Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rescue in Need

Paws Here Rescue needs help, please read their blog.

We are putting this link on this blog so hopefully a wider audience will find it and people may be able to help them out.

We hope they get the support they need to keep running.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Veggie of the Week; Carrots

Here is our research on carrots...

1) They are high in vitamin C which is good because us piggies cant make our own vitamin C we need to get it from our diet.
2) They are relatively high in vitamin A this means they can cause your pee to change colour
3) They are low in calcium so can be given to piggies who suffer with bladder stones
4) They are on the list of veggies that piggies are allowed to have daily, ideally this should be one medium size carrot per pig.

Carrots are not our favourite sort of veggie, we would rather eat all the yummy green stuff first and then when nothing else is left we will eat the carrots.

At the moment we have the long carrots that according to the packet are called Crunchy Carrots very imaginative.

Sometimes we have little fat carrots that are called Chantenay Carrots we like these better, they even have their own website dont let the humans see as it contains recipes.

Mummy told us that sometimes when her and Daddy are on the motorway they see open backed trucks filled to the brim with carrots and they always think of these trucks as a mobile piggy heaven.

Serving.. Mummy cuts the carrots into little circles or long strips she says if she gave us a whole carrot we would only fight over it.

Eating technique here I demonstrate the hide it under your chin method........


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Veggie of the wheek: Carrots

It's time for another veggie,

this is not our favorite but it's okay, Here our slave buys the variant that has slender carrots and with the green tops still on.
Some supermarkets have a trashcan next tot the carrots so you can throw away the tops before you leave the store! Why would you do that? All these lovely lush green tops, what a waste!
Here you see us enjoying some carrot tops, Yum!

Btw, we even read on a website (see below) that you humans can eat the carrot tops, Well don't get any ideas (the website has recipes) and just keep those tops coming towards us!

Here's a pigture of our Daisy eating a carrot,
She shows the version where you keep your (little) paw on top of the carrot for eating comfort, and it helps to keep your carrot safe from veggie snatchers...

The nutritional value of the carrot according to guinealynx is:

Guinea Lynx'
100 gram Percent Energy Protein Ascorbic Calcium Phosph. Ca:P
portions Water (Kcal) (g) Acid(C) (mg) (mg) Ratio
Carrots, Baby 89.81 38 0.84 8.4 23 38 0.6:1
Carrots 87.79 43 1.03 9.3 27 44 0.6:1
Also we must mention Carrots are pretty high in sugar, It's okay for healthy piggies we guess, but if you have diabetes as a piggy, this veggie should be avoided....

Did you know England has an actual Carrot museum!!
It says on their website that the Dutch have bred the carrot to become orange
"A tale, probably apocryphal, has it that the orange carrot was bred in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century to honour William of Orange."
More on their website:

Well, Do show or tell us what kind of carrots you eat!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guinea pig bloat

Hi there. Came across your website today and thought I'd contribute this. Don't know if you're still up and running but thought it worth trying.
We've had 3 cases of bloat in guineas so far and have treated 2 successfully after losing the first pig due to our personal and our vets' ignorance. My first piece of advice is to always treat withboth antibiotics and a fungle treatment when confronted with bloat, as it is practically impossible to tell which kind of bacteria is causing it without some intrusivce and dangerous testing. We always use Ceptrin, and Nystatin together. Ceptrin twice a day at 0.6 ml per kilo of weight and Nystatin once a day at 1 ml per kilo of weight. The Nystatin apparently has no side effects as many other fungle infection treatments do so it is a good option. Ceptrin is also much better than Baytril for treating for bloat. I personally don't rate Baytril very highly at all for dealing with any piggy complaints.
I aggree that giving Infacol is a great idea, I personally would give 1 ml roughly 3 times a day, to ensure it does it's job well. Keeping them moving is good too. I've never heard of giving olive oil before but am intending to try it out in our latest case of bloat. Also, Buscopan is a good pain killer and helps immensely. The recommended dose I've found online is 1 tablet crushed in about 2 ml of water an syringed to piggy. I also give Metacam too, roughly 0.2 ml per kilo, but you don't want to overload an already struggling system with too much new medication.
Also, my main discovery has been the giving of Lactobacillus, one capsule opened up and put in to about 15 ml of water, and then about half of this or more if piggy will take it, given once a day helped immensely with our pigs. I get this from health shops, try to get the dairy free varietty. This bacteria is not usually present in the gut but seems immensely useful in times of crisis. It can be found in Avipro, the probiotic also, but never seems to help in the same way in that form, for some reason.
I also recommend not feeding green veggies or fruit when trying to get rid of bloat, it can't help. Just hay and critical care, and leaving some of their regular nuggits around should be enough. Orange seems palitable though and in it's case the vitamin C and natural sugar can give a much needed boost. Personally I wouldn't let my guineas graze on grass when they have bloat, but that's personal choice. I would always recommend a good grass hay like meadow hay, rather than something Alfalfa based or anything like Timathy hay because this may be a bit too rich in ill piggy's systems.
Hope this contribution will be of some use to you. Feel free to change lay out or whatever, I realise this is a bit slapdash. Also, piggy owners out there stick up to your vets! Present them with the success of others who have treated bloat and insist they use the correct drugs and the correct doses. I've been walked all over by vets in the past and lost so many dear pigs, but it won't happen again! Their the vet, but your the poor sole who has to sit and watch and feel useless if piggy gets worse and you don't know what to do. Never be left feeling that if only you'd stood up for your piggy they might have given this or that, and because they didn't you're now blaiming yourself! It's not worth the heartache for you or piggy! Be strong piggy owners everywhere! And vets, please get your acts together! We are only interested in our pets' health and well being, not in having a row and hurting feelings!
If possible, would you mind sending me a brief message to let me know whether or not this information has been of any use to you and your informative site?
Yours sincerely,

