Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vote for your favorite Pigmas piggies

You can vote until Sylvester night (31 december 2011 23:59 CET)

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Tasty Pigmas

Monday, December 26, 2011

Guinea Pig Blog soap giveaway

Dear Undercover Guinea Pigs,

I'm raffling off this guinea pig shaped soap on my blog. Maybe you can announce it on your site? The winner will be announced Jan. 1, 2012.

--Cavy Savvy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

We wish you a tasty Pigmas

We wish you a tasty Pigmas from the Netherlands! The guiny girlz are staying over at our house, while moms and dad are racing through the Netherlands, visiting grannies, grandads, uncle Rik and friends. Our Pigmas is extra special this year because we have a new boar. His name is Sjeuf, which is a local name from the south of the Netherlands. You can pronounce it like 'shuv', it's short (and dialect) for Joseph. Which is kinda appropriate this time of the year ;-)
Love and Wheeps, Coco and Bo

Coco and Bo enjoying chicory with new addition Sjeuf

A dreamy white Pigmas with Lily, Daisy, Chico and Woopy
nom nom nom
Full bellies, happy piggy faces
Hey mom and dad! *wave*

More Christmas Greetings from the Cali Collective

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Pigmas from the Cali Collective


Agents Pirate, Magician, Godiva, Acorn and Mango want to wish everybody a very merry Pigmas! Wishing that everypiggy gets heaps of vegetables and cuddles this holiday season.

Merry Pigmas

Merry Pigmas from Agent Butterloaf, Agent Cannonball, and a new Agent that has yet to decide on his super secret agent name (new agent is the red crested piggy)!

Merry Pigmas from the (uncooperative) Guinygirlz

I tried to get some nice Xmas pigtures of my little herd together but they weren't very cooperative...

I did get some nice shots from individual pigs so I'll post those

lil'Woop next to the christmas stable
(I like it because you can burn a candle in it, and it is nice an small)

Daisy in her cutest pose next to the christmas tree

Agent Wheeker

Agent Valentino

lil'Woop peeking out
Lily'explorer peeking over the christmas ornaments...

In the rest of the pigtures they were mostly wrecking the props...
Btw, this is the base of their new cage (will be a 1,22 by 1,22 meter cage :)

Life's hard sometimes for slaves with uncooperative pigs, but I hope you like these single shots!

Slave Mieke

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Igor's PLAY - Baskets

*Yawn* .. a very relaxed PLAY-project this time.. gotta love my job..

What is it?
Concept: A nice and cuddly object to lounge in.

Material: Fabric and stuffing. Preferably with a thick edge to put your head on.

Application: Climb in your basket and start relaxing.. Drape your neckflabs (if present) over the edge, eyes in sleeping position…dream away about carrots and Mavis..

Do-it-yourself-factor?: This is actually something you buy in a pet shop. But my favourite basket has been handmade by auntie Guiny's slave. I don’t know how she was able to get it so comfortable. Sowing a basket like that is something for the more advanced sewing slave.

Variations: Yes of course you can lounge extremely well in a basket, but they have more uses. I myself use it as a toilet. I happen to think this is very hygienic of me, since my slave only has to scoop out the poos and the cage stays nice and clean (if only the ladies would understand this.. *sigh*). It is also makes a nice hayrack, this way you can have a snack while studying for a master's degree in Piggin' out..

Target audience?:

First and foremost, it is intended for the lazy cavies among us. Yes okay, you can eat from it (as suggested above).. but I have a feeling our slave hides the hay just about everywhere nowadays. Not that I mind, by the way ;-)


No, not really. Even our wrecker Yaya hasn't done anything dangerous with this. It has no sharp edges and we don't eat it. Our slave can leave the basket in the cage without supervision.

User experiences?:

(Yaya): Yes lovely! The only thing missing are MORE baskets. That way Suus or Igor would not need to kick me out when I am lounging comfortably. The baskets are also very comfy for my painful paws (because of my OD ); it's even better with a snuggle safe or a flat hot water bag below it, to keep me and my bones nice and warm.

(Suus): Yes, the basket is also a lot of fun for under the hammock (I call that setup the bunk bed). It feels just a bit safer with a roof over your head and it sure is funny bouncing your cagemates out of the hammock from underneath *evil grin*.

Well dear pigs, that’s it for now. I’m going back to my basket, and continue to study comfortably.

Professor Igor

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Igor's PLAY - FoodBall the forward line we see Igor.. front right is Suus doing a give and go with midfield player Yaya and skillfully passes the ball to Igor the terrible.. Igor accepts the ball perfectly .. oooh.. he makes an overhead kick and.. WHEEEEEEEK!!!! IGOR SCORES A CARROTPELLET!!

What is it?

Concept:Playing Foodball is playing with a special ball with yummies inside.
Material: You need a foodball. This is a ball made of plastic with a little sliding window in it. With this little window you can determine the size of the hole. You also need something Yummie that will fit inside. We prefer to use pellets from a different brand than our daily pellets. They are tasty and healthy. There is also special candy for guinea pigs for sale that you can use. Allthough this is a possiblity, these snacks tend to be too salty and unhealthy. Usually you are allowed to have two of them (a day), but this is not very practical when you are foodballing with a whole team. Unfortunately veggies are also not suitable; they stick and can leave bits behind in the foodball that go bad.

