Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Piggyfriends are coming!

We were very sorry to discover that our lovely Rodentologist at Palace Piggies Rescue is moving to Yorkshire, which is a long, long way away from Piggyfriends. All of the piggies for adoption need to find homes quickly so that the Palace Piggies people do not have too many piggies to move along with them.

If you look at their website..... will see that the top two piggies, Machu Picchu and Kiwi, are reserved. That is because they are coming to live with us! Slave cannot pick them up until next Tuesday so watch this space for more news.

P.S. If any Slaves in South East England have room for a piggy or two, Palace Piggies would love to hear from you. They always have more piggies than they have room to show on their adoption page. Contact details on their website.

Monday, August 6, 2018

A Piggy A - Z. G is for Guinea Pigs!

After that one wet day, the heatwave returned and it goes on and on although the weatherman has just said that we might be getting some rain in a few days time. We cannot go outside as it is so hot but we thought that it was about time we made a post and decided to move on to G in our alphabet.

What else could we possibly start with other than the most important G of all - GUINEA PIGS of course.

It being too hot to do anything that required exercise, we had a look through the Piggyfriend archives and found these photos, which were for a little friendly competition about who could make the longest line of piggies.

Our senior piggy Otto, on the right, remembers this photoshoot from his younger days. He says that Slave made a line of celery both to keep all the piggies in order and also to stop them from falling off the sofa whilst she took the photos.

Then she took the celery away and, very quickly, took this photo. Otto says that he was replaced by Fennel for this pigture.

This was the longest line of piggies that Slave was able to make as they filled up the sofa.

Otto remembers that were a lot of outtakes during this photoshoot. Here is one....

Not all of the piggies would stay in line.....

Anyone reading this will know all about Guinea Pigs so we do not need to tell you any more but we would love to see any photos that you might have. Use the Contribute button at the top of our page.

The above pigture shows some of the Piggyfriends waiting to be lined up. As you can see, we come in many different shapes, sizes, hairstyles and colours.

Now we are waiting in earnest for that rain to come so that we can show you some photos of G for Grass.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


"What is that noise on the roof?" asks Niamh Piggyfriend.

" Hey, look guys! It is raining! Does this mean that our grass will grow again?"

" Yes," replies Slave," but it will take a few days before I am able to pick any for you."

The Piggyfriends are relieved that they will soon be able to enjoy their daily ration of grass and will put up with veggies in the meantime. They are also delighted that it is not so hot today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hard Times

The dreadful heatwave continues here at Piggyfriends. We cannot go outside to forage as there is nothing there to eat and even the humans have been advised to stay out of the sun between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Not that our Slave needs any such advice.

She did come home with this box of pseudo grass yesterday. It looked quite like grass so we were willing to give it a try.

Unfortunately it was very coarse and the dandelions were not up to our normal juicy standard but, in the circumstances, we were willing to forgive our Slave, who had made the effort to find us something that was nearly grass.

Cosmo Piggyfriend thinks that this is more like a doormat than grass but he is giving it his best shot ."This is better than no grass at all", he says between mouthfuls, "but it takes a lot of chewing."

Carter, Aoife and Saoirse will have a go at anything that looks like grass and every Piggyfriend tried some although it was not quite so relished as the usual lush supply.

There has never been a day when no grass has been served at Piggyfriends, even when Slave has to brush off the snow to find it so we have been very disappointed in the weather that has ruined our favourite food.

We have all been moved into Slave's dining room, which is the coolest room in the house and we have lots of fans to keep away the worst of the heat. Some of us are in smaller pens than usual to fit us all in but who wants to run around when it is hot? We wish that it would rain!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Grass, or what used to be grass...

We just wanted to share what our grass looks like... It's been rather warm outside, inside has been okay so far, and it hasn't rained for quite a time... Dull brownish 'grass' is all we see what looking out the window.

Guinygirlz Raani and Cookie and boar Binky

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A message from our newest Pigpenpal, Noodle.

Hello Piggyfriends,

My new Slave has taken some more photos and I thought that you would like to see them. First of all, here is another one of me. When I was taken to the shelter, my nails were about an inch long and my new Slave immediately trimmed them so I am able to run around properly and have fun.

Can you see my nice neat nails?

Here I am at home, being weighed.
I am going to get fat with all this good food.
Our Slave grows veggies in the garden and we all got to share the first of the carrot crop.

We all ate the leaves first and then we finished off the carrots.

It was all very yummy and we cannot wait for more carrots to be ready to pick.

Love and oinks from your PigPenPal, Noodle.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Praying For Grass!!!

Hey Mum said Squirly! Did I hear you say that there are piggys that do
not have any grass to eat? Yes some piggys live where there are heat
waves and droughts. Their slaves can not collect grass for them. Well
Honeydew and I are going to pray for all of our Piggyfriends around the
world. May Mother Nature Bless them with grass.