Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Video: DIY Guinea Pig Toys

There are some really great ideas in this video! Don't forget to supervise your pigs while they play with the toys

Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Guinygirl: Peaches

We got a new friend, named Peaches, end of october...

This is what she looked like at the shelter.
She was observing everything curiously from her house

Slaves tried to bond us three with her.
She was curious, but very fierce,
teeth chattering and even snorting at us

As this led to a lot of agitation, we were separated.
Peaches turned out to be very scared, also for our slaves.
We had to find out who our new boss was after Daisy died.

Peaches got used to slaves, but also got really bored.
Bonding attempts failed...

At the end of the Christmas holidays, slaves tried to bond us again
Their plan was as follows:
1. Put all of us in a big run on neutral ground, with a fence in the middle. Peaches on one side, us three on the other side. They kept us in the run the whole afternoon, after about an hour it settled down a bit.
Having hay near the middle fence really helped there (Food = distraction and eating = social activity)!
2. The next day we switched sides. Again we were distracted with food.
3. Later that day the fence was opened, both the middle and the surrounding fence. This way we were given a bigger area to explore and to get to know each other. This way we could get away from each other if we wanted to. Berke did a great job protecting his ladies Woopy and Roos.
4. The fenced of area was closed again, making the area with all four of us smaller again. Again Berke kept doing a good job, and at some point Peaches accepted that. Victory!
5. We were put together in a thoroughly cleaned cage.

All four of us together in our cage!
Sorry for the bad picture quality. Roos is in stealth mode.
Her red brown color and the red brown cage wall
make her practically invisible.
Slaves had a hard time putting us together, and they want to say keep trying as long as nobody gets really hurt (blood drawn). Also don't try to separate us too quick, Mikey found it really hard to not separate us once we started chattering and nipping at each other.

Greetings from our cage!
The guinygirlz
Woopy, Roos, new girl Peaches and boar Berke

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Festive Veggie...

We meant to publish this around Pigmas time and never got round to it still better late than never.

Our festive veggie is the Brussel Sprout this is a festive veggie as apparently most humans only eat them at Pigmas and they complain about not liking them, our Mummy and Daddy are different as they both love Brussels and eat them all the time

So what did we think of them...

Yuck we hate them all 3 of us refused to eat them and we will not even make an exception for Pigmas still the humans are happy it means they don't have to share

For those of you who have yet to try them or who actually like them we have the following information for you;

According to our reference lists hey are high in vitamin C, low in calcium and can be fed daily however they can lead to gas and bloat in susceptible pigs, we can report they lead to gas in humans as well

So do any of you like Brussels?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Friday Video: Cochon d'Inde Twix

Have you met Twix?

This cute pig does tricks too!

Have a nice Wheek!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I am 6!!

Agent Minty here aka Polo Piggyfriend. It is my 6th. birthday so Slave decided I should have a bath in order that I looked nice and clean for my birthday photo. It is hard keeping a white coat smart. I have been a Piggyfriend since I was a tiny piglet.

“ I don’t mind having a bath especially when I got a slice of apple to munch whilst I dried by the fire.”

“ When I was dry, Slave gave me this fresh grass to munch. Grass is in short supply at this time of year so I shared it with my friend, Dorian as he is nearly 5 1/2.”

“ After eating all that lovely grass we both needed a nap.”

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Agent Zeppelin

He does it again! Which way is agent Zeppelin facing? Is it left or right? Get guessing!

P.s. We forgot Friday Video yesterday, we'll post that later this wheek. Our apologies

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good News and Bad News

Here’s agent Zeppelin with bad but also with good news.

 I’m very sorry to tell you that the lovely miss Pepper passed away last Wednesday. Since October she had painkillers and antibiotics to suppress an abcess in her chin. Three weeks ago the vet opened the abcess because she was in a lot of pain. Despite the hard work of D and mister B, they cleaned the wound two times a day, she felt worse every day. So D and mister B decided to help her cross the Rainbow bridge just before Christmas Eve.

 We miss the lovely girl very much but it’s not good to be alone too long, so after a few days I went to the Kuufke shelter where I (and Pepper) used to live. And there she was, a lovely white sheltie girl from around 3 years old with mysterious red eyes. It was love at first sight as you can see on the pigture. Her name is Geny and she will introduce herself later but for now she is still a bit shy.

Love at first sight?
 Bye miss Pepper, we will never forget you xx

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Video: Rollin' Christmas

To quote the Piggyfriends; we are all available if they need round and fat piggies for the next one!

Have a happy Wheekend and a great 2015!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happig New Year Every Pig

We want to wish all our friends a Happig New Year and we hope to see more of you in 2015

Our New Years resolution is to keep in better contact with everyone as we know we were not very good at it in 2014