Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thunder and Lightning

Boy did we have a big storm yesterday it was very loud and there was lots of lightning as well.

Being big brave indoor piggies we were not scared and barely glanced up from eating at all the noise.

Daddy was not impressed though he went to work with no rain coat and got soaked coming home lunch time to see us, so soaked he had to change his clothes before going back to work.

We were glad the storm freshened the air as Monday was a wooping 33 degrees C and that is virtually unheard of here in the UK, it was tooooo hot to do anything but eat, sleep and poop. (When its not too hot we do other things like running and popcorning ;))

So how is the weather where you are??

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleeping Method Make a Pillow

As you can see Iron Hamster has been resourceful and is using our toilet roll hay tube as a pillow, but only until I grab the hay and drag it away heeheehee.

This is very similar to the sleep on a sock method.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cage Essentials; Water Bottles

Mummy has just got us a new water bottle and its glass instead of plastic so we thought we would take a moment just to discuss water bottles, they are cage essentials as us piggies need access to water constantly even if we chose to ignore the bottle or to just play with it and make puddles in the cage.

Most people use plastic water bottles which come in a variety of colours and sizes our old water bottle was clear plastic and could hold 600mls of water. Mummy has heard of a rescue that will only use glass bottles for health reasons. We know humans have been advised not to reuse plastic bottles as bacteria and nasty things can grow in them but we didnt know if that would affect piggies as well, we have had plastic bottles for years with no problems.

Mummy got us glass bottle this time as she thinks it will be easier to clean hmmmm, it also has 2 ball bearings which apparently make it super drip resistant we will see how long it will take us to destroy that heeheehee

Mummy uses bottle springs to hold our bottles in place as she finds them much easier than bending the plastic wire thingy into the right shape, with the glass bottle she has found she needs 2 springs as when I want a drink I attack the bottle knocking it sideways in its bracket. Iron Hamster is really weird and drinks upside down.

Now onto cleaning, it is important that water bottles are clean so here are some tips.

Dont clean with boiling water plastic bottles melt and glass ones crack we know this because Mummy has done both.

Do clean regularly with a bottle brush Mummy cleans our bottle everyday when she refills it.

Some people put some uncooked rice grains and water in a bottle and then shake to clean it, Mummy tried this we thought she was auditioning for some sort of Mexican band, it didnt really clean though maybe she was doing it wrong.

How do your humans clean your bottles?

Most importantly of all make sure the bottle works properly, we have had leaking bottles, a bottle that Agent F chewed the plastic bit holding the spout in place and the spout fell out and we got flooded and Mummy's first piggy Bubbles had a bottle that the ball bearing seized up and he couldn't get any water out.

We think Mummy is obsessed with water bottles when we got our new water bottle she cleaned the old one and put it in the garage in case of emergency, now you might think that sounds sensible but she already has 4 old bottles in the garage just in case and have we ever needed one?? NO!! Perhaps someone could tell her that one spare is enough.

A very short video of Iron Hamster upside down drinking (battery ran out)

PS our water is pink as Mummy adds cranberry to it and Iron Hamster doesnt drink like that as the bottle is low if Mummy puts it up higher he gets upside down and stretches hard.

Now over to you share your bottles and how you drink and of course cleaning tips.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Agent Wheeker doing a silent rumble

Our 'little' agent Wheeker was trying out her rumblestrut,
she didn't make any rumbling sounds with it, but she sure looked cute!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Agent I visiting the Guinygirlz

After our dear auntie Yaya (agent Piggy galore) passed away, our Uncle Igor came to visit us for the weekend. This way slaves hoped he wouldn't feel to alone. All the Guinygirlz were very interested in him (and the Hay!). Here's a small video our slaves made of the visit:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Agent of the Month June

Well as no one has nominated any one I am going to nominate honourary Agent Stargirl for her fantastic camera work we look forward to seeing more reports.

Congratulations Agent Stargirl

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Have Been Remiss

We have only just noticed we dont have an agent of the month for June, worse than that we have no idea who to elect as agent of the month.

Could any agents in training who have made it to agent weight let us know and if anyone would like to nominate a piggy as agent of the month let us know who you want to nominate and why.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Observation about Humans

They are very noisy when they are ill.

Maybe its because they are predators that they dont feel any need to keep the fact that they are ill to themselves in fact it appears the more people who know they are ill the better they feel.

