Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Winner Is.....

The rescue that will receive the money from our calendar sales is....

Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue, well done Uncle Johnny Pig 562 votes WOW

As the Guinygirlz are busy this weekend the total amount donated will be announced early next week

Thank you again to everypig who voted, everypig who entered pigtures, everypig who bought a calendar and a huge thank you to the GuinyGirlz for making it all possible!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 Days Left to Vote

Vote for a Rescue

Just a quick reminder for anyone who hasn't voted yet you have 2 days left to vote for which rescue you would like to receive the calendar money.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Have Mowed the Lawn..

for the first time this year it was actually warm and sunny enough for us to go outside and choose our own fresh grass to eat, needless to say we enjoyed this hugely.

For some reason stoopid humans are wanting rain, something about a hosepipe ban, we say no rain more lawn mowing!!

How is the weather where you guys are??

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Agent Zeppelin Mystery

Agent Zeppelin is always improving his craft. He enjoys outsmarting the humans (huh.. like it's hard) and his cagemates by confusing them. Is he facing the food bowl or the hay rack? Which station should be guarded from the jaws of this ambitious LAPS pig?

See if you can find out. Get guessing!

Food bowl or hay ball?
Cardboard box or camera?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top of the morning readers!
The Piggyfriends want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day and I have been chosen as their representative.
Slave says that every pig here can be a secret agent. How exciting is that! Beats living in a cardboard box anyday.
She gave me an Irish name when I came here so I have chosen to be called Agent Shamrock. I live with my best friend Domino, who has shared my life through the hungry cardboard box years and the outdoor living and is now safely indoors with me here at Piggyfriends, where veggies are plentiful and there are pens of beautiful sows nearby.
We spent time recovering at our Rodentologists before moving here and our favourite food there was carrot but Slave forages for yummy leaves for us and we currently are enamoured of dandelion leaves.
Slave says that unless, like her, you are into Irish mythology or garden design, you are unlikely to guess my real name. If you read the GPDD, you might have seen me and my friend collecting trash aboard the Black Pearl in the current virtual story. The only clue that I can suggest is to think of an Irish name beginning with  D and don't worry about the spelling.
Have a great day. Glasses of carrot wine all round. Slonshal.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Armchair Fundraising

or more accurately computer chair fundraising.

Here is a list of quick and easy things your humans can do to help rescues;

Click to Give Click daily to provide food for animals in need.

Recycle for Charity - Mummy recycles her old printer cartrides to raise funds for Thistle Cavies she not only recycles her own cartridges but the ones they use at work as well.

Easysearch - Mummy uses easysearch for all her home and work web searches to raise money for Bobtails Rescue there are lots of charities registered so this can be changed (we are not sure if this works outside of the UK) also with Easysearch you can do Easyfundraising as well all you do is sign into the page and use the links to internet retailers like Amazon and then a % of your order is donated to the rescue of your choice.

Donate by Text - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare often have campaigns you can donate to via text message from your mobile phone, we cant see any on the website at the moment but if there is anything I am sure the Piggyfriends will let us know. Mummy likes this way of donating as there are no forms, no bank details and no card numbers involved its quick and easy.

Amazon wishlists - a lot of piggy rescues in the UK now have their wishlists on Amazon so if your human is worried money wont be spent on piggies they can always send a bag of hay, as the meerkats say "simples"

So is there anything we have missed?

If any rescues would like to share your wishlists on the blog send the link to the email address in the contribute section and we will add your list.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Piggy Spotting

As all good piggies do we keep an eye out for our fellow pigs who have hit the big time and in the last wheek we have spotted 2 such piggies.

Saturday night Mummy and Daddy were watching a horror film called the Orphan, there was a scene in a little girls bedroom in the middle of a thunder storm and we spotted a black piggy with a white crest the piggy was only on screen for a few seconds but he even had his own lines he went wheek wheek wheek, we were very impressed.

Mummy is reading a book at the moment (amazing we didnt know humans could read wol) First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde and she found a line in it about an invention that meant the body heat of a guinea pig could be used to power a house (they can forget that idea we are not sharing heat with the humans)

So has anyone else spotted piggies anywhere unusual lately??

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winners of the Hat Contest........


The winners are Agent Chanel and Agent Firenze congratulations girls you are the official agents of the month for March.

Good work

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peter Gurney Candle Lighting

Tomorrow is the official Peter Gurney Memorial Candle Lighting day.

