Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Video: Agent Prince #Olympigs

You guessed correctly! Ladies and gentleboars, for your viewing pleasure, Charles is getting ready to nap. Beautiful exercise, Agent Prince, well done!!

Charles became a Misfit on Nov 6, 2010. He is estimated to be born around June of 2009. He came to be a Misfit because his "owner" a young child dropped him, which hurt Charles's back so that is why he wobbles when he walks and because of that they didn't want him anymore! Well, he was actually put up for use for snake food at the misfits local seed and feed. Lucky for him Jean and Andy said 'Heck no, he is not going in any snakes belly!' when they saw him that day. So that is how he came to be a misfit.

The video was taken by Jean, she wanted to show us how Chuck finds that comfy spot before he falls asleep. We also got some extra pigtues of this handsome (agent) Prince doing his magic.

Enjoy and have a nice Wheekend!

Okay gold medal, here I come!
Almost there..

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#Olympigs 50 Yard Nap: Prince

New Agent Prince takes the baton for the 22nd leg of the 50 yard nap

Agent Prince is a boy living as part of a mixed herd in Illinois he came to his new home when he was dropped by his previous owner causing him spinal damage he nearly ended up as snake food before his new daddy said hell no he's not needless to say he is now treated like a Prince!!

His real name is also the name of the current heir to the English throne.

Get guessing

Now who is napping the next yard??

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap: Curly

Agent Wizard reporting.
Slave picked up me and my friend Agent Curly to have our nails trimmed. I behaved impeccably as usual and then she went to clip Agent Curly's nails. Her son was holding him as, with Curly's fluffy coat, it is hard to see his feet. He promptly leaned back and fell asleep upside down so I am entering him for the next leg of the fifty yard nap. Counting is not my forte but I believe that this is leg 20.
Don't tell Agent Curly that I have sent in this pigture as he might be embarrassed.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Video: #Olympigs Rowing Pigs

We know we've featured this video before. But it just fits perfectly into the #Olympigs theme.

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

#Olympigs Synchronized, Combined Events!

Here is Agent Orioles' whole herd eating green spaghetti while all competing in the fifty yard nap! How's THAT for synchronization?! Do we get a gold medal? Featuring a new Agent! Meet Agent Chirpy, so named because she's the only chirper in the herd! Weirdo. Can anyone else chirp? A hint for her name that it is a type of warm winter jacket.

Well, back to the spaghetti now. *chewchewchewchewchewchewchew*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap: Firenze

Agent Firenze would like to take the next leg of the Fifty Yard Nap.
How many legs have been completed? I hope that someone is counting.

Food of the Week

This week's food is carrots.Here a picture of one.Me and my bro love these things!
  They can be fed to us 2-4 times a week.They are good,good for us.But just have a bit to much sugar to be fed to us everyday. Have a nice week!
        Agent Pellets

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

# Olympigs fifty yard nap

The pigs have been inspired to take the baton for the 50 yard nap.

#Olympigs 50 yard nap: Godiva, Magician and Mango

Agents Godiva, Magician and Mango would like to contribute to the 50 yard nap.

Agents Mango and Magician have even made an effort at synchronized napping.

Monday, August 20, 2012

#Olympigs New Agent Eating Green Spaghetti

Hello! I am Agent Oriole's second-in-command, and my agent name is Agent Funky-fresh because of my sweet hairdo. This is a picture of me trapping two of my sisters in a house while eating green spaghetti. They can have all the spaghetti inside the house and I get all the spaghetti outside the house! Wol!

Help Raise Money for Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue

If any of you have not maxed out your egg cards consider sponsoring this human who is trying to raise £300 for Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue by running 5k she is over half way there and who knows with our help she may be able to raise all the money.

Sponsorship Page

About Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue

#Olympigs Fifty yard nap: Mockingbird

Agent Mockingbird would like to take the next leg of the fifty yard nap with an epic post-breakfast nap. Look at that technique! It's hard work being a sow!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap: Siver Streak and Avatar

Agent Venus passed the baton to Agent Silver Streak for the next leg of the 50 yard nap.
He then gave it to his sister, Agent Avatar. To whom will she give it for the 6th. leg? No, don't eat it, Agent Avatar - it has a long way to go yet.
From Team Piggyfriends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Video: the Dutch #Olympigs competition

See this Dutch pig take a 10cm hurdle twice in only 45 seconds!

