Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Video: Shopping Penguin

Guinea Pig! Pig Pig Pig, Guinea Pig!
*picture happy dancing pigs in the Winky team cage*
Hat tip for the Guinygirls ;-)

Have a Piggy Wheekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Piggy dating: Guinygirlz pre-dating

Hi all,

As you probably all read our lovely friend and even niece Lily (Daisy was Lily's aunt eventhough Daisy was a day younger: Daisy's dad was Lily's grandpa ;)) left us for the bridge due to an inoperable mass in her tummy.
Eventhough we are all very sad about this, this also offers us the opportunity to find a new friend. And thus help another piggy in need of a forever home.
The plan is to go to the nominated shelter t Kuufke on April 12th.

To prepare ourselves we had a look at their website and their available piggies at the moment.

Our slaves said they liked (click on their pigtures to enlarge):

The Candidates

  • sow Gaia, born november 2013 (still pregnant in the pigtures, gave birth to 3 babies on 16 February)
But unfortunately for our slaves she is already reserved. Slaves are hoping a bit that (one of) her babies will be old enough to date us.

  • boar Arjen, born January 2012(?)

The texts say: "what does it smell like?" and "I think... like... sows!"

  • boar Chip, born May 2013

Some days ago both Chip and Arjen got neutered, so they can join us in April if we like them!!
More up to date pigture of Arjen

  • boar Willem, born 23 November 2012

Willem is still intact, so we are afraid we cannot date him. Our cousins Bo and Coco (or at least their slave) also like Willem, but it seems like we will not be fighting over him soon..

We will keep you up to date, as there can be added new favorites to our (slaves) list, and they could be reserved to go and live with other people and their guinea pigs...

The Guinygirlz: Woopy (almost 6!), Daisy and Roos

Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Iron Hamster

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell all our friends that Mummy and Daddy had to help Iron Hamster across the rainbow bridge.

We had all been really pleased with his progress after the operation to remove his bladder stone, he had been slowly gaining weight for the last 3 weeks and in general seemed happy.

On Thursday he just decided to stop eating and drinking and by the evening when Mummy got home he was hiding in a corner and shaking when Mummy put him on the floor he wandered unsteadily into the nearest corner put his head down and trembled.

Mummy syringed him food and water and took him to an emergency vet, they gave him an injection of painkiller and sent Mummy home telling her the next 12 hours would be critical.

At 3am Mummy syringed him more food and he seemed a bit better, however when she got up for work Mummy could tell he was not a well boy, within a few hours he was not only shaking but grunting and Mummy and Daddy decided to help him over the rainbow bridge, be warned humans sob a lot when they are sad and the boars are worse than the sows.

Looking back Mummy and Daddy think there were earlier signs, even before his operation Hamster would sometimes have spasms, sometimes when cuddling his leg would move funnily, and recently he had lots of problems anal impaction, bladder stone, eye infection, sore hocks and an asthmatic wheek.

Mummy and Daddy were very upset as this came as a shock after Hamster seeming to do so well after surgery however they are sure they did the right thing for Hamster and that he has now joined Bubbles and Fugly (Agent F) and are watching over us.

Here are some pigtures to remind of Iron Hamster and what a character he was;

Mummy says Iron Hamster was so chilled out she always imagined him as a Rastafarian "hey mon, whats appenin" he wondered about in his own little world happy as can be.

Daddy says he had the best indignant face if you did something he didn't agree with or understand he would look at you as if to say "I demand and explanation"

When he wanted to get behind the sofa at playtime he would wander around slowly like "nothing to see here" and then suddenly he would move just fast enough to beat the humans and go behind the sofa.

Goodbye Iron Hamster our friend xxx

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Video: Catmom

Even though this video leaves us slightly icky (if you've ever tried to sleep in a room with kittens you'll know why) but it is an interesting video.

Have a Caring Wheekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vote for the shelter who will recieve the 2014 Calendar proceeds

You nominated the following shelters:

You can vote on your favorite shelter until the end of the month!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vote for The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary Northampton

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary Northampton
is a place for piggies with ongoing health issues particularly dental pigs.

Debbie who runs the sanctuary has an excellent piggy vet who is very experienced in dental issue so she offers to look after dental pigs while they are treated by her vet, owners can leave them with her while they receive treatment and recover or when the owners just cannot cope the piggies will stay at the Sanctuary forever.

I have put a link to the website above please check them out.

Calendar piggies of February

Agent Butterloaf is an elderly pig, now going on 8 years! He was adopted when he was a year old. His agent name comes from him being a stout lad and his enjoyment of loafing around. He is quite the good napper and smooshes out wherever he pleases. While eating, Agent Butterloaf likes to sit down and rest his chin on the food bowl. He has fallen asleep quite a few times this way.

Being an elderly pig, he has had to go in to the vet for his teeth quite a few times. I believe Agent Butterloaf has come from a royal line of pigs, as he has an air of "How dare you handle me this way?!" when being checked out by the vet. During one of the visits, after being checked out and put back in his carrier, Agent Butterloaf began throwing his carrot treat around, making quite the ruckus. He is a pig that lets his thoughts known! All the ladies at the vet love him, he is quite the charmer.

Agent Yougie was adopted when he was under a year old. I saw his handsome face when I was walking around the humane society and was instantly charmed. It must have showed on my face as one of the volunteers offered to let me hold him. I knew this would be a bad idea as we didn't have room so I politely declined, but she took him out and I held him anyway. He is quite the squeaker! He looked up at me while chatting away, and I was a goner. We picked up him from the humane society that day.