Hay Review Part 8

Our 8th hay is Bunny Nature Alpine Hay this comes in a 750g bag and costs £4.65.

This hay is nice green colour with medium strands and is soft for sleeping on.

While we did enjoy this hay, we think the Pure Pastures is just as good and much cheaper.

For a "normal" hay me would give this 7 out of 10 but as its priced as a treat hay only 4 out 10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Broke the Bell

Ok so it was only a parsley bell and its not really broken.

What happened was I decided that the top of the bell was tastier that the bottom, so I used my front paws and stood on the bottom of the bell and ate the top all around where the plasic thing that holds it up is.

Predictably when I had eaten all that the bottom of the bell fell off with a big band which scared the Hamster.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piggy Snap; Blonde and White Piggies

Well we reckon there must be lots of piggy lookalikes out there so we want to play a game called piggy snap.

We are going to start with the Hamster then every piggy who looks like the Hamster is a piggy snap see pigtures below and I think you will understand what I am saying.

The Hamster

Piggy snap mystery Agent.............
Agent name: Agent Butterloaf. I am very good at being loafy and I am butter-colored.

Where you live and who with: Ann Arbor, MI, USA with my 2 brothers one of whom is already an agent.
Fav food: Fresh basil
Fav toy: Small paper bag
Hobbies: Sniffing Agent ........., laying in the half-moon position, and begging for yogurt treats.

Another comments: I am very excited to be an agent! I will work extra hard at begging for treats and being loafy.

Agent Butterloafs real name is very difficult to find any clues to give you but here we go; its a borough in Allegheny County Pennsylvania and is on the Ohio River, its an Inn in Monteagle and a polo club in Gloucestershire in the UK this is a tough one.

Agent Butterloaf

Piggy Snap mystery Agent..........

I have chosen the Agent name Firenze as Slave says that it is Italian for my real name and it sounds exotic.
I live with a whole herd of piggies at Piggyfriends Piggy Sanctuary in England.
My favourite food is cucumber, although I love everything else as well ( except for nasty bell peppers ).
I enjoy running through the pipes in our pen.
My hobby is eating ( isn't that a surprise? )

Your clues are her real name is that of a famous nurse from the Crimean War

Agent Firenze

Piggy snap mystery Agent...........

I have chosen the Agent name of Flower.
I live at Piggyfriends Piggy Sanctuary. I came here with my best friend Petunia when we were rescued by the RSPCA with 70 other piggies from a horrible situation..
My favourite food is cucumber but I love most other veggies too. And grass too of course.
I like jumping up onto the boxes in our pen. Hope taught me how to do this and now Dandelion follows me as we go from box to box.
My hobby is eating ( like all the other Piggyfriends ). I am making up for lost time as we were starving when we were rescued and had horrible coats.

Thank you for enrolling me as an Agent.

Your clues are her real name is that of a flower named after a student of Asclepius the greek god of healing and medicine.

Agent Flower

So can you guess who all our piggy snaps are??

