Monday, May 31, 2010

Games for Piggy Lovers

Check out these online games Mummy likes the Cavy Memory, Cavy Catch and Cavy Carrot Chase, but she cant play Custom Cavy as she has wrong version of windows ahhhhh

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hay Review Part 6

My 6th hay is Oxbow Hay Cakes.

These are compressed cubes of hay made with 100% timothy hay, they come in 454g bag and cost Mummy £5.30

Hay cakes are no good for bedding rofl you cant really hide under them but you can use them as a pillow, if you can stop other naughty piggy from eating them out from under you (Agent Ghost naming no names)

Mummy gives us the occasional hay cake as a treat along side our regular hay.

These are yummy and give your teeth a good work out breaking them out.

Me would give these 8 out of 10

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recruitment Drive

Me needs more secret agent piggies to help me show what the different types of piggies look like.

If any of you out there know somepig who is one of the following types (dont worry they dont need to be breed standard) get them to send me a private email with the following information.

Real Name
Secret Agent Name
Why did you chose your secret agent name
Who you live with
Where you live country/state
Favourite food
Favourite toy
Anything else you would like to say
And most important of all dont forget to send your pigture!!

The types me is looking for are;
Dark Eyed White (DEW)
Pink Eyed White (PEW)

Get writing to me.......................

Monday, May 24, 2010

Make Hay ..............

While the Sun Shines.

This is an old human saying, me is not sure what it means because as soon as we get sun (like this weekend) Mummy gets out her deck chair, sunglasses and a book.................. and thats it nothing.

At least me and Spooky make ourselves useful mowing the lawn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Do You Eat Yours?

Humans here in the UK have a chocolate called Cadburys Cream Egg all the adverts ask how they eat them, so me has decided to find out how piggies eat different food.

My first how do you eat yours? is a general question, when your human gives you fresh food what do you do with it?

Mummy gives us a selection like carrot, romaine and pepper....... Ghost will grab one piece say carrot and run off to a corner to eat it, me will flop out by the food bowl and start munching whatever me likes, by the time Ghost gets back me has eaten at least double what he has.

When me was an only pig me used to grab all the fresh food out of the bowl and drag it to the sleeping area, me would then eat it all there.

So how do you eat yours??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hay Review Part 5

My 5th hay is Pure Pastures Meadow Hay this is what I call a "normal" hay as opposed to a treat.

It comes in a 1.8kg bag and Mummy pays £2 for it at the market, me suspects it would cost more at the shops.

Pure Pastures has long strands which me loves it is light green in colour and soft enough to sleep on.

This is my favourite "normal" hay and me would give it 10 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mummy is Back

Well she now has no wisdom teeth left, does that mean she will be a really dumb human? What a silly place to keep wisdom in your teeth.

Yesterday she looked like a lopsided hamster, today she looks more normal but is complaining her mouth is sore.

Me is not surprised, me glad my teeth are fine.

More important than Mummy me is now up to 1131g so even more than when I started losing weight hurray

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Me is Back

Mean Mummy banned me from puter til me had put all my weight back on, so last night me munched good and me is now 1123g (me was 1125g but even Mummy cant complain about that)

Me is also keeping healthy by exercising heehee this means chasing Ghost all over the cage and then nicking the warm spot me chased him out of.

Did you know humans get toothy problems to? Mummy has to go to hospital on Monday to have a wisdom tooth removed coz its growing under the gum into her other teeth ouch.

She has to have a general anaesthetic and then will need looking after until it wears off she not allowed out for a week!!!

Me hopes Daddy is capable of looking after us all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Update

Agent F is back up to 1081g, he is acting normally again.

That means he is chasing me and pulling my ears, I had more peace when he was ill.

Mummy has banned him from the puter until he gets back to normal weight so he has 40g left to go.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Agent F Health Update

Ghost here again just to let you know F is doing better today.

Here is what has been happening......

Regular readers may remember that not long after I arrived F begun losing weight at first Mummy thought it was because he was much more active chasing and humping me but when he continued to lose weight she got worried.

Mummy wormed F with Panacur but that didnt help, she took him to the vet who said his tummy was tender and gave him a shot of metacam that didnt help, then the Piggyfriends recommended giving him Acidophilus.

Acidophilus comes in capsules your human opens the capsule and mixes a third of the powder with 1ml of water and syringes it into you, well F he hates the syringe and after lots of fighting Mummy came up with a new plan she sprinkles the powder between 2 slices of cucumber leaves it a while for the cucumber to absorb it and feeds it to F he is quiet happy to eat this.

F put some weight on not all that he had lost but he stopped losing and got to a steady weight.

Next he had 2 fungal infections one on his ear and one round his testicle these were treated with canaural (ear) baytril (testicle) from the vet, and Gorgeous Guineas Lavendar and Myrhh lotion on both, they both cleared up.

Last Sunday F stopped eating he was sitting hunched over and fluffed up his poops got really small and then stopped altogether.

Mummy gave him 0.4ml childs liquid nurofen and 0.5ml metatone she then syringe fed him food and water and he perked right up.

Monday and Tuesday he was fine.

Wednesday he was hunched up again so Mummy took him straight to vet they could find nothing wrong, but his family all knew something was wrong.

The Piggyfriends suggested the following treatments and Mummy says she owes her sanity to the support of all her friends in the piggy world but especially to the Piggyfriends Mummy.

Mummy tried giving him 3ml Gripe Water as well as the medicines above he still lost weight.

Thursday Mummy gave him 1ml Infacol as well as medicines but he still lost weight.

Friday Mummy gave him 1 Buscopan tablet crushed and mixed with 1.5ml water and syringed into him he stayed the same weight.

Mummy gave us lots of treat foods corn on the cob, strawberries, beetroot, yellow pepper and romaine as well as giving F his medicines.(nurofen and metatone)

Sunday F has gained weight he is back to 1039g from 970g.

We still dont know what made him stop eating but we are glad we have found something that helps.

Mummy wants to get him back to 1120g which is what he was before he got ill last weekend.

She would also like him to stop getting ill at the weekend when no vets are open and to stop fighting the syringe as she is only doing it for his own good.

I think her chances of success are slim but at least she has stopped crying and being stressed and is smiling again, stressed Mummy's are not good trust me...............

If anyone is interested in me Ghost I weighed a hefty 1251g yesterday and Daddy says I look like an aubergine.