Have a nice Wheekend!

p.s. Have you seen Agent Hamster and Halloween starting the 50 yard nap? We need more pigs to do more yards! So please send us your pigtures.

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap: Halloween

Here is our entry for the second yard.
This is our dear Halloween. He says that he is far too old to be an Agent but could we enter him in the veterans class? He is napping indoors but he is in a pen that is a yard square so we hope that this will count.
From the Piggyfriend Agents.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#Olympigs Fifty Yard Nap: Iron hamster

Iron Hamster here, I seem to remember reading somewhere (twitter feed I think) that one of our friends has suggested a 50 yard nap as an olympig sport.

Here is my attempt at the first yard

I am also thinking this could be the biggest Piggy Puddle Event entry as well as I like to spread out.

Not sure what Ghost is doing in the tent, maybe attempting to be the cleanest piggy?

Daddy says I would never win that as I am a bit of a stinky pig and need regular butt bath grrrrrr

Monday, August 13, 2012

Food of the Week

And the Winner is...
Dandelions! These are sweet and the leaves are healthy.This can be fed daily,about five dandelions per a pig.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

#Olympigs Eating the Green Spaghetti

We have been taking advantage of the recent nice weather and here is our entrance into the Eating Green Spaghetti Doubles Contest

We have embedded video but it doesnt appear to have worked so if you cant see video on screen click the link to view it.

Stupid puters grrrr

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Video: The German #Olympigs Meerschweinchen

In the spirit of the #Olympigs, this week some footage from German television. The reporter wants to know how fast guinea pigs really are. Cassie shows the camera man (2:06 min into the video) that she can run 4 to 6 meters per second. In human time this is 21 km in an hour (or 13 miles).

Mister Usain Bolt runs 200 meters in 19.32 seconds. So he still is faster than us pigs; the same distance would take a fast piggy about 33 seconds (if he or she has the stamina, we are better suited for the 200 cm sprint)

Have a nice Wheekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

#Olympigs Speedy bar Biting

Daisy is going for Gold!!


(you cannot hear the rattling that well, but let us assure you, she is making quite a racket)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Agent Shyness and Agent Pellets have so big news!

Hello,my name is Agent Pellets and we have some big news.Even though we are brothers,we hit puberty so we have been scratching and biting.So ,we will be seperated. If you had had this happen with a close friend,or brother or sister,please give us some tips.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#Olympigs Gazing at the Girls Challenge

Team Piggyfriends has two entrants in this event, myself and Agent Carrot.
I am using my friend, Copper, to get a better view in the doubles and Agent Carrot is in the individual event.
From Agent Minty.

#Olympigs Gazing at the Girls Challenge

Agent Gazer shows us exactly how to gaze at the girls.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Agent Shyness and Agent Pellets would like your ideas

Hello.The agent's mom,Bella here.We would like your ideas for our cage,toys and other stuff.Thank you.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 reasons why you should own a human

One of our friends sent us a slideshow with 7 reasons why a human should get a guinea pig. Well.. that's all good fun for the humans, but we'd rather make a list of why we should own a human (don't tell the humans, but you all know we rule the world, right?)

1. Full body massages*
Need I say more? Best thing about being a guinea pig. Period.

2. The sipping of the tea
We actually don't know why, but we find it oddly comforting when J stares into space and makes those tiny slurpy noises

3. You can dress them up as a haystack
Yes! You can leave hay all over them, just in case you get hungry during your full body massage. Extra points if they have pockets to hide your poo

4. They make good sofa's
Humans are snuggly and warm. We love resting our head underneath a big chin. It feels so safe.

5. Tasty
Humans can be rather tasty. Try licking their skin, but watch out for the ones with the lotion

6. They are cheaper than a walkin' fridge
We're also not sure if they are actually invented yet, even though the commercial suggests otherwise

7. They don't make fun of your poo collection
They just throw it out every week *humpf*

8. You always feel smart around them

9. They're low maintenance pets
Really, they clean and feed themselves. You just need to talk to them and make them feel welcome when they get home

10. They can be very entertaining
Ours does bellydancing. It's hilarious, like our rumblestrutting, but less advanced. But it just fills our hearts to see the poor soul have so much fun

So.. how does your human entertain you? And do you have tips to help us get more out of our humans?

* hattip for @LilPecan for bringing this to our attention

#Olympigs Speedy Bar Biting

Faster than a speeding Rabbit Agent Ghost bites the bars wol