Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from the Peegies!

Happy Easter from Agents Butterloaf, Cannonball, and Yougie!

Happy Easter from the Piggyfriends

Hello everyone. On behalf of the Piggyfriends, Agent Minty would like to wish you a very Happy Easter.
The Easter bunny is not welcome at our house as his relatives are stealing our vegetables from Slave's garden but Algernon Rat popped in to share Slave's Easter Eggs and posed for this pigture with me.
I hope that your Slaves received lots of yummy eggs and that all of you piggies had extra veggies.

Happy Easter from the Misfits!

Happy Easter season to you all from the Misfits

Our two girls would love to be secret agents. They are big enough now.

Meet Agent Moonflower She was born on aug 1st 2012 her real name in English means Child of the moon or in Hebrew Promised of God it is also very similar to the name of a flower.

Meet Agent Sassoon she was born on july 1,2012 her agent name was chosen because she hopes to be a famous hairdresser one day as well. Her real name means Adams Son (but she is a girl, humans are weird) it is also the name given to several cities throughout the United States.

These agents are cage mates and live next to Rileys cage and Riley is soo in love with Agent Moonflower it is so cute to watch them two talk! as their cages are budded up next to each other

Both are good girls. Sassoon seems to be the bossy pig and Moonflower just goes with the flow of things. If you notice both are long hairs but Moonflower's hair is not long due to Sassoon loves to "trim" it!!!! Moonflower loves hay the best and Sassoon loves green peppers. We drove to Peoria, IL to get these girls. We thought we were just getting one but Andy couldnt leave Moonflower when he found out she needed a home too. So that is how this duo came to be Misfits.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Our donation to Palace Piggie Rescue!

Dear readers, especially the ones who send in pigtures of their agents, and who bought the Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2013,

We worked out the donation for our winning rescue Palace Piggie Rescue, near Crawley in England (UK). By selling 23 Calendars and a extra donation (he knows who we mean) we could donate 148,20 euros to the rescue.
A big thank you to everyone who supplied us with pigtures and/or bought a calendar, together we could donate this amount!

If you live near Crawley, West Sussex in England, please consider to adopt a piggie from them. Their website is:

You can see their piggies for re-homing here
Also have a look at the gorgeous hutches and sheds,  that Lynn's husband made.
Piggingham palace

Here is the mail we got from the rescue ladies Liz and Lynn:
"Thank you so much for this, we have received it, this will be used for some bedding we have just had delivered...and have to pay for soon!! It will also help with the vet fund, we had to have an emergency spaying of one of our sows last week as her insides were coming outside!!! Fortunately, she is doing very well, but at a very large cost!

Thank you again for organising this and for donating the money to us, we are truly grateful. 
Kindest regards 
Liz and Lynn"

Since many of Penny's Piggyfriends came from Palace Piggie Rescue, we've asked Penny for some pigtures. Thank you Penny for the pigtures!
Tiggywinkle Piggyfriend and Baby Angelina

Grown-up Angelina aka Agent Mouse, showing off her favorite veggie
 as a cucumber hat.

Susie and Sally aka Agents Gemini

Bosworth Boar aka Agent Plantagenet

M, Janneke and Mieke of this Undercover Guinea Pig blog.

Friday Video: Bonding with your Guinea Pig

Especially for the long Easter wheekend, we have found two video's for our caretakers, which shows them how to bond with us. As you will see, bonding involves food, so be prepared for lots of bonding this weekend ;-)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Agent Zeppelin Mystery

It's time for another agent Zeppelin mystery! Which side is he facing; left or right?

Get guessing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Video: The Pony

Spring started yesterday; you wouldn't know that looking at the weather (there are still snowflakes falling down in the Netherlands) So we're looking at this pony instead

Have a nice Wheekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Agent: Mister Pig

Our gentlepig Sjeuf has finally chosen his agent name: Mister Pig. It was about time too, because he has been living with us since December 10, 2011 (so over 2 years!)

Agent Profile

Agent name: Mister Pig. We actually wanted to use 'Mr. Darcy' first, because both are kinda hard to approach (Sjeuf runs way..), yet a real gentleman once you get to know him. But after a play on words using the 'Sex in the City'-series as inspiration, we went for 'Mr Pig'.

Real name: Sjeuf. His name is a typical name (in dialect) for men from the south of the Netherlands. He got the name at his shelter and it stuck. We also like it when our friends from Amsterdam try to pronounce the name (more often than not; quite unsuccesfully, since the southern Dutch requires a more fluent pronounciation of the 'eu', like French (e.g. jeu))

Showing off his cute nose

Agent Facts: Born in September 2010, wheighs 1180 grams, Sheltie (or Silky), has lilac fur (which is posh for grey) and ruby eyes. 