Application: Your slave should put something tasty in the ball and then lay it on the floor. Then the game is on!! You push the ball with your nose which will make it start rolling. If you do this right, the pellets ought to fall out of the ball every now and then. I have to say, this is not easy! If there's no pig around to show you how, it can take a while before you understand how to play this game. Luckily, I learned from Suus and Yaya, who in their turn, learned from Auntie Guiny (who else ;-) ).

Do-it-yourself-factor?: Not that high; the ball has to be bought in a pet shop. But it is possible to make one yourself. Your slave has to buy a little plastic bottle in the supermarket and empty it. Then she can cut some holes in it with scissors. Add pellets and there you go! (your slave does have to make sure that we cannot hurt ourselves)
Variations: You can do this as a team or solo. Your slave can also put boxes on the floor so you can manoeuver the ball through.

Target audience?

This is certainly something for the intellectuel cavy. Auntie Guiny was always very good at getting the ball out of small corners when it got stuck. Because there are yummies inside, it is also very suitable for the food oriented guinea pigs. And because you also get some excerise it is also a challenge for the sporty cavies among you.


No, not really. Although I must insist that supervision of your slave is neccesary, you'll never know what we'll come up with. And besides, it is also very entertaining to watch, especially for daddy slaves.

User experiences?

Suus: Really cool game! Although it helps if slaves make sure we do not run out of pellets. It is very challenging to get the pellets out of the ball before your team mates. By the way, I always play for the Netherlands.. I'm already wearing orange socks..
Yaya: When slave introduced the ball again I was the only one who could remember how to play Foodball! Hahhah.. Good huh? ;-)

(Igor): Well guinea pigs that's it for this wheek. I will go grab a carrot beer for the third half. *snigger*.. *stagger*.. Laaalala Blaaaaack pants, Ooorange shirt, thaaaaat is the Winky herd. Holahee dee holala...hooolahee dee hoo laalaalaa...*

Professor Igor

*This is actually the song (in adapted form) that the fans of a soccer club from a small dutch village sing to encourage their team. Our slaves were born in this village and accidentely, Igors furcolors match their gear

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Small preview of the Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2012

Today I ordered the first Calendars we are selling.
The profit we make will be donated to a Guinea Pig Shelter.
Here's a small preview of how the standard desk calendar will look:

You can however also order a wall calendar, which is bigger and unfortunately also more expensive (20 euros)! The first 5 orderers will get this version for the low price of the desk calendar (if they want to, of course). The wall calendar looks like this:

You can still order the calendar from us, you can do so by filling in the form that can be found here.

Feel free to order as many as you like, or notify your friends about this calendar!

Kind regards,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Pigmas from Agents Firenze and Mystery

"Who is going to sit nicely for some Pigmas pigtures" said Slave." Not Agent Curly or Halloween because you two were in the last set of holiday pigtures".

Then she saw us two. Agent Firenze was having a nap but that did not prevent her from being picked up and surrounded by festive ornaments and having ribbons stuck in her hair. I don't think that she really minded. Well, it is a girly thing isn't it but then it was my turn.

Now, wearing a Santa hat is one thing but having poinsettias in my hair!! Doesn't Slave realise that under all of this coat I am a BOAR!! And then I got the ribbons too. Pigmas. Bah Humbug!

Don't worry - the poinsettias are artificial. Slave knows that real ones are poisonous.

Happy Pigmas everyone from all of the Piggyfriends, including me, Agent Mystery.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Pigmas from Agents Ghost and Iron Hamster

As you can tell we were far more interested in eating the romaine than posing nicely WOL

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinterklaas with the Guinygirlz and Agent Valentino

Agent Valentino and the girl agreed to pose with the playmobil Sinterklaas. He's sort of the Dutch Santa, who has his birthday in the 6th of December and brings presents to all kids here in the Netherlands.

lily'Explorer: What's this staff thingy, can I eat that?

Valentino: mmm, is this any good?

All of them Hi Sinterklaas, can we have the spare carrots your horse gets from all the kids?
It is custom for kids to put their shoes somewhere for Sinterklaas and his helpers Zwarte pieten (Black Pete's) and to leave a carrot or something for Sint's horse and maybe a drawing for the Sint.
The zwarte pieten will come during the night, and exchange the gifts for pepernoten (cruchy candies/cookies, and maybe a chocolate character or a small gift.

Well we hope you enjoyed our pigtures. We were not really feeling up to being photographed, cause we were way to excited to be in our new cage to try it out, it HUGE!!

Agents Valentino, lily'Explorer, Wheeker and lil'Woop

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Order your Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2012

You can now order your Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2012!
Just click on the link in the column on the right.

As some large herds gave us permission to use their agents pigtures, we are now able to easily fill the calendar, but if you want your pig to feature be sure to give us permission.

For those who order before the 5th of December a wall calendar can be made instead of the desk calendar. If you order before that date I will ask you about which type you want: the desk or wall version!

I think it will be easiest if you leave a comment to this post stating:
"I, [insert name], give M and Mieke of the Undercover Guinea Pigs blog permission to use the pictures of my Agent(s), [names of your agents] for a Undercover guinea pigs Calendar."