Sunday, October 7, 2018

Our Pigsitter took some photos.

Our Slave has been away on holiday so her son came to house and pigsit. He took some photos on his phone so they are not as good as those from Slave's camera.

"Look!" says Kiwi," Our newspaper says that we are messy!" " That is odd. I thought that he had just cleaned out our pen." replies Machu Picchu in between mouthfuls of fresh grass.

" Don't worry." calls Fernando from next door. " That is not an indictment of the state of your pen. You have been given the sports pages and the article is about Lionel Messi, who is a famous footballer. The pigsitter has brought us some really good grass today."

Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday video: A visit to the incredible Dr. Pol

Hi there,

This is Raani!
A few wheeks ago my slaves Mieke and daddy E went to see Dr. Pol at a dutch theatre.
You might know him as the incredible Dr. Pol and seen him while your slaves watch him on National geographic. What you might not know is that he was born in the Netherlands. So from his vet practice in Michigan, he came back to his home land and did a theatre tour.
Slaves say it was fun to watch him talk about all the animals he's seen and the things he experienced.
He did the show in Dutch as this is his mother tongue, which was odd, as slaves are used to seeing him speak English, but his dutch is still very good. Also his wife Diane manages to express herself very well in Dutch.

The first part of the show he would talk about his experiences and show videos of patients he's seen.
After the break everyone were told they would get to work and dr.Pol would 'see' some animals. All visitors to the show were asked to send in a picture of their pet with a question about them. Mommy thought this would be nice, and shared a pigture of me, and some x rays, and wanted to ask dr. Pol about my saddle back (a sagged back). It seems to be a rare thing in guinea pigs, we had never heard of that before it was found in me... It would be cool if my story was picked out of the entries!
So the break was over and consultation hour started...
And it was me on the screen! On the left you can see a miniature Dr. Pol and the hostess.
Mom was handed a microphone and told who I was and asked my question. It seemed he had not really heard about this saddleback in guinea pigs. He does know about it in horses, and asked if Raani had kids. Apparently this happens in animals that had kids, but Raani hasn't. He also said she is not a race horse and she can grow old with this and it should not bother her.
According to my vet it would cause (some) pain, so I am not sure now. Anyone here has any experience with guinea pigs and a saddle back?

Below you can see the video daddy E made of mom and Dr. Pol answering the question in dutch. If you want us to translate a bit, let us know! They are all laughing about dr.Pol saying she is not a race horse. At the end he says I am a pretty animal (mooi beestje) 😄.

Have a good wheekend,

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Everybody Loves a Capybara

Mummy and Daddy had a short break away from us recently, luckily they got to see some Capybara's with their babies so they didn't actually miss us too much. We made the most of them being away and had parties everyday shhhhhhh

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Where is the Real Food

Mummy saw this fun display at a local garden centre, while we think it looks great we also think they could have made this out of edible plants and flowers and then we could have sat at the table and eaten them.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rainbow Bridge Agent Jekyll

It is with a heavy heart that I have to share the fact that my buddy Agent Jekyll aka Hugo had to be helped across the rainbow bridge.

It all started a few months ago when he somehow managed to knock both top incisor out so that there was literally no tooth showing, we kept an eye on him but as he kept eating normally and the teeth were growing back we didn't think anything of it.

A few weeks after the teeth had grown back we noticed that he would move his jaw in a funny way when eating almost like it had locked and he was working it lose again he continued to eat well.

A few weeks after that he started losing a bit of weight and then overnight it seemed like he couldn't eat anymore.

Mummy and Daddy took him to the vet who trimmed his front incisors and gave him some painkillers and metoclopramide to keep his tummy working they also took an x-ray which showed nothing untoward. The humans began syringe feeding his as he still couldn't eat.

After a couple of  days he still wasn't improving so they took him to a different vet who trimmed his molars and took another x-ray still nothing untoward showing.

The humans kept up the syringe feeding and hand feeding trimmed veggies but he kept losing weight. If the humans could get the fresh food behind his incisors to his molars he would eat it but he wasn't showing any enthusiasm and when they put him back into the cage he wouldn't eat for himself.

Eventually it got to the point where even if the humans could get fresh food behind his incisors he would spit it out again and not eat. By this point it had been a week since the last vet visit and his painkillers and metoclopramide were running out. Daddy took him back to the vet who examined him again and could see no physical reason why he wouldn't eat. At this point all he would do was lie in the cage not moving so the vet decided that it would be kinder to help him cross the rainbow bridge where he could be pain free and enjoy food again.

We still have no idea what went wrong and we can only assume it was to do with his teeth.

We all miss Agent Jekyll and it has taken us a while to write this as it is still very upsetting to think about him suffering.

Run free Jekyll with friends old and new.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Curious Piggy.

Our Slave tried to take some photos of us being Curious Piggies like Mieke's. Unfortunately her camera makes a little "Click" before, a second later, off goes the flash. This Click is enough for us to hear it and run away resulting in lots of out-takes.

Here is one of Cosmo Dangermouse.

Then she tried bribery but this is not quite the photo that she was seeking although Cosmo did get an extra piece of cucumber.

Finally success ( of a kind ). It is lucky that Cosmo is white as the photo is a bit dark, for which she apologises. You can also see that he ate that piece of cucumber as his coat looks rather green under his chin.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Guinea Pig Heaven?

Whenever Mummy and Daddy see a field like this they always think this is what Guinea Pig heaven must be like.

We don't have the heart to them that we think the bales are actually straw and that guinea pigs don't like that as it is sharp and can scratch our eyes.