Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Video: SPCA of Wake County Lip Dub Video

You know what is more fun than a lip dub video? A pet shelter lip dub video!

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Calendar Piggies of January: Puff and Hershey

Baby Puff

Puff came at a very difficult time. Hershey was dying of misdiagnosed E cuniculi, and my husband, Gary, knew I'd be needing another piggie to bring me cheer. So, at work, he shopped around by phone all day until he found just the right piggie. I was coming out of a doctor's appointment in Sacramento, and the pet shop was on the way home. It was love at first sight, and you can see why when you look at her pigture!  


Three days later, Hershey passed over the Bridge, and there was this cute little soul in an adjacent cage to ease my pain with her cute antics and sweet face. A few days later, my sister, Annie, a prize-winning photographer, dropped by with a camera for Puff's first photo shoot. It was then that we discovered she is (Puff, not Annie) a jumper--not a good candidate as a lap piggie, as she'll deliberately hurl herself off of every surface, not for fear, but just to find out what's down there. I even have to block her cage door when it's open during feeding time! You'd think she'd outgrow it.

 Oh well, my son does sky diving, and I guess this is her version of it. Anyway, I was holding little Puff to my chest for a close up of us together, and up she went, over my shoulder, to the floor, and she scrambled for a spot under my dresser. We caught her, unharmed, in the nick of time.

 She's a sweet little girl, very cooperative with her grooming sessions, as long as there's yummies involved. Even fully trimmed, you can't see her short little leggies, so it looks like she's floating as she bounces along. She's also a chirper and has done more of it than any piggie I've ever known. Of course, she won't reveal the meaning of those birdlike chirps, which remain a mystery to us all.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No more piggy in the window - Lily

As some of you might know my Lily has been loosing weight lately.
Our vet was at a loss what could be causing this, only thing she found was a soft mass in Lily's tummy. She suggested an ultrasound to check it out, but wanted a good radiologist, because she wasn't sure she could tell what she was looking at...

So this morning we had an appointment at the vet in the middle of the country, this was at the university where animal medicine is taught.
However yesterday evening Lily started to show signs of distress. Her tummy was massive, seemed swollen with gas but the usual oil treatment did not make it better. She also refused to eat at some point...

I really hoped she would make it through the night so I could get her to the vet in the morning. She did make it and I told her to stay with me until we reached the vet, which was an hours drive.
She made it there and she was seen be a really nice vet and vet in training.

They felt a mass in her tummy, and suggested to do an ultrasound.
The results we're not good she had air in her belly cavity, so no longer just in her bowels... Which means more than just air could leave her bowels, like bacteria... And a big mass about 3 by 4 centimeters was visible near her liver.

There were two options either put her to sleep or try to operate with little chance of success. The latter did not sound appealing, at that point she was really in pain and if the tumor mass was bad it could have spread, depending on where the mass was exactly they might not be able to remove it, and of course there is the risk of anesthesia for even a healthy guinea pig. And lily wasn't healthy anymore.
So we chose for the option to have her put to sleep, which was a hard one...

As they are a teaching hospital the vet wanted to check what was wrong.
Turned out she had a big mass in and around her bowels, which also stuck to her belly, there was pus and poop in the cavity and internal bleedings already. She was in a much worse state as we and the vet would have expected, especially as she was still eating and active before yesterday evening. Quite amazing she kept going so long with all this... So though I will miss her a lot, especially this cute thing she would do standing in the window of the cage to beg for veggies, we made the right decision, the mass was inoperable...

Lily just after a bath

Luvya my little furry girl, say hi to Chico and all our other friends over the rainbow bridge... Lily was 3 year and 8 months old...

Mieke and the remaining guinygirlz Woopy, Daisy and Roos

Guinea Pig Music Video.

Hi my name is Tim Wigley and I am a musician in Houston TX.  I recently made a music video that stars my pig Lester.

Hope you like it.

Iron Hamster Health Update

Well as if having a bladder stone wasn't enough excitement for Iron Hamster he decided to get an eye infection as well, and like his friends on this blog he to hates eye drops.

Luckily for mummy she has Fusithalmic drops which are a really viscous liquid drop so when she drops it even if Iron Hamster closes his eye the next time he opens it the drop is still there waiting.

