Friday, August 29, 2014

Piggies of the month: Winky Team

Hurray! We are Piggies of the Month! You probably know who we are, but we're going to introduce ourselves anyway. We are a herd of three and we live in the Netherlands. It's a small country just between the UK and Germany. People think we eat lots of cheese and tulips, but we've never seen any of those. We live in a really big cage and we have many hobbies, including eating chicory, eating parlsey, and eating dandelions. When we're not eating, we sleep, deconstruct cardboard boxes or try to coax more food from our staff. Ow. And we're the pigs behind the Friday Video blogposts.

In the calendar you see Bo (the abby), Coco (the coronet) and Sjeuf (the sheltie). Unfortunately, Sjeuf is no longer with us. He passed away on Christmas morning, leaving us in quite a shock.

RIP Sjeuf
Coco and Bo always had a sister-like relationship. They quarreled quite a bit when Sjeuf was still alive (but when the J was not looking Bo would lovingly wash Coco's ears). But when Sjeuf passed away the quarreling got worse, so we decided that it was time to find a new boar to blame for everything.

So, after a mourning period, we went on a speed date with Ties in the Kuufke shelter. We quite fancied him and we took this tall dark and handsome man home with us. We actually dated Berke first. But WE didn't fancy him *cough* (and we're sticking to that story!). Ties is a very gentle man, and a gentleman and he tolerates almost everything. Barbering, cutting nails, baths, and all the other horrors J has in store for us. He is also extremely tall (27cm nose to tailbone) and heavy (1400 grams) which is very convenient when the girls are having a bit of a tiff. He just plunks his big body in between the girls and then they will forget what the fight was about. What is also very cool about Ties, is his resemblance with the illustrous agent Zeppelin. That hair is just awesome; our staff frequently tries to feed him veggies on the wrong end, which gives us more time to snag it away.

Bo. Always hungry.
Bo is not to be trifled with either. She came in a tiny hairy ball of energy, and nowadays she is a 1360 gr ball of energy (mainly in the butt area). Not to mention; still hairy. Regardless of her weight, she still is the fastest pig in the cage and she hold the record when it comes to eating veggies. She practically inhales the stuff. She is also very inquisitive. It may or may not be related to her love of food. But to be fair; Bo is a very adventurous girl and not afraid of anything.

Sleepy Coco
Coco had us worried this summer. It started with teeth problems, and a week after visiting the vet-dentist where she had the hooks on her molars removed, she was so weak that J had to syringe feed her. She lost a lot of weight (it went down to 750 grams) so off she went to the vet and became the most expensive pig in the Winky team history (lots of tests). The vet suspected artrosis and maybe dehydration. She actually advised us to put her down, but since miss feisty was still stealing chicory off Bo in the morning, our J wanted to give her a chance. So after an IV with fluids, a vitamin shot and armed with critical care, something to improve bowel movement and a painkiller, Coco and J came home. We're happy to report that after a week or so miss Diva was back to her old self. She still has to take the painkiller twice a day, but otherwise she is happy in between her diva tantrums, lunches and beauty sleep.

Pretty Coco

Friday Video: PETA President's ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Response

Have a nice Wheekend!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Video: Marmot Licks GoPro

People often mistake us for marmots (at least in the Netherlands) and we have to admit, they are pretty cute.

Have a nice Wheekend!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Agent Zeppelin: he does it again!

Which way is agent Zeppelin facing? Right, or down?

Get guessing!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends Episode 3. Piggies getting messy.

" The girls have been gone a long time,"
says Gandalf.  " I'll go and look for them
when we've finished lunch,"
replies Tyrion.
" You can come out now, girls" says Tyrion.
"The man has gone to have his lunch.
Don't stay out here too long. It's very messy."
"Ooh, He's left some tools on the floor.
They look interesting. Take a photo, Lola."

" I'm hungry." says Lola. "Is that a carrot?
Oh......maybe not."
" I've found a cucumber" says Florence.
" Can I share?" asks Lola. 
"As you can see, Florence is busy eating
right now." says Lola. " So we'll report back
later. Tyrion is right. It is very messy out here.
We'll be needing a bath."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We are Going to be MIA

MIA means missing in action.

What is happening? well tomorrow we are leaving our home and moving temporarily into a rented flat so we will have very limited internet access via a dongle

The plan? The plan is we live here temporarily and then find a proper forever home at which point the humans will connect us to the internet again.

So we are still around we just wont be communicating and we will be back to posting as soon as we can

Guinea pigs in paintings (in the low countries)

Slaves visited the newly re-opened Mauritshuis a while ago.
This is a museum gallery in the Hague in the Netherlands which has many portraits of Dutch and Flemish masters from the Dutch Golden Age. Masters in painting, not per se masters to Guinea pigs ;) One of the most famous paintings there is 'The girl with the pearl earring' by Johannes Vermeer.

