Monday, April 27, 2015

Please welcome the piggy Dmitri Stormlord

Please welcome the piggy Dmitri Stormlord! He is very small, only a couple of weeks old, if that. He is an Abyssinian, all black except for one golden tuft on his left side.

He was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society on Saturday. He was taken from a hoarder's house and had lice, but is doing much better now. He was hiding for much of Saturday and Sunday (he really likes his hay hut), but late on Sunday he came out to munch on some alfalfa. He is very brave! We are going to wait a week or two before introducing him to Apollo.

We have learned he likes carrots (his favorite), lettuce, and cucumber. We're very happy to bring this new piggy into our home!

-Jocelyn, Apollo, and Gruden von Squeakycheeks, and Dmitri Stormlord

Non-friday video(s): Tijger learned to spin!

It's a bit early for a friday video, but I really wanted to share this with you.
Our little Tijger was taught a trick by her dad E!
Some of you may know this as 'Do a circle', but the word 'Spin' is a lot shorter, we hoped she would just recognize this one word then do the trick..
At the moment she will start spinning when she sees you coming with the veggies, WOL. Now dad is trying to teach her 'Up', which means she stands on her hind legs. When he says either Up or Spin she will do both a spin and stand on her hindlegs, so she has not really mastered the difference yet. But either way we think this is a smart solution of her. I made no videos of the Up yet, but here are two more spin videos... I'm also trying to teach Peaches to do the spin now.

A video posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

A video posted by Mieke (@pandameisje) on

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday video: Excited guinea pig

This little one seems really excited (and loud!), just like our newest addition...

Grtz Mikey and the Guinygirlz (and Berke)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet Tijger

Well, you all know our Woopy died a few weeks ago. Slaves Mikey and E thought they would take their time finding a new piggy. They would like a Rex again, as Woopy was one. We only had one fuzzy piggie left, Roos and she is a US Teddy, not a rex, not that that looks very different...
As they wanted a rex and Mikey really wants to get a piggie from a shelter (as there are so many there already) they thought getting a new (rex) piggie would take some time...

However a collegue of Mikey had 4 babies from her two presumed boars and was looking for a good home for them. So we ended up with this little loud and fast thing: Tijger. Tijger by the way is just the dutch word for Tiger. She came with that name and it seems to suit her. She joined us on what would have been Woopy's 7th birthday: 16 April 2015.

This is Tijger, she is a mix of a peruvian dad and a US teddy mom. So we assume she will not get any teddy hair, but she has some longer tufts of hair after her dad. She was born in the night from 6-7 March this year.

She found out she can sit on the house
 and ... her veg in peace,
As the others won't go there

Play with the toilet roll balls...

Eat hay..

Start a new trend by being
the first piggy not scared
to sit in the new basket!

Here she meets Roos...

Peaches (and yay for green spaghetti!)

...and BĂ©rke

She found a safe spot behind the water bottle,
Others don't fit there...

...and Roos is nice to cuddle with!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Diary of an Old Pig Easter Holiday - 12th April 2015

Any pig living in the UK will know that most of the bank holiday weekend was miserable and overcast and generally not good at all, which is how most bank holidays turn out here, the big surprise was that Monday was actually nice and we got to do our first lawn mowing of the year (pigtures below)

The good weather continued into the following week but unfortunately the humans had to go back to work and we are not allowed out unsupervised.

Saturday 11th April

Surprise surprise after all the good weather it was cold raining and miserable so no garden duties, instead we continued to destroy my birthday house which by the way is supported now by 2 walls only

Sunday 12th April

Hurray another sunny day and we got to go mowing again

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Everypig

On behalf of the Piggyfriends,  Agent Minty would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.

I hope that all the Slaves receive lots of chocolates and that all the piggies are overwhelmed with parsley, grass and other favourite goodies.

Friday, April 3, 2015