Iron Hamster seems to be progressing well he is back in with us boys again and seems much happier than being on his own, his scar is looking nice and clean and he is eating and drinking for himself (Mummy says not eating enough and she is still syringing him a little extra)

Unlike me who loves anything in a syringe Iron Hamster is now feeling well enough to fight the syringe away, he bites it, he yanks it, he uses his paws to push it away but he doesn't beat mummy who just keeps going until she gets in it him.

He especially hates the Hydrangea Root Extract which is bad news as he has to have this everyday forever now to help stop more stones forming.

You will be glad to know that me and Agent F1 continue to be healthy touchwood.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Video: Pig Beach

We stumbled across this video of pigs living on an uninhabited island (Exuma Bahamas). Legend has is that sailors left them there with the intention to pick them up later. Even though they are wild, they seem friendly enough (source).

Have a nice Wheekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hector Health Update Good News and Bad

OK so lets get the bad news out the way first, it turns out that Hector had a bladder stone which was causing his problems.

The good news is he had an operation today to have it removed and he is now home recovering in the hospital cage next door to us.

For those of you who are interested here are his X-rays showing the stone;

In this top view the stone is the round white area right near the base of the spine

In this side image the stone can be seen quite clearly

Here is the stone itself safely removed from Hector's bladder

Hector has been sent home with following meds;

Septrin 0.6ml twice daily (antibiotic)
Emeprid Oral Suspension 0.5ml 3 times a day (gut motility drug)
Metacam 0.2ml twice a day (painkiller)

He will now also receive 0.2ml Hydrangea root extract as a preventative measure so hopefully he wont get anymore stones.

Get back to normal soon Iron Hamster xxx

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smart piggie?

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this little story of Roos.
the culprit...

On New Years' day we found her eye was wet and it turned out she got a husk from her hay stuck in her eye. Of course all the vets were closed this day, but with some cautiousness my sister Janneke and my boyfriend got it out.
A vet visit followed and we got a salve to put in her eye. Luckily her eye was not really damaged.

So every morning my boyfriend E would get downstairs to give the girls their veggies. But before giving that to them he would pick up Roos from the cage. However, she quickly realized that and would hide in their wooden house every morning and afternoon when she knew E would come and pick her up. Of course she would keep an eye out to see if E was bringing veggies.
So once E would finally manage to catch her, get the salve ready to put in her eye, she had another little trick up her sleeve... uhm.. fur?
She would squeeze her left eye that needed a drop of the salve shut. She only squeezed shut her left eye, not the other one...

Luckily now everything is back to normal and she no longer hides for E..
Is she a smart piggy, or what?

Do you have stories to share of your bright pigs?

Just a few remarks:
If you find your guinea pig with something in its eye, only get it out when it comes out easily! If it is problematic I really advise you to go and see a vet.
In general even when you can get it out easily, I would always advise a vet visit because they can check if anything was damaged and maybe prescribe some salve. I think it had a vitamin in it,vitamin D I thought, which really helps in the eye's healing process.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Iron Hamster is Not Well

Typically if one of us is going to get ill we choose to do it at the most inconvenient time and true to form Iron Hamster choose a Saturday night to show Mummy he was really ill.

So whats the history...

A few weeks ago Mummy noticed that Iron Hamster was suffering from an impacted anus, due to her experience with Bubbles she knew how to empty him(although she does keep complaining about needing a gas mask) she also gave him some Brewers Yeast for the first few weeks to help with Vitamin B levels.

Anyway at our weekly weigh ins Mummy noticed Iron Hamster was loosing weight as he seemed fine in all other ways she put it down to the impacted anus.

Yesterday Iron Hamster was wheeking in pain several times during the day, Mummy gave his butt a good clean out and found hay stuck there thinking that removing this would solve the problem
she put him back to bed, midnight came and Mummy noticed Iron Hamster was still in pain and moving funnily when she picked him up his had blood in his urine.

Remembering everything that had happened with Agent F and the kidney stones she immediately started giving him a painkiller and some Hydrangea Root extract, in case its an infection she is making home made barley water to give him, we are now waiting for Monday when we can call a vet and get an X-ray so we know what is going on with our blonde friend.