It was there that their friend pointed out these Guinea pigs in a painting by Brueghel and Rubens depicting 'Adam and Eve in paradise'. There are many animals surrounding Adam and Eve, two of those are Guinea pigs! Brueghel and Rubens were totally right when depicting some of our kind, of course we were there in paradise!

Being the Guinea pig enthusiast as she is our slave (@pandameisje) was tweeting that Rubens and Brueghel were absolutely right in depicting guinea pigs in paradise! With this picture attached

We were totally surprised when we got a reply of Peter Paul Rubens (the painter himself, of course he no longer lives so his account is managed by someone acting in his name)

Tweet by Peter Paul Rubens informing us Guinea pigs were his friend Jan Brueghel (the elder)'s signature creatures!
So apparently Brueghel the elder used guinea pigs quite often. Of course this made our slave curious and she did some research online.

She found an article about the first archeological find of a guinea pig in the netherlands, mentioning Brueghel using guinea pigs in his paintings. In the first painting (The garden of eden with the fall of men) the guinea pigs looked really unrealistic, which was probably because Brueghel had used a stuffed and badly mounted guinea pig. Not sure what that means, but it sounds nasty... 
According to the article there were other painters from the low countries who painted guinea pigs. Both Rubens and Brueghel had acces to the menagerie of the archdukes of Brussels, where they probably saw their first live guinea pigs.

Slave also found this site which lists lots of paintings (many by Brueghel the elder) and other art works depicting guinea pigs.

Have you ever seen a painting with guinea pigs in it?

By the way, if you ever visit the Netherlands, slave says be sure to visit this museum, it is a good size and has loads of gorgeous and fairly well known paintings. And let us know if you need a piggy fix, we live in The Hague...

The Guinygirlz: Woopy, Daisy, Roos, and BĂ©rke

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chaos at Piggyfriends Episode 2. Lola and Florence investigate.

EEEK!!! Our pig room has been ransacked.
The chairs have gone, the cupboard is empty
 and where are all of Slave's plants?
What shall we do Lola?

I can see some of the plants Florence.
They are in the garage but Slave's car has gone.
How is she going to go and buy veggies?
We'll starve!

Give me the camera Lola.
We need to record all of this.

Can I take a selfie? Yes!!

That's not very good Florence.
Let me take one of you. Climb on that brick.
That's better.

EEEK!!! Help!! Look, Lola, there's a man in the cupboard.
Shall we tell Slave? Oh no! He's knocking down the wall.
Quick, hide!

To be continued...............

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Video: Marsvin

We found a Danish/Swedish/Norwegian(?) Guinea Pig song! Don't worry, we cannot understand it either, but we love how it sounds (but we're pretty sure marsvin means guinea pig)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Chaos at Piggyfriends. Episode One.

Florence says 
"Hey, Angelina, our pen has been moved!
 There's no wall behind us - just a lot of junk 
and look, Bosworth and Rafferty are right next door. 
Hi boys. Do you know why we have all been moved?
" I don't know, " says Bosworth. 
"Rafferty is too scared to come out of the box 
and this isn't even our box. Look at the state of it."
Florence says, "I'm going to find out what's going on. 
Will you come with me, Angelina?" 
" Not likely. It's too scary out there. 
Besides, Slave is going to give me a pedicure
 later today and I might miss lunch" 
" Never mind," says Florence. 
" I'll ask Lotte and Lola. They'll come"

"I'll come," says Lola. Lotte can stay here
 and pretend to be me. Now, where is Slave's camera?

(Observant readers will now know 
what we were plotting over breakfast.)

" We are off to find out what's going on in the pigroom," 
say Florence and Lola, " are you coming?" 
" I'll just finish my breakfast," says Bosworth 
" but Rafferty is staying here. 
He can keep Angelina company"

" Hello Polo!" say Florence and Lola
 " We are off on adventure. Sow Power!!"
 " Take care!" says Polo.

Monday, August 4, 2014

We are 6!

Two of the Piggyfriends are six years
old today. Who can they be?
Wake up sleepy piggies. It's your birthday today!
Agent Big Red and Agent Bouquet aka Garnet 
and Petunia are enjoying their birthday breakfast
Are all these veggies for us? 
Our favourites - Carrot and Chicory!
Chicory is good to eat and 
makes good party hats too!

This has been a good birthday. Shall we share
the remains with our friends Garnet?
I think that would be a nice idea Petunia.

Garnet and Petunia have been at Piggyfriends since they were little piglets. In case you are wondering about Petunia's coat, she was part of a huge RSPCA rescue. All the little piggies had dreadful coats and, although most of her coat grew back in, she has always had a couple of bare patches. Garnet was unwanted by his breeder as he has slight entropion, which doesn't bother him one bit. They are dearly loved members of the Piggyfriends clan.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Video: Wet Dog

Sorry we're a bit late! We hereby present you a video of a wet dog:

Have a nice Wheekend!