Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Calendar piggies : December 2013

Sorry, this is really late, but in most parts of the world it is still 2013
So here are our December calendar piggies!

December calendar pigture

Addison the is white and brown one aka Agent Sassoon.  She and Amaris, the all brownish color aka Agent Moon flower, came to be misfits on Sept 1, 2012.
We drove two hours to pick them up. We thought we were just getting one pig (Addison) but Andy just couldn't let Amaris stay there. They belonged to a lady that didn't want them anymore. She tried to start breeding pigs and found no one wanted to buy them from her. So she was getting rid of her pigs. We offered to give one a home. And since she had long hairs I was totally excited to get one. (ended up being two) The girls were very tiny as they were only a couple of months old.

Both girls loved to trim each others hair when they first got here.  They would make new hairstyles on each other:) its really cute. They do not do that anymore so maybe it was because they were so young?  They really love all  food that is placed in front of them.

Addison is the boss piggy. Amaris is really laid back and a great pig to take out for when small vistors come to visit that want to hold a pig. Amaris has a crush on our pig named Riley. Those two will sit and talk to each other for hours. It's the cutest thing to watch. Riley's cage is right next to the girls cage.  We love our little longs hairs and are very glad we were able to take them in.

A big Merry Christmas to everyone and every-pig and any other critters you may have. And a Happy New Year too!

Jean and all the Misfits

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Review Guinea Piglopaedia

This book can be purchased here

Guinea Piglopaedia by Margaret Elward and Mette Ruelokke

Unlike the books we have reviewed recently this is not a story book instead as the name implies this is like an encyclopaedia dedicated to the care of Guinea Pigs.

The book is divided into 3 sections;

The Principles of Keeping Guinea Pigs
History of the guinea pig
Pet guinea pigs
Choosing a guinea pig

Health Care and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology
A-Z of illnesses

Varieties Breeding and Showing

Bibliography and Websites

As you can see from these sections this is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about guinea pigs.

What we like about this book... Everything!!

With one small exception the recommended cage size for 2 guinea pigs is way too small the reason for this according to the book we have bad eyesight and don't like large spaces huh!!

The space issue aside this is an excellent book it features an anatomical drawing of the piggy body so your humans can see where everything is located under all your fur, it also has a large list (very scary) of guinea pig problems and illnesses and ways to treat them very useful, being published in 2003 some of this information may well have been updated but the section about Bloat is exactly how Mummy treated me and it worked.

It also has cute pigtures which no human can resist.

We would highly recommend this for anyone keeping or planning to keep piggies

Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Video: Chip and Dale Merry Christmas

An extra long friday video today, so snuggle up behind your computer with a carrot and some herbal tea and enjoy!

Have a Merry Wheekend and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Pigmas Everypig

We just wanted to wish all our readers a Merry Pigmas and to thank you all for reading and contributing for another year.

The weather here has been terrible but luckily we have suffered no damage, we hope all our friends have been as lucky as us.

So enjoy yourselves, pig out and keep on blogging

Ghost, Iron Hamster and F1


Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

On behalf of all of the Piggyfriends, our agent in training, baby Tyrion, would like to wish everypig and every slave a very happy Christmas, Hannukah, Yule or whatever you might celebrate at this time of year and if you do not have a celebration right now, then just have a jolly good time anyway,
Carrot wine all round.
Slainte! ( Cheers! )

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday Video: a Guinea Pig Nativity

We already did a review on this book. But Jean and The Misfits also sent us this lovely little video:

Happy holidays and a Jolly Wheekend!

Book Review: Guinea Pig Pictures and Facts Steve Challis

We were lucky enough to download this book free for the kindle however it is now £1.91 here

This is actually a very short book however it does have lots of lovely pigtures which are the best thing about it.

There were a couple of things we found misleading in a book that states it contains "facts"

1) The best place to get a pet guinea pig is a breeder no mention of rescues although the author is in Australia so perhaps rescues are not such a big thing down under I think some of our Aussie friends have mentioned this before.