We are hoping its just an infection and that some antibiotics will clear it up, however we are worried that Iron Hamster may be another stone piggy.

Please keep paws crossed that all goes well tomorrow and we will update you as soon as we can.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Piggyfriends review a puzzle

We do not have a book to review so we thought that we would write about Slave's jigsaw puzzle. Every Christmas, she buys a puzzle for the family to complete during the festivities. Last year, she had a HUGE four foot long puzzle with an underwater scene, which took up most of our floor space for weeks on end but this year she had a smaller one with pigtures of Guinea Pigs and veggies.

Here is a pigture of the box.
 Slave did not expect the puzzle to be as difficult as it turned out to be.
Here it is nearing completion.

Some of these piggies looked familiar to us and we were so pleased
when Slave completed the puzzle. Here it is at last.

This one...                                                         looks a lot like our Agent Mouse aka Angelina

Agent Big Red aka Garnet thinks he looks a lot like this piggy...      but Garnet wants to know
                                                                                             where his dandelion is.

But we think that Toffee is nearer to his colour.

Slave's family enjoyed completing this puzzle and give it 5 stars for both difficulty and the lovely pigture and we give it 5 stars too as we loved seeing the piggies being put together and love the different yummy veggies in the design. Slave is glueing it together and will hang it up for us to enjoy all year round. One more coat of glue and it should be ready. Hooray!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our guinea pig ~ Tonka RIP_2014

My name is Tonka. I died on Saturday January 11th, 2014. I had a wonderful owner named Owen that would snuggle me every minute he could. I couldn’t wait for him to come back from school as I would wait anxiously to hear him walk through the front door and I would squeak like crazy.  I loved Owen feeding me snacks especially my favorite… carrots J  I loved resting on his chest watching him play his video games. I know Owen is very sad and misses me tremendously but I would like him to know that I am over the rainbow bridge now will all of my friends warm and happy. I will always be looking down on you Owen making sure you are alright. Please keep my brother Kiki safe. I had the best life a guinea pig could ever ask for. I will see you in your dreams.

I love you Owen!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tales of the Riverbank

ok, ok we know its not Friday but we couldn't resist sharing this video and it does kind of relate to our Sunday review post.

While we were reading our winter addition of Small Furry Pets we saw an article to win a copy of Further Tales of the Riverbank reading further we were intrigued to see it was a program about a hamster a rat and a guinea pig (called GP) who solve mysteries cooool or what

Anyway a quick look on Youtube and we found this enjoy

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Video: Solid Potato Salad

This video caught our attention because the girls sing 'salad'. But watch what happens after 1:00..
Humans are weird. Ow, and there's a bit with an apple in there too. Enjoy!

Have a salad Wheekend!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nominate a shelter!

Hi All,

Thank you all who bought an Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2014! And of course every piggy and slave who supplied gorgeous pigtures making the calendar happen again.
If you haven't gotten a calendar yet, and still want one, you can still order! Use the form on the 'Order calendar 2014'

It is time to nominate the shelter to whom we will donate the money from selling the calendars...
So let us know who you want to nominate and why!

Last year we made posts for all the nominated shelter to tell you why you should vote for them, it would be nice if we can do that again!

Hugs to all the piggies,
Mieke, Janneke and M of this blog

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Humans are Mad...

and in case you need proof of this here it is;

Mummy got this for Christmas and now look what she has done to our food...

Cucumber Spaghetti

and Apple Ribbons

and we have been warned it will do other fruit and veg as well...madness...pure madness

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Video: How to Make Guinea Pig Toys

We have found some new year's resolutions for your staff; make these toys!

Have a happy Wheekend!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Silly Pigture

Agent Gemini says to Henry, the vacuum cleaner, " I don't know what you are laughing about. I can throw hay on the carpet faster than you can pick it up!"
The Piggyfriends say " You can tell that Slave had a new camera for Christmas. Now she keeps taking silly pigtures of us to try it out."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happig New Year!!

We cant believe we are the first to say welcome to 2014 everyone!!

The weather here is still rubbish, windy and rainy, cold and wet.

We hope some of our friends somewhere have better weather and we really hope the rest of the year brightens up.