Mummy has had a cold since Wednesday and all we have heard is ATCHOO x4 several times a day, moans about snot and headaches and feeling sick.

Luckily she is now feeling better and the moaning has nearly stopped, but really does the whole world need to know you are full of snot???

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Giving piggies medicines by syringe

Actually we do not want to cooperate for this post, but as it's sometimes important to get medicines inside us, we are writing a post about
"How do slaves give unwilling piggies their medicines?"

Many piggie meds are in a fluid form, and can be given by syringe (without a needle!)
How do the slaves get it there?
Our guinea pig guru Peter Gurney tells us to wrap the piggy in a towel.
We do not use his exact way. Here is a more general description by Peter on how to get meds in the guinea pig.
Most important point about syringe feeding, administer slowly! Do not squirt the whole syringe content in our mouths in one go!
Also a tip from dad, direct the syringe towards the cheeks, so you don't get the meds squirted in the back of your throat.
We are put on a towel, the back will be wrapped over our butt, this way we can't back up. Then the sides are wrapped around us.
This should look something like this...
Daisy demonstrates...
Some of us will refuse the syringe, that's why it is important to wrap us up tightly. Try to get our little front paws in as well, cause we can use them to wriggle out of slaves grip...
Lily being a really sweet pig most of the time,
detests the syringe!
Some pigs do not seem to mind the syringe at all, or will get used to it after a while. Our Chico is one of those model pigizens, even grabbing the syringe for more..
Chico looks quite relaxed when taking his meds,
(usually) there's no need for wrapping him!

More tips for administering medicines also in powder or pill form are welcome!
For the slaves that is...

So all be good pigs when taking your meds!

Agents Wheeker, Lily'explorer and Valentino
Is he actually smiling? Weird pig that Chico..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Piggyfriends Workout

Agent Flower here. After seeing Agent Chanel's exercise regime, I thought that I would share some of our workout photos.

First of all, here I am after jumping on a box.

Here is our mentor, Hope, sitting on her box. She taught me and my friend Agent Bouquet to do this when we first arrived at Piggyfriends and we like to run along the row of boxes, disturbing Agent Big Red and Dandelion who might be sleeping below.

Next you can see Lavender, who lives next door to us.........

........and as you can see in this pigture she has copied Hope.

And finally, one from the Piggyfriend Archives. Here is our late spokespig, Gulliver, who took exercise to the nth. degree. He was always very energetic and not only jumped up and down from his box but slept on it too. We think that he did this so that he could alert us all to the approach of veggies.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Agent I has let me in on a secret; flashing camera's are usually followed by food.

That explains so much! I just thought Agent I was starstruck with fame.. Turns out he was just food obsessed (and we all know that's normal for a guinea pig)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bargain Salad

Mummy has been to Tescos and can report they have some salad bargains ideal for piggies.

They have big whole romaine lettuces for £1 buy one get one free and they have whole cucumbers BOGOF as well, as there are only 2 of us we would never manage to eat 2 whole cucumbers before they went yucky but it sounds good value to us so we thought we would pass it on.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Morning with Agent Chanel

Pepper... die soms best lief en rustig kan zijn :-)

In the morning I like to exercise with my girl Pepper from the Gekke Flappies.

I used to do a lot of running around and lots of popcorning. And sometimes even Agent I joins in.

Recently, I added a new routine to my workout:

I climb on the roof!

I jump off!

I climb on again, and keep doing this until old man Igor gets bored and falls asleep.

When that happens..


I jump on agent I !!!! *snigger*

What kind of morning exercises do you guys do?

Agent Chanel

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open Day at Raystede Rescue

Piggyfriend Agents Thorntons, Venezia, Firenze and Storm would like to advertise that there is to be an Open Day on Sunday, 26th. June at the rescue from which they and some of their friends came. If anyone lives in the South East of England, they might like to go and support this worthy cause. The piggies there live in open pens like ours so the cavy house is kept closed during Open Days to prevent the piggies being hassled by visitors but they can be seen through the window and staff are on hand to help with any adoptions.
This is the rescue which Algernon Rat visited when he was staying here and you can see him at the entrance in the picture.
Visit for details.
Thank you readers one and all.
NB Note to Slave. There is a new sign outside Raystede. Go and take another photo.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011