2) He says 2 males cannot live together unless related and raised together well could someone tell that to Mummy and Daddy because as you know we are 3 boys living together none of us the same age or related (although F1 is a bit psycho)

3) The best diet is fresh grass mmm this may be true for some piggies but others with sensitive stomachs may have gas problems from too much grass and grass should be introduced into the diet slowly to allow the tummy to get used to it.

4) Feeding piggies rabbit food?? Not something Mummy says she would do she would always get specific piggy food due to the added Vitamin C and because rabbits have different dietary needs

5) Keeping piggies loose in a garden secure from predators?? Mummy wants to know how you would keep a garden safe from predators and how would you know if something was wrong with a piggy if you cant even find them, secure runs we can understand whole gardens we cant.

6) Hutch size 75cm x 45cm minimum but no mention of how many piggies in that size hutch personally we wouldn't want anything that small.

All that said we liked the different breeds section, the good food and bad food notes and the health information.

Overall though we could not recommend this book to someone just starting out with piggies as it would point them in the wrong direction for experienced piggy owners its always great to see more pigtures.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buy a piggy Calendar and support a shelter!

Dear Guinea pig lovers,

Thirteen calendars have been ordered so far, some of them have already arrived!
Do you want one too, order here!

Like the previous 2 years, we from the undercover guinea pigs blog in cooperation with you as our readers and suppliers of cute piggy pigtures, have made the undercover guinea pigs calendar again!
You can order either a wall or a desk calendar, which will have a new cute pigture every month,
and of course our inspirator Agent F on the front.
Prices are 15 euros for the wall calendar and 12,50 for the desk calendar, plus additional shipping to your country.

If you have not ordered a calendar yet, but you want one, and you want to support a guinea pig shelter, buy one (or more)!
If you still want to recieve them before the end of this year, I advise you to order soon, unless you want to go for the more expensive 7 day shipping option...

Here is a preview of the wall and the desk version. You can click on the pigtures to enlarge them..

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pigmas Shopping Tip #3

What do you get the human who has everything? Well if they are anything like our humans they consider tea or coffee as vital to them as air so what about a mug with a fun message like this one

Why not help out a rescue while doing your Christmas shopping we are helping The Excellent Adventure Guinea Pig Sanctuary just by using this site to link us to Amazon you do need to sign up to do this.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Video: Frozen

Who does not love a video featuring a ... CARROT!!! (okay, and a snowman and reindeer)

Have a Carrot this Wheekend ;-)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pigmas Shopping Tips #2

Well our first tip was aimed at those humans with Iphones so its only fair that our next present tip be aimed at those humans who have android phones.

We have found this brilliant app, we "borrowed" mummy's phone and downloaded it just to make sure it was suitable.

What can we say we love it, at the top of the app you have 4 tabs, fun which has some cute games featuring piggies, Info our favourite bit as it has links to recent news articles, guinealynx, videos, facts and breeds, Find One this is based in America and appears to be a site like preloved, feedback where you can tell the developers what you think of their app and send them new questions and suggestions for the games and quizzes.

This is great if you are gift shopping on a budget because it will set you back nothing!, yes you heard us right this great app is free what are you waiting for.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Belated Adoption Day Agent F1

Well we are only slightly late in announcing Agent F1's adoption day, a year ago on the 3rd of December Mummy and Daddy bought F1 home, we think he is somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old but no one is really sure.

Agent F1 celebrated with a log bridge which he loves standing on and chewing, pigture to be supplied soon.

Happy Adoption Day F1

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pigmas Shopping Tip #1

Ever wondered what would make your human love their Iphone even more? Well here it is the ideal present for a piggy loving Iphone user

Mummy is really upset that they don't do one for the HTC yet

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Video: Bath Time

We will not be able to post tomorrow, so we hope you'll forgive us for this Thursday Video.

How cute are these pigs? The song makes us almost (but not quite) want to take a bath

Have a nice Wheekend!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Piggy Spotting

Mummy has spotted a piggy mention in the book she is reading Almost French by Sarah Turnball apparently in France people took their pets to Cathedral for a blessing and someone took their Guinea Pigs!!