Agent History: when we went to the shelter to find a new boar, we asked for the sweetest boar they had, and they introduced us to him. Sjeuf is always sweet, polite and nice to the ladies. He is also kinda shy, but he prefers to call that mysterious or he'll claim that he is in undercover guinea pig training. Whatever. Many of our human visitors think we're a herd of 2, not 3. In spite of his initial shyness, he loves cuddling with the human (and us too)

Mysterious.. ?

Relationship: Sjeuf is dating the lovely Pepper. They like going on extreme dates like sky diving and cross country racing

Super powers: Sjeuf is very good at stealth, and is also very fast. As long as the opponents are guinea pigs he can be quite charming too. He also is an extremely clean boar. He claims that doing Yoguinea exercizes help him to achieve this. He rarely wheeks, but when he does, he is very loud (and low)

Favorite food: hay, pellets and chicory. Not too big on other veggies actually..

Hobbies: building nests, cuddling and popcorning

Always happy to see the waitress

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pictures for St. Patrick's Day

Hi M!

I thought I'd contribute these pictures for St. Patrick's Day.

The Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue pigs in Chicago send greetings to all on St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Agents Kelly, Schilling & Peanut!

We wish all of our piggy friends around the world lots of luck in the noms department this St. Patrick's Day! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Video: Agent Zeppelin

We have seen Agent Zeppelin (aka Jimmy) in real life and he is VERY cute. The camera however, seems  to be convinced that no one else online ought to know this. So when we saw a video of him on twitter, we asked him if we could feature it in the friday video blogpost (and Miss Pepper is very cute too ;-))

Have a nice Wheekend!

p.s. Mr B is his staff

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peter Gurney Memorial

We lit a candle yesterday, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to remember Peter Gurney and Igor, Yaya, Suus an Jan the Boar.

Winky team lights a candle

Our staff read his book 'The proper care of guinea pigs' to us, which is full of good advise and lovely pigtures, made by Mr Gurney himself (the girls now have crush on Free Range Fred). What we absolutely loved the most about this book, is that Mr Gurney's love and enthousiasm shines through the pages. For those of you who have not read it, some quotes:

"The most wonderful animal in the world! I usually reply, when strangers ask what the creatures are that I have cradled in my lap, in the park"

Pigs in the Park

"I wouldn't dream of going out into a public park without my shopping basket carrying a couple of guinea pigs. They are delightful company (..)"

Peter's appartment

"I live with 37 guinea pigs in a small flat, and I do not suffer from any of the following: unsightly hutches, bad odors, hay-strewn carpets (..)"

Thank you mister Gurney, for loving our kind so much and happy birthday at the rainbow bridge with so many of our friends.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reminder: tonight 8 pm Peter Gurney Memorial

Remember to light your candle tonight (9 March), at or around 8:00 pm, in your particular time zone to remember Peter Gurney and all of our beloved piggies, pets, and friends who are now at the Rainbow Bridge. This is our annual memorial and everyone is invited to light a candle (a real one) on March 9th, at 8:00 pm. As candles are lit, the lights will travel around the world, as we remember everyone at the Rainbow Bridge. I am told that they all look forward to this very special occasion to see our lights from the Rainbow Bridge.

For those new to this event, we have done it for several years now, and afterward, I will ask you to tell me where your candle was lit, and we will post a list and a map of all the locations where candles were lit. You can see last year's map and list of locations on the GPDD Homepage, as well as some information on Peter Gurney, who the memorial was initially started for. Peter Gurney was a lay guinea pig expert, who passed away in 2006. He wrote many of the books on the care of guinea pigs that many of us use, as well as his website with a wealth of information on guinea pig care.

So, remember to light a candle on March 9th, at or around 8:00 pm, and tell others about it too.
I will be lighting my candle on March 9th, at 8:00 pm. in memory of my dear guinea pig Gordon, who was the Secretary of the Peter Gurney Memorial, and who joined the others at the Rainbow Bridge last November.

Remembering Gordon and Reese, at the Bridge


Leave a message below, telling us where you lit a candle, we will make sure Audrey gets a list of participants.

We, Mieke and the guinygirlz, will try to light a candle in Groningen, the Netherlands, in memory of our late piggies Winky, Lotje, Guiny, Dunya, Chico and Toby.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Video: Good Cucumber

We've found some cool music for our snackercising activities in the morning.

