Thursday, February 22, 2018

F is for Fast Asleep

Here Agent Jekyll demonstrates the art of chillaxin and not caring that you have a brussel sprout on your head WOL

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Willie and Mr. P.S. Beasley.

We have had an email from our dear GPDD friend, Mary Ann. Her piggy, Willie, lost his companion, Tate, a while ago and was very lonely as was Mary Ann so she has found them a new friend whose name is Mr.P.S. Beasley.

Below is a photo of Willie. If you have our Undercover Piggy playing cards, he and Tate were in the Indiana short haired group.

Below are two photos of his new friend, Mr.P.S.Beasley.

He is only a babe and has cheered them both up with his fun and popcorning.

Thank you very much for sharing these photos, Mary Ann. We love to see photos of our friends' piggies so if you have any to share, you know where to write.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The postman brought us a parcel!

The postman delivered a parcel for us today.
"Let us see what is inside." says Aoife Piggyfriend. " I can rip this paper open with my sharp teeth." " Where is it from?" asks Carter in between mouthfuls of grass. "The document says that it is from Canada so it must be from Aunty Pat."

The piggies carefully unwrap the goodies inside the box and find this lovely china eggcup. "Fancy this little piggy surviving such a long journey. Aunty Pat wrapped him very well." says Carter.

" Oooh! Look at these piggies," says Saoirse. " The little Dutch piggy is made of porcelain and has a chain attached so that he can be worn or hung up. Let us ask Slave to hang him up in the pig room where we can all see him. I think that Slave would like to put the frilly pig on her shelf with all the other little piggies that we wrote about last week."

Next the piggies find a lovely fabric bag with a pigture of piggies printed on it. Here it is....

Slave says that this will be ideal for holding her needlework. We are not sure if you can read the words so here they are below.

We all agree with that sentiment. Wasn't it kind of Aunty Pat to send us this parcel? It has been travelling the high seas for a very long time and we all thought that it had been lost.

Thank you Aunty Pat!! Hugs from the Piggyfriends.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

What does a Slave give the pigs that she loves on Valentine's Day? Do they want flowers? Only if they are edible and there are not many of those around in the winter. Do they eat chocolates? No, those are only for Slaves. How does one make a pig happy on a special day?

Give them grass of course!
Here are Otto and Niamh tucking in. Enjoy sweeties.

The Piggyfriends are lucky to be able to have grass most days in winter but there can never be too much of it and the way to a piggy's heart is through his/her tum.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and everypig.

Monday, February 12, 2018