Monday, May 30, 2011

Bo Peep!

Hi All,

This is Agent I, and I'd like to introduce you to the newest Winky team addition.
Her name is Bo. Like Bo Peep, because she is very vocal and she also has a sheep (aka me! *gheghe*)

She is only 5 weeks old and we got her at the shelter. She got loads of pigsonality! She's active and very loud and she is already (after only 3 days being with us) teaching me and Coco how to beg for food.

She weighs 440 grams. Not bad at only five weeks!

Igor is really happy now he has a herd of 2 gorgeous girls (yes that's Igor popcorning)

Lots of wheeks!

Igor, Coco and Bo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sleeping Method in the Hammock

"Agents Acorn, Godiva and Mango like to sleep in a hammock from time to time. The hammock is typically Agent Mango's favorite place to sleep, but Agents Acorn and Godiva occasionally manage to sneak in a quick snooze!
Step one - Jump or climb into hammock
Step two - curl up on your side
Step three - try not to be woken up by another piggy shoving the hammock around from underneath you!"

Agent Acorn

Agent Mango

Agent Godiva

Friday, May 27, 2011

Piggy Rescue on TV

Bobtails Rescue on BBC Breakfast news

OK so they were talking about rabbits but they do also rescue guinea pigs in fact the latest of the Surrey Squeakers members came from Bobtails Rescue and nationwide publicity for a family run rescue is great.

Remember those of us in the UK can help raise money for Bobtails simply by using Easysearch as our search engine instead of google, Yahoo etc.

Well done Bobtails!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well some of you may be aware that after doing a microsoft update the blog would no longer let me publish any posts from home, well Agent I and Lil Woop have been putting their brains together and I am hoping we have found solution.

Now instead of using Internet Explorer 9 as my browser I am using Safari and if you can read this it works, only problem is safari is slow so I am only using it to blog.

Now I have a special message for Agent Stargirl we want to see more videos of the other secret agents we hope you have some to share soon.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hullo secret agent pigs, fellow trainees and human slaves.
Mummy keeps insisting that we need exercise so she has constructed us a play pen. We have an outdoor run but the it is a bit chilly still and we are only delicate wee flowers. We enjoy popcorning and squeaking about our new playpen. There are tubes and boxes and stuff for us to chew and explore. Mummy refuses to put a snuggly bed in yet because she says we will just hide in there. Little bit rude don't you think.
A weight update too, Boomer is 645 grams, Starbuck is 686 grams.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Iron Hamster

Well as the title suggests today is Iron Hamsters birthday, as he came from a breeder we know his exact birthday the only problem is its not a memorable day like my official birthday and Mummy has to check her diary to make sure she gets date right.

Iron Hamster is a whole year old today, so raise you glasses of carrot wine to Iron Hamster my little brother, who is not a very good pillow.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Misfit's Luxury Grass Indoors Treat

Agent Addytudy and Amanda

Amanda and Addaline eating from mummy "oats" which she grows in a tupperware tub so we can still have grass in the icky months.
us piggies love it when its our turn for the tub of grass:)

Amanda is Addytudy's cage mate, She loves kisses. She will put her face up to the cage entrance and wait for you to kiss her! She weighs in at a whopping 943 grams. Amanda came to live with the Misfits on 7-2-08. Her estimated birthday is March 23,07.She is the mother of Agent Bam and she likes broccoli alot.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sleeping Method on a Sock

Agent Java

"Agent Java would like to share her research regarding the On-A-Sock sleeping method, which she is demonstrating here
Step one - settle into a cozy corner of your cage
Step two - lean on your side
Step three - rest your head and chin using a stuffed sock as a pillow (may also substitute with stuffed animal plushies, other piggy, etc)
Step four - keep one eye open so slaves can't sneak over to take pictures while you are asleep!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleeping Method. Find a Cozy Friend.

Agent Storm reporting.

We want to celebrate what we hope is the return of our Internet connection by sharing a photo.

