 

You can send in pigtures, read how to do that directly by clicking on the contribute tab above or send an email with the pigtures attached to the adress mentioned there (one will post it to the blog directly first all pigtures then the text from your email, the other will send them to M so she can put the in the right order if wanted).




A photo posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

A photo posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

Okay, start sending us your Smooth-haired Piggy Pigtures!
Do you know of any traits which are typical for smooth-haired piggies? Share them in the comments, or with your own smooth-haired piggie pigtures...

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Perils of being an Agent

There are occasions when an Agent may need to look suave and sophisticated in order to carry out infiltration work. The downside to this is that it may be necessary to have a BATH! ( eeek!).

Above is Agent Plantagenet suffering in the line of duty ( and adding a plug for our favourite shampoo ).

Here he is again, getting dry and ready to go out on another dangerous mission.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Diary of an Old Pig 13th - 16th June 2015

Well after suffering through baths and nail clippings last weekend this weekend we had to have our 3 monthly doses of ivermectin and panacur to prevent mites and worms

Still it wasn't all bad I have figured out how to get to the food bowl while remaining undercover

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Video: New Cage Layout

We love the layout all the hidey holes and fun stuff

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Diary of an old Pig May - June 2015

Well since you last had an update from me we have been very busy, ok maybe we haven't been busy but the humans have,  Mummy has got a new job that she starts a week Monday and Daddy will be busy supervising loft conversion which has just been given the go ahead.

That's the humans out of the way so what have we been up to? Eating, sleeping,  pooping,  eating, sleeping,  pooping you get the idea.

In amongst all the excitement I turned 6 years and 2 months old, we had lawn mowing duties for 3 days and then we all had to have baths and our nails clipped.

It's tough being a pig

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Video; Pink Princesses

We love the houses just maybe not the colour... oh ok Barbie likes the colour it matches his Princess hairstyle WOL

Monday, June 1, 2015

We have two new Piggyfriends!

All the Piggyfriend Agents plus those who are not would like to introduce our newest arrivals. Slave has told us how much trouble she has had sharing this photo with our friends on the GPDD so we thought that we would help her out by posting their pigture here.

These little fellows came to us from Palace Piggies, whom you may remember being the recipient of the profits from our Undercover Piggies calendar a couple of years ago.

They are called Cosmo and Casper and we think that Cosmo is on the left. They were very nervous when they arrived but they are learning to get excited when the veggies arrive so we
hope that they will grow up to be agents when they are bigger.