Sunday, February 17, 2019

Friends book: Eleven

New item on our blog: Friends book. When slave Mikey was a little girl she had a friends book. In this book you let your friends write something about them, the book had some questions or statements the friend could fill out. We hear this still exists nowadays, it is known in the Netherlands but we haven't heard of this in the UK... (At least M and Penny did not know it).
Do you have this in your country?
 and more importantly
Would you like to write in our friends book? Let us know and we'll send you a small list of questions, from which you can pick some questions you would like to answer and add a pigture if you can.

First up is Eleven:
Meet Eleven

Tell us something about yourself/ Introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Eleven and since October 2018 I’m living with Tahiri and Mupke (two adorable piggy girls) in the deep south of the Netherlands. We have a neighbour, called Exar Kun, and he is a very naughty hamster. We all come from the dutch guinea pig shelter ’t Kuufke in Limbricht. I was named after Eleven, one of the main characters from the famous televison serie Stranger Things. Although Eleven is orginally a girl and I’m certainly not I like the name because I’m the eleventh guinea pig in a row for my slave D. So the name fits perfectly. Oh, I was born in november 2017 but the exact date is unknown so my slave decided that I celebrate my birthday on 11 novNovem because that’s a kind of a festive date in the South because it marks the start of the Carnaval period.

Exar Kun

What's your favorite activity
Can I name two? Because I really like sitting on Mupke ;-) but I’m also very handy with redecorating our cage. I love to move the wooden houses and do that in a very inventive way. When I’m lying under the house I push my head against the roof and move everything. Brilliant isn’t it?

I'd love to spend my slaves money on
Wooden houses to redecorate our cage .

What would I do with a million
I would like to donate everything to the shelter where we come from. They do such good work and the ladies are lovely and sweet. In December 2018 they picked up more than 137 very neglected guinea pigs in France and they take really good care now of all the piggies till they are old and healthy enough to move to a forever home.

Best invention ever / Best thing since sliced bread
Wooden houses

My guilty pleasure
Sitting on Mupke?

Eleven, dating Mupke and Tahiri

This makes me energetic
When the slaves arrive in the morning and evening with fresh food, hay and vegetables. Together with Mupke I run through the whole cage and I perform a few popcorn jumps as well.

Thank you, Eleven! Who wants to go next?

The guinygirls

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day.

This heart hangs in the pig room window all year round but Slave has been making little Valentine hearts for us piggies.

Here is Ivan, who looks more interested in his fresh grass.

Ivan's brother Maguns has come to have a look. " It says Piggy on it but I do not think that we can eat it, Ivan." he says.

" Look Mimi!" says Slave.

It has a frilly edge just like Mimi's coat.

" What is this?" asks Picchu.

" It is the same colour as me." says Picchu.....

....but he does not want to pose any more as there is some grass on the mat.

Casper and Cosmo Dangermouse say that these hearts look too girly for us boars.

" How about this one?" says Slave.

" That one is much more boarly." says Casper. " Can I eat the carrot?" " No, it is made of felt," replies Slave," although you can have a real one in a moment but it looks to me as though your claws need a trim so we will do that first."

That really is Casper readers. When he and Cosmo Dangermouse were little they were both pure white and we could only tell them apart by the colour of their noses but Casper has acquired grey patches with age.

Happy Valentine's Day readers. We hope that you all get lots of yummy veggies and that your Slaves are given piles of chocolates. Our Slave loves chocolate but we would rather have grass thank you very much. Lots of love to you all from the Piggyfriends.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Staying warm in winter

Hello, this is Stuart Little, and I am a little shy because I have never
posted on a blog. I am the one who looks like a snowman, or, well,
snowpig. My mom says I am luminous, but I am not sure what that means.
While I try to learn new words, I love to sit next to my brother,
Nugget. Even when he is in a cozy, I try to be close. Although our eyes
are open, I think we are sleeping in this pigture.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy Birthday Agent Dave

We are a little late in posting this as we wanted to wait until the end of the Piggyfriends' 12 days of Christmas posts which we have enjoyed immensely.

We agree with the Piggyfriends that the human was getting very silly presents a nice bag of carrots would have worked for us.

Anyway the 2nd of January marked 2 years since me (Agent Dave) found my forever home.

This year instead of edible treats I got a new play mat for my birthday apparently Mummy and Daddy were arguing in the shop as Mummy wanted to get me a castles and unicorn mat and Daddy wanted to get me a road mat. In the end they compromised and got me a farm animals mat.

Look at the lovely bright colours and fun animals I get to meet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gingerbread Piggy

Every Christmas our Slave makes gingerbread piggies with her biscuit cutter. We showed you some of them last Christmas.

This year she drew round her bigger cutter and cut out some ginger felt. She made these..... hang on our tree.

Made a change from Gingerbread Men.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Slave's Christmas Presents

It is easy for anyone to choose a present for a Guinea Pig Slave. Here are our Slave's presents.

This mug came from our erstwhile Junior Slave, who now lives in the US.

These two were from Slave's eldest, who is also our pigsitter. The top pigture is of a Christmas Tree Bauble, with a piggy on it. How cool is that? It has been hanging on our Christmas Tree but we suspect that it will not be packed away with the rest of the decorations but will sit on the shelf where Slave keeps her collection of piggy mugs. We love the T-shirt.

Did your Slaves get any piggy presents this Christmas? Do write and tell us about them. Pat, Slave to the Prairie Piggies was given a mug with the same pattern on it as the cross stitch pigture that our Slave had for her birthday.