Get you thinking caps on

If you think you are also a piggy snap send us your details


Monday, September 20, 2010

Veggie of the Wheek: Chicory

Agent Carrot reporting.
As we have been talking about Chicory ( yum yum ) I thought that you might like to see what it looks like when it is growing so here is a picture of a plant in Slave's garden. This is how it looks before it is blanched to make the chicons that we know and love.
The leaves have to be cut off later in the year and the plant put somewhere dark and warm so that the chicons can grow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Veggie of the Week; Chicory

Here you can see me and the Hamster have our first taste of Chicory

We are happy as this is on the list as can be fed daily as part of a balanced diet hurray


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Veggie of the Wheek: Chicory

Agent Badger reporting.
Slave took us outside today to mow the lawn and there was a photo opportunity as the sun was shining..
Here is a pigture of our friend Peony demonstrating the art of eating chicory. She is not an agent but Slave thought that this was a good pigture for me to submit. Usually the chicons are broken into pieces but today she used whole ones to bribe us to keep still for the photos. It worked.
Yum yum!

Agent Weigh-in

Hello, I finally managed to get my Aunty Loosy to buy some new scales and check it I was weighed. My weight is 2lb 6, 1/4oz (don't forget that 1/4 oz), I'm sad not to be able to join LAPS yet but have a strict eating regime planned over the winter. We also weighed my little sisters, Agent Beefy (2lb 4,1/8 oz) and Agent Marshmallow (2lb 3, 1/8 oz).

Weird Hamster

OK I am late in writing about this but I thought I would share it now.

When he first went out lawn mowing with me the Hamster didn't know how to eat grass, instead of using his teeth to bite it off at the bottom he was using his teeth to try and pull it out.

At one point he was pulling so hard his back leg came off the floor and he rolled over.

Mummy had hysterics me being the responsible big brother I am had a quick snigger then carried on eating.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Piggy Treats

Mummy has found a new place to get us treats from check out this website.

Animal Magic Pet Supplies

Mummy ordered us the Excel hay,herb and treat bundle some Readigrass and other treats (I will give you reviews once I have sampled them)

Mummy placed the order late on Tuesday, she got an email to say they would be despatched next morning via a 48 hour courier so she expected them to arrive on Friday, she was very impressed when a big box arrived at work for her today.

Everything was nicely packed but Mummy was surprised the Readigrass came in a plain cardboard box not a plastic bag, I dont care how it turns up as long as it tastes good.

There was a £4.50 delivery charge but Mummy says some of the treats were cheaper than the local pet shop so it wasnt that bad, then she said we were not getting treats all the time so dont get any funny ideas, that is so UNFAIR!!

What Mummy likes about this company is that they are always raising funds for different rescues or donating prizes to rescues for them to raffle, they will also deliver free to rescues, so if you want to donate some treats to your favourite rescue you can without paying for delivery. We think that is a good idea!!

Well got to go I am going to be busy being a food critic........


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Veggie of the wheek: Chicory

Hi fellow veggie lovers,

This is Agent Not-so-lil'Woop. Our all time favorite veggie is chicory!

Here we will tell you more about this vegetable, because we understand many piggies outside the Netherlands have never had this! What a shame, we loooooooooove it.
Some slaves eat it, it's pretty bitter, but it's supposed to be nice with ham and cheese out of the oven.. Yeah right!

According to Guinealynx this is the nutritous value of Chicory per 100 grammes:
Guinea Lynx'
100 gram portions (Witloof Chicory)
PercentWater 94.52
Energy(Kcal) 17
Protein(g) 0.9
Ascorbic Acid (C) 2.8
Calcium(mg) 19
Phosph.(mg) 26
Ca:P Ratio 0.7:1

How do we eat Chicory?
First all gather around the edge of the cage where the veggies are distributed.

Then after you get a piece there are several options:
You either just eat it in the corner where you got it, this is for confident piggies like me!

Or you hide in the house, and this is important(!), put your butt in the door opening so others cannot get in to take your chicory.

And be sure to stretch for those veggies, like Daisy is showing us here

Do feel free to play a little tug-of-war, and steal your cagemates piece!

And don't forget to have a sip of water after if thirsty, see Chico's demonstration.

And as an extra, for you confident piggies: Eat the chicory out of your slaves hand!
I am the only one who dares to do this at Guinygirlz Mansion.

Please let us know if you ever get Chicory and show us how you eat it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Outside Floor Time

We have been very lucky with the weather recently and it has meant we have spent lots of time in our outside playpen.

We have a savic park 6 which cost Mummy about £35, it consists of 6 panels which you join together using big metal sticks it then has bird netting to cover the top.

The plus sides are that it is very easy to set up, the downsides are it is not really secure so we are only allowed in it when Mummy or Daddy is watching us to make sure we are safe.

Inside the playpen we have our SAS training tunnel for practising secret missions and our SAS tent for sleeping.

Can We Help You?

Busy Eating

Time for a Rest


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Squeakers in the Garden

Well you have seen the Squeakers having floor time in the shed, now you can see them having floor time in their purpose built outdoor housing.

