Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Agent Butterloaf, Agent Yougie, and a new agent-in-training who is an Abyssinian agouti!

Happy Halloween

On behalf of all of the Piggyfriends, I, Agent Firenze, would like to wish every reader of this blog a very Happy Halloween.
We hope that you all have lots of treats.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Video: Open and Close

We cannot believe we haven't posted this video before. We love this video. And why hasn't anyone recruited this pig as an agent?

We also received a video tip from Pat and the Prairie Pigs (Thank you guys! We love it when people contribute). Unfortunately we're not able to embed the video on our blog, but that won't stop us from sharing the link, so here it is: Guinea Pig Fashion Show

Have an adventurous Wheekend!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Mystery Today

Agent Mystery here.....aka Otto Piggyfriend.
Usually I look like a black and white version of Agent Zeppelin, who posts those intriguing puzzles for us to solve and I have frequently had my veggies placed at the wrong end, whereupon they are seized by my best friend,  Agent Venezia, but I have just had a shampoo and a haircut and, as you can see, Slave will not make that mistake again. I love having a shampoo and always sit very still for Slave to trim my overlong coat so I deserve those extra veggies.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Creative ideas: Bed

A while ago, we wrote a post about our very cool pot/portable garden/tunnel and we got the idea to share more pigtures of our more unusual 'toys'; the ones that weren't initially intended for guinea pigs, but work quite well.

Very recently J bought us a doll bed, because she saw it in a video on youtube and it just looked so cool (we're so sorry we're not referring tot this video because we cannot find it anymore. Who ever you are, thank you so much for this idea!)

Let the games begin!

This is a guinea pig sized bed,
and it needs 2 humans to assemble it? Hmmokay

Putting shelf paper (or actually shelf plastic)
to piggy proof the bottom

More piggy proofing


Since we didn't immediately take to the bed,
J put veggies on top. Lucky for us,
Coco just pulled the blanket off the bed

But nowadays we all use it, and we like it a lot!
We love sitting in the bed and staring down J until she gives us veggies. Sjeuf likes to popcorn in it, Coco sleeps in it, and Bo eats breakfast in bed. Hiding under the bed was great from the start, even though it got us a new nickname (the monsters under the bed)

You probably saw in Woopy's birthdaypost that the Guinygirls have a bed like this too, so we couldn't resist adding more of their pigtures (courtesy of the Guinygirls)
Lovely Lily
Roos snoozing in bed
They've added pink shelf plastic

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Video: another commercial with guinea pigs

So. If the humans can make the house do things, why are they not making the fridge give us food? Seriously.

Have a nice Wheekend!

p.s. wheels like this are meant for hamsters, not guinea pigs. Learn the difference, commercial humans.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Agent lil'Woop is 5 1/2 years old today!! Calendar piggies October

This months Calendar piggies are my Guinygirlz:
Agents lily'Explorer, Tortoise, Wheeker and lil'Woop

AKA Lily, Roos, Daisy and Woopy

Today is also a special day because our girl Woopy turned 5,5 years old today. This also means she is the oldest piggy I ever owned! She seems pretty healthy and active for her age, so we hope for many more years with her. So a small party for as today, please join us in congratulating Woopy on her half birthday, Carrot beers all around!!

Woopy after a bath...

Because I think you already know my piggies a bit I wanted to show you their house.

Recently we got a bunkbed, we got this idea from the Cali Cavy Collective:
Here is a tutorial on how to make one.

Lily on top, Woopy below, Daisy on the right
Our new drink bottle in empty cage, see the floating carrot?
Daisy snuggling in the hay (food) next to overturned hay rack and new waterbottle

We also love boxes, this is a beer house.. with Daisy peeking out
Recently we got a doll bed, great to eat hay off the side...
... snuggle below it ...
Or sit in it of course! Roos is modeling a birthday hat for Woopy,
as she doesn't like hats, and Roos doesn't mind
Mieke of this blog and of the Guinygirlz ;)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pigtures wanted! Calender 2014

Hey dear guinea pig loving readers,

We had a small poll about whether we should make a new Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2014. The results showed that you are all in favor and want to buy a calendar, contribute a pigture or do both!

This months Calendar Piggies: My Lily, Roos, Daisy and Woopy

So, it's time to send in pigtures again!
It would be nice if the pigtures are of a reasonable resolution, If you only have low res pigtures, you could have more than pigture on a month. That way the pigtures don't have to be that big to look okay, and together they will fill up the page! Plus it gives us as viewers more piggies to watch.
You can do (month) themes, like halloween, christmas or easter, or ,
but cute, funny pictures or just pigtures are fine too! It can be a pigture of just one pig or of a group, it doesn't really matter, so surprise us with your piggies gorgeousness...

Like previous years there are 12 pages to fill, and one to go on the front, which so far has been filled by our beautiful late Agent F, who started the idea for this blog.

Like the other years the calendars will be available in desktop and wall calendar, but if possible I would like to try to ship the calendars before the end of the year, because I noticed the shipping goes up quite a lot towards Christmas...
Any money that is not paying for the calendars itself will be donated to a guinea pig shelter. You can suggest a shelter and then can vote at all the nominated shelters.

If you have a nice pigture let us know, we have an email how to contact us on the  contribute tab (second one below the pigture of Fugly).

Looking forward to your entries!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Video: Good Guinea Pig Toys

What kind of toys do you guys like? These girls made a video and they are very concerned about our safety (which we appreciate very much!)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Show Me the Way to Go Home

Some of you may recognise this little song

Starring everyones favourite rat... Algernon

Show me the way to go home

I'm tired and I wanna go to bed

I had a little drink about an hour ago

And its gone right to my head

No matter where I may roam

Over land (baths are wet yuck)

Or Sea

Or Foam (there really is foam in this pigture can you spot it?)

You will always hear me singing this song

Show me the way to go home