*and chew, and stretch, and chew and popcorn* ... this is a good cucumbuuur.. *butt wiggle*

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peter Gurney Memorial: March 9th

Message from the gpdd, all can pigticipate to remember their lost guinea pigs and other loved ones. After the memorial, you can leave a comment on our reminder post of upcoming saturday when you participated, we will make sure Audrey gets a list of all the places where we lit a candle

Everyone is invited to participate in our annual Candle Light Memorial for Peter Gurney and for all of our pets and friends who have left us and are now at the Rainbow Bridge. All you have to do is light a candle on March 9th, at or around 8:00 pm, in your particular time zone. As candles are lit in each time zone, the lights will travel around the world, and all of our beloved pets and friends at the Rainbow Bridge will know that we are all thinking of them. Afterward, just send a post to the Digest and/or to me, and we will post a list and a map showing all the locations where candles were lit.

This is our 8th Candle Light Memorial, and we want it to be better each year, so tell others about it too. You can see last year's world map and list of locations where candles were lit on the GPDD homepage, where you can also read about Peter Gurney, who the memorial was named for.

Remember to mark your calendars for March 9th, at 8:00 pm to light your special candle!!? And tell others, too!

(Remembering Gordon and Reese, at the Rainbow Bridge)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calendar Piggy: March 2013

This month's Calendar piggy is one of Penny's boys named Gandalf, aka Agent Wizard...

Agent Wizard's Calendar pigture
Hi everyone.

This is me, Agent Wizard, aka Gandalf Piggyfriend. I came to live here in February 2011 along with my best friend, Fuzzypeg, who was in the Calendar last year in November. He is Agent Curly.
Fuzzypeg and Gandalf looking handsome

Slave had gone to the pet shop to buy hay and, when she was waiting to pay, she saw a note pinned to the counter saying " Guinea pigs free to good home" along with a pigture of us both. She rushed home and called the number on the note and it was not long before our previous owner delivered us here to Piggyfriends. She had bought us as pets for her children but then decided that guinea pigs were not right for them as they wanted something more cuddly - maybe a kitten. Our coats were very matted and our nails long and curly as she did not know how to care for us so, once we had settled in and had a good meal, Slave whisked us off to the bath. I was surprised how much smaller Fuzzypeg appeared after our spa treatment and Slave was left with a pile of curly coat nearly as big as me. This went out to the garden for birds to use for nesting material.

Sheltie Gandalf
I am a Sheltie ( called Silkie in some countries ) and Fuzzypeg is an Alpaca so we needed more hair care than short coated piggies.

We live here in a large pen surrounded by many other piggies. Our favourite food is grass, which Slave cuts for us every day, except when it is snowing. Second favourite has to be cucumber and we enjoy the forage that Slave collects during the good weather.
enjoying grass...
We had different names when we arrived. I was called Silky, which Slave said was a breed not a name so she thought of names related to grey things. It was Mieke who suggested Gandalf for me as Slave has other pets with names of the Lord of the Rings characters. This is her favourite ever book. Fuzzypeg was called Ginger Ninja but there has been a Ginger Piggyfriend before so she called him Fuzzypeg, after a favourite children's book character (who is really a hedgehog but never mind).

Agent Curly
I was so pleased to be chosen as the Easter Pig in this year's calendar.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Making Our C&C Cage

We have finally got around to making this post which we should have done ages ago, we would like to thank everyone who advised Mummy how to go about making our new home.

First step you will need to order supplies;
C@C Grids
Correx Base Doesn't the piggie in the pigture look like Agent F1
Cable Ties (Daddy used all 100 that came with the grids and them some!!)

Decide how big the cage is going to be, ours is roughly 4 grids by 3

Make your Frame;
Mummy and Daddy decided the spacers that came with the grids did not give enough grip so our frame is held together with cable ties, each grid is overlapped like weaving one side under previous grid next side over it for extra strength.

Making access panel for cleaning/ playtime at the front of our cage one side is fixed while the other is hinged with cable ties so it can swing open the centre 2 grids of the front can be removed entirely and are held onto the other panels by string tied into bows.

Making the roof this uses the same weaving principle as the frame one side is fixed in solidly to the frame while the rest of the roof is hinged using cable ties so that the whole thing can be opened to make cleaning/ catching piggies easy.

Our cage is only one level because of my arthritis we are not allowed ramps.

Make your base;
Mummy found this really good website that talks you through exactly how to build a base and then Daddy totally ignored it.
Daddy's method was to sit the frame on the base and then squish it down making outline he then folded up edges and squeezed them into the frame, to secure the corner flaps Daddy used Duck tape inside and out.

Put the 2 together;
The normal method would be to put the frame over the base, however using Daddy's method you put the frame in place then squeeze base in and tape it up in situ.

The most important step...pimp your pad
Due to the size difference Mummy had to sew us new fleece bedding
We now have in our cage a kind of hammock to hide under, a chube to hide in, a hay wheel to provide hay and entertainment and various different boxes stuffed with hay to eat, throw and hide in.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Video: Smart dog

This smart dog has figured out how to play fetch with himself. We wish we were able to fetch veggies out of the fridge by ourselves..

Have a nice Wheekend!