There are 2 pens one is 8 foot by 8 foot and the other is 8 foot by 10 foot, they are fox and rat proof, little mice can get in but I dont mind little mice they are kind of cute.

Now lets see the Squeakers in action............


Friday, September 10, 2010

Agent Cannonball Weigh-in Report

This is Agent Cannonball and me has been trying very hard to pack on the ounces. Me finally achieved my goal of 3 lbs (1360 grams) and am now able to join LAPS! Here I am being weighed (me overheard that me barely fit on the scale, me is proud) and discussing secret piggy plans.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hay Review Number 7

Hiding under all that hay reminded me to carry on Agent F's tradition and to give you a personal report on different hays so here goes.

Hay number 7 is Naturals Hay Cookies.

As the name suggests this is hay that has been compressed to look like giant green cookies. They come in a pack 900g approx 6 cookies and cost £3.99

Like hay cakes these are no good as bedding but do make a big comfy pillows to flop out on, in fact these make better pillows as they are bigger and softer.

We are given these as an occasional treat and once the novelty of a new pillow has worn off we love pulling it apart and scattering all over the cage, great fun, and makes Mummy work.

9 out of 10.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Supa Sekrit Agent Report

> Hello Supa Sekrit Agent Peegz, is me, Agent Lettuce.
> The last few weeks have been a wee bit traumatic at Peeg palace, mah
> big sisty, Irene, went off to the GP Palace in the sky. Our hoomin,
> Aunty Loosy was veh sad but seems to be ok now. This means the pod
> is aaaaall mine now and there is nobody to pee at me or steal my noms!
> Then there was a horrwid surprise, my little sistyz, Snuggles and
> Tufty came to stay. FOR A FORTNIGHT! I suppose it was quite nice to
> see them and have some company but I quite like being the only Peeg
> in the house. Snuggs kept trying to hide under my tummy, what is
> that all about? Tufty is a bit of a biter, she bites the hoomins
> sometimes but seems to be calmer. We did lots of floortime and some
> grass hoovering, they are making good agents-in-training. Aunty
> Loosy is sending me to stay with them for a week soon, I hope they
> are less annoying than they were this visit.
> Agent Lettuce out.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Piggyfriend agent's weigh-in.

All of the Agents at Piggyfriends were weighed this afternoon. Slave is tired after all that heavy lifting so Agent Minty is typing this message. Slave apologises for the lateness of my report.
Agent Badger        5 years 3 months    2lb. 12oz.    ( 1K 200 )
Agent Thorntons    3 years 5 months    3lb.  1oz .    ( 1K 400 )
Agent Big Red       2 years 1 month      3lb.  10oz.   ( 1K 640 )
Agent 101               2 years 2 months    3lb.  1oz.     ( 1K 400 )
Agent Carrot           Age unknown          2lb. 12 oz.   ( 1K 250 )
Agent Minty             1 year 9 months      2lb. 9oz,      ( 1K 280 )
Agent Thorntons has been on an exercise regime and has lost 3 ounces. He looks the same size to me. From these weights it seems to me that Agent Big Red needs to run around a bit more.
Slave did the conversions from our familiar pounds and ounces to metric so if they are wrong please blame her. She can't do metric and used the GuineaLynx chart.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Piggyfriends in the garden.

Agent Thorntons reporting.
Slave has been very busy at work and has not had the time to take up to date pigtures of the Piggyfriends in the garden but I found these in her photo album and have scanned them for you to see. She has hundreds of indoor pigtures but not many outdoor ones.
Four pigtures show the big sow pen - a big pen for sows rather than a pen for big sows ( although they are big aren't they? ). The pen is 12 ft by 12 ft and has an old garden hammock frame inside it. Slave attaches sheets to this frame to make a tent like shelter so that we are not in the sun. There is also an old oak tree to shelter us. Slave has lots old hutches, which have been given to her over the years by people handing over their piggies. Nobody lives in a hutch but they are useful as shelters when we are in the garden. Sometimes she uses boxes for us to hide in if she does not have the time to get the hutches out of the garage but then the girls drag the hay out and make a mess.
The boars have their own pens in the garden. Here is a pigture of one of them. They are folding pens, which can be put away when not in use and have a folding lid too, one side is wire and the other has a solid top to keep off the sun and to stop birds stealing from our dishes.
I will nag her to take some new pigtures before winter comes.

More floor time!

I want to share another video with you. This is agent Thunderbear, together with Lotje and Guiny.
It looks like Lotje is being mean nipping agent Thunderbear. But have a good look at what she is doing exactly and then realize that Lotje adored her food...

See what I mean?

Agent Not-so-Lil'Woop