This is called "Find a cozy friend and snuggle up to him on a cold day.

I am the fuzzy piggy and that is my friend Elliot using me as a duvet.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who is Bigger Pig or Human

Mystery Agent Bam

Mystery Agent Bam shows us that not all humans are giant scary things in fact the human he has found is quiet small and cute in a non furry kind of way.

Mystery Agent Bam is a boy piggy living as part of a mixed herd in Illinois his real name is another sound you might see in the early batman cartoons remember when the noises came up in a speech bubble?

He weighs in at 1099grams. He was born on 7-24-08 with his sister Alana. His mom is Amanda. He is a sweet boy that has a front arm that he doesn't really use and he has a tilted head from a bad infection and he has one eye that is not right. Amanda was used at a breeder pig and there was alot of interbreeding done, which is why Alana had heart problems and Agent Bam has alot of medical problems as well. Agent Bam Was also born with only one ball(don't laugh) and he has never developed stud tail he has always been like a baby pig...He has never grown up:) He is one sweet boy. He loves all food. and he loves to poop in his hidey hut

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Crib; Outside Playtime

Hiding Out in the Tent

When the weather is good we are allowed outside to munch the yummy fresh grass and dandelions.

Outside we have a little 6 sided run shaped like a polygon? the 6 panels are held together by long metal spikes that go into the ground and then a netting is placed over the top.

As you can see this run is not secure and nasty things like birds and cats could get to us piggies for this reason we are never allowed out unsupervised mummy or daddy will always be in the garden watching us.

In our play pen we have a tent for hiding in (mummy cut the bottom out to stop us sitting in wee) we have a tunnel that gets removed when we wee in it, 2 plastic tubes that are too short for us to sit and wee in but we can run through them or sit with our heads out one end and butts out the other, we also have a water bottle and a bowl of our normal food and some hay rolls. We tend to hide in the tent eating grass and ignoring all the other food we have in there.

Venturing Out for Fresh Grass

As you can see Mummy makes sure we have shade in the run so we dont get too hot and she uses towels to give us more shade as the sun moves Mummy moves our towels around as well.

We love outdoor time

Well Earned Rest

Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet Agent-in-Training Spaetzle

Our 12 year old buddy, Jennifer, is quite delighted by the Undercover Guinea Pigs blog. So much so she has dubbed herself Agent Stargirl. She also loves making videos, so this is the first in a series of six introducing us. First up, Agent-in-Training Spaetzle (aka Fritz).

XO The Nubbins Nine

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sleep Research: Igor's Nose

My specialty is sleeping with my nose up in the air. Going through the archives I noticed there are many pigtures of me sleeping with my nose placed higher than the rest of my body.
Ah well..   did it, done it, will be doing it a lot more I guess.

Just did it ;-) (yesterday)
Sleeping together with Suus and Yaya, back in 2008
Love this house *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
On J's lap in 2009
I was wondering, are there other piggies out there who do this? And do you think it is a texel thing, because our build is so stubby?

Agents of the Month May

Well it was too hard to chose just one or two agents this month and so we would like to announce that the Agents are all those piggies who took part in the herd challenge too many to list here but you know who you are.

Special mentions go to Agent Java for the original challenge idea, Agent Big Red for his devotion to food and The Surrey Squeakers for the great idea of bending the rules congratulations everypig.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flying Pigs and Piggies

Agent Cannonball here. Mummy went to a zoomie called "Flying Pig Marathon" and brought back many piggy goodies. The mug is cool but she needs to be better with the veggie refills.

Sleeping Method No Legs

For this method you need a comfy space where you can curl up with your body supported, once you have got comfy hide all your legs and feet.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Challenge for the Herds: The Winky Girls

We love the herd line-ups! These are out of the archives, the first line-up of the original Winky Girls (and Jan the Boar)

From left to right: Yaya, Lotje, Jan, Guiny and Suus
Keep that cucumber coming!

Facing forward is sooo boring.

Tadaaaa! The perfect pigture ;-)