We know our friends over on the GPDD take part every year but we are not sure where the tradition came from, perhaps someone could fill us in.

Anyway tomorrow night at 8pm your time light a candle in memory of Peter Gurney and your rainbow bridge piggies.

We will be lighting our candle for Bubbles and of course Agent F the original Undercover guinea pig.

Edited as we got so excited we were a day ahead of ourselves wol.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adopt Rescued GPs Month

Agents Pirate and Magician want to show their support for Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs month, as well as their favorite rescue organization.

The slogan they have come up with is:

Save some guineas, adopt rescued piggies!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We had a bath

We shouldn't have said that we'd never had a bath..

Miss Bo
Agent Chanel
For those of you who are still wondering how J tells Coco and Sjeuf apart, here are some hints:
  • Coco is actually white, with only two lilac spots around her eyes 
  • Sjeuf is lilac all over 
  • Coco is a coronet. This means that she has a crest on her head and long hair everywhere else. Or as she likes to say; I wear a crown, since I am a queen ;-) 
  • Sjeuf is a sheltie, no crests
  • And most of all, Coco is a girl and Sjeuf is a boy!! When in doubt (as if..) check underneath ;-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hat poll

Thank you to all our wonderful Agents who joined in with the hat competition now its time to chose who gets to be Agents of the Month for March.

Voting is open until the 10th March so get voting now!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue

The Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue

The rescue was set up in '03. Started because I felt guilty sitting on my backside watching animal rescue programmes feeling sorry for the animals and when I had the knowledge and experience to do something about it! So I got off the sofa and started organising. Had a shed built, constructed cages and runs, read and learnt as much as possible and let local rescues and vets know about me. The first guinea pigs arrived very soon and since then the rescue has grown every year. I now rescue over 150 guinea pigs a year, this year could be my busiest as I have already taken in 45 in the first 6 weeks of the year, with many on the waiting list for space.

Uncle JohnnyPig

JohnnyPig has poor dental health and requires trimming every month so is a lifelong resident at the rescue. He has earned his place at the rescue by becoming the resident Uncle Pig to all the baby boys that have to leave their mothers at 3 weeks old so no accidental pregnancies occur. He has a kind and gentle nature, is very sweet with the boys and teaches them guinea pig manners. Despite being the heaviest pig in the rescue at over 1.5kg he plays with the babies and popcorns as much as they do.

Vid of Johnny with his latest assignment

1000th pig and the Piggy Bank

In response to the need for more help for piggies across the country than a single rescue or individual can provide I founded the Piggy Bank, a collective of volunteers for guinea pig rescue support, made up mostly of members of The Guinea Pig Forum. There is a central database of all contact details of the members so that when a rescue situation occurs, we have a response team in any area that can be called upon. For the larger scale rescues we work as a network to locate rescue space and transport the pigs to the rescues. The Piggy Bank is still in it's infancy but has helped with small and large cale rescues already, very successfully.

Piggy Bank

Since the first rescue pig, Mr Binkie, arrived on 6th July 2003 The Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue has now welcomed it's 1000th piggy. He arrived on 18th February 2012, one of the '285 rescue' - Thanks to the Piggy Bank for their part in this rescue, finding rescue space and transport for 120 boars.

1000th Piggy

Thank you Suzy for this informative update about the rescue, we would like to raise our paws and clap for the wonderful job you are doing.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its Officially Adopt a Guinea Pig Month

Guinea Pig Adoption Logo

Thank you to the Cali Cavy Collective for highlighting this campaign on their blog.

For more details visit Guinea Pig Today

To kick start March please vote for which rescue you would like to receive the profits from the Undercoverguineapig Calendar (see yesterdays post)

The lovely Guinygirlz have informed me that the donation will be approximately 160 euros!! big round of applause to everyone who helped make this happen especially Guinygirlz and their slave.

The contest for March will be rescue related

1)To come up with a slogan to promote rescuing guinea pigs for example Rescue a Rodent/ Grab a Guinea.
2) Share your rescue stories
3) Promote your local rescue
4) Pigtures of rescue piggies we love pigtures.

Lots of challenges for everyone so get working on them.

PS March the 9th is the annual Candle Lighting Memorial for Peter Gurney and all our Agents at the Rainbow Bridge.

At 8pm your time light your candles and let us know