His agent name comes from the love of the yogurt treat. He doesn't get very many, but will try his best to get as many as he can. He stands on his hind legs, runs up and down the ramp, and will wheek wheek wheek until a yogurt treat descends from the heavens! Besides yogurt treats, his favorite food is cucumber peels.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Vote for 't Kuufke shelter

We are reusing last years 'why you should vote for the dutch guinea pig shelter 't Kuufke?', since everything in this post is still current and true.
Both Mieke and Janneke lost one of their piggies recently (Lily and Sjeuf) and they are planning to visit 't Kuufke to look at a new friend for their remaining pigs.
't Kuufke has been the second runner up for 2 years now and we hope they win this year! Would you please consider voting for them?


On behalf of the Dutchies we would like to nominate 't Kuufke for the proceedings of the calendar. Guinea pig shelter 't Kuufke in Limbricht is the only guinea pig shelter in the south of the Netherlands. Kuufke totally depends on donations and the hard work of it's lovely volunteers. Over the last few years Kuufke has suffered a lot of bad luck. All of their computer equipment was stolen and the roof was blown off the shelter. We really think they deserve to have a bit of good luck.

They have a lovely website. They really do a good job showing us pigs at our best to help us find our forever home. Even if you don't speak Dutch, check out their sowsboars and neutered boars. They also have a blog where they post mail from the pigs that have found their forever home and a Facebook page with lots of pigtures.

There are 3 other reasons why you should vote for Kuufke.

1. Igor
Need we say more?

2. Sjeuf
Just like Igor, Sjeuf also found us through Kuufke. Even though we moved to the other side of the country, we still wanted a pig in our herd from Kuufke, just like uncle Igor. We like their southern swagger and we enjoy going to Kuufke. So with the help from Pepper and Jimmy, we went to Kuufke and asked for the sweetest beaux they had and they sent us on a speed date with Sjeuf. He came home with us and has been a gentlepig ever since. Unfortunately he left us quite unexpectedly on Christmas morning...

3. Jimmy
Jimmy is maybe better known as agent Zeppelin, from the agent Zeppelin Mysteries. Jimmy has a very sweet and docile character. That might be because he ended up in t Kuufke almost right after his birth in July 2009 and they took really good care of him. Jimmy is currently very happy, living with (a rather lively) Pepper, who also happens to come from Kuufke.

We know Kuufke is not very well known amoung our readers since most of you are not from the Netherlands. But without Kuufke, our Igor, Sjeuf and Jimmy wouldn't have found their forever homes and their voice on this blog. So from the bottom of their big hearts, these boars ask you to give Kuufke your vote.

Friday Video: You're the One That I Want

Especially for Valentine's day, a lovely version of 'You're the one that I want'. So sing along with your loved one(s)

Have a Lovely Wheekend

Vote for the Critter connection (CT) shelter(s)

Above are the CT Guinea Pig Rescue's new year mission statement followed by a link to their website. I would strongly encourage any so inclined to at least read Whitney Potsus' mission statement, and better yet visit the main website as well. I don't think I can improve upon Whitney's mission statement in my own words.

I would like to highly recommend once again the CT Guinea Pig Rescue in Durham, CT, a non-profit group dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected guinea pigs. Both Joanne and I have adopted many piggies from Cindy in years past. Since its founding in 2004 by Cindy Kuester, they have placed more than 1000 guinea pigs in good homes, not to mention provided the best of veterinary care for all the piggies in need who have come into the rescue. Some special needs and senior pigs stay on for their entire lives as sanctuary piggies.

I sincerely hope that folks would consider giving the CT Guinea Pig Rescue your vote. They have survived through a roof collapse, tough economic times, and their president's health issues. As Whitney details in her new year mission statement, because of Cindy's health issues this past year, they have reorganized, with a renewed dedication to their mission. They are smaller than they were at the beginning, but they are truly passionate about helping piggies in need despite discouragement at times.

I sent the text of this nomination to Whitney to review before I submitted it. Here are some of her words: "We are grateful for whatever help we can get. Financially, things just aren't getting better." Would you consider helping this rescue with your vote?


Ann & Purdy Piggy in CT, USA

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

On behalf of the all Piggyfriends, our Agent in Training, Tyrion, would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. He's a little Peruvian and has just had his first haircut so that he can look out for lovely sows.
We are sending our post a day early as we are expecting another huge storm tomorrow, which will probably knock out our power yet again.
We hope that everyone gets lots of flowers, cards and chocs ( Slave says particularly chocs ). We'd rather have a chicory leaf.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentine's Wheek!

Agent Peanut here, acting as Cupid this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a fabulous Valentine's Day this Friday! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Video: If it Fits, I Sits

There ought to be a guinea pig version of this video ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Agent Zeppelin Mystery Underneath the Hay ball

Hurray, we've got another agent Zeppelin mystery from our friends the Gekke Flappies! So, which way is he facing?

Get guessing..

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Team Cheer!

Agents Peanut and Schilling here - we are cheering on our favorite football team, the Denver Broncos, in tomorrow's Super Bowl!  We also have our new sidekick Astrid, she still needs a secret agent name but The Piggy Slaves have been so busy just trying to contain all of her youthful excitement and get to know her that they haven't picked one yet.